Interview with Eric Singer of Kiss

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Musician's Friend interview with Kiss Drummer, Eric Singer. Go behind the scenes of the photo shoot for the Musician's Friend Catalog. Eric tells us how he started as a drummer, the bands he has worked with throughout his career and how he became the drummer for Kiss. He also talks about the new Kiss album 'Sonic Boom', the drum gear he uses and being prepared for the gig.

Must have been huge boots to fill after Eric Carr's passing who for so many was the best Kiss drummer in the most difficult time for the band. Eric Singer is lucky to be far more accepted Vs Ace's replacement.
I have no problem with Eric and Tommy being in the band. They are great players. But wearing Peter and Ace's makeup is really disrespectful. At least to me.
Rocker Ryan
Peter Criss is Catman Sr. Eric Singer is Catman Jr.
MIZORAM - Mafaka Hnamte
People having a go at Eric for wearing Catman make up , need to realise that he is basically a hired gun . He works for them ... And does what he's told . He is an amazing drummer . Saw him with Kiss in Sydney years ago . Rock on Eric 👍
There's only ONE Cat--Peter Criss. Eric should have his own makeup persona.
Crikey Gene and Paul... give them their OWN makeup persona. It's ridiculous.
William Wheeler
Trust me, I'm not even a KISS fan, but if anyone out there thinks it was HIS decision to don Peter Criss' "cat" makeup your delusional. That call was purely made by Gene and Paul and most likely a slap at Peter Criss.
Mark Flanigan
Actually, from his makeup, anyone would assume he was Peter Criss.
Ron Harper
I love to watch Eric play. He makes it smoothly flow like a art.
BillThe HarleyGuy
Haters are gonna hate,,ERIC keep rockin dude...your AWSOME!!!!!!! thumbs up dude
Eric singer plays drums in a kiss tribute band. Ki$$!!!
Νατάσα Χ.
Please Eric is a perfect drummer.Peter is the real catman but Peter isn't in the band.We have to recognise how awesome is Eric.Love you Eric.
Billy DiBacco
Eric Singer is an intelligent, talented hard working artist and Doctor of precussion, and focused Drummer. And a solid great guy. I had the oppertunity to work with him on Jeff Labanskys Album "28 if" Great album btw.. This experience is what formed my opinion of this man. I'm very pleased to see that he has finally got his time is the spot light and his due. Well deserved. Rock on my brother!
Eric, just a talented drummer and singer, pun not intended. Listen, this guy is doing his job, as musicians our true love is making and performing music. As he said in the interview, Paul personally asked him to join. So if anybody has a beef with any of them, I think you should direct them to Paul or Gene, they own KISS and are sole owners of the Cat image now, Peter sold it to them. So maybe you should go after Peter for selling rather than dogging this guy who's just doing what he likes to do..
I LOVE YOU ERIC SINGER your my favorite KISS member
Eric Singer is 100 times the Drummer that Peter Criss ever dreamed of being.   The band is 100% better with him in the Drum Chair.
Rob D
I dont think people know how hard it is to make a living as a musician. 99% of them are broke. its a job, like any other job, you do it because you love it, but if you get a chance for a steady pay cheque, you take it.
Here's what I say to all of those out there that bad-mouth about Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer. First of all , don't blame them at all. They were hired to do a job, if it were you, you'd do the same thing. Second of all, Peter and Ace are NOT coming back together with Gene and Paul,period. They tried it with the reunion stuff and it worked for a while but then they split up again. That will be it, forever. So to all of you bad-mouthers about the replacements: KISS fans have one of two choices: accept Eric and Tommy and enjoy the fact that KISS is still around, especially with Gene in his 60's and Paul pushing 60 or maybe there now. Enjoy that at their ages they still get up and tour and give a heck of rock show and great classic songs and are able to do it. Or you can take the second choice and see KISS as a band come to and end, and have nothing but vids and cds to enjoy their music. So you people had better be thankful that Gene and Paul aren't listening to you whiners out there and disband the band because of yall whining about two replacements. No, there will never be another Peter and Ace, but look at all the bands that have replaced members and kept going. Ron Wood replaced Brian Jones when he died, Paul Rodgers replaced Freddie Mercury when he died, Vivian Campbell replaced Steve "Steaming" Clark when he died, Scott Travis replaced Dave Holland when he was arrested sexual crimes, I could go on and on, but hopefully you get the point. many bands have to replace someone because of reasons we don't all know. So whine if you must, but it's either replace the ones that will not be in the band, or just disband altogether. So shall you keep whining?
