Apple Special Event 2001 - The first iPod introduction (part 1)

The first iPod ever, introduced by Steve Jobs on October, 23 in 2001 at a Special Event "to unveil a breakthrough digital device".

The Super J
I was born that day
iiElysium x
AmaIng how all this stuff is either simple today or just out dated concepts but back then they genuinely were ahead of there time
At the time, this was groundbreaking. Watching it in 2019, it seems ancient.
Brandon Borges
Steve jobs change the world he changed the way how we use phone he changed the way we listened to music Steve jobs your awesome :)
Michael McFarlane
Long live the iPod
Andrei Petunin
HD windows style.
lol 20 million dvd players in the US
Babek Abdullayev
thumb up if you are watching this in 2013
Before Apple discovered Helvetica.
Yay,i have an iPod
So flagrant when watching videos as his final few years on earth, lost so much weight... Here is alright but on last video he looks like a skeleton...
Eric Perez
Comic Sans haha
Phú Phạm Hoàng
Thanks Steve,thanks for making lots of amazing devices
It's crazy, to think they made 5 different generation of iPods in just under 4 years!
@danieleifyable 2001 isnt that much long ago i wouldnt be surprised it was released in 2001
Aiyana Rodriguez
Wow I have the 4th generation iPod and probably getting the 5th for Christmas! And my iPod has 32 gigabyte
Aiyana Rodriguez
The first iPod was made in 2001. I wasn't born till 2002!
Look at how small the room was.
... And this is where it ALL began, in terms of Apple's resurgence in the last 10 years to become the most valuable company of ALL TIME. This is where it really started to take off.
Whistleblower Fourtwenty
Bud King
We've got itv 1 itv 2 and itv 3 already :D
Steve Jobs was awesome, I like the fact that he was a billionaire but he didn't let the money change him, nothing extra ordinary in the way he dressed or anything, he could fit in with us middle class people. RIP Steve
Tyler Saunders
What's a "DVD?"
John David Meyers
steve talked a lot faster then in 2011
Happy 10th Birthday, iPod. Ten years later, still as awesome as ever. Thank you Steve Jobs and the brilliant development teams at Apple for such a wonderful, impacting product.
Steve delivered keynotes like a rockstar. This and the 2007 keynotes were so freaking exciting. I was blown away by the reveal of the iPhone in 2007. Everyone was. And much of that was attributed to his excellent, enthusiastic, and above all, passionate, public speaking. To me, that was what set Apple news apart from any other computer news. It wasn't just about numbers and units. It was about new and exciting things made to enhance our lives.
Doug Morton
RIP Steve <3
Huge WIN!
RIP steve, we will always miss your excellent products
wow we are just 9 years ahead of this O_O.. it looks like 30 years old when you see the iphone 4 XD
Kristof Wybo
@BrandonScott1001 and fat
Steve Jobs looks so young!
its so sad how nobody realizes how that product really changed the music industry
lol in 3:13 the mac has i.e. in the dock
Johannes Wolfgang Schwartz
@sixflags26 in 84 when they announced the mac it was a huge stage with a load of people.
@sixflags26 and steve going from a chubby aggressive presenter to a skinny (hope he gets well soon) timid nice guy
man look how far they have come, from a small room with maybe 100 people, to over 5000 people in a huge motha f-in stage
@StubbaH Nah, he's just lost a lot of weight after being sick.
Haha, wow. Still wearing the same exact outfit for every presentation XD
@jellyfishslapper Umm... I think this coming Christmas, actually.
this looks pretty cool, when are they releasing it?
lol - " what is iPod? "
Edgar Vega
he still wears the same clothes?!
Tuomas Härkönen
wow steve was fat
mason b
The government happened.
Rafiki Mandrill
@d1995a3 yeah but the video the guy presented that he wanted to be in the same class as the hardrive where they were an average of 30cents per song
Rafiki Mandrill
what happened to 30 cents a song
that thing would fit in your pocket like a book
theyve found the recipe.
7:12 Or when the CD gets jumpy after one little bang. :/
Andrew Sparkes
A 'breakthrough device' that most other electronics companies had already manufactured for years. Don't get me wrong, it was the best one there was, but the 'personal mp3 player' breakthrough happened in the mid-90s.
Also, what's up with the crowd? Everybody seems so dead and quiet.
8:31 oh my god lmao, 160kbps very high quality.... So funny nowadays standard for mp3s that you bought is 320kbps which goes up to 20khz and you can hear no compression, and youtube is still 128kbps I think
James Freeman
He says a CD player costs $75 and plays 15 songs so that equals $5 per song. No it doesn't, a CD costs $10 so that's roughly 65 cents a song.