Nodame Cantabile ED 1 - Konna ni Chikaku de (English sub)

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EDIT: I've just found a really good subbed version (seems I didn't search well enough, albeit rather hard to find on my defense!) It's done really well by ohPSYCHE! go there! ---- Decided to resub the song as the only one with english subs was of this horrible vocaloid version, could not stand it! Subs off nikkiheartslindz /> Song: Crystal Kay - Konna ni Chikaku de ------------------ DISCLAIMER: "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."

Arjun Menon
I'ma  grown ass man, but every time I hear this song, I'm transported to my time as a teen discovering anime and this one was a complete masterpiece. It's a tragedy that more people don't know about it. Story - Beautiful Characters - Truly awesome and complement each other Music - Out of this world- good. The Feels - Gets you sobbing by the end. If you have a heart and you love music and is open to the idea of classical music and modern day romance, this anime is about as perfect as perfect can get.
Tuna Meng
Pretty much one of the few anime where they actually look like their right age.
Alessandra Layne Alvarez
THIS ANIME SHOULD GET A LOT MORE VIEWS!!!!! This is definitely not your cliche shoujo story.
this song's so on point to listen to but once i actually know what the lyrics mean BAM BOOM BAM REKT STRAIGHT TO THE HEART holy shit
2016 and Nodame Cantabile is still amazing! XD
james jason
she pronounced love, not rubu.....awesome!
Perfect. Excellent. Amazing. Classy. Favourite. I just.... I can't. The music. The characters. Every single minute of my life that i have given to this beauty has not been wasted. I smiled. I sighed. I loved. I cannot reccomend it enough.
Upside Down
beautiful voice, beautiful meaning, beautiful anime
DeLEET Titan
Angelie Buena
It's quite interesting how only a Japanese song can explain how I feel :')
2017 and Nodame Cantabile is still amazing! XD
when she repeats words it sounds sadder such as "doushite" and "mainichi"
Hazal Nur
almost we are in 2017 and i am still listening nodame cantabile ost!!! i love these songs :3
i once heard this song when i was 12 at that time this series was playing on Animax and i heard it but forgot the name but now i finally found it
こんなに近くで.../Crystal Kay  作詞:SUMIYO MUTSUMI  作曲:RYOSUKE  恋がせつないと koi ga se tsu na i to すぐそばで気付いたあの夜 su gu so ba de kitsu i ta a no yoru だって他の誰より datte ta no dare yo ri あなたの事をしってるから a na ta no koto wo shi tte te ru ka ra いつものさりけない i tsu mo no sa ri ge na i 優しささえ  この胸を締め付けてく yasa shi sa sa e ko no mune wo shi me tsu ke te ku *こんなに こんなに 近くで見つめても kon na ni kon na ni chika ku de mi tsu me te mo どうして どうして ただの友達なの? doo shi te doo shi te ta da no tomodachi na no どんなに どんなに 強く思っていても don na ni don na ni tsuyo ku omotte i te mo  伝えられない  you do not understant tsuta e ra re na i you do not understant I am so in love with you.* 「元気ないよね?」と 「genki na i yo ne?」to あなたからいわれた瞬間 a na ta ka ra i wa re ta shun kan 涙隠すアクビで namida kaku su a ku bi de 「寝不足かな?」っていい訳した 「ne bu so ku ka na?」tte i i ya ku shi ta 一番大切な i chi ban tai se tsu na 人に嘘を重ねてく...今の私 hi to ni u so wo ka sa ne te ku…i ma no wa ta shi 毎日  毎日  胸が苦しいから mai ni chi mai ni chi mune ga ku ru shii ka ra いくつも いくつも 眠れぬ夜を越え i ku tsu mo i ku tsu mo ne ra nu yoru wo ko e  はじめて はじめて 出逢ったあの日にまた ha ji me te ha ji me te de a tta a no hi ni ma da 戻れるのなら  いいのに... modo re ru no na ra i i no ni I am so in love with you. 「アイシテル」と告げたらきっと a i shi te ru to tsu ge ta ra ki tto もう二度と笑顔には戻れないかもしれない mo u ni do to e ga o ni wa mo do re na i ka mo shi re na i けれども友達のまま 作り笑いは ke re do mo to mo da chi no ma ma tsu ku ri wa ra i wa これ以上私出来ないから ko re i jo u wa ta shi de ki na i ka ra ホントは ホントは ずっと好きだったの ho n to wa ho n to wa zu tto su ki da tta no いつでも いつでも 愛し続けてたの i tsu de mo i tsu de mo a i shi tsu du ke te ta no あなたに あなたに 届けたい気持ちを a na ta ni a na ta ni to do ke ta i ki mo chi wo 青い空へと囁いた a o i so ra e to sa sa ya i ta I'm so in love with you. * repeat
markis NQ
This anime was a breath of fresh air :)
I would always sing this after the anime finished :D
I really want Opera-hen to be animated.. I'm missing Nodame Cantabile so much..
