Kang vs Thanos Marvel Contest of Champions

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Kang vs Thanos is one of the most epic fights in the game! DWCB takes us into a quest in old ACT 3 to make it happen! Fight is at 5:30 To be part of our Monthly Giveaway and Channel Support /> twitter: />___ instagram:

Night Prowler
How to get Kang?
it would of been cool if kang was your profile pic
Ernesto Gomez
how can i be Kangs friend
BlaZen - Master øf Carnage
i honestly dwcb should make a youtube channel, he has everything he needs to record, he could do a bunch of other things like show us everything thats exclusive to the top tier players
Cupcake and Friends
Injustice all over again!
the one
gaming arena I miss you already man. These other mcoc youtubers don't fill the void:(
insergent panther
I just think he is a you tuber with a lot of talant and should be sherd with other people
We don't need anymore anime
Do the peanut butter jugs come out from his behind!?😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐
Kevin Larrypants
Kang should be cosmic
Кино Студия
идите вы в пизду
Bobban Millan
"Duh littuhl tubs of peanut butter, that's wat I think dey luk liek."
Carlos Rodríguez
why everyone do tht mission? thought i was the only one :p
How to get the kang
When that one dude you bullied in highschool grew up to be The Rock
Hello I Am Bob
Lol complaining about beating Thanos with 3*s rank 4. before the special masteries, i could beat Thanos with a rank 2 lvl 20 duped 3* iron fist. in one try. it is extremely easy
LOL "there'll be six star one day"
Maria Frabell
good vid
Were u the top 10 people to beat real of legends and also how did u get duped Kang
Gaurav Ahuja
Yap i also had to explore it with 3* Lol was hard as shit back then
Omar Neri
you did medium
Gaming Arena, what would you suggest to focus on to get high tier champions quickly?
Can u make a video of Kane's signature ability
Sam Sammy
Damn, Kangs punches are weak. I can finish that thanks with my rank 5 Thor in less then 10 hits lol
Captain Casey VIDS
I didn't even know you could get a Kang
Triggered SJW
I wanna see a Thanos vs Kang battle. Where someone with a 4 star Thanos battles 4 star Kang
Ya Nis
Comment on fait pour avoir kang
bandana jha
this is real good
sikkim travellers
How to get Kang
Emmanuel Alejandro Uribe Arriaga
What did you do to have Kang?? Please, tell me, I want a Kang 🙏
How do you even get kang
Ishaq Ahad
How to get greater gifting crystals
Fionns show
Mi the best
leo leo
Thanos vs collector
Wow thanos is weak!! Why is his pi 4834??
swaglife Boys
I got 5 star mortal iron fist
D L.
Turn the difficulty to the hardest not easiest tool
luiz miguel
thanos e um cara que ta jogando ruim
insergent panther
and share on Facebook and Twitter
Thúy Nguyễn
Omg Cool
Does this guy have his own YouTube channel?
О моей жизни
Arunabha Ghosh
Sentinal vs thanos
Is ıt seen mastery?
Ishaq Ahad
U r right six star is out
Goaty 14
How u get Lang
Andy Allan
texas can i be friends with you? I'm Aaaannnmkjis
cool man
Goaty 14
How u get kang
insergent panther
every body sub to arena
Eric Jones, Jr
Immortal Games sergent
how did you get kang
bobby johnson
how do you get Kang
Daniel's light CR
cant you help gaming arena
venom and deadpool hangout
how do u get kang
О моей жизни
Goaty 14
I mean kang
Dill Pickle
Wow holy shit...with this sig ability at 99 does it mean at full 3 bars at power without armor break he is gonna take literally no damage?
Rene Mai
Gary Terrell
nice video
Tip OK
TJ Combo
Nice video bro. Stuck at rank four on my champs what's the best way to get teir 4 science catalyst ? Thanks .
Francisco Losoya
how long have you been playing?
Kyle Sinanan
did you not get kang from the gifting rank thing that had Kang as a 4 star for the reward ?
clorox bleach
you just earned yourself a new subscriber
Gerronemo Munchacho
its better contest of champions or future fight??
basam logan
asta que nivle se puede llegar
Dude. You completely ignored the fact that he was getting evades left and right, then commented "this was back before evade". Come on. Really?
Aaptai game power
The battle is at 5:32
Soviet Breadcrum
Who is watching this when there are six stars
Vn Hdz
Do u know any new team for perfect block dude?
TheRedKoala 876
Hey can you do dormamu v.s. Thanos
Isaiah Acuna
You good
Kang vs maestro
Joshua Evans
how did he got khan
Joshua Evans
how did he got khan
Darian Lopez
more Peanut Butter Jugs
Rui Raiz
how you got kang ?
how Do u get so much battle chips though
Mike Hill
How did you get Kang ?! Greater gifting crystal ?
srinjay c
How did u get kang??! How does anyone get Kang???!
fernando abraham Gomez
amazing bro i wish have that kang!!!!! give us more vídeos!!!! can you make a vídeo of yours maestries please!!!!
Dalton Kellar
I wish I could spend money to get r5s because I am so much of a better fighter then dwcb
Jesse Gonzalez
bad ass vid bro..tell DWCB thanks as well..
Eric Jones, Jr
are u friends with dwcb?
Gilderson Pires
How did you get the Kang twice ?
Ayaz Azizi
your power was more
хммммм тут все нерусские
Vojtěch Paraniak
how did you get that kang? :/
Itz Your girl gabby
How did he get him
D'Sean lacey
duped I mean
Dipanjan Mandal
how did you get kang man ?
Kevin C
next do thanos vs kang
Francisco Losoya
how you get kang?
osm video bro
Hasan Wilson
I had to beat thanos with all 3* rank 3's.