Joshua Clottey: Highlights [HD]

►► Remember to select 720p HD◄◄ Song: tomorrow salif keita joshua Clottey (born March 16, 1976) is a Ghanaian professional boxer. Born in Accra, Ghana, Clottey now lives in the Bronx, New York. He is the former IBF welterweight champion. He's also the brother of veteran boxers Judas Clottey and Emmanuel Clottey. Early life As a child in his native Ghana, Clottey had a passion for soccer, a sport that was also played by his father. Clottey moved and spent a few years in the United Kingdom then later to the United States.[2] [edit]Professional career [edit]Welterweight Clottey rose to prominence by winning his first twenty fights, including 14 by knockout. His performance set him up to fight Carlos Baldomir, in a title defense by Baldomir for the WBC international welterweight title. Clottey lost by disqualification in a controversial fight. Clottey was winning until the 10th round, where he was penalized two points for an intentional head butt. He was warned for this but did it again resulting in the referee stopping the fight and disqualifying Clottey.[3] Clottey rebounded from the loss by winning the African Boxing Union welterweight title in his next fight. He then rolled off a 10 fight winning streak highlighted by his first win on American soil and capture of several minor welterweight and middleweight titles. The streak culminated in an IBF intercontinental welterweight title. On December 2, 2006, Clottey earned his first shot at a world title but broke his hand in the fourth round of his fight against World Boxing Organization champion Antonio Margarito.[4] On April 7, 2007, Clottey earned a unanimous decision over Diego Corrales, in what was Corrales's final fight before his death. In December 2007, Clottey positioned himself for another title shot with a win over prospect Shamone Alvarez.[5] Clottey beat Zab Judah on August 2, 2008, for the IBF welterweight title vacated by Antonio Margarito. [edit]Clottey vs Cotto On June 13, 2009 Clottey faced Miguel Cotto in New York at Madison Square Garden for the WBO welterweight title. Cotto dropped Clottey in the first with a jab. Cotto was cut in the third round by an accidental head butt. Clottey's combinations throughout the fight gave Cotto problems. Cotto emerged the winner with a split decision.[6] Clottey vs Pacquiao: The Event Manny Pacquiao vs. Joshua Clottey Clottey fought seven-division world champion Manny Pacquiao on March 13, 2010 in Arlington, Texas, at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium following the disagreement on terms of a proposed boxing match between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. which would have been scheduled on the same date in Las Vegas, Nevada. Clottey lost to Pacquiao by unanimous decision. Fighting style A tough, orthodox fighter, Clottey has a balanced combination of size, speed, stamina, power, ring savvy, and a solid chin. In addition, he is an accurate, efficient puncher with effective countering ability. His defensive skills are top notch; he stands upright while holding his arms and gloves high to protect himself, which is similar to Winky Wright's defensive stance.[8] As a result of his defensive prowess loss to Manny Pacquiao.Grand Master 35 Wins, 4 Losses, 1 No Contest, 20 Knockouts 2010 03-13 -- Manny Pacquiao, Arlington, TX, L 12 *RECAP* (For WBO welterweight title) 2009 06-13 -- Miguel Cotto, New York, New York, L 12 *RECAP* (WBO welterweight title) 2008 08-02 -- Zab Judah, Las Vegas, Nevada, W Tech Dec 9 (For vacant IBF welterweight title) Jose Luis Cruz, Brooklyn, New York, TKO Shamone Alvarez, Las Vegas, Nevada, Felix Flores, Las Vegas, Nevada, Diego Corrales, Springfield, Missouri, Antonio Margarito, Atlantic City, New Jersey, L 12 (For WBO welterweight title) Richard Gutierrez, Santa Ynez, California, Marcos Primera, Las Vegas, Nevada, W 10 Marlon Thomas, Verona, New York, Steve Martinez, Atlantic City, New Jersey, NC Christopher Henry, Laughlin, Nevada, Christian Joseph, Poughkeepsie, New York, W Jeffrey Hill, New York, New York, TKO 6 Ayitey Powers, Accra, Ghana, W 10 Siki Benger, Kaneshie, Ghana, TKO 2 Mebara Dewsire, Kaneshie, Ghana, TKO 3 Ike Obi, Kaneshie, Ghana, TKO 10 Carlos Baldomir, London, United Kingdom, L DQ Viktor Baranov, London, United Kingdom, TKO 6Ali Mohammed, Accra, Ghana, KO 1 05-23 -- Dennis Berry, London, United Kingdom, W Tech 1997Ike Obi, Accra, Ghana, W 8Cameron Raeside, London, United Kingdom, TKO 2 03-25 -- Mark Ramsey, London, United Kingdom, W 8 1996 12-28 -- Abbas De Souza, Accra, Ghana, TKO 2 Karl Taylor, London, United Kingdom, TKO 2 Dick Dosseh, Accra, Ghana, TKO 6Marciano Commey, Kaneshie, Ghana, W 12Friday Steve Egwatu, Abidjan, Côte D'Ivoire, TKO 2 Ran Coco, Accra, Ghana, TKO 3 Sam Akromah, Accra, Ghana, W 8David Duke, Togo, TKO 1 Friday Steve Egwatu, Accra, Ghana, TKO 5Nazah Ayetoe, Benin, TKO 5 Jomo Jackson, Accra, Ghana, TKO 1 Smart Abbey, Accra, Ghana, TKO 4Joseph Ayinakwa, Benin, TKO 2Samuel Lotsu

Omar Ortega
Clottey's triple left hook (face, body, face) is beautiful.
