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The Jump's Rachel Nichols is joined by Zach Lowe and Stephen Jackson to discuss the possible changes the NBA may be considering to its playoff format. ✔ Subscribe to ESPN on YouTube: />✔ Watch Latest Episodes on WatchESPN: />✔ Watch ESPN on YouTube TV: /> Get more ESPN on YouTube: ► First Take: />► SC6 with Michael & Jemele: />► SportsCenter with SVP: /> ESPN on Social Media: ► Follow on Twitter: />► Like on Facebook: />► Follow on Instagram: /> Visit ESPN on YouTube to get up-to-the-minute sports news coverage, scores, highlights and commentary for NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, College Football, NCAA Basketball, soccer and more. More on ESPN.com:

Lil Dagga
It would mean no more cakewalks for Lebron lmao why is this even a video at this point if Adam silver does this he is the GOAT
Giant L
it would mean LeBron wouldn't have a cupcake path to the finals every year
Emerson Herndon
Travel is not travel. Don’t play or insult our intelligence. Those guys don’t fly commercial planes they have beds and reclining seats. Massage chairs and they rest literally all day.
Austin Gleason
1-16 would be so much better in my opinion. I usually don't like things being changed but that is one that does make sense. It's like rachel said though, no east owners are going to vote for that.
LeSean Walston
I don't see any LeBron fans agreeing with this,, wonder why.. lol
Anthony Newton
Lebron ain’t gonna make it to the finals 😂😂
Better Call Saul
Rachel got them sexy ass mom arms. Just wanna bang her in front of her husband
Yurhomi 24
Quiet Rachel, we need this to happen... For the culture
Kobe The Gloat
No more finals fa lebron that's all I know
ya mom said I could
Damn she's sexy
Victor Jr Gonzalez
They've been watching some Dom2k videos, finally we listen to them considering and talking about it.
conferences had been the difference between LeBron n Melo's careers. So much finals praise. Bruh, If Lebron had to face off Western teams right from the jump instead of strolling to the finals, I'd say his career would look Melo esque, first round and second round exits with no rings. Maybe 1 ring. That Heat team was pretty good.
I love Adam Silver definetly the Best League Manager of All Time idk why people boo this guy at the draft because he is great
Asher Andrew
I hate it when people bring up travel. Nba players don’t fly on normal airplanes like us Americans do. They travel on private jets, being served high quality food, having a bunch of great support on their way there. And if you are worried about travel time just adjust the playoffs according to the match up. Like if a matchup difference is 4000 miles or something then it’s a 2-3-2 matchup. The regular season could or couldn’t be changed. But it would just make teams actually care about the regular season.
Yo Mammas Boo
It would mean no more Finals appearances for LeFraud.
The travel in the regular season would be ridiculous, but this change is needed. The Eastern owners should man up and agree to this too.
vinul g
This has to voted on by ALL THE TEAMS in the nba. so...The east gonna say no
Geraldo S
The WNBA is still trash. Hasn't turn a profit since 1996, if it was a men's league it would be out of business. That's not equality, that's preferential treatment.
Mike Jack
LeBron not gonna win the NBA Finals again regardless.
Peter Stark
Adam Silver is aware that most NBA talents are now in the western teams and is concerned about the imbalance between the western and eastern conference. The Cavs and Celtics will definitely have a cakewalk going to the ECF while GSW, Spurs, OKC, Rockets will have to battle it out to reach the WCF. This is why they changed the All-star game format.
Lil Dagga
Rachel you act like they can't have a neutral site like they do in the NCAA
Sam M
Cavs & Warriors still would make the Finals but it would be much more competitive!
Random stuff
WNBA is trash
Central Lifestyle
If they allow this, Lebron and his Cavs will never get to the NBA Finals ever again. It'll always be two Western Conference teams playing in the NBA Finals (Warriors vs another western team).
Brian Cheng
Eastern Conference teams and owners are pussies so of course they'd vote no.
Adam Prince
NFL and MLB don't have east/west conferences and both have to go on cross country trips for regular season and playoff games but they deal with it. With NBA players now making 40 mil per year not even including endorsements I think they can handle it.
Chester Wilson Jr.
East? I thought you said weast!
Johnny Basketball
Call this if it happends the LEBRON JAMES RULE..
Matt Mckissic
The Warriors are a joke. The Big 4 won't last long. Durant joining the Warriors would be like Ewing joining the Bulls or Pg13 joining Miami in 2013. When the Cavs win this year the Warriors will split up.
