Figo Freestyle (D) - Tough enough?? - Offroad/Highway Here is the number for Imperial Ford Sales Manager, Ludhiana. Take my reference, will give you the best deal Mr. Rana 8725068004 Starting animation credits : Mohit Handa :)

nitin nanda
Bhai ap ambulance ke driver ban jao....
The way you were driving the car I thought you have the plans to test the airbags.. Lol
rohit r
is gaadi k sale 10% to ye video se he badhegi
Rahul Gayke
Freestyle ki Aisi test drive abhi tak ford walo ne bhi nahi li hogi....great bhai. Only u can differenciat ford cars from each others.
Geek Here
I bought Freestyle and credit goes to this Video only.
Abhimanyu Wadhwa
Showroom ke bande ki gaand phaad di bhai😂😂
Hai Milind, Nice to see your another review, I am also a Ecosport User, I must say I never ever would have driven like the way you did on that rough roads even with my Ecosport, thank God freestyle got in one piece, for that part I say car is well reviewed, But what i don't like was the driving on the highway with that speeds, I am sure other drivers got annoyed with that.. anyways.. i would suggest to add a caution footing in your video "speeds tested for review purpose only, should not be tried by others".....All the best..
Prashant Sathe
Please put some Civicsense in your brain before practising such idiotic act of driving with no regard to fellow users of road man,if this is the way to 'test' a car go to a track/closed road so that no one is potentially getting harmed while filming this. 120--140--160 kmph on a road with this kind of traffic? Absolute Shame!
javed haider
Awesome review! I have already booked this car after watching few reviews but this was the one original review that I was looking for. The drive & handling on the rough terrain was incredible. Now I can say with confidence that I haven’t made a mistake.
vineet sajwan
Why risking life of other people including that sales guy.
foru only
to all the reviewers on youtube...this is called a review..hehe
Mohit Pundora
Bhai test ride ki gaadi hai.. Tod Matt dena 😂😂😂😂😂
The Rider Number 9
Kitni baar horn bajayega.. off road pe bhi horn baja raha hai... pure video ki **** kr di
Sunny Dev
And this is called actual review, outstanding
If only ford gad given a bit more boot space to this cracker of a car, it would have made it's way to my garage...
Rahul Adha
Thank you bhai God bless you
Mahesh Chahyal
Bc isko bolte hai test drive and review
Ankush Rathi
Bhai eek din thukega jaroor , apne driving style badal....!!👍👍👍 All the best
Jagjeet Bhinder
22 jeda naal betha usdi ta bund faad ti😂😂😂😂
ashrumochan mohanta
Bhai ab to final freestyle hi kharidunga.....I love ur driving...
shubham patle
Bhai EcoSport trend ya freestyle ka top model lu?
kamal soni
Main jo Jaana chah Raha Tha Woh Apna Sab Bata Diya superb Maine Pehli Baar kisi ke video par comment Kiya
Nitesh Babbar
bhaijaan khet mai kyun bajaya horn
subhranga subhadarsana
I m confuse. By seen this vedio which is better ecosport disel or freestyle disel same engine bt performance diffrent me find da right one.
Great review! This is how a new car should be reviewed- trying it over bad roads. Love u, Bro!
Ketho Viipz
It would be awesome to see this car perform on RAID DE HIMALAYA / Desert Storm Rally . Superb 👍
Dhruv Sharma
Once a wise man said, "Kuch aur ho toh do let me ask" xD 17:38
Sailas Babu
Sir, u did the ACTUAL test drive that is practical and confidence inspiring about the capability of this car. Though we may not drive at 170kmph in highways or 50 or 60 KMPH over bad roads but that talks alot about this car. Your test drive is on practical roads where this will be driven every day. Most of other test drives were not this good. Hats off to you
Ranjith Kumar
I love your driving, just reminds me of how I used to drive my Ritz on the highway.
Tagda Brother
srinivas rachakonda
Sir, between i20 sportz and freestyle which one is better considering parameters like mileage,resale,service and safety. BTW,Your driving skills are really amazing ....and the way if explaining.
Roshan Menon
Bro...Should I go for Freestyle Petrol or Diesel...Looking for Fun to drive and economy quotient keeping the future diesel norms in mind... Loved this video
Do the same test drive with Elite i20 or i20 active.. am sure they will either topple or loose the control in offroading.
