Schumacher vs. Alesi - Amazing Battle at Nürburgring 1995 (50fps Broadcast Quality)

Personally I feel videos like this are the greatest advert for F1. Schumacher had pitted for new tyres and dropped to 22 seconds behind race leader Alesi, who was looking good for his second ever F1 win after his triumph in Canada. However, Schumacher clawed back up to the front and the dream victory was snatched from the unlucky Frenchman's hands at the last moment...I had to snip the video at one point else 'Blocked Worldwide', so please accept what I have uploaded.

Emil Jakobsen
V10 and v12 engines, no blue flags, no moaning or complaining from the drivers plus its 50fps.. This is perfect!!
Pascal Herbig
0:03 - That moment when you realize that you chose the wrong car for this server.
WHAT THE..... ...struggle
"Incident involving cars 1 Sch and 27 Ale will be investigated after race completion by stewards due to dangerous driving"
05:32 almost a WTF from Murray
Those cars looked great and sounded great.
I try SO hard to not complain about how terrible the current Formula 1 cars sound and to not get too nostalgic about the good old days.... then I see this video in my recommendations. **sigh
and mick Schumacher will face Alesi Jnr in F2 in 2019!
Good to hear Murray Walker again, the voice of F1.
Freetravel Jaha2001
Schumacher is just another level - a real legend. Nowadays it would be "HE PUSHED ME OFF THE TRACK"
man, that move into the chicane was insane!
This was real F1 not the crap novadays
Ahh, Shawna Lacey, John Lacey, Jean A lacy, what a great driver. Also Mika Hackin And, great driver. And Michael Shoe Market... great driver lineup. Loving this broad prix of europe
Incredible time of F1 V12 V10 and V8 at the same time ... The Ferrari 412 T2 were monster loud ! Massive sound
Félix Bernier
Beautiful quality. Thanks for putting this online! And Jonathan Palmer was a great commentator though.
Chris Palstra
Lovely. No blue flags. How good did that Renault engine in the Benetton sound. Fantastic. Thanks for the upload.
Fredrik Hansson
Golden years of F1, so sad that Senna could not be in this race.
5 sec penalisation for Alesi! Ah no, this was F1...
Feta Cheezz
I loved this era. Great sounding engines and wind streaks visible from rear wing.
jackie boy
Ahhhhh, the good old days when nobody needed 'run-off area's'. If you messed it up you were making the long walk back to the pits in your own. Dam I miss those days 😢
Ah Murray Walker and those V10's, beautiful...
Effen Bamm
If this was 2019: 5 second penalty for unsafely rejoining the track!
Jon Crowe
Back when F1 was actually good. No tyre management, no fuel saving etc.
Toni Marschall
Das waren noch tolle und spannende Rennen.
Man, I really miss those engines and Murray's broadcasting. This was true F1.
Markus Klemmer
Für das Überholmaneuver hätte er heute eine Strafe bekommen, weil er nicht genug Platz gelassen hat.
Where did you get such high quality videos of 90s F1? This is amazing!
Keith TwoKay
No DRS... pure racing... *sighs in a memorial way
Two masters of their craft at work. Walker on the mic and Schumacher on the track. Brilliant stuff.
It is extremely rare to find F1 videos with this quality! Thank you very much!
Greg Felix
I remember watching that live. I think my favourite overtake of all time. Schuey at his absolute best.
thomas sattler
Nice to see this window to the "good old times". Really like the sound of this cars. Thanks a lot
ah... Remember the tactics of full pit stops? Remember Schumacher 3 stopping at the Hungaroring in 98 and winning in a slower car using faster rubber, a lighter car and relentless qualifying laps? Its sad they took that away. It's a blast to re-watch Schumi pressing a tactical advantage like he used to. Such a genius.
Classic racing from the best era. Fabulous engine notes. Amazing. Don't watch F1 at all now. Rubbish.
Queleimporta Pene
When F1 was fun...
0:03 This is amazing! The pace car retires from the lead!