ken ssbbw
I met Eric singer on the revenge tour with trixter and faster pussycat.he was very nice and Corrigable and played a good show
Peter Criss: the catman. Eric Singer: the scatman.
Estefania Cuartas
Eric i love you <3<3<3 isla beautiful
keith g w
I must say thats an impressive resume
#1steelers dad
Eric why are you dressed up like the catman ? catman is Peter Criss not you
Eileen Straub
ERIC CARR Forever!
he's got "i'm only in it for the money" coming out of every pore. seems kinda bumed about too. well, working for kiss has gotta be kinda soul destroying. his eyes seem dead, like hes got a headache. not really the spirt of rock and roll is it? seems like he's working at a job he dispieses
Don Ceballos
Grew up listening to KISS, the Alive! album is THE reason I was turned onto rock 'n roll back in '79. And although I grew up watching & listening to both Ace & Peter, even well into their short solo recording ventures, as the old adage goes..."the show must go on." Eric Singer put in his time and paid some dues, so if Paul & Gene are gonna carry on the mantle of KISS with Singer as the "Catman", rock on man!
I like Eric and Tommy.
they outa replace gene and paul too. maybe then kiss might be decent
Daniel Rogers
If anyone deserves to wear the catman makeup, Its Eric singer!
Why are people so ignorant? "Peter Criss is catman not you!" First of all Peter Criss left the band. Second of all Eric Carr died. What were they supposed to do huh? Have no drummer, well that's stupid. They desperately needed Eric Singer. So if everybody would just shut up about him being non original, that would be great
Great drummer!
what is funny is.... he looks more like Peter than that othet guy looks like Ace.
Matthew McClellan
Classy guy, terrific drummer. Thanks for the great interview :)
Tell Gene and Paul to get you a new makeup. I'm a fan since the early 70's totally disrespectful. I refuse to go or buy anything related to KISS since this came up to light. Disgrace!
Hydden N. Plainsyght
When  I was 10, back in '77, I LOVED KISS...Night and Day!! I Was Peter Criss and Paul Stanley during Halloweens. I love hardcore drummers, and Singer can rock'em hard. However, I don't care how many times the band KISS replaces band-mates, I do care about Keeping Peter Criss'  Cat image retired if it is NOT Peter Criss...this is a disgrace; unless it's a tribute band imitator. Wasn't Eric Car's image/makeup a 'Fox.'
Endezeichen Grimm
Who is this Wanker pretending to be the Catman?
Perter Criss is catman not you!
Walter Mirren
Why even interview him? He is just an employee, much like the girls and boys who work the drive-thru window at McDonalds.
triabiscuit 14
His last name is Singer and he's a drummer.
Theresa Lux
Eric Carr was far better than Eric Singer better timing speed didn't steal Peter's make up designed his style aka The Fox didn't brag spoke highly of Ace and Peter saying they will important to Kiss history Was good to his fans growing up middle class he remembered what it was like to be a rock fan knowing he got a chance of a lifetime sad what happened to Paul his real name As far as Peter Criss he's got a jazz style of drumming but it worked well for Kiss for awhile didn't it Peter and Eric are both important in Kiss history more so Peter because he's a founding member Ace Peter Eric class acts Gene and Paul money hungry pieces of shit
Raul Rodriguez
Eric Singer has carried Kiss and more than filled in Peter Chris' shoes!! Thank you Eric and Tommy for keeping The Kiss Machine alive!!