Russell Westbrook Fan since 2010
So instead of Lebron sweeping the Hornets or Hawks, he'll sweep the Grizzlies, or Jazz? 1-16 is pointless.
jason L
It should happen, the 9th 10th 11th western teams are more of a playoff team Than the 6th-8th teams od the east....If this happens, we may see gsw vs cavs in the semis...
life form
Bad idea.
Emerson Herndon
As far as voting and revenue that’s all this segment should be about.
Flex Master Tony
Slowly but surely putting the gay Adam Silver into the Roger Goodell category. Dude is literally trying to change the way the game’s been played since it’s inception and for no real reason either. What is he trying to prove?
Devin Nguyen
And yet, memphis is associated in the west. And its far and next to Charlotte
This is what they should do. Keep the 82 game system, but each team plays each other 3 times. One home game, one away game, and one game in Vegas/Seattle/Vancouver. Top 16 make playoffs.
OKC thunder fan since 9/23/17 2018 champs
Im i the only one who thought they were saying it wont be easy for warriors to go 16-1 again
Lebron James
I am huge LBJ fan but I can say that this is the right.Silver>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Stern
Riot Or diet
now that bron is gonna be gone soon lets make it so nobody makes 7 straight finals again in a cake walk conference!!nba 10 years to late west been way better since 1999
Chosen Two
Rachel needs to hit the gym. Them arms getting flabby
I agree they should reduce first round games to 5
Johnathan Clark
If it was this year and CAVS are not in the WARRIORS BRACKET. LeBron will go back to the finals. To lose again to Kevin Durant. #LeBronTop5TalentAllTime
Robert Gray
They should have done this years ago........................and Lebron would actually have to play real competition to get to the championship that hasn't existed in the East for the past 10 years!
Hold up... the Sixers of all teams have beat every top 8 team in the west except for the Warriors and OKC who won in a come back buzzer beater. #Westoverrated
The Gangster Goat
Christen Code
Why do ppl care about this idea so much? It's not going to make that much of a difference lol do we really care that much about which teams are gonna be bounced out the first round of the playoffs?
just remove preseason and spread out the schedules. theres 82 games anyway.
Max Kellerman
How is a 1 vs 16 matchup less lopsided??
melvin mcclain
i said this years ago. west vs east. the top 16 make the playoffs. stop having these sorry eastern teams make the playoffs. the west will kill the east
Vickram Singh
no wonder lebron is against this he don't wanna face warriors, rockets, okc or the celtics. no more finals for lebron and if people believe lebron making the finals then they are just drunk.
Haywood Jablomy
Its a bad idea too much trouble with schedule bullshit. And its only a matter of time before the wesr becomes weaker than the east. Eventually players and coaches will retire and the wesr will be weaker so the whole purpose of doing this will eventually be the exact opposite. Franchises will all eventually fall.
Damian Washington
Rachel is so hot
The Lake Show
Since Regular Season doesn't necessarily matter, why not just do a single elimination format? Why not all teams even the crappy teams, still make it like college etc.. Think their could be upsets with all on the line, less travel, less in terms of series best out of 7 etc. I think it be a good experiment imo.
John M Flores
Consistently the best, most thoughtful NBA show...
Brian Cheng
This would mean. Like 2-3 teams from the East would make the postseason.
If it ain't broke don't fix it...
Roland Asuncion
Rachel looks stunning
New Jersey Dre Vlogs
Warriors, Spurs, Rockets, and Cavs. ok. So...now, we divide how many times one team plays another (like .. 3x a piece?). And ... yeah, we do 1 thru 16. Cavs, even re loaded CAN NOT beat GS. so, let's shake it up a little. Too many 38 and 44 teams in the "playoffs"
... Rachel would get it 👌👈💯💯
dinani lee ndor
well if the west is as competitive as everyone claims then west teams wont have a better record over east since they'll beat each other around while the cavs, celtic or wizards are cruising against the other east teams. just like in football the english premier league top team often have few overall wins against others since they are too competitive, whereas in germany there is no competition so clubs like bayern munich get more wins and a good record
Lebrun Jemz
I love lebron he is my favorite player. Therefore I am a "Bandwagon" according to Warriors fans. I did hope the Cavs would do good for the postseason for the last two years but I never really liked those heat. I loved seeing LeBron keep flying to the finals making history but this is a good change to the NBA. LeBron you are the best player in the league and 2nd best player of all time but last year might be your last finals appearence. However if you do make it to the finals against this competition you MIGHT just be the best of all time.
