AMY LEE - "Dream Too Much" Official Animated Video

Amy brings her children’s music album Dream Too Much to life in this animated special. Watch the full version exclusively on Prime Video and listen to the album that inspired the video exclusively on Amazon Music /> Like Amy Lee on Facebook at: Follow Amy Lee on Twitter at: />Follow Amy Lee on Instagram at: Follow Amy Lee on Spotify at:

Chris DIYer
I'm 47 and this song makes me feel...dreamy. Such purity and beauty. Keep up the great work!
Mina Nikolic
This is like an album made to introduce Evanescence to kids xD
god, this woman can actually do anything.
Brenda Garcia
Okay, I wanna buy this and I don't even have kids. It'll be just for me.
Zhiar Ali
I still can't believe the dark Amy we know wrote this xD she sounds amazing whichever song she sings <3
Jazz Howell
Its crazy how much this woman's music has helped me. When i was a teenager i was super depressed and self harmed, and her music made me feel validated. When i finally began the road to recovery, she released her album "recover". Now she's writing music about how great it is to find a meaning to live and remember what dreaming is like. I love Amy Lee so much
alejandro ochoa
de la oscuridad a la luz, la maternidad tiene un poder increíble.
Broke Yakin
People make fun of me for being a grown man that enjoys Amy Lee to this extent. Don't care, I'm doin it anyway.
Snow WhiteQueen
There's a monkey in my bed The muffins are sleeping And the tigers in the sand, oh no Well, the grapes keep raining down And everyone is eating But another train is rolling into town There's no way you can dream Way you can dream Way you can dream too much There's no way you can dream Way you can dream Way you can dream too much It's a very windy day At the bottom of the ocean And the sandwiches you made, all flew away But the jellyfish helped you build A watermelon tower And the station master smiled as if to say There's no way you can dream Way you can dream Way you can dream too much There's no way you can dream Way you can dream Way you can dream too much In dreams you can do anything you want to In once in a while you have dreams that come true Swim through the clouds till you land on the moon When you do Dream of something new 'Cause there's no way you can dream Way you can dream Way you can dream too much There's no way you can dream Way you can dream Way you can dream too much There's no way you can dream Way you can dream Way you can dream too much There's no way you can dream Way you can dream Way you can dream too much Keep on dreaming
Saucy Tsun
I will definitely play this for my child in the future<3
Chicoria da Sociedade
Found myself smiling all the way through this, so sweet.
Camilla Matias
A voz dessa mulher é tão maravilhosa que se encaixa em qualquer estilo musical. To arrepiada, como lidar?!
destonisia 18
And is it just me or does her voice keep getting better It sounds stronger now
Vanessa Lockhart
How cute! I Love stop motion. 💜
Wtf porque cambió de esa manera la vocalista de Evanescence 😨😭
Franqo Lazarte
Danii Wolf
Oh Amy. This was very cute and adorable. I think you have effort in all you wanna do. Dream To Much is a great project. You're free to sing whatever you want and... whatever you like, gotic or childs' music is fine. An adorable song and congrats Amy, continue doing that.
I like this. That being sad, I love the pessimistic melancholic tunes of Lockdown or (of course) Amy's work in Evanescence. I fully respect artist's choices, they should never be questioned, that's why it's art but there is this hidden Evanescence-fanboy inside me that remembers the time from 2002 to 2014 in which this woman filled my mind and heart with unforgettable piano, string and harf tunes mixed with her incredible voice - and that partly just makes me sad listening to this "happy" stuff. Although I'm glad Amy puts out this first REAL solo-album the "evil" side of me hopes that this album is just a product of her euphoria of becoming a mother the last years and that she will return to the dark world soon. Now let the disagreement start.
Javo Verdugo
No podía ser de otra forma. Lleno de colores. Llego a vomitar arcoiris jajajaja
Anna Beltran
As a Nursery teacher who is an Evanescence fan i cannot love this more <3
Bruno Fernandes
Amy Lee Só Pra Baixinhos Vol.1
amazing video and voice as always the Mother and Queen of music-Amy Lee <3
Luana Silva Viana
Quem aqui é fã do Evanescence (Amy Lee)?
