Brokeback Mountain clip (2005)

Oscar winner for Best Director, Ang Lee (becoming the first non-Caucasian to win in this category) brings us the story of a forbidden and secretive relationship between two cowboys, and their lives over the years. Heath Ledger received a Best Actor Oscar nomination and Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Williams received Supporting Oscar nominations for their roles as well. Nominated for Best Picture. .

Can’t a guy just passionately make out with his bro without his wife jumping to the wrong idea
Robert The 3rd
I don't know why that scene made me laugh so hard. She opened her door and saw her husband tongue deep in some guy and just went "it be like that sometimes".
Abigail Space
2 brooooos chillin by the staircaaaaaase kissing passionately cuz they're so gay
This movie was so sad. On one hand, it was sad because the two men were in love, and couldn't be themselves because it was too dangerous, and on the other hand, they had wives, and children. There is no way out.
Humanity Killed The Cat
Just southern hospitality
JD l
Can someone tell me why she is so upset? Looks like to me just a regular friendly man to man kiss from a buddy who haven't seen each other for awhile.
Sometimes the side chick isn't a chick
Froot Flakes
whispers *i think they might be gay*
Oscar Clarke
I love how there's a sense of violence in the way they kiss. Yes, they're gay, but they're also naturally masculine men, men who work the field, so when they encounter, it's full raw masculine lust, without the worry of hurting each other. Great movie.
Kevin Teran
they must be pros at riding horses
Emma Walker
When he slams you against the wall so hard that your cowboy hat falls off
Sarcastically Sarcastic
Joker And Mysterio kissing while Batman and Spider-Man on enjoy their beers on the top roof 😂😂😂
Trolls Will Be Ignored
I agree that Heath was fantastic in the movie. But, it seems to me that Jake hasn't been given his due credit.
Clarissa Morgenstern
The chemistry with the kissing...
train_hopper64 _
don't make noise but daddy's kissing booyyyysss
Adam Forgan
If I was his wife I would have suggested a threesome.
Yingdi Han
When a normal person hears "Jack", they think Titanic. I, however...XD
Lekn Takfs
Why homophobes search this vid only to put mean coments in it? Those people are sick
chango vato
Top 10 Anime betrayals
Dennis Karlsson
"We was fishing buddies"
priyanka sarvaiya
It is amazing how talented thiz actors are. when I watched the entire movie I could feel what both were feeling. That intensity of love when you love someone so much, the attraction, the betrayal of husband and the heartbreak of a wife..
Michelle Williams face reaction should be a meme lol
ebony barton
Just riding buddies...
Their kiss looks....painful. Like for real, holy shit their faces are basically pressing against each other. I know it's love but..go easy. Jeez.
This film was so beautiful and sad. The fact they were madly in love with each other but knew they couldn't truly be together.. and having to put up a false act just so society would deem them normal, even going as far as taking a wife and having kids. It was all a distraction to try and move on from their feelings but it was never enough. I loved the scene 20 years later where Jack and Ennis are arguing on brokeback mountain and Ennis breaks down...amazing acting from both men. You can really feel their pain and frustration throughout...
Leslie A
I wonder if the ppl who watched this in 2005 knew how lucky they were to witness Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger makeout
El Jr.
Who came here for the hot kissing?
David Devita
I just saw this movie five more times.... I need a blood transfusion...
Every wife's worst nightmare, LOL
Laura Mundy
This movie moved me so much. Intensely emotional. So beautiful. But tragic. Bittersweet love. I cried so hard. Amazing story.
Brandi Starr
Amazing, amazing movie! it's very sweet and sad.
Andy Harkins
this was rough to watch they never got the chance to be happy rip Heath
El Jr.
Bareback mountain... Lol
Kabilan Panneerselvam
When you realise that it was the Joker and Mysterio
John Saint Vincent
Very strong this scene
Trolls Will Be Ignored
[email protected] people calling this movie "gay"..BRILLIANT observation!
Doreen Kizy
This movie made me cry more than I ever have
A name
2:37 that smile is the best thing
How dare she open the door to check on him and ruin the moment without then knowing. 😂
I love the way Ennis perks up when he sees Jack pulling up to the drive way, and almost flies down those stairs lol
ca ss
The hard part isn't the kiss, the hard part is knowing he'll never kiss you the way he kisses him, that he will never love you the way he loves him
"Is he somebody you cowboyed with or what?" ".....define cowboyed."
Talk about having a side piece
emilyjones 203
R.I.P Heath Ledger
Dark Angel
Poor woman :(
IAMWBH3 Productions
This movie was well written, well casted and it should have won the Oscar for Best Picture. Rest in peace Heath Ledger who on my opinion is one of the greatest actors of all time.
this movie was based off of homophobia back in the day and wasn't necessarily a love story...a lot of people who watched it didnt get that part.
Anvitha Bharadwaj
The acting is very strong with this scene.