Cyphre75 HC
Show this to the actual F1 drivers. A lesson how to overtake an how to be overtaken.
Andrés Gutiérrez Rodríguez
Fantastic quality and great battle! Cheers from Colombia.
Wayne Farrell Media
Beautiful driving all round. Alesi judging his distance perfectly in the fight to stay alive, but still driving clean. If this was today, both cars would likely be in smithereens in the gravel. This is F1 as it should be.
Great video, great qualitiy.. I've been there on saturday for qualyfying day.. Thanks for the upload <3
V Machinima
*silence* YEEEEEESSSSSS xD (what a legend...)
Diego C.
5:46, after two cars just went off the track: "Well, I've heard of moving out of the way of the leaders, but that was pretty ridiculous!" 😆
Vitor Amendola
"2 laps to go after this one... and Schuma... .. ... ... YEEES!"
if DRS existed in those days, the close fight and epic move into the chicane would never have happened. Shumacher would just sail past on the strait. DRS kills epic moves! RIP F1 Also, notice how entitled F1 drivers don't exist back then screaming blue flags.
Jorge Picabea
amazing battle ? Where's the battle? Schumi reel him in and passed, despite the wet track, put 50 yards on 1/4 lap...
Emmett Byrne
That Ferrari 😍
Yes Man
Career backmarker Martin Brundle who now loves to criticize others
Chris Ayres
Amazing Drive by Michael so good in fact Murray was speechless
Andreas Aichner
in times when cars are REALLY CARS not electronic-toys like today....
Chris A
So amazing to see with good quality video! I wonder if Bernie on his deathbed will release all that footage? No way he let Liberty get that.
Simon Norris
I was at that race in 19955 in the general admission area with a good view of the Veedol Chicane just off to my right. I was a great race to watch. It didn't rain at all but it was really cold there. I discovered Schnaps and Gluvine (mulled wine).
Matt D
Best time ! Best circuit ! Now we got abu dhashit instead
i miss these days of v12 and v10 motors.... also seeing schumacher on the scene, speedy recovery micheal :)
Who needs DRS
Jerry rabelo
Renault benneton Michael Schumacher 👏👏👏💪💪💪💪
Erik S
great times of F1 large engines (Ferrari had still v12 I think, rest had v10). Many events on the track! Flamboyant team leaders (eddie jordan, flavio briattori) were also something special in F1 at that time...
Darryl Weathers
'Neeeeeeeeeeeoooooooowwwww!' - And Murray Walker, THE voice of Formula 1.
Anyone notices how close Formula 1 cars could follow each others? Nothing like much aerodynamics involved..
Amazing battle. DRS would have ruined it. Such a useless thing to f1. It has to be banned. It is killing motor racing.
Kevin Jay
Nowadays they would give Schumacher a 5 sec. penalty for this brillant overtake. F1 is so ridicolous and boring these days. F1 was so great in the 90s.
Man, I miss the days of Murray Walker!
One of my favourite overtakes in 1080p50 😍 You see at the beginning how slippery the dirt at the chicane is when Jean puts a tyre on it after locking his rear tyres. You just don't overtake round the outside of that corner and yet Michael pulled it off despite having to use the dirt-covered part of the track. Truly incredible driving.
Paul H
Get out the way Brundle
Daniel Souza
412 T2 sounds.. Oh man the quality. Alesi lapping Badoer holy shit
when passing took more than 1 drs straight
*Sigh* I wish F1 cars would sound like this now.
Dušan Golubić
Same as Max Verstapen did on Kimi Raikonen in USA 2017, but got penalty :) (great video though, ty!)
McLaren had the shark fin with the T wing above. So much advanced aero for those times but unfortunatelly the Mercedes engine was too underpowered and unreliable back then. It was 1995, Mercedes just terminated their contract with Sauber (in 1994) and was the first year with McLaren. Mika Hakkinen and Mark Blundell (who replaced a fat and slow Mansel). David Coulthard will replace Mark in 1996. I remember all those races and supported Mika and McLaren like a nut, Mika still got a 2nd place at Suzuka with that car. Cheers from Romania.
