Oblivion | An Acoustic Mix

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Oblivion | An Acoustic Mix • MrOtterMusic - /> /> /> />Snapchat : mrottermusic • Check out my second channel : /> • Check out my Brother's channel : /> • Tracklist - 00:00:00 - 00:04:59 Winter Aid - The Wisp Sings 00:05:00 - 00:08:39 Joel Ansett - Give Our Hearts Some Weight 00:08:40 - 00:13:14 Mykey - Faces 00:13:15 - 00:16:40 Ryan McNulty - Charing + 00:16:41 - 00:19:54 Alex Fisher - Clockwork and Coal 00:19:55 - 00:23:04 Jamie Johnson - Wasting My Time 00:23:05 - 00:26:42 Imaginary Future - I Will Spend My Whole Life Loving You 00:26:43 - 00:29:54 Willy Poldd - To Just Sail Away 00:29:55 - 00:35:32 Alex Fisher - The Sailor's Wife 00:35:33 - 00:39:32 Todd Kessler - Old Fashioned Way 00:39:33 - 00:42:21 Peacock Affect - Who Cares If You Exist 00:42:22 - 00:46:17 Nick Kingswell - Swim 00:46:18 - 00:49:36 Keilan Creech - Honey Waits 00:49:37 - 00:52:01 Zach Winters - Knock Kneed & Lead Lunged 00:52:02 - 00:55:19 Sonder Saloon - Roads 00:55:20 - 00:59:26 Hester & Holly Rose - Crystal Night 00:59:27 - 01:03:10 Tall Heights - Spirit Cold Submit tracks, mixes, artwork, and questions to [email protected] Please subscribe and like for more.

Check out 'Niravana Mix' : https://youtu.be/jo9fQwHGMPk
Hope it helps to relieve all the stress from the week. Don’t forget to share the love.
Alex Fisher
Thanks for picking my songs! (00:16:41and 00:29:55)
#notificationsquad otter the king ❤️
Emily Mae Boxall
Oblivion.. it awaits us all. Until it does, we dance under the rays of the sun in hopes of a better day. We hope for a better life. We hope, but oblivion will soon take us all away.
To all those asking, I'll be uploading the 'Nirvana Mix' in a few days with some changes.
thanks man it was a really stressful week and somehow I found this, and it's helping me so much honestly <3
Ambient Vibes
*Headphones In - Volume Down - Lights Off --- Relax And Enjoy <3 <3* Love the mixes dude, especially the acoustic ones :D
Paulie Poly
💕💕💕💕👌your channel never disappoints🙏thank you for the effort you put in each and every piece. Every upload is worth the wait💯
love this mix
This is the best mix I have ever heard, with my life like this it just makes things better. Thank you <3
love it 😻
This is absolutely soothing to the ears, it sounds like cutting butter, It is the most beautiful song Mix personally I have listened to. Absolutely love it.
im starting school soon and i just came across this, and i am 100% sure i will listen to this every time i study. thank you so much <3
Quality Sound
Thank you for an amazing mix! Hope you had a great day. :)
hey Otter, just wanted to say, that i really love your work. This one is so good. I get in a zone when i listen to it that i cant describe. Thank you <3
Derious Lee
Thanks for accompanying me whenever I feel loved, sad, angry... your music, its just amazing!
Salvador Zuñiga Aguirre
On such difficult moments for my is good to listen to your magnificent music... Much love!
This is my favorite playlist.
Josué Moreira
Jessica De Los Reyes
It's 6am... I'm awake but still in bed listening to your music. It's really chil-laxing - love it!
This is so good! I love it <3
alessandra alves
Green Jane
Every melody is timeless. I love it! Thanks :)
Brandon Hall
Ishida Yurika
Thank you very much for uploading these amazing songs!! It helped me a lot when I felt loneliness while the first few months of study abroad in Canada:)
Júlio Trigo
08:58 whats this song? i need it please
<3 amazing
June Sweetlington
Deeply in love with this. Relaxing...
Urko Uruzuna
Holy shit ._. I love it <3
Man Truong
The Nirvana mix was really nice to help unwind. Does anyone know the track list from it? Thank you.
Luisa Gomes
Gosto :)
Lulu Monroy
It is nice to hear some deep insightful music for a change. I enjoying listening to this mix. Thank you
Queen Ronelyn Heart
Huy Nguyễn Đức
Love it
Tropical Vibes
Thank you <3!
Mary Daly
I really like this one thanks for making it.
WagonWills W.
В треклисте какая то х...я написана
Mary Daly
:'( so sadly beautiful
Sad Young
Marjorie Gatchalian
brb crying my eyes into oblivion
Evaggelia Stavropoulou
Mr. Otter...Our...New...Celebrity...