Lena Likes Cats
its so 2000s haha dat nostalgia
cinna mon
Ahh that beat makes me think that everything is full of love like it makes me think of THAT one heroine ive always been rooting for be lovey dovey with that one guy ._.
Nastassia Obazee
The replay button has been abused...but I like this song after seeing the animated and now watching the live action version of Nodame Cantabile. One of my favorite songs right now.
Sandra Rusiana
It's this song that made me fall in love with this anime
star tiger
i memorized this at high school. i'm graduating from college soon and i still know the lyrics oh lord
Really love the violin.
I liked how the begining of this song made every last part of the chapters more meaningful :D
Proma Paul
MISS THIS FAV one....and  incredible music....listen to this song i feel like i'm it...
Christopher Adisurya
2018 and Nodame Cantabile is still amazing! xD
claui vc
I'm so in love with this. Best love song for an anime OST :) matches nodame perfectly <3
Oda Sekar
2015 and still listening to this song.. how i miss my teen days with this comic, anime, and dorama <3 the awesome story ever <3
I've been trying to find this song again for 5 LONG YEARS and it only just now came up in my recommended. THANK YOU UNIVERSE
Clarissa D'Souza
It took me forevvvveer to figure out what the melody at the start of the song sounded like. I remember it being from the anime somewhere. When I rewatched the drama I finally figured out it was Beethoven's symphony no. 7!  I love this song so much. And ofcourse the managa, anime, movies and live action drama. Oh jeez, I'm obsessed =_= 
2018 and still listening. Nodame Cantabile will always be my favourite Slice-of-life anime ! And proof that you can make awesome live action adaptation.
This ending and anime are so amazing
maxi millian
It's a sad song and I always listen to this song!!!=)
mahendiran sudhahar1
2017? This anime maybe old but deserves many fans it's really good
still memorise the lyrics after so long :D
maxi millian
It's a sad song and I always listen to this song!!!=)
This song is just so nostalgic I tell you! I remember when I first watched the anime........I wouldn't stop watching it.
Yash Deshpande
This anime is my favourite one. It's unique and quite refreshing.
Debartha Saha
2018 and the anime is still a master piece an art music is so beautiful
Scary Brown Cub
I'm so in love with you ( this song ) <3
Anjera Summers
I watched this anime, live action tv series, specials,movies and even korean remake. 😊
Asif Yusoff
2017 and this anime is still amazing
I love this song and the anime. It really brings back the memories. <3
This ending is absolutely amazing! It gets me in such a great mood, I can listen to it constantly! Also, the opening is just as awesome!!!
Hanshal Nautiyal
Nodame Cantabile never gets old :'D
Hayate -chan
This is an anime ive watched more than 10 times and im still going to come back to it after, I still remember waiting for the paris-hen eps to come out and being shocked that even a 3rd season was going to be made, ahhh the good old times lol
Dajuan Moten
favorite ending ops so far
I can feel the sadness and desperation of this song even though I dont understand japanese TT
Chiaki and nodame Love it :)
Yupiez Serenity
Always... always... I kept loving you... To you... to you... I want to send these feelings... Oh, why can't I stand with this song? Its lyrics hurts me so... I can't resist to cry... :'(
アニメ見てきたw めっちゃ面白い。 この曲のエンディングの入り方毎回超すき
Can we more of this type of anime romance❤️? Without too much moe, harem, loli, high school, nudes?
