Beef Researcher Bursts The 'Cow Farts' Myth

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John Amidon
Cow burps. A gargantuan budget deficit hanging over our heads and we're fussing over cow burps. Un freaking real.
Will 2-B
If you try to make me eat soy burgers. We’re Scrapin.
3 and 5 Fitness
Everybody with a functional brain knows the IPCC is well known to cherry pick their evidence to fit their environmentalist agenda.
imnotcreative 22
Crazy environmentalists thinks that cow farts are causing extreme weather. This puts a whole new meaning on breaking wind.
I guess when the plains were covered with millions upon millions of buffalo the Indians were feeding them Bean-O and Tums, lol.
Vash Matrix
Lol. "Its overblown" ;)
Happy Latter-day Saint
🐄💨💨💨 Save the cow farts!!!
Why don't the left educate us all and give up there vehicles and eating beef and we'll drive to a restaurant and order a delicious stake and see who's actually happier!
Water vapor makes up 99% of greenhouse gases, carbon is less than a percent of a percent. Liberals are just insane.
Barbara Finley
Are the folks creating the stats taking into account the emissions avoided by letting livestock eat the grass rather than using a tractor to manage it? 🤔😎
Denis Laurin
It's a known fact that vegetarians fart more than meat eaters. Solution, kill the vegetarians and save the world. LOL
Wall Banger
A good cow fart never hurt anyone
Agenda 21. They want to stave 80% of the population to death. Only food for other will be 100% government controlled. Prevent people from biting the hand that feeds them.
Jay Gigidy
My farts are really similar to cow farts. Guess I'm on the GND hit list.
Paul Schlote
One medium sized volcanic eruption puts out more "pollution" i.e. carbon into the atmosphere than China has for it's entire existence. These climate change hucksters are socialists wearing masks of virtue.
Maryanne Williams
Who is next? Us???? Farts galore.
Maryanne Williams
Our goats use to fart up a storm. Everyone farts. Get over it. I find it hilarious.
Patricia Padgett
And Booker wants to get rid of beef too...and dairy...and yogurt, cheese, ice cream, and every DAIRY product made....
Joseph BenElohim
I'm with them, so I propose that we all take next week off and try to eat all the cows I'll bring some sauce. Potato farts are probably bad for us as well you all should bring some !
Random Salty Person
there is big big money to be made...consuming meat is in their way! too many big evil companies are invested in this plant base global warming lie!!!
Green Cello
Beef. It's what's for dinner.
United Nations attacking our food supply abolish the United Nations Planned Parenthood killing our babies in the mother's womb Global nightmare attacking our faith our freedoms are guns are land rights shame on them and people who uphold them World dictatorship is their goals
Cow farts/burps...sounds like a lot of hot air to me.
Warren Zoell
"Climate Change" A junk term for junk science. Besides there is nobody that farts more than tree hugging vegetarians.
Deforestation is Brazil is for two reasons: 1) illegal wood/lumber or mining operations 2) legal soy production Yep, Brazil is now a huge world supplier of soy, about a third of the world's soy I believe. And that soy goes to make stuff like tofu, which the "anti cow fart vegan" brigade love to eat up (I'm talking about a particular type of vegan here, not broad strokes)
dog bounty
Glen is on the KFC box now.
This is why i do not believe man made climate change every studie that comes out has been massaged to show it is true not 1 has not been
Ryben Flynn
Drive past a pig farm sometime. HOOOOEEEEYYYY! Talk about STINK!
Ceylon Blue
Melting methane ice from permafrost and deep sea sediment layers are vastly more of an impact. Cow farts are 2% or less. Deep sea pressure and microbial breakdown of decaying animals over millions of years created solid layers of Meth which has started to turn back into gas form due to slight changes in oceanic temps. This can be attributed to oceanic current shutdowns, volcanic activity, deep sea drilling, deep sea mining, and carbon greenhouse effects.
Southern Straightaway
And I thought cows were out there just farting around. Who knew? In France isn’t a burp meant as a compliment?
Cow farts = global warming 🤔 Makes sense....if ur a weak minded, unintelligent, believe anything I'm told leftist.
Molly O'Kami
I'm doing my part to keep cow farts in check. I had steak shish kabob for dinner.
Maryanne Williams
I saw something about this several yrs ago. They wanted to make cows wear an apparatus on their backs to catch the vapors.
nota newbie
Hey , all these gases already exist, its all just being recycled. Isn't recycling a good thing
Roberto Alvarez-Galloso
Farts and Burps are great. It is freedom
chris etzkorn
What about termites gases coming out of their earth mounds
So not one fact from the hockey stick temperature change to cow farts has been mathematically honest why would we give these climate change Nazis the time of day?
Cow Farts?......Burps???? I think there are a few people in our nation who have completely lost their minds!
richard cline
i guess they want all of us to go vegan what about chem on plants espec from overseas
Jeff DePuy Sr
Those who have the most to lose will do littlest to keep it
Pat Poling
If you own a hybrid or electric vehicle in Mississippi, you are taxed more for road maintenance!
Adam wiggins
It’s not flatulence... it’s the eating meat that offends them... they use anything as a guise to control whatever they can...
Len Hanley
Is it full of hot air? LMAO
The Trashman
Hi I'm Glenn Beck, I'm such a hard hitting reporter I cover Cow Farts.