Let me tell you, the worst feeling in the world is seeing someone you're in love with kissing some one else!
Gintoki chan
Weird how is this in my recommendation after I've watched far from home
3:06 so are they fighting or what?
LMAO at all the straight guys here who were aroused by this.
freeze spell is awesome
a good way to get out of a relationship. I'm gay
heidi hideeho
omg I love this dc+marvel spinoff with joker and mysterio
Isya Styles
poor that woman😥
Widtha Mobb
When she opens the door Cerified BRUH Moment™
Stupid MAN2488
I’m a straight guy and I watch this masterpiece of a film every couple of years. It’s amazing.
Who's watching this year 2018???? RIP - ennis 😭
Von Alyson Greg
I could still remember how this entire story impacted to me and Jack and Ennis' love story dwelled on my mind for more than a week because I mourn for them.. the story was beautiful and heartbreaking, and a tragedy as well..
Keiron Kyelo
The moment she asked her husband before him leaving proves she tried to believe it was all an illusion.
Sofia Iraheta
heaths sounds just like chris hemsworth
Alexandrea W.
So she just gone act like she didn’t see that😐
Sergio Bautista
This is actually kind of a rant. My apologies. I still can't watch this scene without having to click away a few times, it truly tore my heart to pieces. The sense of confrontation I get when Alma, opens the door is the same as the one I got when my mother finally admitted to herself that I was gay, and she walked up to me, as calm as the breeze, pulled my hair hard enough to paralyze me with fear and said "when we get home, I'll show you how god's children get disciplined" as instructed by my aunt. The very same feeling is issued by her gaze of betrayal, because that's both what I felt from what was always meant to protect and support me, and what I think she felt when she decided it was time to correct me. That day marked the full rotting of my heart. Before that, I thought I was fine, that I could fix myself. Bring myself back from the wilt of my own realization that boys were hot. But all was thrown out when I knew what her painful march towards me marked.
Megan Hiddlestoner
Heath ledger is so pretty!♥
Epi V
I can’t believe it took me 13 years to finally see this was truly amazing💜
lacuna poltergeist
I wanted to watch this but both guys are married with children, just makes it unfair and sad
wait so ur telling me mysterio AND the joker are gay?!
Alexander Garcia-Cornelius
And then the wife joined in
Omg y’all don’t understand the rush everyone in the theater felt with this scene. We were all blushing but we also felt that euphoria Jack and Ennis felt when they finally got to share that moment of intimacy.
It should have won best picture.
Faizalcoon Cateery
I fallen In love with this movie
Flute Løøps
My reaction as someone who's never seen this movie: 2:55- Wow, what good friends... but... wow, they're real good friends... 3:04- WHAT THE HECK😂
Arturo ortiz
I hate the scene where innis' wife comes out and sees them kissing that was very miserable..
Why so serious?
Fauzy Muhammad
The saddest movie I've ever seen
Carrie White
Heath Ledger was one of the sexiest men who has ever walked the Earth
Paul Piwowar
Sometimes this is what love is.
Gandalf the goat
That's how I greet my friends from jail.
Elijah Gilbert
Poor Heath, such a tremendous outstanding actor. My gosh 💔
I didn't know Joker and Mysterio are in love
That was no acting that was 1000% pure raging mega Jurassic super gay.
Persephone Black
This movie made me cry my eyes out. Lol I can't believe it came out 13 years ago.
One of the saddest movies I ever saw.
who the fuck tryna nut in my butt
i was so happy for them to be together but felt so awful at the fact that the wife was being cheated on
first choice tuber
3:06 when you are so frustrated that you dont get a girlfriend after so many fail attempts.
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My mum once caught on of her ex boyfriends. Being sweet with another guy. Before she walked away. He still asks for my ma to this day, tho... Hmmm. 😂
Penguin 2992
I feel bad for Alma 😢, but Ennis and Jack they also deserve to be together
419 Wayward Kid*
“Me and jack are gonna head out and get ourselves a drink” Yeah just like when you went fishing
I love how nearly every comment on this video has over 100 likes
Снежный Джони
to be fair my reaction on Jake Gyllenhaal would be the same no homo tho
Maria Cecília Dias
lmao so this is what mysterio was doing before he ruined spidey’s life huh 😂
Brandy Weste
He completely forgot his wife inside he got to be crazy! Caught up in the moment
Adrian Becker
I really felt sad for the wife. She was so nice and sweet! 😇
Cool Kid
Whats better than this, guys being dudes
T Kabs
My first BL first fall into the dark side😆
Gricel Diaz
La mejor parte de la película.. me encantó ese reencuentro😍
olaz zaid
The moment the wife finds out her husband is gay but all she wants is cigarettes 😀
Gianmarco Groppelli, hillbilly
The wife's reaction always gets me cracking up. She's like, holy God that is the last thing I expected to see 😂😂😂