Just have the better seeded team keep home court the entire series so no one has to fly every other game in the playoffs and this makes seeding more important and the regular season will be more competitive
Socially Awkward96
This is a brilliant idea I hope it pulls through this will stop lebitch from coasting to the finals so easily unless of course he switches and join a stacked West Team if he does that next summer they should consider changing the playoff format to shake things up.
Uros Djikanovic
The best nba playoffs would be when first from the west plays the 8th seed from the east and reverse first team from the east playing against 8th seed from the west and the 8 teams that pass the first round be placed by records. And because of traveling first round should be played best of five
Mike Jack
This would be cool, but she makes good points. Such a change could be more harmful than helpful.
Michael Fernandez
Look at the stats the East isn’t much worse than the West this year because there are so many new West teams tanking
Daniel Silva
Lebron talking to Steve Keer as i write telling him to open a spot on the team in the off-season after hearing these news
WarMarchine 11
This would change careers cause Melo squad that kobe beat should of already seen one finals if placed in the east melo ran into kobe when he had that squad in Denver in the western conf finals that def would of made it in the east Melo Billups K. Mart JR Smith(when he was crazy good) Birdman( when he was young & good) Dahntay jones
Flip Flops
No less games please 🙏
Praying that this happens. .
John Carter
We don't need playoffs changes
Andrew Bullard
Please do best 16 teams
Well Slap My Ass And Call Me Sally
cut the games to 56 so every team gets to play each team only twice, nobody watches all 82 games of their favourite team anyways so nobodies going to mind the cut.
Tank Coffee
if they did this they should at least add 2 more
Brian Cheng
Only Bronsexuals are against this. 😂
Ash Maindonald
so what you're saying is that owners don't give a shit about the best interests of the league, fans and players, and that cash rules everything around me? cream..
Christian Whitmire
I'm not sure about it. It sounds cool but I don't really like change
King Wani
i wonder if racheal like bbc
Seed 1 -16
Clem Cornpone
In the short term, all it would seem to mean is LeBron's Cleveland might have to play two competitive teams before winning the finals--if Cleveland did. In realistic terms, only GS, the Spurs, the Rockets, Cleveland and perhaps OKC have a chance to make the finals. Four of those five are in the West and knock each other off until only one is standing for the finals. With the Cavs losing the advantage of being isolated from that knock-off-rock-around, LeBron and company would have to participate in it too. Given seeding matches it is unlikely the Cavs would have to play more that two of those teams to win the finals. They should have to. It is unfair to the other teams and the fans that they do not. Clearly, it is absurd to perennially deny better Western Conference teams a chance to play in the payoffs in preference to poorer performing Eastern Conference teams. It is supposed to be a competition under rules that reward merit and performance. The rules don't work that way now. One problem with eliminating the conference elimination system is that almost all of the Eastern Conference teams don't deserve to be in the playoff picture at all and wouldn't be relevant under a rational system. Whatever benefits accrue from favoring these lesser teams in the playoff selections seem likely to be ephemeral and counterproductive. Like protective tariffs in economics, such rules encourage teams to be uncompetitive. Let's show how shitty and irrelevant the Eastern Conference teams are and perhaps they'll quit harvesting optimal money from the gormless victim-fans and turn to actually competing. A rational system would encourage competition not reward the uncompetitive. **** We'd appreciate your feedback. Please complete a brief survey to assist us in improving future posts. Check all the statements that apply to you. You may check as many as you please. 1. _________ I don't give a shit about playoff seeding. All that matters is that Lebron and GS be in the finals to maximize television revenue. (this question was included for the use by the NBA Commissioner) 2. _________ There were too many big words in the post. What the fuck do the words "perennially." "accrue." "ephemeral" and "gormless" mean? 3. _________ Listen you fancy pants jackass, why would you draw an analogy between the economic effects of protective tariffs and professional basketball playoff seedings? Who the fuck do you think you are talking to, Poindexter? 4. _________ I disagree with you and think your mother is a whore, that you have a little dick because you are a Nazi communist, homosexual wingnut. 5. _________ Comments with wit and insight have no place here. Hell, we are fans of professional basketball. We sit here and sometimes witlessly watch Steven Jackson bloviate. For God's sake, we have no discernment or acumen. Are you here to mock us without us being aware of it? Thank you for participating in the survey.
CBD Will Change Your Life
Travel is NOT bad anymore for Players. It sucks for the average person but for Basketball Players it is NOT a big deal. Bring the BEST 16 teams into the Playoffs!
