Denis Cyplenkov vs Mikhael Todd - второй финальный поединок.

Второй финальный поединок - победа Дениса!

So glad Cyplenkov pinned that fuckface Todd.
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кто там постоянно орёт "Дави его на *уй", что тут что с Чаффи, и почти тем же голосом? какое-то неуважение к соперникам, судьям и зрителям, пускай многие и не знают языка.
колхоз слышно и видно с далека
Denis is the man !
заебали патриоты орать!иди орать когда дороги делать будут,..лучше делать  глядишь будут
John Rada
Destroyed that American chump.
Đông Quân Trần
hope one day someone will break the arm of Todd so he can stop using his technique of sh!t
denis is so strong
If you can't hold your arm closed, you can't armwrestle. Michael please stop armwrestle.
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Интересно было бы посмотреть поединок Баггента с Денисом на левых...
Брюс Ли
Блядь как дикари орут сука..
iskandar kaysarov
"..оторви нахрен..." мдаа быдлогопники позорные
нахуй это быдло кричит Россия заибали нахуй
The way he jumped up from under the table was hilarious. He felt that his bone is about to snap
Polic Jovan
Yea that was TODD without a bone lock that prevents human being to go thrue that lock ya know ??
The match where I was hoping Denis would "fix" Todd's elbow joint for him. Maybe next time
иван пупкин
ты послушай че орут американцы в этом же ролике только на англ языке
denis was at his weakest here, 2013 denis is an animal that made arsen look like a woman.
ahnouch hicham
hahahha 10 guys they cant even lift Denis HAHAHAH that sooo funny xd best arm wrestler ever :) without forgot laratt :D
That's right, Todd just as always hoped for his pussy ass under the table technique, but didn't help this time=) Got raped the shit out of him...Took some schooling from the real champion.
idiot... for being victorious :/
Poxipol Pin
Судьи подсуживали с первой попытки он его завалил уже должны были отдать победу
Poxipol Pin
Денис слишком добрый...
=))) i remember the fight with voevoda too:))) a humiliation
Халк взял реванш.
mister bombastik
Adrian Danciu
1:56 idiot..
1.56 ЛОЛ
lol voevoda trained like a mad head watch pulling john
the voevoda vs pushkar argument is old. pushkar had no chance and was no threat. alexey held him like pushkar was a 9yr old chinese girl. he just used his bone strength. so alexey pushed and fucked up pushkars arm LOL. ppl always hate the best.
I find it too interesting that the russian seems so quick to fight the arguement that alexey is a crazy beast hahaha xD supporting the americans lol
Know One
i fuckin hate dirty pullers.
@bogdychamp You will see a more human Alexey in 2004 wac vs Pushkar.
@bogdychamp But where is your proof that Alexey is so much stronger? Don't forget Devon's incredible endurance, is he stops Alexey it would be hard for Alexey to win. What makes you think he is so much stronger? Don't forget that Devon beat Brzenk 6-0, Bath 6-0, Lupkes 6-0, Bresnan 5-1, a superstrong Todd 4-2, Randall 2-0, that's 3 losses in 32 matches. I know Alexey appeared superstrong, but he never faced anyone like Devon, please check out Alexey vs Pushkar WAC 2004.
@bogdychamp Your talking about totally different Todd's, 2011 Todd much stronger with totally different technique to 2007. If Devon went against Todd again it would be 6-0. There is no point to Nemiroff, Larratt called out to Alexey after beating Todd.
@bogdychamp Cyplenkov turned down a supermatch challenge from Devon at the end of 2010, who doesn't have the courage? At Nemiroff, team play can take place, where your friends can lay down for you and go hard against your competitors, it doesn't really show who is the best, supermatches do.
carlos sch
and travis just.... "POKER FACE"
@bogdychamp stop bullshitting man, we both know that 1GibbZ is correct and you're not, you have to get in shape before you can even think about beating the world champion. stop living in the past bro!
Adam Giblin
@bogdychamp haha you think he would beat larratt without training? no chance. its like any sport, u need to be in shape to compete and voevoda isnt in competition form. Voevoda beat Todd in 2007, thats a long time ago. And Larratt isnt a coward for not showing up to nemiroff and arnold classic. unlike in europe, Canadians are not sponsored or compensated at all for arm wrestling. so he has to pay for travel etc for out of country competitions. Get ur facts straight man
Українці найсильніші
Cristian Artorius
Michael Todd is nervous :D Denis almost dragged him over the table :))
nahuj spoilit chto denis pobedil?
