Brian Puspos Choreography | You Got It On by Justin Timberlake | @brianpuspos @jtimberlake

I don't have much words to describe this video, and there is not enough words to describe how grateful I am to have an amazing woman as her. As you can see in the video - I have never reached such a tier of happiness, nor did I even think there was such heights. She has made me a new man. A better man. And it takes a certain type of man to love and handle a beautiful woman as strong as she is. Throwing on a pair of slacks and dress shoes don't make you a man - experience does. I have experienced so much in my 27 years. Years of preparation of molding a man capable of such a woman. I believe God has placed her in my life, because he knew I was finally ready. Ready to share something genuine and not fabricated. Shes truly an angel on this earth, and I'm extremely proud of her, and even more proud of the woman she's turning into. There's so much beauty beyond her skin that I wish the world could see, but I guess that's what makes me the luckiest man in the world. As much as I want my private life as private as possible, I just couldn't resist sharing this to all of you. Thank you all for continuing to grow with me. Your support doesn't go unnoticed. Thank you to the city of Chicago for inhabiting some of the most gorgeous sights in the world. Thank you to Commonless once again for helping me bring this reflection of my life - to life. Last but not least. Thank you Aja for simply being you. The purity of your heart is as beautiful as you. I promise to keep being the best man possible for I am truly unworthy of a queen. Can't wait to continue this journey with you. It doesn't matter what you wear. You already got it on. Yours Truly, Brian Scott Justin Puspos

This is so great, Bri. I'm so happy for you and you two are more than adorable. Super clean, super cute, and I miss you both!
Tyler Nishi-Rivera
The person filming is probably feeling like the biggest third wheel. LOL. jk..
Lawliett L
I wish I had a girlfriend. #manlytears  
Scott Forsyth
You're so freakin' happy... and that makes me happy =) congrats bro. 3:00 though... #GAINZ   #GetRippedOrDieTrying   #protein  
This seemed perfect. But he cheated on her. On this. Just goes to show. How imperfect people can be. *sighh
I'm very impressed as to how he can even bend over considering how tight his pants were ._.
Watching your videos is like listening to Drake. Where's my ex-girlfriend at. :(
I'll always support Brian because I'm a fan of his art, not his personal life decisions. Although, I will say this, people dream of having a girl like her, and yet..
The first song is: Lovestung- Marie Hines (: I hope that helped. It's a beautiful song.
she's like allllllright....we can return everything....hah
Waiting for a woman to finish shopping. We feel you. Haha Anyways, this choreo is amazing. As always. You're an inspiration, Brian.
Raymund Pierce
While all of you are too busy speculating who's cheating who, I'm just here staring, in amazement, at his HUGE crotch. I mean once you see it, you CANNOT unsee it.
Dalena Vo
Power couple. True respect for you two.
The most beautiful thing about this video is that it is truly real. The feelings aren't faked and the happiness is so evident. I am truly blessed just to be able to watch two people be so content together. After following Brian for so many years, since ABDC2 I finally feel like now he has reached a point when he is a grown man with a successful career and a wonderful life. Or at least that's what I hope. Thank you Brian for everything you've done all these years, thank you for sharing your talent and your deepest thoughts with all of us. Much love from Romania!
Adam Kiss
the way u presented and shared the lovestory of your life is amazing! (including the previous choreos) after i read the description of these vids all i can say is full respect to you.
Jasmine Robinson
Once Again Brian you bring an amazing video I will continue on this ride of your journey through dance can't wait for the next video!! You are awesome and you two are so cute together!!
It's just so sad knowing that his dances comes from his heart and that makes each and every video his makes so beautiful yet he not even truthfully with his own heart, don't think I can ever watch his video knowing. He isn't the person he say he is.
Nur Fathirah
To have ur boyfriend dance in front of you.. oh my god ... *speechless* perfect !
