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The book of Genesis would have ended MUCH differently if Eve had a Sassy Gay Friend. WATCH MORE VIDEOS FROM THE SECOND CITY: /> SUBSCRIBE FOR UPDATES IN YOUR INBOX: /> GET MORE FROM THE SECOND CITY: Facebook: />Twitter: /> FOR SHOW INFO AND MORE ORIGINAL CONTENT CHECK OUT: /> /> THE SECOND CITY TRAINING CENTERS: Take a class in improv, acting, writing, comedy, film & TV and more! Chicago - />Hollywood - />Toronto - /> Starring The Second City Alum, Brian Gallivan. Featuring Milynn Sarley from LikeTotallyAwesome and Vince Allen See more of Milynn Sarley at /> /> The Second City New Media Director: Joshua Funk -------- Producer: Mark Kienlen --------- Crew: Mike Damanskis ABOUT THE SECOND CITY NETWORK: The Second City Network is the original online home of the legendary Second City theater. For over 55 years, The Second City has been the first name in social and political satire, improv and sketch comedy. Our alumni include Stephen Colbert, Tina Fey, Steve Carell, Bill Murray, Gilda Radner, John Belushi, Keegan-Michael Key, Jack McBrayer and many more. ©2010 The Second City Inc./Brian Gallivan

I love having 2 sassy gay friends :) I've known one my whole life.
Lyn Narcisse
"We should get Adam some cloths too", "Oh My God. No, he's fine"
"...And he's looking for a scapegoat." "No way." "Yahweh."
Headcanon: the Sassy Gay Friend's first name is actually Steve
"No way" "Yahweh" xD I died
savana day
When they showed Adam, I had the same reaction as the sassy gay friend xD
James Hunt
HE HAS A SCARF!!! That is pure gold!!!
How the bible should have ended. LOL
Informal Fallacy
I'm guessing he's the "Steve" homophobes keeping talking about.
I'm done! X'DDDDD "He just made vaginas too small." I can't even
KC NotQuiteHD
Ah so I guess Adam and Eve also had Steve! Assuming SGF's real name is steve
Kathleen MacNicol
Levi As The Sassy Gay Friend Petra As Eve Eren As Adam. Best Cast EVER
Deeson Jame
No way. Ya way.
"Yah way" oh gosh i can't even...that reference doh!
Mark Jabour
*moment of realization* I need a sassy gay friend, too!
gay for emily prentiss
"No way." "Yahweh"
Hanbin C
"no way" "yaweh" nice touch.
I am a Christian and I find this unbelievably funny!
gariel lewis
"ya way" "yaoi" -COINCIDENCE I THINK NOT!
I am the sassy gay friend.
Anirbas Noel
Narrator: Meet, Lucifer, from the Bible. He's created an army of angels to rebel against God and unleashed the downfall of mankind. Now, he will soon be condemned to Hell forever when Jesus returns. This fate could've been avoided IF he had a sassy gay friend. SGF: what are you doing? What, what, what are you doing? Lucifer: Behold me, human! For I will be your new God! SGF: Luci, I know you want to be just like your Father but that's just not who you are. Lucifer: I know I can be more than what he intended me to be! And why should I listen to you, God's creation? SGF: You're God's creation too. You're just going to deny it? You're the Son of the Morningstar, not Son of the Closet. Also, you're just going to risk getting thrown into hell with the rest of your brothers just because you want a promotion that's not going to happen? Have you even thought about talking to God first about this? Lucifer: He doesn't need to know! It won't matter once I become higher than Him. SGF: Cool it, Satan! Listen, if you go off and do this, God won't give you a tap on the wrist, He will throw you into Hell and everyone will hate you more than socks with sandals and people smacking their lips while eating! Lucifer: That much? SGF: Yeah. Not to mention that Jesus, will knock you down like that one boxing chick when he returns to earth again. Ask yourself this Luci, do you really want to be remembered as the fallen angel with daddy issues, who everyone will hate and will be glad that you are burning in hell with all of the other humans you took down with you? Lucifer: . . . No. SGF: Good. Now call off your army and apologize and just accept who God wants you to be. Lucifer: All right. Thank you, happy human.(Lucifer fly's away) SGF: He's a stupid bitch. (THE END)Here's the script. Now, make the video. XD lol
Maria chan
LOL The end though XD
I loved the Yahweh joke.
Shout out to Vince Allen (Adam)! Such a nice guy and humble model. 