Rayane Lozina
an amazing gift for my little boy :p <3 am in heaven , as a big fan of evanescence since 10 years now
Jessica Maria
Se eu já corri para mostra isso para os meus primos de 3 anos? é claro! e se eu prestei mais atenção no vídeo e na música do q eles? com certeza! haha Só a Amy mesmo para fazer nós Evfãs góticos das trevas ouvir músicas infantis kkkk <3 mas fiquem tranquilos amiguinhos góticos, eu já ouvi Dream too Much ao contrário e a música é cheia de msgs subliminares q com certeza vão fazer as crianças se tornarem góticas no futuro, dona Amy não dá ponto sem nó kkk brinks rs
Dan Wright
Of all the singers I know, you have the most diverse of talents :)
Thabyta Rayssa
eu tô aqui toda hora esperando a entrada de um solo em uma guitarra como na musica my imortal mano 😂😂😂
Bynho Chávez
Yo soy brasileño y no lo sé casi nada en inglés. Pero la traducción en español es fabulosa y me dejó todavía más enamorado por la canción que es fabulosa.
Geral V
Aun me siento tan rara al escuchar a Amy Lee con esta canción, es que le dio un giro total a todo!!! jajaja, pero concuerdo que es una forma de inducir a los niños a escuchar evanescence jajaj
Dacus Decebalus
you can see she is a mother,and i think that is the best thing that happened to her
Pher Cubbins
A las mujeres les afecta mucho tener hijos.
Debamita Das
Gothic Music Queen to Children's Songs Queen! Only you can do it all. I love you Amy so much 😍😍
Lua Vitória
Why the hell am i crying with this? Its so... pure =')
Anderson Freire
Tem uma voz tão linda que a gente escuta ela cantando qualquer coisa. ♡♡♡
Craig B
Its like the 60's all over again!
Meep Moop
this video is making me hungry
Ophelia Antoinette
Im glad shes in such a better place. But this is so weird compared to what we are all used to from her...
Andreas Lux
I admit it, when I first heard that she would be doing a musical project to kids, my sincere reaction was: What the hell!!!But, listening to this song, her voice... I was touched. I enjoyed listening to this, the lyric is pretty good, talks about dreaming in a beautful world. Amy just made me surpass my preconceptions and expectations. For those who still miss darkness remeber that it can't exist without the light!
Kitt Katt1229
Did I just watch Amy Lee take an acid trip? XD I'm sure this was for her son and it's adorable! Interesting to hear her sing something different.
Gerick Glockner
how much weed will I smoke to dream this much? or should I just listen to the song instead? wait . . . I'm already high af
Matheus Silva
Quero música gótica, depressão, morte, tristeza, trevas e muita escuridão... Amy Lee, volte à sofrer!!!
r o s e
When it came out she was going to make music for children, I was really dissapointed at first because 'okay, there goes all my hope for a new evanescence album' but this isn't as bad as I expected (really good, actually!)
billie jo
My 7 month old son absolutely LOVES this album. Almost as much as I do😂
Tim Lewis
It's odd to hear her out of a gothic rock band but she has a good voice for everything.
Veronica Lee
Elizabeth Howard
Long time fan of Amy Lee, her vocals and song writing. This randomly came up on my You Tube. I played this tonight for my youngest (2) year old little boy who has been very ill and crying. Instantly made him calm down and smile. Thanks for making this Amy! Glad I can share with the next generation.
Scion of the Night
you inspires us amy, thank you for exist ♡♥♡♥♡
Derek Marcellus
I dream too much. Wake me up....can't wake up.
Tim Yassa
this is supposed to be for kids. I'm 22 and I love this ha
Elena S.
this is so awesome and cute! you rock amy!!
Mah Egino
Quando eu tiver filho vou mostrar essa MSC pra ele ai ele vai saber oq é música boa ! (Ainda tenho 10 anos )
Spadamack Official
The new Evanescence album sounds LIT!!!
Tatiana Gorritti
I couldn't imagine this after Evanescence, but I'm fascinated! It's a great and beautiful song! Congrats Amy! You are awesome!
luiza martins
Xhoi G
So, is this the child version of Imaginary?