Rafael Tenorio
thought he was gonna dance on skates lol. nice vid and amazing choreo tho!! you two are cute together <3 
I don't know about you guys. But brian you got THAT ASS ;) Great Video. Shows the beauty of Chicago and the love.
john velasco
Why am i crying? lol must be the onions. I messed up -.-
DeVon Howe
I feel that all the people commenting on the relationship between Aja and Brian should mind there biz.all those saying they lost respect for brian seriously you dont know him nor the situation to pass judgement you should jus be grateful to him and her go allow us to peek into the universe Their love has or had created thank them for the art it allowed them to create like this piece ....I can say this with all pride as a young man that brian has been a role model for me and will continue to be I hope to show someone how much I love them threw my craft of dance ...and again haters hope off his jock
Joseph Samblacen
I feel sorry for the the person holding the camera..LOL
Rachel Kamille Olaño
SO sweeeet and romantic. one day I'll have my 'Brian Puspos' :))
Beautiful, artistic video! Nice work!
Krista N
hi, yes i would like an invitation to the wedding.
Raphael Garcia
First off I just wanted to say thank you for shooting in Chicago! Proud to be from such a great city. Secondly, great to know that you are happy man. You surely deserve the best, especially for sharing your wonderful gift with us all these years! As corny as some may think of the theme, this is absolutely beautiful man! This piece and that video description all came from the heart. Hope one day I can find someone that means as much to me as Aja means to you. "Throwing on a pair of slacks and dress shoes don't make you a man - experience does."
Kris Keh
Love the video and dance!!
Stella Raflesia
This video is really classy and beautiful. at the first time I saw this, I already fell for the concept and the beautiful sight which captured in this video, and Yes, HIS DANCE is really amazing, full of emotions and feelings. thanks again for sharing and inspiring :)  
1st song - LoveStung by Marie Hines
Arianah Kendall
Omg such a cute couple! :')
He never fails!! love it
All of me-john legend
White Fartt
She's beautiful Mr.Puspos!
Kim ju-soung Aris
Amen.. as long God is the centre in everything yous do.. everything will be okay.. all glory to God he deserve the best of the best
Spark Marz
Love is such a beautiful thing!
Kevin Son
I found it!! The First Song is "Lovestung - Marie Hines"
J Papi
Don't forget to thank the third wheel that recorded everything (:
Bridgette Webb
This would be the perfect Engagement Ring Commercial😩😦😍😂, I feel the love👏
OMG Brian.. you are so expresive <3 love you!! keep on the excelente work! loves from Venezuela
Cheyenne Jacobs
I so want a relationship like that. Loved it!!!!!
Marcus Leung
where is that sweater from?!?!
Jerry Polk
Carmen Lopez
Lovestung by Marie Hines. I found the first song guys :)
Maya Harris
Great job!! Truly inspiring.
Myles Wayson
Brian writes so well..That description box gave me goosebumps. I feel so crappy now compared to what he's feeling atm D:
[email protected]!:)
Andressa Mil homens
Uoooooooou ,rs 😍💞 Ficou Lindooooo, Ameeei, Sou Fã de Brian Puspos 😢😥💓 I Love You 😘
Francis Malcampo
the mans sweater givin me a broner
I saw this yesterday when he accidentally put it up. Haha. But dang..watching it a second time still has the same effect.. So amazing.
Wanda M-R
This is the first time I have the privilege of seeing this video.. It's very nice.. The words that you wrote are very romantic, just like my husband said to me..He is very lucky to have me, married for 33 years and still happy.. I had 6 children but I lost my first born son, John at the age of 24.. That was 7 and a half years ago..Miss him so dearly.. Be kind to your girl and marry her before she gets away.. Being that you love her so much.. You begin to grow together.. When I met my husband I didn't like him.. But he loved me from the start.. He had to prove it to me and he did..Trials and tribulations will come upon you and her.. But be strong.. Things will go your way, if you believed...Wanda MR <3 <3
You're both very lucky. You serve as an example to me, Brian. As a young man, I don't know what Love is. Watching your piece has made me understand it, not fully yet, but I see what that is. I'm hoping I'd find my "Aja Dang" in the future (I doubt i'd find a model quality) As a fan, I've always look forward to your showcases and I wish you the best in your life. Thanks for sharing your life.
Shary Ayuso
Awwww what he said about her was so sweet that it made cry a little
Melindaa Darling
He cheated on Aja!...words are just spoken but actions can't say....
