Joe Bonamassa - Cradle Rock - Tour de Force live in London 2013

Joe Bonamassa performs "Cradle Rock" live at the Hammersmith Apollo in London. This amazing performance was recorded and released on Joe's Tour de Force Hammersmith Apollo DVD. ► FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD - /> ● Official Tickets ● /> ● Official Social Links ● /> /> /> /> ● Official Merchandise ●

Marie von Astra
Taste, restraint and unequaled technical mastery; vocal color, range and resonance just KEEPS getting richer, better, truer.
Right on ,Joe.....Always consistent, and never a disappointment..Keep it coming brother........
Mike Woosley
if Les Paul had a son he would look like Joe Bonamassa
flat out rocks to the core
Rosie Bray
This is a great Tribute to Rory Gallagher, he left us too soon. Thanks for the memories!
Rick B.
Great, as usual.
Bad Kitty
Joe Bonamassa kicks asssssssss!
Jeff Trosko
Nathan Lam
great Les Paul and vintage Marshall tone
Crazy World Big Sound
Amazing playing and amazing video - the camera angles, video quality, sound, editing, etc are all first rate - which is to be expected, of course.
Glenn Cleveland
Nice Joe, didn't know you were a fan of Rory Gallagher, haven't heard anyone else cover him before. RIP Rory, you will not be forgotten.
Claudia Colarusso
2015....3 years later.....the best guitar player in the world...all his inspiration is dead ....he makes good music live in... Rokcin Joe... Make those strings sing
Glenda J
Joe Bonamassa creates this scale of energies up an down our spine
Lr M
No. No doubt; he's a great guitar player, there are many examples of great covers and perfect concerts of Joe in the web but, no. This is awesome this is perfect guitar playing, but, no; Rory music lovers know what I'm talkin' about
Thanks a million. Terrific tune by the late, great Rory, and what a great arrangement by Joe. Rare indeed.
Rachel Cheeney
Joe everyday; yeah!
Agim Lubonja
Brandon Hupp
His guitar work in this song just show's how good Joe can be great music!
WHAT!!????? What is this??? It's Rory Gallagher
C Fralick
"You'll miss out if you Leave me out of your, Out of your day and night, I'm just trying to make you see that Hear what I've gotta say This is about me and you." -Rory's lyrics
Liam Kelly
His tone is pure amazing :-)  
B Campbell
I Love Cradle Rock, I love Les Pauls, I even like Joe ok......but eh......I understand it's Rorys thing Rory made it rock. I do appreciate the fact Joe does it, and appreciates Rory enough to, so thanks.
Marco Cheng
the starting shot is killing
C Fralick
I'm just wondering..... I love JB's music and all, but as much love as he has for Rory Gallagher, why can't he get the lyrics right?
flambant hommage à Rory. Vertigineux Bonamassa!
michael keith
Awesome as always.
M. Rose Gastou
J'adore sa façon de jouer ,merci du partage
carlo Scarpati
Joe Marvelous your concerts and video!!
Just wonderful! No word...
Vitali Borshchev
He is THE BEST !!!
monica cristina Felix
matou a musica, definitivamente ele não gosta do Rory Gallagher
Κατερίνα Στάμου
Nicky B
My Dad is a huge Rory fan! I recently gave him a copy of Joe's amazing 2009 royal albert hall performance on Dvd and he loved it! Joe is the undisputed king of blues rock in my generation! ♥
Geir olav
If i was a cradle, would you let me rock If i was a foly would you let me trout if i was banana, swimming in the trees
Theresa Stevens
Is that Paul Kossoff's guitar ??
Blues Rain
Susanne Wuthrich
He is a good business man. And such a hard worker. Wow :-) and the Review 2013 said it all. :-) 
R.I.P Rory G
Amazing...cant wait till April to see him in Indiana!! 
Jimmy Sharkey
Alison Sumner
Love it  :D
Joe is excellent. But I dislike this cover of CR. It doesn't work so much on the Gibson, and his interpretation is super smooth and flowy. Not gruff and rude like Rory's was. I like him and respect him, but I adore the dirty playing of Rory. This is just too creamy for me. That said, I admire Joe for at least drawing attention to my favorite guitarist on the planet, the G - man.
Juan Enrique Ortiz
The intro not only reminds of Rory Gallagher... it reminds me of another irish player any guesses?
best!!!aaaaahahaha!!!just cant stand!!
mi o
Its more like "Cabaret Rock".....
Dirk Yarborough
Joe's shows are too damn expensive.
This was an utter BLASPHEMY
Michael Kelly
what a tool, he so doesn't get Gallagher's whole deal
Neon Burning
No emotion, no power, no Rory. Joe, please focus on your own songs.
Jo Kohmann
he plays it in the wrong beat and make dull!! Nice intro though, but...dull...
Forget this, Rory Gallagher (Irish tour 74) is the better man!