Möppes Mös
Thanks to Michael. What a Racer.
So much better quality footage than most people post, normally it’s fuzzy VHS stuff, not this though. Subscribed.
So much better than the official F1 upload. I don't understand, why they keep cutting off the top and bottom
with DRS, Schumacher would have overtaken immediately. shows how DRS only serves to create fake overtakes.
Sv N
Schumacher the Master of F1
I am Ferrari fan since 1992, and this ending was the most painful and disappointing experience for me. Monza 95 took a second place, Jerez 97 the third. In 95 Schumacher proved his excellence. Ferrari and Williams drivers lost so many opportunities this year...
When Brundle looked in the mirror, he was for sure like: Holy shit! Wish to be somwhere else!
Thane Krios
Thanks Fastlane. I for one am grateful to be able to watch these great battles from the past again, regardless of what has to get 'snipped'. Love the picture quality too. Cheers.
Ah...what a race. Probably the best in 1995. So sorry for Alesi, this could have been just the boost he needed to win some more races. That beautiful v12 Ferrari, I can't get over it even though 22 years have passed...
lvlaverick The Outsider
Wow... J'ai pas souvenir qu'on a eu cette qualité à l'époque. Quebellissimo
Carlo Santin
We won’t ever see this kind of racing in F1 again. This year the race is over after qualifying.
Thank you for uploading this!
Robert Baehr
Schumacher ist der beste Fahrer aller Zeiten!
The Sincere Devil
Everytime I think of Badoer I think of his first points finish getting robbed from him because of gearbox issues :(
Casper Egas
To me the cars around this time are the most beautiful in F1 history. I wish I could watch the whole 1995 season like this!
jan visser
Great times, I stepped in watching Formula one at the age of 4. When Jos Verstappen and Michael Schumacher drove together at Benneton. This was the era racing at the purest sence and craftsmenship .
One of my all time favourite F1 moments. I love the way Schumi hunted Alesi down and went for the win. What an overtaking move too, Murray even holds his breathe! Brilliant :)
MoMo BaBa
Schumacher to Alesi "you're in my car. Get out. I'm going to show you how to drive that dog next year"
The Ferrari 044/3 have really short stroke, and some say that had 730 bhp after Monza gp. The best engine of 1995!
Hello you have the race F1 Bélgica 1993?
loose goose
Great battle. Exciting racing... how I miss you !
Darchan Darchan
Alesi easily one of the best drivers on one of the least reliable cars
Dieter Gerding
Jean Alesi is a very fine Sportsmann! Fights hard, but when it’s lost, he stays fair. Not all Racers do it that way. Respect Jean!
Mattia Binotto
This is what f1 used to be
Russell Hunter
V8, V10 and V12 screaming engines. A field of different looking cars (aside from Benetton and Ligier) on a proper race circuit with no health and safety crazy tarmac run offs. Thank you so, so much for uploading this video. I remember this like it was yesterday.
Dalfi Fran
Aaah.. Jonathan Palmer, I missed his commentary. He is the best English comentator on F1 to me. He praised the british driver when they made good job, but at the same time didn't see them with rose tinted and back off to critisize them when they made (silly) mistakes. Palmer praised Coulthard when he made a great job of leading at Spa '95 before retired from technical problem. But he didn't hesitate to made amusing comment when Coulthard made a ridicule of himself by spun at parade lap on Monza the same year. But maybe because of this trait he didn't get the invitation from ITV... Brundle had a lot of bias in his commentary, also some bitternes to certain red car and villain german. James Allen is the worst, constantly screaming like a hysterical cheerleader. Even had the guts to ridicule driver when he himself were not an ex F1 driver.
today the lack of defense is what makes F1 dull
what the heck was the safety car doing at the beginning...I miss these days
Joachim Sudergat
At this time he had 225 HP less to all the other drivers and he was winning. That is awesome.
best UI graphics for broadcasts! F1A, bring those back, those of today are way small, way overloaded with non-relevant information... Those were the greatest by design!