Rainy Autumn
"No way!"  "Yaweh."  LOLOLOLOLOL
Alex Steward
Clothes don't even exist yet, and SGF still manages to find a pashmina.
Adam would have been hot if he had long hair but that's just me and my likes
Blaze MacArthur
"The Original Sinner" XD
Am I the only one who notices the bricks in the background?
Mario Love
I don't think ADAM needs clothes either
Mary Helsing
Sassy gay friend is such a truth master!! Love this series!
Aquamarine Alibi
I love how they're both supposed to be naked, yet he still has his sassy scarf 😂
Heaven Boisclair
The whole time watching this, I just imagined John Barrowman as the sassy gay friend😂😂
"...because your brain is made out of rib." *dies of laughter*
the pope
i AM the sassy gay friend.
Teh Terminator
"We should get Adam some clothes, too." "Oh no, he's fine..." And then Adam and the gay friend got together, and the human race died out, but they lived happily ever after, the end.
I love this series, too bad it discontintued
This is still funny.
Sindry Solias
HAha Yahweh!!!1 Hoo....
Yah way xD 
Frog I guess
This is the single best thing that currently exists
Alexandria Wulf
"No he's fine," LMAO
Adam tho
Hey look it's Steve!
In the garden of Eden, it wasn't the apple in the tree as much as the pair on the ground that started it all!
Soy • 3M Views .
no way ...yeh way lmao
Septic Shock
The end killed me
Milan Kovačević
he's fine
Oh man this is so terrible... that music at 0:15 made me instantly dizzy and gave me a headache, wtf is that!? 0:46 "No way!?" "Ya way!"xD
Leo Herrera
The guy is a really good actor
Mary Haward
I wish I had a gay friend.
Izzy the nerd
Idk if the Yahweh was on purpose
Diego Neuskens
He made vaginas too small hahahahahahahaha
Nicholas Rodinos
Yahweh. Really?
Awkward Weir0
"no way" *"yahweh"*
Staplers Break
Sassy gay friend: *runs in wearing only scarf* what- what- _what are you doing?_
Rhiannon Mcdaniel
You can't plan a good themed brunch in 7 days😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Moxley Wolfdog
1:10 my reaction when i first saw Dean Ambrose😂😂😂😂
Nina A
No way. Yahweh.
sarah frisbee
Han Pines
So is this the Steve I keep hearing about when I introduce my family to my boyfriends
Juan Pablo Robayo
When gay people save the world
Adam Blainey
No way. YAHWEH!
Yahweh. Clever.😂😂
Lone Wolf Zakuro
I miss you, sassy gay friend...
Sonny Skye
Alyssa Smith
PLEASE DO SASSY GAY FRIEND FOR REIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Renee Salinas
1:07 For the love of God (heh), do NOT put clothes on Adam!!😍😂😂 He is perfect the way he is... literally. I think. Don't quote me.
Joshua Wells
Bout Dat Action
Aaron Smith
it wasn't an Apple but ok
lura coffey
Not as funny as a remember it years ago. Lush is better :/
Llama party
i wonder how they filmed this
Excuse you but the original sinner is an amazing alternative rock band name.
Circus theserialemo
Lenku Alli anyone? :D
it was actually six days.
big bahooga
this is a set up but you don’t know it because your brain is made out of rib!
Eliza Almaguer
No way. Yahweh. XD
49 seconds is probably the greatest execution of a pun I have ever heard.
llama girl01
Damn Adam is foine
jessica diaz
Hahaha 4 years later i get the yahweh reference
Lol! He said, "Yah, way!". YAHWEH! Get it?
Big Hoodie
What are you doing? What? What. What are you doing.
Jessica Alba is that you?
Sinister Squirrel
DAMN Adam is fine
Dylan Lampman
Ha. Yahweh
Messi Lynx
Saray Storys
her hair every girls dream, a silky long hair
I need a sassy gay friend.
Kaylynn Davis
How am I just discovering these?! 
The Real Magma
That gay dude made me feel really uncomfortable..through the damn screen lol
Why do I get the feeling his name is Steve? (pretty sure I’m the first in the section to make this joke LOL)
Ajel Laqe
What am I doing with my life?
ciara moss
This should be the bible...
Alexander Colbert
Thankyou, Danganronpa crack, for bringing me to this masterpiece.
Jordyn M.
I don't have a sassy gay friend because I _am_ the sassy gay friend
Daniel Strider
lol this is hilarious
Nikki Haines
Lol. I love that guy!