Aaditya sharma
milind jee.. aapka video acha laga.. batane ka tarika v acha hai aapka.. but yaar.. aapka camera man sahi nai hai.. change karo usko.. bahot hath hilata hai... ankh me dard kara diya by God... overall good video..
Prashant Durge
Awesome review.. Bhai pls suggest me diesel me freestyle base ya swift 2018 base.. Freestyle pyar se chalyenge diesel me kitna avrage nikal sakti hai? Bhai pls rply
Abhi Jeet
You are amazing man. Gave a thorough and a comprehensive review in a flick of time. Keep it up. And by the way I'm gonna be new customer of freestyle soon.
ndl 0358
Ford rockss..!🔥👍
Freestyle ki asli test drive to apni ki h bhai Maja a gya baki Sab to bas Bolte h Apne real test drive Kiya. Keep it up bro great work..bingooo..
vinod gaikwad
Superb bhai, you rock Aisa test drive shayad hi kisine kiya hoga. Aisehi Aur gadiyonka video banao
Praneeth Rayal
i seriously doubts who takes a budget car for racing? seriously 120s above on indian roads.i give damn no even when i am behind 200bhp engines.speeds should not only based on engine power but mainly on road conditions. aur ey figo fanatic ka review ek dam. :)
Pappu Kumar
Please tell real mileage of Ford Freestyle petrol in city and highway condition. Which model of this Car is value for money
Roshan Hatwar
1st time i watch your video interesting and impressive driving but take care of safety 👍
Binod Kumar
Milind Bhai, pls make a video on freestyle petrol also. I watch your every videos and like it. Pls upload a review on petrol freestyle.
shailendra singh
Is it good for leh Ladakh trip Can it be better alternative to Bolero Do reply and stay blessed
Keerthi chandra sekhar
I like u r driving and review, Sir freestyle petrol top end or i20 elite/active, which is best in all segments...kindly suggest, I am in confusion..... kindly reply. I want to book one, in CSD.
D Musw
what a car !!!.. great & awesome ride quality,, the car is very stable .. with punchy engine... nice review.. thanks man. :)
Jatin Garg
@6:40 bhaiya daro mat lol
sourav ganguly
Bhai do you think the 1.5L diesel engine being used here will stay this good after 50 to 60k run!
Ankit Rohila
Bhai Petrol Bhi Chla Lo Nya Dragon Series Engine..
Mohammed Zeeshan
that was hell of a ride 🤘🏻😁! i booked titanium petrol, hope it won't disappoint me!
this is called desi review by pure punjabi haahhaahah hatts off to you milind pajiiii
great cuv;;;;;;;;;;;;;; this is perfect for indian roads,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, R S Malaunwala, HIMACHAL
Sparton 2019
Thanx man Main itna confuse tha Figo or freestyle ko le ke Par ab decide ho Gaya freestyle have more fun
Swapnil Aghamakar
i20 ka driver experience share karo sir I watching every video of your and would be beneficial for us JAY HIND
Abhishek Negi
Bhai I like your review. you only talk about the practical part no bullshit.. I have a query regarding pickup. Have you noticed any difference in pickup of freestyle vs ecosports?? We found turbolagg with freestyle deasel when we compared it with ecosports. Could you please confirm?
Anil Tripathi
Really practical review , No parchuran bat .
zaaks hammer
Best Car review..rev,brake,good roads,bad roads,stability,suspension..its called something real review ,like it.maruti,hyundai,honda owners beware ,dont give this man u'r car..they feeling their stomachs empty..😂😂😬
Amruta Sonar
Sir, kya freestyle me bhi zyada noise & vibration hai above 100 kmh figo jaisa
karamdeep Singh
Milind Veerey Honest review si gud work 👌 ek din vich hi tohde sare videos dekh le mei camera n audio quality matter ni krdi tusi audience nu quality dere ho dats great . Btw your driving is faad man luv it 😁 i want ki same confidence mere ch v aye gaddi chalan da 👍
Ishant Sharma
Autocar, motorbeam and all other car reviewers should learn from you, how to review a car properly. Best freestyle review uptill now....thanks brother.
Do you suggest Ford Freestyle base model as a first car for mostly in city driving.. I am no idea about driving, Safety is my first priority
Arun Joseph Alexander
Planning to book my first car. But confused between figo sports diesel and freestyle diesel. Looking for fun driving car. Kindly advice
Alok Kumar
Dear Milind ji, You just drove the diesel I suppose. Can we expect the same performance in the Petrol version as well?