30 teams in the NBA, 82 games in regular season Let's say the Warriors first, GSW must face other teams (1 home, 1 road) = GSW vs 29 teams x 2 = 58 games then, GSW must play the remaining games in random. 6 games vs east team (road) 6 games vs east team (home) 6 games vs west team (road) 6 games vs west team (home) total 58 + 24 = 82 regular games catch: - random pick should be done during off-season - random pick should be initiated by the their previous Win-Loss ranking. Top teams get to pick the teams they will face for the 3rd of 4th time while bottom teams get to pick the lottery. For the playoffs, 1-16 system is applied. First 8 top teams regardless of their conference should randomly pick their opponents from the bottom 8. First 8 top teams gets Homecourt Advantage. Winner vs Winner format. No more Conference Semi-finals or Finals games Best of 7 games from 1st Round, 2nd Round, 3rd Round and the Finals
a e s t h e t i c n i n j a
why don't they just use the nfl's format. divide the conferences into two of each regional sub division. it shouldn't force adam silver to drastically change and redo the entire regular season schedule. same thing goes for the playoff system. Top team of each regional subdivision and two wild cards. edit: i just realized 30 cannot be factored into fours. either they remove 6 teams, or more likely they would just add 2 more teams (please give seattle and las vegas teams)
I say reward the top two teams in each conference based on their respective levels of success. My proposal is that the Top 6 teams in each conference make the playoffs. The next 4 teams with the best records regardless of conference also make the playoffs. From that pool of 4 'Wild Card' teams, the top 2 teams in each conference take turns drafting which of those 4 teams, they would want to play in the first round of the playoffs with the team with the best record choosing first. The team that picks last, then has the option to either take the last remaining Wild Card team, or to switch the Wild Card with its conference's 6th seed. This system would reward the teams with the best divisional records while also making it extremely hard for a team to crawl into the playoffs by just being an 8th seed in a weaker conference. After the first 12 teams, the remaining playoff slots become locked to which ever teams have the best record.
72 games seem plausible. 2 games against Eastern Conference Teams 3 Games against Western Conference Teams. Alternate the third game home court every season. Do all this while completely eliminating back to back games. And players could be fresher for the playoffs. Plus if you give two days off for teams for traveling between games 2&3/4&5/5&6/6&7with the rest only being one day off should be fine.
Brother John's
been needed changing
Relax Music
heres my quick idea for some of the problems with scheduling, travel, length of season and playoff. First make the season 72 games. theres 30 nba teams, so say the Lakers would play the 14 closest teams to them 3 times, that's 42 games, the other 15 teams they can play them twice, that's 30 and makes 72 games total. for the play off they can either make the first round a best 2 out of 3, or 3 out of 5. semis and finals can stay at 4 out of 7. teams who win the finals play a minimum of 98 games , if they sweep all. this way teams who win the finals would play a minimum of 85 games if they sweep all. idk what else goes into planning an nba season but I'm sure cutting the length of season and playoffs would make the games all the more important. this way too they can have more breaks. right now they play 82 games in around 180 days, then they first 3 rounds are in 45 days then the finals are 17 days. at max games. now they would play 72 games in 180 days or they can cut season 10 days too, then playoff the first three rounds would be in 37 days and the finals can stay at 17 days. and this way the finals can end in May, max games played. they will have a longer off season. but its all about the money so who knows how much money they can lose by cutting so many game from a season. but yeah just cut 10 games from regular season and 3 from playoffs.
This is Jon Snow He's King of the North
They just need to shorten the damn season, the playoffs and even the games short term yes you would lose revenue but long term a lot more people would be interested particularly from the uk where I'm from some people actually hate American sports cos they just take too long the endless time outs and in game "entertainment" is nauseating the playoffs are a season itself it's too much also 82 games is ridiculous to me in a sport where you put so much pressure on your body look at the way footballers walk after their careers compared to basketball It will extend your favourite players career and stop the inevitable injuries that have ruined the last 3 playoffs it will make it a much better product in the long run
better to reduce regular season games, and play-off games to 5. less stress on the players; owners have enuff money,players seemingly has quite a bit of money already, play-off picture will change every year, who is to say west is gonna dominate forever, cavs, celtics, capitols are pretty good teams; and the winner will beat anybody; however fewer play-off games might give some upsets; the more games the highest precentage team records almost always win. imagine only 3 play-off games ! any team can have a really good day :-)
yonis gure
Sliver should shorten the regular season, make it 60 games, every team plays each team twice for 58 games each and then the final two games for each team be random, and give teams more room for rest between games - especially nationally televised games. Make the playoffs 1-16 and make the first round 5 games and increase the rest days in the playoffs, gradually more rest in the deeper rounds, since you've taken off 22 games in the regular season (giving you about an extra month and a bit to work with) so it should workout. That's some drastic shit lol but I think everyone benefits: fans benefit cuz we get to see the best teams compete, the owners of sucky teams benefit because they have higher chances now of getting a better lottery pick now that conferences are gone, and the players benefit because they get more rest between games in the playoffs, when it matters most. It's just crazy to me how in the Finals teams get just a day sometimes between games; if you get smoked in one game how do you have enough time to both recover and prep for the next? I think everyone benefits here.
