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Suzan Abdurrohman
Hahahaha typical Tom "I just wanna thank my self" :P ♥
Naomi 0630
Such a touching episode! Thank you so much for this tour! It was really amazing!
Yüki Stern
Congratulations guys! :) we're so proud of you!! Can't wait to see the second part of FIA Tour!! :D Latin America is waiting for you! ❤️👽❤️
María Jiménez
I've been your fan since 8 years ago, and i'm really proud to all this, it's just incredible, seeing Devililish and now this... Make me nostalgic, hahaha. We love u with all our heart, guys. I'm yours forever 💖💖💖💖
Yoali Stoff
Bill so Hot!😱😱❤️ Oh my GOODNESS!😅💗
Sieren Tokiio
Charly Canales
Guys You´re amazing!!! I'm so proud to be an Alien
Leidy Reyes
A production guys, thanks for the magic .
Valentina Lusuriello
Great job everyone! CONGRATULATIONS! :)
Why Get Faded
It's cool to know that Joesph Gordon Levitt also finds time to be Bill's personal assistant when TH is on tour.
thankyou for this tour, it was amazing!! And thank you for behind the scenes!!<3
Annabel Blanche
So interesting to watch!  (and - for a few moments - super hot)
Diyana De
1:02 - 1:07 so genial ich liebe dich ♥ Biiiill
Ila Ich Fühle
OMG how can i listen the full version of Automatic remix?????
KSophia Jimenez
Bill without shirt 😍 I think I like it
Sorry, I'm drunk))))))))) It was really nice episode)
o R
This is so beautiful i am crying😍😭
Emeline Tryggeseth
Can´t believe I´ve been here for almost 9 years, and I´ve never been more proud!!
Naomi De Meyst
Aww such sweet words from your crew! It proves that you're not blinded by fame. Thank you again for the amazing experience! And a big thanks to your wonderful crew who made it happen every single time! ❤
Thank's guys for all this work, I love "Tom's Band." And Gustav are you drunk.???
Lilla Erős
Hungary loves you <3 come here please^-^ xoxo
Ellen Silva
Great crew, great tour, great band, great job, I love you, guys! I'm proud to be a Tokio Hotel's fan! Love to be an Alien...
Alison Crompton
Congrats to the whole crew for helping to put together such an amazing tour. Special congrats to Erik Bergamini for crafting these excellent THTV episodes. :-)
I love how all the staff talk of them, like, they respect them so much. That's just too beautiful.
Niloofar Arab
Oh Mike!!! You're really lucky :D
Miasto Atramentowych Słów
One minute. Bill... Xd YOU DID IT! ;) BEST TOUR EVER.
L. G.
"You can join the interview" "I'm drunk." This flawless man. xD
Diable Ange
Tokio Hotel it's a great Gang. <3
Mabel R
i remember some of the crew...wow i've been a fan for 9 years...i'm really thankful with the all the people that have took care of them, i really am, and no Tom wtf XD
Areli kaulitz
guys my birthday is April 12 and would be the maximum that will compliment me
That's so cool to see the background of Tokio hotel! =) I'm so proud of you guys! I hope it will be an second part in France with less expensive tickets because i want to see you so much!!! =) love you <3 hope you the best for the future
Mishell Nicolalde
This video is really amazing !... It was interesting to meet the people behind the stage
Betania Fiuza
Lindo e sempre na moda do estilo que ele gosta
Néo John
Maria Alien
the best band in the world <3 <3 <3 <3
I love you guys, thanks for EVERYTHING 3 #Argentina
Sore Alberts
First like ♥ my boys ♥♥
Grell Sutcliff
That's so cool to meet a part of the crew! Without them the show can't goes on! I'm really touched by meeting your crew, 'cause I'm a professional photographer and most of the celebrities doesn't take care about the people behind the lights and... YOU'RE NOT THAT KIND OF PEOPLE 😃! Thank you so much guys! And a huge thanks to the whole crew you're FABULOUS! 👌😉
me here
Caroline Marcz
Tom is me I am Tom
Jana Wetzel
War eine tolle Tour, kann ich nur bestätigen.  Schön, dass man mal die Leute hinter der Bühne kennen lernt und ihre Aufgaben erfährt. Die waren ja auch alle recht begeistert :-)  Das hört man gerne :D
Aleksandra Ładziak
Tom, we wanna thank you to :D It was really great! ♡
agent texas
Aleksandra Ładziak
And Tom, I can be your assistant! :D Hmm? :P
Mari Ka
Congratulations guys, we're so proud of you!❤️
Rafael Luiz
Whenever I watch THTV, I was part of that group, not necessarily playing, this feeling is so amazing. Congratulations and come to Brazil, we expect all staff and the band. #BrazilWantFIA
Jimin's Hipthrust
I love you guys so much. Thank you for this amazing tour. ❤️ We're missing you so much already.