That‘s exactly what my soul needs atm
Opal Chatam
can you get any better than this?? love every playlist
Vance Sailers
I was illegally used for war by the goverment and there are things like aliens used by black market companies in our goverment to still kids ideas on propulsion systems and military aircraft. So when you think you have had a bad day. I was there. USAF United States Air Force SRA Sailers. Thanks For The Songs.
Carlos Andrés Saji Santander
Every time I listen these songs it reminds me the time I was with you and how much time I wasted thinking about you... Now all of those memories appears as a mix of pain and nostalgia, but anyway I am very grateful by the experience. Now meanwhile I listening this, I know well that anywhere you are at this moment, we were connected by the destiny... and suddenly comforting feellings invade my soul. Thanks you, :)
Faye Kaiklian
the wisp sings will always be a favorite
I'm not the only one who clicked on this expecting an acoustic version of the soundtrack from Oblivion, right?
crystal gem
Glad to have found your channel...love the music you upload 💖
Natasha Ryder
when im sketching late at night, i play this playlist. helps me get lost,relax and be in the moment because its so calming....
jawad mahmood
I appreciate your work.. It's just lovely..❤️❤️❤️
Angelita Munro
Crying my eyes out so much right now
Une fourmi chic.
i was looking at some of those mixes to help me during homework and this one happened to start with my favorite song of all time... <3
Linda Melanie
i love your mixes.
Suicide and Happiness
very relaxing, i love this ❤
Sonia Nadal
So amazing ❤️
Imelda Geoffrey
Love this collection
Mytoast Isdone
Just beautiful <3
Christian Gallego
is this mix in your soundcloud account? I can't find it. Good list by the way.
Nate Alan
this is beautiful.
Krittika Ghoshal Das
Peacefully alone..💙
Anônimo Anônimo
Thank you so much!!
daphea keo
Finally, I found a playlist that I've been looking for. Thank you with all my heart.
Best album 2018... Awesome bro...hope the best for you
Rashunda Watkins
I love great music that have a message in the song.. 😍😄 keep up the good job..
Isabelle C.
I love the first song 👌🏼👌🏼 thank you for the mix
Thu DoritoOs Ü
Lull for soul 🎧💭🎶♥️🍃
moses kachikopa
lovely collection
Carlos Andrés Saji Santander
The best compendium of music for breathing, loving, just existing :)
joanne geyrozaga pasek
Super love! One of my chill out music👍
Barbara Richards
Yet another amazing compilation for our enjoyment. You guys are awesome! Keep them coming.
Shaswar Shali
From where are you listing right now?
i really like to listen to your mix everytime when i feel stressed
Damien Gan
Fell in love with the first song after this video, and almost repeat everyday! thanks for the video
Adlina Aida
What is the first song?
Jenny Snaps
Nice and relaxing acoustic mix to listen to before going to bed. Thank you very much for this. :) <3
Hajar Farkli
Its Time to study Hajar
gareth nichols
Sat here with my gf in her stables after muckin out n the usual sh*t cleaning.. Got this playin thru my fone as we watch the horses eatin.. Magical selection.. Truly wonderous to the soul as I spend my time with what I consider to be the most majestic animals I no :) arabs, cobs, Welsh section c's few baby horses.. Ahhhh what a glorious world we can live in if we focus on what matters n makes us happy :)
The Wandering Composer
Really not much to say other than WOW! Really love this tune. Time to get back into the studio myself. ♥️💟💟🥇❤️
Ayana Wiebe
What's the first song called and who's the artist? :)
Mint Skye
Sounds so soothing. Reminds me of the LiS soundtrack. Great work!
Wandile Nyoka
Hear I am in 2018 and listening to this mix again. Absolutely Beautiful. Quite extraordinary.
Corinna D
Best thing ever 👌
Josue Rodriguez
What genre of music is it? ... it's amazing!!
Gabriela Garcia
I love these acoustic versions.
I cried alot... Let this comment be lost...
I took a walk listening to this and it was just so.... enlightening.
Earth Home
One of the best mixes I've heard in a while! Thank you.
and i don't know who to talk to about it because I"M supposed to BE the professional
abelx x
Nice music
Jasper Martin
Are we allowed to use these songs for non profit personal videos? Like for travel videos or a project?
Hajar Farkli
Alisher Adilseitov
bro, I love all of that tracklist. ty very much<3
hollywood hollywood, thats where u say you're from
Rima Ml
this + Rainymood ♥
Makayla Abruzzo
I am kinda in love <3 Love all of your effort! Keep it up!