Fatema Tabassum
2018 November anyone??!😍😍😍😍
Kari Astillero
2018 and I'm still watching Nodame Cantabile ✨
Love this song sooo much. Still listening to this 2018 and counting! 💗💗💗💗💗💗
Erich Morales
I've been searching this song! OMG! I LOVE THIS! FINALLY!
Dane Ferrer
am not a big fan of anime especially this genre but Nodame is my favorite!!! i still watch episodes from time to time and I still get the same feeling of excitement on each episode... 😭💪
JJ Pacman
I just started watching the anime, and so far loving it as well as this song. And I have to say... the lyrics pretty much tell my love life right now. XD
first season opening song is still better and every time I here the first part of this song I always knew the episode was about to end... I still prefer the first season opening and ending song better
Raisa Ayuditha
Can't help but fall in love again with the song. Honored to enjoy this beautiful story
this is one of my favourite Japanese songs, yet I didn't know the translation of the lyrics... now that I do, I feel like I've been getting a low blows and punches with every word from the lyrics ...
I hear a bit of Beethoven's 7th :))
Joey moondawnlab
I love this anime and then when they make a kdrama out of it I was so fucking happy especially because park bo gum was in it, though the drama was not as good as the anime😣 and this song is the most relatable song ever!! I remember listening to it everyday
Lizzie Wandom
If only there is any anime in the comin years that has the same feeling, characters, and as un-cliche as Nodame Cantabile. I willl be super happy ≧∇≦ !! Nodame Cantabile is still on my list of fav rom com anime ever (○゚ε゚○)
J Salas
Why does shoujo anime have awesome endings
Crystal Kay sounds awesome singing this
Nika Vulaj
Discovered the korean drama on Netflix in 2016 but I didn't finish watching it. Now it's 2017 and I found the anime (thank god) and it's a masterpiece. <3
This is supposed to be a sad song, but it sounds happy.
Crimson Lily
This is a national anthem for friendzoned people...
Deepak Purti
This still picture is the most beautiful still from any anime ever! And the best thing about Nodame Cantabile is its beautiful heart-touching music.
veronica kwon
Aww the feels...the memories...gosh
Dhimas Nur Ramadhan
ahhh... senpai.. mukyaaaa !!! daisuki song
angela pontororing
I'm watching Nodame again for like the fifth time... (>.<) Still one of my favorite of all time. great story, great humor, great music
sri juliani
Best musical anime ever😍😍
언제 들어도 참 예쁜노래....코난 엔딩에도 잘어울릴거 같은데...이게 벌써 거의 10년전 노래인가...💕
One of my TOP 10 favorite anime of all time, I love it, it's a MASTERPIECE! Oh! & btw Chiaki Senpaaaaaaaai! :P
Hani Nihayati
love thissssss <3 <3
좋아요 중학교때 음악시간때 틀어줘서 알게된 애니 ㅎ
Lohit _24
Everytime I hear this song I don't know why but I cry
Siddharth Chauhan
all the comments here are so old. Well, I for one still appreciate it. Have since I was a boy, and not gonna quit til I am a doddering old fool.
i know lee know you know
This song makes me want to watch the anime again :'(((
Still in 2018 :) I luv this song
Sofia Cortes
lock on...
Heddy Bangug
Love this anime!!!
Thanh Hùng Lê
2018 for the best luck!
el ritmo me encanta, mucho mejor que el opening (que no deja de ser muy bueno, pero incomparable a esto..) lo hubiera cambiado un poco para ponerlo de 0P, aunque no se si es canción hecha para el anime o la eligieron xD
Swimming in Namjoon's dimples: my life story
Ah, I still miss watching the anime and reading the manga. Nodame Cantabile has some songs I really like listening to. <3
Stepanus Oscar
2018 still the best
maria andre
Well i remember this song existed and am now having the biggest feel trip in existance
Trang Đỗ
Cantabile :"3
Enchanted Lustre
❤️❤️ brings back so many memories
Adha Zealous
2016 already
this song is just absolute love <3 !!!!! mah gawd the feels ;-;
Milagros M C
ya han pasado algunos años desde que salió la primera temporada y ahora 2017 me sigue encantando y sigue encantando a todos!!!! 😊 😄 😍 adoro este anime!!! 😍
Great song!
Adina Hawkins
I love this I'm putting this on my playlist.