Taehyung's movie looking
omg!xD 1:03 Bill you're super super cute and funny xDD Btw guys nice work, and this episode was great as always :)) Love ya guys <3 ^^
lourrdes gaona
They're also part of Tokio Hotel <3 I LOVE U GUYS <3, it's a great job :3
aww this is amazing <3 great job TH and the crew, :)
Melissa M.
Thank you for this amazing tour. I had so much fun on the concert in Zurich<3 Thanks again ly<3 can`t wait to see you hopefully as soon as possible again on stage<3
(Hahaha Gustav..) xD  Great job guys, tons of respect for you! <3
Ana Salinas
Awww thanks for the episode ^.^ ♡
Tina Tami
Amazing :) Great episode! I haven't had a chance to go to your concert but I know that some day I will. :) I'm really amazed by your hard work. It also inspires ME to work harder :) Greetings from Slovakia :) At this point I wanna thank myself! :) :D - Tom at the end :D
Elizabeth Capristano
its so incredible as I love these guys since 2007 when I saw them at the first time on "Ready, set, Go!". I mean, I love them as if they were part of my family. I grew up with tokio hotel and I'm so proud of them <333 :') I LOVE YOU, GUYS!
BillKaulitzWorld Marie Bello
Great job everyone ... The best tour ever .. The best shows ever .. I saw 13 shows in this tour .. and I have the best Music memories ever .. the best meetings with you Guys .. the best meetings with the Aliens .. thank you everyone for your professionalism..
Fernanda Jari
i ♥ it!!! lo amo!!! #Peru
Carina Germanotta
Loved this episode! The tour was simply amazing and to see what's going on behind the scenes is pretty interesting, I think. :) Cannot wait too see you guys again on part two of the tour! Stay awesome ♥.
Martinaapicella5 Apicella
4 19
Lol Tom at the end x)
Astrid Ortega
I don't know. I feel so proud. I wish I work with you, guys... I believe them when they say that working with you is distressful... I wish I was at least Pumba's assistant😂. No, seriously, congrats... I think you did a great tour.. Just hope to see you in El Salvador some day. Love you. BTW, Tom yo Do should thank yourself, you're so talented😍
"At this point I just wanna..... thank myself!"😂 love you! ahahaha I've loved this episode, I miss all that, but I enjoyed it so much! Thank you guys (and I don't mean only Tokio Hotel) you were more than amazing!❤
Selene Ledezma
Oh Tom please never change! lol Awesome video btw ^_^
Ibelice Ramirez
I loved seeing your crew, guys!! I can see all the love behind everything! I'm really proud of you :-*
Anastasia May
Gustav at the start, oh my gosh my heart melted ; _ ;
Juliana Carvalho
You are the best of the world ... love you !! ❤😍
aditi k
Absolutely incredible!!! Mind-blowing work guys!!! A big thank you to each and every one of you for everything you did, do and will continue to do <3 can't wait for Part 2! Lots of love from India!