Never gonna happen as much as I think it should. No way owners are gonna willingly vote to reduce their revenue. No way owners in the east are gonna willingly vote for their team to have much less of a chance of getting into the playoffs. And you think Lebron, the face of the NBA, would vote for that? Hell nah lol. Moment that happens we'd see Lebron taking his talents to California lol. Not gonna happen. It's nice to daydream about but there's too many moving parts, too many motives involved, and too much money involved. The NBA is more likely gonna come up with solutions to level out the talent between the conferences, how they'd do that, I don't know... but I think this big imbalance between the conferences is temporary. The east and west were both stacked all throughout the 90s. All-star games were great then too by the way. I think it'll level out eventually. Eastern conference teams need to do a better job attracting marque free agents though. Obviously they need to win in order to do that but there's other things involved with getting free agents to take a chance on your organization. Staff. Facilities. Location. Culture. Etc.
Gun Murat Ilban
That sounds good in theory; but then if there's an opposite conference team on 15th and 16th spot, being the 1st and 2nd seed would actually be a disadvantage. Imagine if the Warriors are the 1st seed and the 76'ers are the 16th; then GSW would have to make that 5 hour flight, maybe even another 5 hour flight if it somehow went to the 6th game. I'm sure they would prefer playing against a stronger team; but within a shorter distance. This could be very hard to balance.
Minh Phan
I would go with the NFL playoffs format. 12 teams in, top 4 get 1st round bye, 5-12 play each other, winners play against top 4 in single elimination bracket.
Otho Williams Jr.
I did the math which I see no one actually toke the team out to do, here is the Top 12 teams: Rockets 61-14 Toronto 55-20 Warriors 54-20 Celtics 51-23 Portland 46-28 Thunder 44-31 Cleveland 44-30 76ers 43-30 Pelicans 43-30 Pacers 44-31 Spurs 43-32 Jazz 42-32 So regardless nothing will change. Eastern Conference vs. Western Conference strength is a fallacy, false, and a bad report. I hate these new commentators that do no homework or research before they open they're ignorant mouths. This literally toke me 2 minutes to do at home. It still not going to hurt no one. The reason people go to the West Coast because of it's warmth. The East Coast has the cold seasons. So you if You could market this fake West is stronger than the East. Why don't some of the West players\athlete come to the East? Because that is a lie about the strength. The funny part is the same 16 teams are in the playoffs each year. So not sure why it believe about strength the how the west teams are much better. And I am not sure what it is now, I did this back a month or little ago. East vs. West was East 63 vs. West 61....
George Karram
To be honest, it won't make that much of a difference in terms of which teams make it in. You might occasionally have a few more west teams making it than east teams. But if u look at last year's playoffs, using the 1-16 format as shown at 3:15 you will notice that all top eight teams from both conferences would have made it in. So not much difference, only different matchups
Brian Guardado
I love how they want to change the playoff seeding because "there are more playoff teams in the west that would make it if only the best 16 made the playoffs" and yet when they put up the graphic for what teams would make the playoffs if it were the best 16 last year there was still 8 teams from the West and 8 Teams from the East meaning those teams in the west that "would make it if it were the best 16" wouldn't make it after all and it would just be harder for the players to deal with such as the Raptors having to face the Clippers and come all the way from Toronto to Los Angeles it's ridiculous to think of.
alhagie sowe
1:31 skisn
1 seed Needs to go against the 5th seed 2nd place vs 6th place 3rd place vs 7th place 4th place vs 8th place Winner of 1v5 goes against 3v7 Winner of 2v6 goes against 4v8 And then whichever two teams are left go to the conference finals This WILL MAKE each series EQUALLY competitive and feel like each team has a shot rather than it look like the 8th seed is gauranteed to go home in the first round. Problem solved