Michele Rucker
Joel Salatin would be a good interview for you Glenn😇😇😇
Ricky Pushkin
Can anyone here point me in the direction of the Video of AOC saying this? I saw it a while ago and cant find where she said no more cows because of their farts! I need to find this! Thanks
Mike Kern
#1 A SHADOW GOVERNMENT What's really going on around the world starting to look more like planned starvation geoengineered chemtrail poisoning blocking the Sun with chemtrails 10% mandated ethanol putting food and water in our gas tanks California building big cement tunnels taking our water supply UNITED NATIONS Agenda 21 NEW WORLD ORDER dictators run by the INTERNATIONAL BANKERS ROTHSCHILDS MAFIA With the help of GEORGE SOROS no accountability Mafia trying to take everything from us so they can control everything planned starvation International Bankers Rothschilds have been in China since 1838 and 40 million people were starved to death International Bankers Rothschilds in about 1898 in Rhodesia Zimbabwe created a war which killed 50,000 natives and soon after controlled there diamonds and gold De Beers the New York International Bankers Rothschilds are criminal group they also control and run the Balfour Declaration found in encyclopedia Wars created Israel until International Bankers Rothschilds are out of Israel I do not trust Israel International bankers Rothschilds creating DEBT SLAVERY around the world in the trillions money is their God the Federal Reserve privately owned company SHADOW GOVERNMENT is a criminal banking cartel and their criminal banking system is all over the world looks more like pure evil they are not of God money is their God wake up world all wars are Bankers Wars they can't lose they play Both Sides they own almost all government Banks around the world under different names.
Gary Hubbard
State of state Michigan "LOVE TAKES CENTER STAGE"
Lee Little
Tom Harkin another politico, talked about flatulence as an environmental issue. The Clintons were so interested enough to pay a visit to Harkins farm.
Steve Bachochin
Terraforming ... using cows . LOL
Suzan Vaughn
Shut — up! “She did not just say about cow farts, “It’s overblown in terms of its contribution.” 😂🤣😂🤣
Lynn Spann
So the buffalo hunters did us a huge favor?
Victor Gan
Is it me or does Sara the beef researcher sound exactly like Sarah H Sanders?
I know you want peace Glenn but it's time the people stand and fight and throw these people out of the country or we are done. You've written about what theyre doing Glenn in your books. This is about population control and control in general. If we just keep sitting around and "voting" these people put we will be destroyed.
Just ended a conversation with a sjw who whole heartily believes cow farts will end us.... I will be forwarding this.... Thanks for the info
richard cline
what about hogs they smell worse lol
Above all the CO2 and methane keep near the Earth's surface and do not waft up into the upper atmosphere where a problem may exist. Airplane traffic does deliver exhaust when in the upper atmosphere. The geoengineering is the source of greenhouse gases in the upper atmosphere where it may affect climate.
Rita McCartt-Kordon
So what part does HUMAN fats play in this scenario??
Rod Royal
Soylent Green New Deal
People forget that there were MILLIONS of buffalo in America at one point, far exceeding the number of cattle being used as livestock. This is on top of the fact that there are BILLIONS of living creatures that emit "farts", including humans. And they say that only cow farts is a problem? Yeah, these people are freakin' STUPID.
John Meyer
They say that meat eating will lead to the end of humanity, does humanity want to live as vegans , cure worse than disease
Eric Krupa
One thing you may consider (but, I guarantee you won’t)... Disparaging the beef industry in Texas is actually illegal. It’s the exact reason that Oprah had to pay a $10 million dollar fine for a segment of her show discouraging beef consumption. Keep that in mind when beef industry experts refute the claims of unaffiliated environmental scientists. Those industry experts are getting a paycheck from their employers, environmental scientists do not.
Dan Ward
The climate change Druids don't care about real facts. They lie, falsify data, bury facts, and try to outshout everyone. Just ask Al Gore. He tops the list with their religion.
King Damager
In other words, eliminate mammals and we stop climate change. Lol.they are nuts. We simply can not control the sun cycles. I hope the global warming alarmists have fun not having food as we go deeper into the grand solar minimum.
Well, Brontosaurus farts and burps probably caused the extinction of dinosaurs, then. It was "dinasuicide!"
Jeff DePuy Sr
All the real things that could be affected for change this is what the libtards trying to get past us and there's a lot of people that this is just going to fly by and they're not going to be paying any attention 😳
dane kelly
What about bullfrogs farting on lillypads...........and sheep farts creating a hole in the ozone...........
Then why is New Zealand required to be taxed on cow emissions?
jay dowd
Bible in the last days. It will thought wrong to eat meat
Also check out Peter Ballerstedt
Brian Bingham
I love beef! Make beef great again! What about banning human farting? Next they will be taxing our farts.
Cell cultured meat is coming soon and will be a huge industry. Btw, cows not only emit methane but nitrous oxide which is 240 times more powerful than carbon dioxide.
You found ONE person to "bust the myth"? Where is her science?! Yeah she's not biased or anything she only works as the senior director for sustainable beef production... big beef farmers and ranchers.
Daniel Phan
Methane may only make up 1.8% of all emissions, but it is also 30 times more potent than carbon dioxide in terms of atmospheric warming. Here's a little science for you all. Greenhouse gases make up a very very tiny percentage (less than a percent) of our atmosphere. These greenhouse gases are responsible for keeping our planet warm through their interactions with sunlight. Increasing the amount of these gases in the atmosphere, even just a little bit, will have significant warming effects on our atmosphere. Climate change is realer than anything we've ever encountered and its right now. Science plays only one role, and that's to further our understanding of the world around us. Science has no political agenda.
Anonymous Libertarian
It's not a myth! There was a study done to see if there is a way to keep cows from farting and burping methane gas and it turned out: Change their feed.
Steven Crowder please leave BlazeTV. I will not support the channel or buy a subscription. Glenn Beck is toxic waste. Thank you Mark Levin for selling out and trashing CRTV a once promising network.