Ariane Nina
Thank you for this wonderful episode <3 It's nice so see what people behind the stage are doing :)
Gaia Fristachi
I really like this video. I really like also the work behind this tour, album, etc. Yeah, they are really nice guys and we know it! ;-)
Also deutscher Untertitel würde mehr Sinn machen
You did an amazing job guys! Everyone is so proud of you! Come to Hungary,we are really looking forward to being with you,to being a part of the show! :)
Carolyn P
I really loved this episode!! It was very interesting!! :) Thanks Guys! This tour was incredible <3
Karlaa Martínez
Los mejores sin duda alguna 😍😍😍😍👌👌👌
rena chan
Es increíble lo que pasa detras de todo un gran show a veces me gustaría trabajar con ellos xD
Thanks so much to all of you, the band, the crew, all who made this possible. I feel very proud of each one of you guys, you work hard every day to give us, the fans, only the best. Thank you a lot and a big hug from Peru 💜 I'm still waiting to see and enjoy this wonderful and lovely band performing live here in my country ☺ Love you all so much #FeelItAllPERU <3
Aurora TH__dARI_2001
😍😍😍😍😍 +TokioHotel
Nahla Fathy
1:02 omg he is soo sweeeeeeeeet ❤️❤️
Romane Rose
I wish I could go to one of their concert. It looks so amazing ! But I am way too scared of the girls screaming...
I want to thank you too Tom!!! :-)
Laura D
Wow, what a great video. It was very cool to see the behind the scenes. And how much work and effort was put in each and every show. Im still amazed by them quick outfit changes. I wish I could see once your show live and meet you guys personally as well. Ive been a fan ever since, and its so amazing watching to growing you guys with us fans. <3
Citlalli Hernandez
Tammo and Conrad made me feel like they're part of the family hahaha, thank for all the hard work during this years. You also made it all possible :) by the way...Mike Bastian and Stephanie, now I know your names, hahaha I really admire all the hard work you do not only in one minute but every time, applauses.
One word amazing!!!!! LOVE You Tokio Hotel Berlin 2005 <3 Tokio Hotel my First Band That i LOVE!!! Shirt Poster and stuff I have from you was so great amazing it was in Berlin this Konzert was well
Jenson Tuz
Omg, Bill hat eine Zigarette in der Hand! Kann man bitte jemand den Medien Bescheid geben, damit die morgen darüber berichten können, dass jetzt 1000. "Teenies" damit anfangen weil Bill uns damit mitteilen will wie positiv und toll das doch ist!!!
Black Cat93
I really enjoyed this video. I have never seen a band, from my experience, do a video that highlights all of the people behind the scenes that make the show possible. Everything, from lighting, setting up the stage, sound, effects, instruments, wardrobe, etc. So, seeing this really makes you think, without these people you wouldn't have a show. It's just like in theatre. idk, this is just awesome!
"Everything's going to f*ck up!" aw
Maria Bereza
Guys, thank you for everything you did!
1:47  ist das 'doktor fürchterlich'? (georgs kommentar von der zimmer 483 dvd)? xD
Joanna Królak
Warsaw thanks for a great show and a great end of the tour, I hope to see you soon in FIA part2!!! :)
Anna Popova
Great crew! The "Dreamteam"! Thank you guys for telling us about them!
Niloofar Arab
Bye bye "FIA" tour.
Casandra Krammer
Thank you so much to the crew for making this a wonderfull show. The concert in Hamburg blowed my mind <3
Nabei Sidney
I just have some words for you guys: I'M SO PROUD OF ALL OF YOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!  I really am :'D And the last part, Tom HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH XD I love you so much <3 And I'm waiting forward to see you in PERUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! :D
Mallaury Marquez
Amazing job, thank you guys ! ❤
Part 2 in the U.S 👋
Tatjana Yurkina
Thanks guys! I like this episode) I like FIA tour and I dont forget concert in Berlin)
Estephania Calderon
You guys are amazing!! Lucky me that I'm part of this big alien family 👽👏 Hope to see you soon back in Mexico!!! 😘❤️
gorgeous ! <3 automatic <3
Sophie Ortega
Bill at 1:04 cried laughing hahaha! I love you! XD
Eterfinie Kaulitz
THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH. We could never be more proud of you, the work you guys put into this amazing tour. Thank you isn't even enough!
They speak so much English now 😭😍