Honda Rancher 350 Top End Rebuild Part 4: Head Installation |

Find the parts for the Honda 350 Rancher head installation: /> In part four in our Honda Rancher 350 top end rebuild series, we’re installing the head on the engine and getting the 2003 Honda Rancher ready to run. John will show you how to correctly install the head and torque it to Honda’s specifications. Then, he’ll start putting the rest of the machine back together starting with the exhaust system. He’ll then show you how to reinstall the carburetor and fuel tank to complete the fuel system. Finally, he’ll install the air intake and airbox and then connect the battery and test the unit to make sure we’ve got it running properly. VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: Installing the head - 1:30 Attaching the exhaust pipe - 4:11 Installing the carburetor - 5:50 Installing the fuel tank - 6:58 Installing the intake and airbox - 7:22 Connect the battery - 8:25 Buy Honda ATV parts here: /> Talk to us: Twitter: />Facebook: />Instagram: /> In the video we’re working with a 2003 Honda Rancher TRX350TM, but you will have similar steps for your Honda ATV. If you’re not sure whether these steps apply to your machine, leave a comment and we’ll get back to you. RELATED CONTENT: TRX Piston Build: /> TRX Engine Teardown:

nick levi
only if you were here in Chevak,AK 99563 so you can teach me how to fix any kind of Honda. now I can not wait to fix up my top end engine it's a trx350fm 2006 Honda rancher 4x4 I think I'm going to spend about $1,000 to be fully functioning and more power I noticed I'm starting to lose power I will need new parts and your video help me out with what I need to do thank you very much.
Ricky Padron
+partzilla since I got new gaskets would I need gasket sealant for the top and middle gasket or the bottom one as well.
j k
After all the work you have done you didn't check the compression again to see how many ponds you getting !!!
Teng Ranido
how about valve adjustment
Jim Simpson
why did you not ajust the valves with a fuel test bottle before asbly? Also i did not see you ck the face of the valve stim to be true and not diminished or cupped from the tappet strikes of normal running?
louis mays
How much faster is it with the bigger bore?
lance long
what about timing.. I don't think I ever seen you put the motor back in time? or is that what you did when pulled the back up starter all the way too the very yop
Matt Budd
Sounds like it’s got a valve tick
LaRoy Bubba
Thanks for the videos!  I have completed the rebuild as described in the 4 videos, but now I have smoke after the engine is warm.  Any suggestions?  Rings not seated properly or Valve Seals maybe?
EaZier Clutch
Hey my head stud it stripped at the top ( the long bolts the come out of motor ) it got the stud out but how should I get the new stud in HELP!