@bogdychamp leanr the sport you knwo nothing
@bogdychamp It will happen, we will see
Евгений лохов
Tomás Emilio Silva Ebensperger
not even the bone lock could handle it
@bogdychamp Laratt is number 1. You Mad Bro? I will say VoeVoda pretty strong dood but arm wrestling isn't all strength. If they want Devon, He isn't hard too find
Sadi Acikalin
@mavmach3 was a joke but too uptight hey
Sadi Acikalin
@mavmach3 fuck off then
Евгений Палыч
Сука позорищше русские,особенно дебил в черной футболке,который орал Россия. Иди пидр на футбольный матч ори среди фанатов таких же дебилов
@mavmach3 boxing is a good way to get brain damage
عبدالله بن خالد
ما شاء الله تبارك الله عليك (( يا دنيس )) ما شاء الله تبارك الله الله يوفقك ويهديك ويصلح شانك إن شاء الله (( معجب بك واحد حضرمي )).... والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته ------------ اللهم صل وسلم وبارك على سيدنا محمد وعلى آل سيدنا محمد عدد خلقك ورضا نفسك وزنة عرشك ومداد كلماتك عدد معلوماتك كلما ذكرك الذاكرون وغفل عن ذكرك الغافلون ياحي ياقيوم يا ذا الجلال والإكرام اللهم آتنا في الدنيا حسنة وفي الآخرة حسنة وقنا عذاب النار اللهم آمين يارب العالمين
funy this is they call monster tod hahaahaha
Rasia Rasia :))
Adi Yogi
michael was pulling..RUSSIAN are tough..much more than hamburgers like americans
@Wertyoz123 Metallica-For Whom The Bell Tolls
Сергей Васильев
Чё за музон играет на 40 сек
@master13041989 that was a few years back.would be a different story today
Пащук Виктор
да поддержали его серьёзно, как тут не победить
press 9 many times to see Denis ride his friend
gamer Prest
Зачем в описании к видео писать, что он победит ?
2:08 bear hug :D
Geralt of Rivia
Денин большой трудяга, поэтому и выигрывает. Молодец!!!!
Алексей Иванов
I remembered the fight with Voevoda 6:0 lol
andrey kovalchuk
2:13 Look His HAnds !! Its Like Bear HUg You ~!
Soldier of Feels
Holy fuck... They tried to pick Denis up lol, I think he's a little heavy ROFL!
Rajmond Rudez
noo top roll on those biceps
who is monster now ? :D
Denis Ceplinkov krassavcheg, HULKU ravnih net!!!
Эрик Раджабов
Ruh see ya
а у
понеслось я тут думал вот вот Денис брат проиграеть. молодец
Yes! Todd got walloped!
Сракастая Срака
Вот это быдло из за трибун все портит :)
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Что за музыка на 42 сек начинается ?
"Michael now way under the table Todd"
reality bites
under the table todd should be banned
Vova Grimm
оторви ему руку нахрен))
Leonit Luniniecki
Далбайоби,хами,нихуя культури немаю
Do a rematch 2016, now we see who win
Микаил Костоев
Варвары бля!
Cyplenkox is ukrainian. Why are russians cheering?
Микаил Костоев
Кого то там драли
Bamboo Heart
Luckily Todd bone is strong.. With that way, his arm should be broken from the beginning of his carrier.
Glenn Thomason
July 22 part 2 ....
лишь один миг
Как будто в Колизее орут
Непобедимое Добро
Денис Батька Армерстлинга. Приехал в Америку детишек повалять 
Ammar Zaidi
Americans need to step out their bubble and stop thinking that they are the only athletes in the world lol. They have the majority of atheletes in every sport but not necessarily the best. Quality over quantity imo any day
Nikolay Bochkarev
тодд ниочём!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Алекс Рубин
Оторви ему руку,нахер
tyuhagzb ki;lhyui
Что за дебил там орёт?
Adi Yogi
Russians are fucking tough...u cant compare Americans pasta with them
Iba Iba
кто там россия кричит далбаеб в рот тебя выебать бы обезьяна нет чтобы денис кричать или еще что то