Boombox Diagnosis | House M.D.

Amber's apparition helps House come closer to a diagnosis. From Season 5 Episode 22 Watch House on Google Play: & iTunes /> Subscribe: /> This is the official YouTube channel for House M.D. Watch all of the official clips from the series, the funniest and saddest moments, and follow all of the doctor's most curious cases. #HouseMD #IsItLupus ? #Doctors

DJ RealDyl
House M.D.? More like House MC😎
I love how the people in the background are just like " it's a normal day. Patients to help, people to talk too, and house with a boom box on his shoulder listening to 'fight the power' on blast. Yep just a normal day."
Verde the Star Warrior
If House suddenly walked into my hospital room with a huge boom box dancing to "Fight the Power, I would be so happy
Musaiyab Mirza
Amber hallucinations were pretty spooky, tbh.
Benny Bumbles
(An old man is dying in bed with his family surrounding him) “Do you here something?” X GON GIVE IT TO YA
What's it look like I'm doing? I'm fighting the power!
That's what I call an entrance.
But where did House get a comically large boombox on a moment's notice?
Trying to impress house is like climbing mount everast, it may take years to do, most won't ever succeed, but when you do it's very short lived and your back at the bottom.
An all access pass into House's brain, best ride ever.
Dimitriy Mirovsky
lol at the discount matt damon
Sean Mathews
"Fight the Power" Public Enemy Such an appropriate choice by House
Hlumie Moloi
1:42 why is his smile so precious here?
Patrick Pin
lol House is one of the main reasons why I'm choosing to become a doctor, such an inspiring charecter
Bart Pitts
why didn't they do 10+ seasons like grey's damn it
Fight the power!
And this video isn't titled "House Fights the Power" why?
just love these clips that are released once in a while reminds me of the good old days when we still watch series from TVs instead of PCs
Those legs though
Prentice Neto
You can see that Hugh _almost_ missed the trashcan with the flask throw lol
colourful mind
The boy looks like Matt Damon
R. H. Kingpin
*Fight the power* is his theme song for all time.
Caldera Records
1. GOD House is so HOT. 2. GOD the writing is so well written. 3. GOD I miss this show. =_(
STER Gaming
Now that's what I call... "House Music"
Foreman's uptightness always bugged me :/
Dremora Valkynaz
I fuckin love Amber and House together. Even after she's dead, she's still an amazing character.
Wilfredo Acevedo Franco
The most amazing scene in house is the one when he wants to get rid of amber hallucination and he thinks he did it., and imagines having sex with cuddy and other stuff, but in the end it was all in his head and amber appears again, masterpiece!
This scene made me laugh so hard then
I like how the kid is amused and smiling when he first sees him. I would be so confused, but he's just like "Aww. That's cool."
Dr. House M.C. :D
Carlos Aguilar
Is that Matt Damon?
Literally every extra was laughing
Cunning Smile
"What's it look like I'm doing? I'm rapping up the case."
T-MAN 2001
It would be so much funnier if House couldn’t find enough batteries for the boom box and had to trail a long power cord behind him.
Mystical Sea Potato
The people in the back couldn’t help but smile at it.
Andrew Poderis
House notification squad
Angel Starfire
I would be happy if House came in and played this song
Sometimes i wonder what could happen in the real world with a doctor like House.
It's been a long time since I saw this episode, so when I saw the thumbnail I thought "How great would it be if he was playing Public Enemy?" What's doubly ironic is the clip starts with House recalling dormant information from his subconscious mind.
House with a boom box walking into a room with bad sunnies on, of course I’m going to click
that dancing though 😂
MiraiTeen 01
107 peaple didn't Fight The Power
Wade Watts
House is a mood And the kid kind of looks like young John Cina
Okay, I watched it. Again. You can get out of my ‘Recommended’ now.
If I had something like that just a full access to my brain I would pass every test in college it would be amazing and my career would be beast
Nicolas Cage
Literally the best scene ever.
Top 10 anime entrances.
One of my fav moments ^^
Joe Benz
If reactions had dialogue: Kid - "Hey that's cool!" Foreman - "oh no what is he up to?"
Lena Nash
What it look like am doing "fighting the power"....smh....House too much
Top 10 anime entrances
Brandon Anders
LMFAO I am still laughing 😂
And the title isn’t “House Fights the Power”... why...?
People in the background are just “yep just a normal day with house.”
Oh my goodness, I had to stand up to keep laughing when he walked in. 1:10-1:30 is the funniest scene I've seen with Laurie in a long time.
Sam Vidas
I'm surprised he can dance so well
yyeesss bbiittch! House got the movezz! ;P
haha remember watching this show like 8-9 yrs ago, I was so inspired by this character. and now im soon halfway through Medical school...
James The Nigger Hatin Dolphin
Never was a fan of the apparitions but I thought it was cool to see House's inner thought process.
Pl ox
Is it me or everything is glowing
You can see a couple of the extras laughing in the background when he's walking in.
David Scott
patient could be Matt Damon's brother
Angelo Mavroudis
The new Jason Bourne movie looks cool; he's deaf
Moss Boi
Wonder if House just had those glasses lying about
anth benit
yo! he's right dog..
The thumbnail says it all.
james dean
Doctors have tuning forks for that. Lot lighter but not as cool as a boombox i guess.
Fight the Power ✊
Yaser Janahi
He couldn't use a tuning fork ?
Kayla B
If I'm ever sick and make a wish applied to adults then I would ask Greg Laurie as house to run thru the hospital like this
House's final form: *Ghost Doctor*
Jacky Daniels
Best entrance ever!
Rajarshi Roychoudhury
Hugh Laurie is god
Dr Mundo is that you?
j j
Is that a young John Cena?
Joy L
Data-mining is scary. I was just watching a scene from Friends with the same actress playing Amber and it recommended this video..
Matt Damon, start aging ya Southie bastid!
Zeke The Cheshire
I love the kids face
For a guy with a limp, House gets pretty jiggy with it.
Aqono Luna
I used to really hate Amber. I don’t remember why now. I was such a stupid teenager.
Trinity Livingston
Fight the Power, oml!😂
Asbestos Fish
If Peter Capaldi, Liam neeson and benadict cumberbatch all reincarnated into the same body, it would be Gregory House.
More proof that House is secretly a huge dork.
Why is Matt Damon ('s stunt double) in this show? haha
AnimeNerd14 Happy
The original Clout Goggles
Adrian Jutronich
They obviously added the music in post. Otherwise Foreman would've started involuntarily dancing.
paul burdi
I had that same boom box back in the 80s
his leg magically healed?
absolut cabbagery
Even if he occasionally cracked some tough cases they still shouldn't have let house still work there
Christopher Edwards
Joy L
Something strange is happening today. Several hours after watching this video I am watching Star Trey Beyond and this same boombox song is played..
Tim Saunders
When i find myself undergoing surgery in the future i hope they are playing Fight the Power
Supun Jayawardana
How is this not COpyStriKed?
Q-Pid Avenger
Travis from switched at birth!
Curly HL
Classic House😂
sartorian darkstorm
sometimes i wonder how house would do if he took the pill from limitless or maybe no one knows that he is allready on it....
Field Agent Quinn
This would be so cool to have a hallucination that can give you full access to all pf your memory
Lloyd Griffith
And thus Dr. Mundo's dance was born