Eric Cartman
It's a shame he never got more shine, Clottey is badass.
mike zhang
if you watch him fight, he is a inside fighter, so few time did he extend the jab or fight on the outside, the way he position his body almost only allow power from very close combat. I feel like, that's why in the pacman fight, he only let his hands go when pacman was very close to him. if he was to fight floyed; someone who mostly fights from the outside, he would have a difficulty time to even let his hands go, he need to training fighting from the outside, because he has all the nuclear capabilities in his arsenal, fast, strong, good defence and can go 12 rounds.
Peng Lords
clottey vs mayweather :)
Great Fighter. Never lived up to his potential because of boxing politics.
one of the toughest and most solid fighters ive seen. but he never pushed himself.
Ruben Mejias
My favorite fighter for a long time coming from the land of Azumah Nelson nothing but warriors if Pac Man got thru this dude Thurman better eat his Wheatees......solid puncher Joshua Clottey
smh at the people who say he threw pacquiao fight...
Clottey is underrated. Him and canelo can put on a great show.
jia hao
most underrated defensive boxer of all tome
B. N. Willis
Ghana has produced some great fighter: Joshua Clottey; Ike Quartey, and Azumah Nelson come immediately to mind.
Artificial brain Plasma heart TM
solid defence
Gary Shaw
I used to love watching him during what turned out to be a golden era of boxing. I didn't realize how lucky I was to be watching those guys on TV all the time
Congratulations in toppling Mundine. Hope he fights Alvarez
Michael Soliman
One of my favourite fighters, Can't wait to see him wipe the floor with Mundine. Great track selection too. 
Latikan Chamroensat
go and sparring clottey in his gym we see how good u are
Dario Daic
Man who fought Margarito when nobody wanted to face him, and nearly won fighting with only his left hand. Beautiful, beautiful fighter. Grand master of the high guard. #bows
Clottey lost to Pacquiao because he was afraid of letting his hands go. He was clearly bigger and stronger , and had good hand speed. He will, if he wants to, go on to beating the very best out there.
zaldy calucag
no way!!!!!!
Kenny Biggs
one of the most underrated fighters. bob arum is a piece of shit.
Clottey is so awesome hope he wins in his comeback sep 14!!!!!
Bryan Palmer
Clottey is living in NYC these days.
Love clotteys style. Wicked body shot, uppercut then finish with a left hook. Too bad his mental state is weak. He could of been a great fighter.
Maskmanien Devyl
This video was put together very professional Clottey is a beast one of the true toe to toe fighters
Rich j
anyone who thinks Clottey didn't try to beat Pacquiao is a fucking looney
Rich j
lol get real
I believe Clotty could've beaten Pacquiao if he wasnt paid off.
@Justin Mitchell I'm money team all day
Justin Mitchell
@Circus1022 IM a PAC and Floyd fan... I just think between the two Floyd wins... Sorry if you are a PAC fan
Raul Ayala
Cotto won by one point
Dont forget clottey beat cotto too, but he got cheated just because bob arum wanted to promote the pacman and cotto fight
Joshua threw the Pacquaio fight - and Margarita was cheating with concrete hands. No way any of thoses guys beat Clottey. He is being controlled by Bob Arum. That old fart.
@Justin Mitchell Matter fact bro actually you are ok you actually the 1st person on here that I can debate with out the guy making an excuse or acting a ass or should I just say you aint no keyboard warrior I don't know you but I fucks witchu on some boxing shit.....what are you again a pac or floyd fan??