Mohit Kumar
Bhai Ford Freestyle Titanium+ Diesel Book kra di hai or ab mera Mood Eco Sports ka ho rha hai Help me With this please am Totally confused.........
Kunal Shukla
This video was one of the reason that i bought Freestyle Diesel and i have to say I am glad i did that.
Rafale Adhi
Is it possible to install touchscreen in figo 2017?? If yes what will the price ??? #figoFan 😊
Best freestyle review 👍
Mayur saikia on
This is call a true review 👍
Sachin Bandral
Awesome review.....wt u sugest petrol or diesel??? Actualy i like petrol versions
Rajasthan India
It's owsome unique khatarnaak review Mene pahli baar dekha aisa Romanchit ho gya
Varun Chaudhary
I m confused between ignis petrol base variant and freestyle base petrol kindly suggest budget is maximum 6 lakh
Himangshu Medhi
Clarify your knowledge.. it's Ford freestyle.. not figo freestyle
Vivek B
What a moronic driving and threat to other people on the public road. And people praising him for that driving here in comments? Pretty sure you drive like this guy as one of the lowest common denominators on the road. If you want to 'test' your skills, go to a race track, doing that on public roads is pure irresponsibility and criminal.
RJ Manish
Kesa Chala Raha tez tez . Esee hi chalyega Ke to kbii na kbii thukk Jayega . 🤔 Bisi horn bahut bajata Re 😏
bht atcha review hai. 8 out of 10. bhaiya aap mahindra bolero ka bhi ek review karo.
Raj here
Swift petrol or freestyle diesel bro?? For city driving
Haja Mohideen
You're fuel tank is nearly empty, still you're speeding. Confidence bro.
rajat goel
Sir which one to choose between baleno petrol or aspire petrol as it is my first car pls suggest plsss which one????
Phani Sista
space and good driving car is requirement ...baleno vs freestyle vs amaze ..which one you suggest
gaurav mishra
I m a big fan of ford brand....Amazing power and superb controlling...No other brand compete this..
rajesh munikannaiah
Hi Bro Honest review... Please let me know ..for petrol how much kmpl we can expect...
Lingala RaviTeja
Pls review HONDA AMAZE DIESEL bro.....
vaibhav singh
Ye banda fast bhi hai aur furious bhi.. Gaand phat gai hogi cameraman ko..... Keep going milind bro...
Ussv Mehar
To all the great souls appreciating this diseased and rash driving, this is a sure shot way to meet " yamraj" prematurely.
Hi could you please suggest Elite I20 Sports Diesel or freestyle Titanium Diesel.
Hi Milind, Which one would you recommend Freestyle or polo or i20 or Nexon?
Ashwin Mehta
i got my diesal titanium freestyle. i wanted to ask that do u have any idea of remapping the car for more power and torque. THIS CAR CAN GIVE 120 bhp and 260 nm of torque
pulkit gupta
Bhaiya plzzz frequent videos bnaya kro.... I really like your videos alot... And thanx for making videos for us bhaiya
Shubham Kumar
eagarly waiting for your review of this car sir, finally its here ☺️
Phoenix _23
Very good review 👍 Bhai Figo cng kb tak ayegi? I had to opt btw k10 cng, celerio cng and santro cng. But I have put my decision on hold despite December discounts as none of these cars are safe/solid build except maybe santro but it's overpriced! Now, waiting for figo cng and new wagon r cng.
Saiyam Gogia
Nice video. Try to upload atleast two videos in a week. Plz
maharishi pareek
Sir , should I go for Nexon or freestyle !? My priorities are high speed stability , premium feel and longivity .thank you
Subhrajyoti Das
i think you were driving the freestyle with diesel engine.......if so plz tell something about the petrol engine
Avee Pandey
Bro should i choose Freestyle Titanium petrol over baleno delta, dzire vxi, grand i10 and nexon xm??
Now Which DISEAL horse to opt keeping in mind excellent driving dynamics + excellent handing with stability , freestyle or ecosport .
test spo
Milind- i have had look at your several videos as i am a car enthusiast. But you do lag in improvisation, your casual attitude does connect but long way to go.. all the best!
vaibhav jena
Advice sir: top spec diesel freestyle or bottom spec petrol ecosports. Fuel cost/milage is not an issue.
Sudeep Kulkarni
Horn ok please 🤣🤣🤣 do more honking. 😁😁😂😂
Gurpreet Singh
Bro you are perfect driver 👍👍👍