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On this week's show... The guys got kicked off a plane! Also, David made Jason get his nose pierced, and Jason goes on an all-time rant about David's generation. Welcome to VIEWS. In this weekly podcast, David Dobrik, a 20-year-old, sexy, millionaire YouTuber and Jason Nash, a 40-something single dad with a vlog of his own, take you behind-the-scenes of their vlogs and show you what living the “YouTube life” is really like. Join these two as they confess their most intimate thoughts, discuss pop-culture, and dissect their own contentious relationship. New episodes drop every Thursday!

Jason complaining about how our generation over indulges in emotions but dates Trisha.
I think before people didn't take anxiety seriously so people kept it to themselves. Now that we're in a time where mental health is becoming more accepted, people, especially the young generation are more comfortable opening up about it. Im talking about people who actually suffer from anxiety, not people that try to make pity parties.
I think the word "triggered" was ruined by all the neurotypicals (people that don't suffer from mental illnesses or problems). Something that triggered people was something that actually induced PTSD or anxiety symptoms, not something that made you a little upset. But now, I think some people that suffer from some kind of mental illness say it now to cope about their actual triggers. Some examples would be 1. Shane Dawson says "trigger!" as a joke when his friends make jokes or comments about his body and a lot of people know about his body dysmorphia (they have that relationship where those jokes are okay) 2. On Other People's Lives (Joe Santagato and Greg Dybec's podcast) they interviewed a girl with OCD who would jokingly say, "can't clean my room. Got that oce". 3. Steve Greened shared a story on Justkiddingnew where someone sexually assaulted him, but he was telling jokes throughout the story. People cope in different ways and I think humor is pretty common.
Erica B
If it wasn’t for this generation, Jason wouldn’t have a job
everyone: *hating on Jason for saying this generation is easily offended because they're offended by it* ha
hot bread
well jason maybe you need to stfu about your bi polar disorder then lol
Jason: Hates millennials Also Jason: Hangs out with only millennials and dates one 😂😂 You know you love us Jason
sweet raspberry
Though Jason may have a point,the hypocrisy is real. I mean,look at your girlfriend - she’s an example of arrested development. ☕️🐸
Bella Estrella***17
Thought it was hilarious how Jason spoke about todays generation but honestly so stupid how they as grown adults all got kicked out of a plane , smdh !
I’m confused. Jason saying this generation tells their feelings too much . Ummmm does he know who he’s dating??
Martin Wachira
If jason hates the new generation for complaining, why doesn't he tell trisha that nobody cares about her problems because she practically does everything that jason said he hates about this new generation. Also jason recently made a video titled " I'm having a breakdown" in which he just complains
Jason complaining about everything that his girlfriend does lmao
Marcelo Mendoza
And yet jason has an unhealthy relationship with trisha and acts the same way if not worse than what(generation) he is complaining about.
Tyler H
This would really take the cake if you would have a camera setup like h3 or not even that just you and Jason sitting at a table. If would be cool to see them express things
Jason might be a bit ignorant on anxiety, but he's 100% right about the easily offended triggered gen.
greta Botha
1 = hangs out with millenniums 2 = wouldn't have a career with out millenniums 3 = literally dates trisha who talk about her "anxiety" and what "triggers" her Jason don't be hypocritical
Yes Jason, perhaps the new generation is a bit too emotional at times, but at least they wash more than once a month! :)
annoyed '
Funny 'cause most of Jason's friends are younger than 27
I can't tell if Jason is complaining about people with actual anxiety and the world being more sensitive to these people or the pity-partiers that complain about nothing (and it's not anxiety induced- they just complain to complain)..... Kind of makes him look like he's not keeping up with the time and is just being a bitter old man if a. people misinterpret what he's saying (or he misworded what he's saying) or b. He means the former. I'm just saying I know the pity-partiers that blame the world for their problems, they think nothing is ever their fault, and people need to take their blame. They're pussy-bitches and they're pathetic. I get the anger for them. But I also know people with social anxiety, depression, and agoraphobia. They can't help their body is in a fight-or-flight response for no reason or they become very lethargic, unmotivated, etc. because of neurotransmitters being out of wack.