@Justin Mitchell I'm not a boxer man I've never even been in a ring shit I don't think I have saw boxing gloves in person not even the baby boppers for kids but once again I never saw clottey fight these highlights show clottey got power so I figured he couldve caught coming in like marquez did yeah I'm aware he got knocked out I rented it on ppv
Justin Mitchell
And if you want to be that way with it then fine... You know something about boxing
Justin Mitchell
take it to another level? Im just saying something that was clearly visible to anyone who ever been in the ring (i am a ameature boxer), who ever has been in a fight (im pretty sure me and you both have), and who ever knows anything about boxing. Of course people are gonna think that just because he puts his hands up it means he never throws a punch, but apparently he is accurate power puncher and yes he did throw punches against pacquio and landed them solidly.
Continued.....of the fight of pac vs clottey it look like clottey stood with his hands up all night and pac whooped his ass but I say again like off another video fuck pac and clottey and who ever they fought I'm with the money team
@Justin Mitchell I don't preciate you talking bout I don't know boxing you couldve stated your opinion and shut the fuck up but you wanted to take it to another level smh all I meant to say is I never saw clottey fight but looking at these highlights he's got hella power more than marquez so if he had let em go just as pac was jumping in like marquez pac wouldve been done from the highlights I saw of the.....
Justin Mitchell
he did throw shots against pacquio, they were precision counter power shots that landed solidly against pac-man... It's just that the whole time alot of people dont know shit about boxing and half the time everyone thinks that if you throw more punches then some one you win... Except in this case pacquio only hit Clottey's gloves and arms and got countered half of the time.... Just remember, learn about something before you judge it... Because clearly you dont know shit about boxing (rodger may)
Justin Mitchell
did not show that against cotto and we all know pacquio is bob arums favorite dildo so....
He is soft natured person. If he was actually aggressive and had killer instincts . ......possibilities would be endless.....
I thought clottey sucked never saw him fight but I must say if he wouldve actually threw a punch against pacquiao he may had beat him dude looks like he throws solid shots
Die u pac haters! Winning is winning it doesnt matter how hard u punch or how soft u punch, hahalollmfao, shutup dude
But hard puncher, if he can stop gayweather running backwards, joshua clottey will win 100prcnt
No, hes too slow
A TRUE AFRICAN WARRIOR....RESPECT there is no one..NO ONE...who makes more out of their talent than clottey
manny vs floyd would be better than floyd vs marquez but i think marquez is the better fighter
the last sentence you wrote makes you a boxing fan not an analyst ... style makes fights.. juan has an avantage because hes a complete counter puncher and a great one at that.. and pacman is a come foward fighter.. it plays into juans skill set.. now look at juan vs mayweather.. not once is juan on his back foot hes always the agressor and playing into mayweather who is a great counter puncher and defensive fighter.. jmm is good at offense but not as great as say manny his expertise is counters.
Clottey is a beast. I love his fighting style. Quick left to the body, left hook up top followed by a straight right. Beautiful. Especially those wicked uppercuts. Its too bad he was paid to throw the fight with pacquiao. He has no heart.
in my opinion mannys best performance was against margarito who would have probly beaten mayweather that night because of contrasting styles. just wait when may gets out of jail and takes on martinez, guerraro, alverez. he isnt going to take punk ass fights like pacquiao and his team are taking. I want to see a rematch with bradley but he will bitch out because he thinks he won when clearly bradley held his own with 2 fucked up feet
ive payed for every pac fight since de la hoya and was a fan up until he became the catchweight king. after hatton,opponents were cherry picked from the jew arum who has manny wipe his ass for a living. lets put it this way marquez comes into every fight ready to go and pacquiao definetly didnt beat him any of those fights. ive watched them soo many times and studied them you have no idea. manny has 36 very close rounds JMM and mayweather never lost 3 seconds of the fight with juan
hey little girl, get to know boxing. clottey even faked getting rocked by one of pacs sissy punches. manny couldnt even beat bradley desively. even the judge that had him winning had it 115-113. but lets go with your warped conspiracy that the fight was fixed, haha dumbass. bradley made pacquaio one dimensional and gave him a boxing lesson according to judges that have been around the game awile unlike your ass. bradley says mayweather wins easy work, EASY WORK.