Isiah Watkins
Well once again a amazing video and concept to it! What can you say when you are a mastermind of concept videos and your ideas! always supporting your work since day one! Glad i finally met you in DC and hope to see ya again really soon homie! Also congrats to you and your lady and you be happy! You deserve man! Well you both deserve each other perfect match! See ya soon!
okokokok you succeeded in keeping ur private life possible! didnt even know you guys were dating! also, i was skeptical of waiting 3 mins and 40 secs till the dancing started but yea it was worthi it! haha good choreography again man
Sophia La
LMAO when Brian starts curling the bags
~ 1st song - LoveStung by Marie Hines
Jason Cañada
Superb . . I love this man . .Soo Great
Zhané babypinkjimin
So let me find out that Brian was walking around Chicago aka m y hometown all while I was at home doing nothing. The anger and regret is so real right now. But anyways that move at 4:27 tho. Get it.
Mrs. Nicholas Megalis.
Just have babies already! You guys are a beautiful pair.
Danielle D
i wish i was her. this is too cute omg :
Daph Duck
Brian has such a nice smile!
LaLa Salsarina
You could feel the love just by watching. This is just too beautiful.(:
real artist
Ariel V
what is the title of the first song ?
Ravine Lopez
Sucesso <3
Alden Muanza
Bryan wanna see you dance on '' all the matters '' from justin bieber Now!!
Sarah Sanchez
Just found you and I love how you dance! 😍 agree this would be the cutest proposal commercial!
Lola Ross
Brian... I love U! I love your work so professional, and I love you as human being! God keep blessing you! 
Ricky Vongphit
Well the Camera guy must be a big third wheel.
It was like watching a movie. It was so beautiful. Dam lol
Steven Lim
For those who ask what the 1st song is, it's Love Stung by Marie Hines
Agape Asoua
So many feelings and memories watching this, man time flies by quick😭😭
Natsu Dragneel
song at the start is lovestung by marie hines :)
Chris Kerr Dances
You are such an inspiration to everyone and especially me from the beginning I hope that I find true happiness as well but only time and god will allow it. I deeply appreciate this choreo that you have shared to the world. It really tells me I am still waiting for the one.
Nick Thach
Brian Puspos took choreography concept videos to a new level.
Annaelle Reuveni
Hahaha... well first, not only was the dance beautiful, but second, the storyline of the video was even better, and then, to top it all off, Brian was just sooo handsome! I had chills during the whole video!
Chris Short
I'm proud to say Brian Puspos and Ian Eastwood has been inspirations to me. My dance style, the way I dress, is me idolizing and following in the footsteps. For 2 and a half years seeing their work for the first time has really changed my perspective in dancing. Is it wrong I've never took the workshops but I'm still a fan? I'm from AZ and it's just hard to get to places especially with my budget. Keep inspiring and I hope to take a workshop of yours someday!
Jackie Pendleton
This is so beautiful Brian :) .. I've been following you for a while since you are my dance inspiration, and all the videos that I've seen... I haven't seen you this happy! You two are soooo cute ♥... oh and this a beautiful video and she is beautiful too! Love you Brian and Aja!!!!! - Jackie ^_^
William Chau
First song is LoveStung by Marie Hines
Lyd Vans
Brian how he dress 100% Dance 100% Looks 30% lol
Ace Barcelona
I've watched this the day it was uploaded or the next. And today, 2018, Still amazes me. Story and everything. Best choreographer ever. Hands down. 👏
Poison Claw
Brian, do you know Ceasar Puspos
Commonless you THIRD WHEELERRRRR jk! great vid!
damn nice coat where did u get it from? the tan/beige one
Kiana Lai
pure genius as always puspos!! you're amazing and your concepts are great. i had the honor of learning this in chicago. you're my inspiration. keep dancing x -ukulele (: hehe
Jean Rodriguez
Amazing love, God bless you both and may your relationship be filled with happiness. BTW nasty choreography !! 
GR Moon
Chicago is Beautiful! #Chicagopride
Yay! You both are really perfect together:-)
Sharon The Imaginator
i really think this is one of puspos' best videos, the emotions just feel so real idk if it's just me but this is amazing
That Description though <3
Gail Percy
aww, so sweet brian :) you're the man!
Zach Abueg
brian's footwork is almost as beautiful as his description
Chelsea L.
Omfg smiling like an idiot at this video, it was perfect and his pieces give me chills and as always, it was just amazing. Great work, glad to see you happy and just ily Brian❤️ Continue to inspire as always 😘
AlexisLebron Guayama
Once again i love it Puspos your the best
Bonnie Chau
EXCELLENT work man! I'm so glad you found happiness.