John Talarico
Lou Orlando your dreaming,the best Kiss line up or killer line up,and it was ruined by Gene and Paul.Was with Vinnie Vincent and Eric Carr on drums or Eric Carr with Ace on the Unmasked tour,you,ll see how technical Eric Carr was.Or how Eric Carr played on the Creatures tour in Rio,blow this guy side ways off the drums.Please your talking crap if you think this is the best Kiss line up Thommy Thayer is so bland a player with no character boring as.Dont get me wrong Eric Singer is no slouch,but hey Peter Criss wasnt the most technical drummer neither was Ringo Starr from The Beatles but they had that sound that suited the band,chemistry that character,and Peter was never a rock drummer he hsd that jazz background so did Ringo.But they added that flavour.Anton Fig is a better drum than Eric Singer in the studio,just hear him on Ace,s solo album,Dynasty and Unmasked.Ive played drums for many years I know these things,dont talk rubbish,how good was The monster album,what a slap in the face was that album,it was garbage,fullstop I wont play it,it makes me cringe...
If this guy is from Cleveland, he’s alright by me.
That's not your make up.....POSER!!!!!
Wow, shameless, the pay check must be good..the greediest band in the world...KA$$H!
Privacy Guru
That dude has no integrity. IF He had a pinch of it, he would have REFUSED to wear Peter Criss's Makeup. PERIOD !
Ana Maria
I love Eric Singer
Susan O'Brien
Great interview! He's the Best to me!
Sarah Tuberville
I don't know where all of this Eric is ALL FOR THE MONEY stuff is coming from. If he hated his job he would have quit already. In fact, the man grew up as a KISS fan plus he gets along with all of the other members really well. To top it, he's a humble guy and a class act who takes time for fans whenever he has the time. It's called a living to put food on the table and paying house bills.
Kristina Giannetti
KISS rocks!!!!!!!!
"My" make-up............funny. he is such a fine drummer, he deserves  better than impersonating another guy. but,.......guys gotta make a living......i guess?'s a thing......ain't it?
stan broniszewski
Eric has the right to wear the Catman makeup, just as much as Tommy wearing Ace's makeup. Ace & Peter sold the rights, fell into what is known as 'KISS Enterprises', & the material belongs to Paul and Gene. If anyone is still making it an issue, take it to Ace & Peter. They wanted to make a quick buck, so they surrendered everything willingly.
Lionel Villahermosa
Excellent beautiful inmortal great drummer and band.
Jeffrey Alexander
No harm intended here...I just watched a different Eric Singer video, he was demonstrating stick tricks and visuals. I thought to move on to the next video and landed here. I don't know much about Mr. Singer, but I had been watching a few KISS bio type commentaries and such...and in one, Ace Frehley mentioned that Eric was a good drummer, I felt compelled to keep watching, and yes, I would agree with Ace, he ain't Dave Weckl, but he's a solid "rock" style drummer...Fairly good resume' and a seemingly descent pedigree....Why is he dressed up like Peter Criss? Some guys are so fixated on money that they could care less how fucking stupid they appear to "real" musicians. Sadly, I have more hope for this guy than he seems to have for himself? Dude, quit fucking around by chasing a few dollars and take off the clown suit...I think your better than that!
Perter Criss is catman not you Eric!!! ! PETER CRISS THE BEST EVER !!
G. Lee
He will never be like Peter
Kevin Davis
You absolutely nail the opportunity side of things! Perfect your craft and see where it takes you!
You're dead on with your comments Fixxer3456. Sickening to see Eric and Tommy pretending to be them. No...its discusting to know that Paul and Gene probably asked them to "Pretend" to be Peter and Ace.