Rich j
Hey dumb ass, he covered up because if he opened up more he would have got hit and hurt. The more offensive he was the more chance he would get stopped, but no.. lets just go with your warped conspiracy theory idea that he was paid not to beat Pacquiao meanwhile everyone else in the boxing world is laughing at you when you look at their careers before the fight, Pac clearly superior fighter.
where is this guy now.....VANISHED,,,
obviously it was, you cant even find highlights for that fight
Rich j
Got some people are retarded, those who truly believe the fight with Pac was fixed ---> lmao you idiots
he didnt because of arum end of story clottey would have broke pacs nose if he let his hands go. pac couldnt hurt him at all
Eduardo Trigueros
When is his next fight!?!?!?!
Uriel Velazquez
good video, good fighter, and good music
Bonny Sirm
that good peliador is joshua, when he fights??
regardless, we will never know because that is what he did. so there's no point in these "what ifs" because HE DIDN'T
Kenny Biggs
He should fight Floyd
he should have won
The thing about the Paquiaou fight is that Joshua could have actually won if he just let his hands go more often
@suppaman12 possibly. . but not a sure thing.
@BOXINGISNOTDEAD if he wouldve thrown more punches and lowered his guard, he wouldve been on the ground... why do you think he went into a shell???? he knew what would happen if he moved his hands
Politics at its best they hide clottey from the spotlight due to his lack of followers clottey is one of the best avoided boxers in the world controversial losses to marga and cotto and a pacquiao who was hitting nothing but arms and gloves all night when clottey landed the cleaner shots.
Wiked Video.
@TheCatmoves83 he is not quite elite. he looks good when everything is going his way, and he has a really solid defense, but he has flaws. he lacks speed, hasnt got ko power, waits too long for the counter, doesnt jab enough, relies too heavily on the left hook, 'shells' up in the most important parts of the fight. he is the kinda guy that would look amazing in sparring but is too cautious in the real fight. it seems to me like he is satisfied by just outboxing his opponent a little bit.
clottey is an elite fighter, i felt he beat cotto and was whoopin margarito until he broke his hand in the middle rounds then his other hand in the later rounds of that fight, his only real loss was pacquiao and that fight lookd shady lol, hope to see him more soon, hope that pacquiao money didn't affect his work ethic
Kenan Salkovic
Does he use the Peek-A-Boo style, like Mike Tyson
Fish Head
I want to see him fight more, and throw more punches.
Hes got a mean uppercut.
he outboxed paquiao. clottey won that fight
LOL trying to make look good but he aint nobody he dirent even gave paquiao a fight
great vid man! i still feel like if he wouldve thrown more punches against pacquaio he wouldve beaten him
incredible video. very inspiring. i like da fact u included his background roots.
Emilio -
@explozive900 He is fighting Calvin Green nov 19 do you think he will win and get back on top?
Emilio -
@nightcbs Song: tomorrow salif keita
miguel angelito
The Grand Master
Playah Wun
nice video. it would've been nice to see some of clottey's defensive skills in the highlights tho cuz he's a great defensive boxer. still pretty dope tho good job
Emilio -
@explozive900 Thanks man!
True Ghanian Warrior we dont train in the nice upscale area we train in te slums and win championship
I think clottey should rematch margarito. Also I think with better training and more motivation clottey could become deadlier than ever.
He would kill do good against anybody, unless he pulls that bullshit he did against pac man.
This guy needs to fight again.
What happened to Clottey? He just seemed to disappear after the Pac fight.... Nice video BTW, what music did you use please?
Emilio -
@BorgesProduction Thank you man i liked the Sergio Martinez video you made, What editing software do you use?
Great Video! The only thing is you replay a clip twice. Like @ 3:01 w/ Pacquaio. Other then that I think this is the best Clottey video. Thunbs up.
clottey the grandmaster could've put floyd the kindergarten to school.
i'm glad i subscribed to you, it's good to see someone upload a video about boxing that isn't floyd or pacquiao. ( respect to clottey )
great vid. wish this guy had more heart, he could have been a GREAT if he really strived for it.
Masterpiece! xD
Dominic Tyler
Even better :D Love your videos. Really do and thanks for the face off. Showed it to my friends(non boxing enthusiasts) and they all want to see the fight and Haye get KTFO!!!
Jeremie T
haven't seen or heard much about this guy but damn he is very good! technically and excitement wise..
Mesut Ozil
I really like his style of boxing
Good style, defence like a wall, good timing for heavy hook punch
clottey good contender
joe Utid
Good style of boxing to watch and he throws fantastic uppercuts which are hard to land