Umbrella - Rihanna @ (Today Show 20.06.2008) HD [1080p]

[1080p] Rihanna - Umbrella @ (Today Show 20.06.2008) HD

Gordon Freeman
Great woman,great performer,great voice!
jassminka Sakanovic
I love Rihanna
Xojen Mendes
wow one of her good performances
Rihanna Vevo
Those phones though 😂 are they only recording 30 seconds?
hamo DRS
I love rihanna member 1
Dominika Batta
i love her
Kelbyn Floyd
Awwww how cute the ella's were short and she forgot so the little girl was saying ella during the second verse hehe
Even thought she missed the second verse she played it off quite well. Love u Riri.
Deagan Otterspeer
She didn't sing the second verse at ALL.
rajna maravic
I actually cried while watching this...It brings out soooo many memories......the fact that i was a fan then and i still am now!!:''')
vanessa oliveira
eu amo essa musica !!!!!!!!
Jéssica Cristina
Linda minha Princess...
Matt S
they cut the "ella ellas" short (probably because of timing for the live TV show) so she was singing Umbrella as it was recorded, so she missed the cue for the 2nd verse. still a great performance. we love you Rih :)
Harley Quinn
Mateus Victormakeup
mateus vitor fala que adorou
She sang better on live at this time than now ..
Ashlynne Renae
the start of the cellphone addiction 😒😒😒
You think so? Or did she plan that?
she is beautiful on 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p but on 1080p my screen exploded!!!!!
Look at her now!
@rw40rr She sounds good, you're clearly deaf
Jay Smith
@CarlArchuletaKnowles she sure did! she can't sing, can't dance, horrible outfit, ugh!
Erik Stone
In This Clip, From 3:43 To 3:56, It Was NBC News' Today Video Bumper From Friday Morning, June 20, 2008.
Erik Stone
I Believe This Was A Video Clip Of NBC News' Today's Entertainment News' Toyota Concert Series Report On Rihanna Singing "Umbrella" On Friday Morning, June 20, 2008.
Gil Cesar
love you Rihanna I wish I could see you?
Diego Azevedo
LOL at her singing umbrella and the forecast in the bottom of the screen is heavy rain!
zynp pnyz
Sie ist sooo geil !, ich liebe sie^^
@CarlArchuletaKnowles bcuz of the kid ;D
What an awesome quality! Thanks for uploading! I so LOVE this song eh, eh
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Flavio Carlos Nieiro
LOL she messed up with the whole 2nd verse xD
@sumashedshdoctor Ok thanks !!!!Are from Russia ? Yes or Not? ;p Greetings from Brazil!!!! ;)
Lilian Sabrina
A voz dela é perfeita demais❤
the little girl threw her off a little bit but she handled the song and performance like a pro! Rihanna da best!
Nathy Teles
Diva lacradora 😍❤
Dejan Vulinovic
This song talk about that boys will be good from girls !!
Amadou Ceesay
Brunna Santos
muito bom
Dhodi Agusta
The band is really SOLID !! and riri's voice is damn good
Hannah Warriner
3:49 The Audience are Waving Hand
Hasari Karakurt
Rihanna asksinnn
Andreas Hartung
oder doch Rihanna?
Agnes souza
she's a lazy singer.
Olof Olofersond
She really did needed that lil girls help to sing lol