Eli Andrade
Eric singer is decent, Eric Carr is pretty good, Peter Criss is the best
Eric Jaeger
How are you gonna hate on Eric. You think he was able to make any decisions at all? You think he prefers makeup? Pfft. I guess you guys forgot how badass revenges was too
santana jackson
yeah I don't agree with Eric singer putting on peter criss makeup but Paul and gene are assholes . without ace and peter kiss will never have the balls they used to have ! plain & simple . I love kiss , the original kiss
I think Eric had every right to rejoin KISS even if it meant wearing the makeup Tommy however was just some guy who had some songs in the 80's and a KISS cover band he was basically a nobody except to Black and Blue fans and I feel he doesn't deserve to wear the makeup Everyone else in the band including Eric have already proven themselves worthy but Tommy really hasn't ever done anything special
Dion Pietersma
eric carr was nr 1
eric isn't the singer. He's the drummer for Kiss. fix your titlel lol
Your not Peter Criss stand up or Strike
u r paul shamley's btch
John Fair
Will someone please punch him in the mouth so he shuts up.
john vonburg
Very Sloooooww Solo....
bob otto
Oh that's Eric Cheater
Kamren Apelskog
he's not the cat man, peter is!
Phillip LeBlanc
Simmons and Stanley own the rights to Frehley's and Criss' makeup. The guys couldn't legally wear it if they wanted to.
Jesus Diaz Garcia
tanto dilema? los tres bateristas an sido muy buenos,cada uno en su momento,lo mejor es disfrutar de la musica se kiss y no estar alegando como loco
Hey, it's 'Cheater Criss'.
Sabrina Cialkowski
go kiss
Kevin Rhoney
Jan Horton
What a great guy.
Ali Osmani
Eric is the catman what ever reason peter left its past now it's him if u don't like him u shouldn't be a kiss fan
By the way Eric Singer is not playing with his own way that I knew him, he is so KISS puppet. not like 90's
74 torino
He's wearing peter criss' makeup and playing a titchy double bass kit..💩
Are you still a live 😎
Michael David
I am not a Kiss fan, just like to observe oddities.  It seems to me Kiss hires replacements that could never overshadow the real talent.
Mason Crowchief
Black veil brides is better then kiss
godz... he looks so retarded in this getup.  But it's a business, not a band anymore.
Otis Driftwood
Eric singer's a blonde. He even dies his hair black to look like Peter Criss... kiss is a joke and half of the band are straight up imposters.
Just a comercial video to make the younger people belive that this is the Catman..... THIS is NOT !!
Much words.... not one about Peter.... please.. walk in your own shoes.. you good drummer...
Orlando Martinez
Erik singuer deberia de husar un personaje propio no ser copia del señor peter gris sea original, no le luse vestirse de gato.
Dalton Tomkins
I’m really not bothered about Eric and tommy i think there amazing musicians I think they are great
ger kav
To all the haters out there...if Gene and Paul offered you the KISS' drummer position I believe you wouldn't have a problem to wear the "cat" make up because you are not Peter Criss. Eric is a hell of a drummer, all his life is on stage and he is with KISS many more years than Peter. I really love what Peter did for KISS in the 70's and I do love his drumming in the old days, but people we are in 2018.
Pøsitive . ASMR
I love Kiss I'm going to the final show in February can't wait Oh by the way my dad made me listen to it all the time in his car now I love it
Jorge Paul
If you got fire been general manager position in a grocery store,someone are going to replace you with the same peter criss don't own the cat make up ,is a job position.
ln God We Trust
Eric Singer is a great drummer, fortunate to play with several of the best bands in the rock world. He reminds me of Tommy Aldridge, that kind of musician who has an amazing and long curriculum vitae. And Eric Singer is a great singer too. I like his work with Badlands
It's not YOUR makeup Eric, it's Peter Criss's! Get your own character or take off the face paint!
Count Von D
Solid drummer and a solid guy. A great fit for KISS. Never cared for any incarnation of the band with Eric Carr - good guy, good drummer but terrible fit style-wise and personality-wise. Pete will always be my #1 and the top KISS drummer. Absolute perfect fit (okay, maybe not personality-wise...). Hats off to Eric and Tommy for stepping up and filling in some mighty big shoes. And kudos for no drama!