AMINA PT 1 - Nigerian Nollywood movie

Nkechi the King's loving daughter was frame out of envy for stealing, She had to run for her life since the penalty for such act was to be buried alive in the evil forest . She then found herself in the Northern part of the country where she was adopted by a childless family who then changed her name. Starring; Pete Edochie, Olu Jacobs, Genève Nnaji, Larry Koldsweat & Emeka Ossai. Producer: Hyacinth Onwuka Directed by: Ndubuisi Okoh

Salman Aminat Ololade
I love this movie. I loved watching it wen I was a child cos d title was my name n it made my younger ones jealous
Bahijja Abdulkadir
This movie doesn't in anyway look like d Hausa culture & queen Amina's culture
Amoah Anastasia
Interesting movie thanks NWPtv
Dragon Dude
#@kasumu Yaro #@uncle Gaga#&legendary
A must #watch #Oldclassicmovie AMINA  @GenevieveNnaji1 @PatienceOzokwo @PeteEdochie @EmekaOssia @Olujacobs AMINA PT 1 - Nigeria Nollywood movie … 
Sorry for that thanks.
Aphisa Afusa
The movie is interesting but the voices are too
That's Chinyere Wilfred, she has always been light skinned, i think the lighting just made her look dark.
Olevia 123
over 20 years of its existence & still a nice movie to watch, what a good production!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks dear.
0:20:38 Wow this woman is not a light skinned woman?????? Is this her real complextion???? This woman no longer this dark. I rebuke skin bleaching in Africa...signs of self hate. Wow!
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I am studying about queen amina in grade 5
naeem omowee
Olu jacops 4 life
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faith victor kalu
Dis movie is really great
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Can you remember this movie?? AMENA Genevieve Nnaji,Pete Edochie,Patience Ozokwor,Rita Edochie 
John Kema
wow, all the great actors in Nollywood are here. They are them men and women i adore most in Nigerian movies. The presence of Pete, Olu Jacop, Amechi Muonagho, Mama G, Enebeluwa( may his soul rest in peace), Jenny and other great actors makes me watched the move. Thanks million times for uploading such movie with compendum of great actors. May God bless you [email protected]
noted. thanks for watching.
Great movie! That was then... when Nollywood made sense!!! Love every bit of it!!
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jennifer sharon Omamogho
@Colins Lolita' i know the movie is over 20yrs now. It used to be one of NTA series then, like Cock crow's @ dawn and many others.
jennifer sharon Omamogho
WOW! I love this movie so much. use watched it when i was younger. Thanks for the post. GBU!!!!
thanks for watching
Colins Lolita
Can somebody tell me when this movie was acted ?
Colins Lolita
Can somebody tell me when this movie was acted ?
am not so surprised at pete's acting because he grew up in kano
thanks dear
thanks dear for watching
nice movie watched this movie when i was young, i have been looking for it to watch.
If I had a baby that cried like that I would put the baby in the evil forest :-)
layefa bekewei
this is what i call a movie:)thank you for the post
Samuel J
Are u kidding?
keep watching nwp
Thanks for watching
Tessa Johnson
These women Patience and Geneive what a combination two very strong actresses we need to see more of them i just love to see them act great movie and great actors.
Makaka Michael
Nice movie and Petience again at it as usual.What a character.A good movie full of best actors and actresses.
Great movie. I've got to watch part 2 before going to bed.
Skinimin Onochie
Most Excellent in every enjoyed this movie
sandy tricker
Woow nice movie,
Zoqueen Abengowe
is this the begining ?
Lady K
macha'allah this movie nothing else to say very nice...
Brian Ted
peter edochie talking like abokina? lol so funny
Chiamaka Muodiaju
you kill someone just for stealing. that is just wicked. great movie!
Prettylove milaj
pls upload back to sender
What the name of the following 3n4
Tea Lloyd
Cannot wait to watch part 2 !
andel massey
Hello from Liberia why people always talk about the complexion of nollywood star what is wrong if you have money and want to lighting your complexion do you know most of the black star in America change the complexion look on the internet before they were star and you will see the real color. why all the negative talk about Africa star enjoy the movies and stop talking
Prettylove milaj
nice movie 
sandy baby
Old movies is the best ,not now movie will not end for years without meaning....
يونس الزهراني
عمل جميل عن ملكه عظيمه .. نريد ترجمه لهذا الفيلم باللغه العربيه
ero paul
Good movies never dies. I lvu dis movie
costy barjo
really the movie is wanderful
Seedo Christin
nice movie
O Farah
O Farah
Assatou Kassama
how can you guys play with the name of Allah