Clara Turpin
This is difficult to believe this is Amy Lee from Evanescence xD She's still good <3
Adrinescence C
How sweet, my future kids will listen to this and evanescence lyrics 💜 Everything you do makes me an proud evfan.
Sinister Sweet
You know, I used to play Evanescence and Owl City back to back for contrast but also for how fantastical the imagery of the music is -like kiddie dreams and sadness and adult nightmares and insecurities. Hearing this for the first time, I realize that maybe Amy and Adam's music have even more similarities than I thought. :)
Pierre Rodrigues
Really beautiful, Amy. I'm so in love with all that. 💜
then all of a sudden... out of nowhere... I'M GOING UNDERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
Betiana Escudero
TE AMO AMY LEE!!! mi gran idola! No importa el género que decidas seguir siempre voy a escucharte y seguirte.
Jennifer Kohler
My 2 year old daughter is obsessed with this album. She knows all the words to this song & is learning the others. Thanks for putting out such a beautiful children's album. We hope there will be more in the future. <3
Michelle McNamara
This is how parenthood changes people 😂
Camila Ap.
Is the Jack's laugh in beginning?? I LOVE IT!!! you rock <3 \* 0 */
Lucas Lins
way you can drink too much
Exxie the Writer
I feel like stoners are going to watch this video too...
Δ x Δ
Noooooooooo!!! pls, come back to the darkness!!!! COME BACK TO EVANESCENCE!!!!!! WHERE YOU NEVER SHOULD HAVE LEFT!!! COME ON TO THE DARKNESS, WITH ME!!! I LOVE YOU!!! <3
mahdi shariaty
why is this video unlisted?
Denning Isles
Argh! An alarm clock screaming monster! 2:57
Isaki Tahashi
Loved this!
oweww perfecttt
Barry Allen what you did?
punk rock dark jester videos
I will play this for my child when I have kids when I'm married.
Minas Tirith
Does this make anyone else feel weirdly nostalgic? It makes me wish I was a kid again lol
This is the cutest thing ever!!
Brandon Allen
she's a mother now what did you think was going to happen? When I have a kid I'll play this all the time then when they get older I'll be like remember that song from when you were a kid well here she is again and start playing the open door and blow their mind.
Mary Ann Acuario
This song is so adorable. I may not have kids, but my friends have children and technically i'm a kid at heart. So, I'm totally buying this for myself and any future children i may or may not have =)
Cau o cabeludo
Come back to Brazil. One more time, pleeeease
Metal Lover
Well done Amy !! But I miss Evanescence so much😢
Faith Hope Blacks
Amy you are always enchanting ... Even if this is a different style from Evanescence' s ...this song and video are amazing <3
Marah Gh
wow this is the first time i saw a very childish innocent video for amy lee .. good job i really like it n like the song 🌷❤
this is so Awesomely cute and creative and it made me wery wery happy , so happy i actually cried. bec its so sweet. <3 <3 <3 <3  <3   I  love this. I love you and will Always support you. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Marina P.
Oh, Amy, this is so lovely and creative. I hope a lot of kids will listen it and love it.
The_Marionette Plays
Love this! The style reminds me a little bit of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.
fairy dust
Evanescence Crew
The video is adorable Amy! Looking forward to the rest of the album ;) #DreamTooMuch
Gastón Orsini
I loved!!! It may seem strange but I still feel the essence of Evanescence in the song! Love you Amy, always!!
Romina rojas sepulveda
a mi hija le encanto la cancion y sobre todo el video thank you amy lee
errrm. Ok I mean its not terrible but its not to my taste.
Samara Blea
I love this! My nieces will love this!
Cristián Galeno Castillo
dreams of this and creates a whole universe in you with these songs support you all Miss Lee
Jennifer Massone
I'm going to use this song for teaching English, thanks Amy ;)
Giulliana Miguel
OMG that is the cuttest video i ever saw , Amy is the queen of everything <3 love so much
Giovanna Lee
I Love you unconditionally Amy
Vidya Liebe
Even I'm 25 years old but I love to hear this kids song. What a gothic!
Marco Paillacheo
linda casion