Ben Keenan
Jason says all this and literally made like 5 video confessionals about his feelings....
I don't know if Jason is joking or if it's just toxic masculinity where he's been taught not to talk about his emotions/feelings, but wow hahaha
Sammy Pigeot
Jason...❤❤❤❤ If Trish 'Thinks' she wants a baby.. 💐💐💐....get her the baby doll with the computer chip. For a few dayz see if she can handle the experience!! OMG!!!Kitchen Floor Melt Down!!! 🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁
sweet raspberry
Okay,has Trisha finally set Jason up against his friends? I’ve never heard him say such things about everyone...
ty dollaz
LMAO jason lives in LA and probably rolls his eyes at everyone all day. i guess you gotta be pretty sensitive to have other sensitive people bother you that much for just existing.
Vlad Noir
Scotty expressed his thoughts on the whole plane deal on his vid and I agree with him. A bunch of idiots who should know better.
evie g
oh, no sounds like Jason is, low key, talking about his girlfriend ( triggered by everything & constantly over indulging in her feelings etc, etc,) ...don't let her catch you Jason or she will destroy you... the greece trip will be canceled ...hahaha! just kidding...
Maxwell Logan
guys he's joking. i'm one of the biggest ""sjw""s there is, and suffer from quite severe anxiety (to the point I could hardly leave my house for almost a decade), but we can't live in a world where no one can take a joke. out of the hundreds of hours of content across the VS videos and this podcast where jason is proving himself to be a sweet guy who means well, we can't take ten minutes of him trying to get a rise out of david and say that represents who he is as a person and influencer
Nathan J Stamey
Jason's the one to talk about parenting skills
How kids act to Jason must be a Cali thing.
al 96
The same thing could be said about Jason's bipolar disorder. I mean my dad is older than Jason and he would probably say the same thing about him as he is saying about anxious people.
Brenda Thayer
I’m 46 and agree with Jason 100% Kids and young adults think they are so entitled this generation! And yes i have kids. An 18 yo & 21 yo
Claudette Hopkins
When r they going to film this? BTW anxiety is a real thing.
Jason saying that we express feelings too much but regularly uploads videos of his breakdowns for the public to see...
What is this?
Jason’s son really is part of this generation honestly Jason is probably just thinking of himself highly idk he talks about raising kids right or whatever when all he does is spoil his kids his son is like 10 13 idk that’s the same age as other people in this new generation it’s a bit of a Hippocrate
Kaylie F
Jason isnt talking about anxiety his talking about people claimimg they have it just cause someone doesnt like them back ex."oh sally doesnt like me i have depression" and lets say the dont have depression ok it offends people with depression so stop acting like you have depression ITS NOT A STYLE ITS A REAL SERIOUS TOPIC
Niddd :
We are pussies
Princess Nugget
Jason minimizing mental health expression is fucked. Good thing that generation is gonna die soon. Jesus.
It’s the media too though. The media is investing too much of their opinions when broadcasting the news. I’ve never seen so many news anchors cry so much when reporting on tough stories. The media needs to start getting back to being neutral and reporting on facts so that the people can make up their own minds on how they want to feel. We need to get back to debating on facts rather than getting so butthurt because things aren’t perfect or going the way they should.
Carmen Chavez
i don’t think olivia wanted to share her school name haha
Thera Warren
Agree with Jason 100%!!!
Nicholas Munoz
1 like=1year for how old Jason is
Yeah I'm pretty Jason has a split personality and is a serial killer by night and a old angry man by day. His emotions are literally all over the place in a regular basis.
Nathan J Stamey
Jason is like the ugly and broke version of Casey niestat
It’s always the oldies that already have a foot in the grave that have THE most shit to say about our generation. 🤧
Nathan J Stamey
Jason takes shoes off mass death of 3000
Arohi Jere
Scott's like,"This is life; mostly sucks." 😂
Nickie Colón
Jason is absolutely right about our generation hahah
Dill Moon
Maybe you shouldn’t live with a bunch of man children. Also you’re the biggest pushover there so don’t try and knock your owners down when you feel small.
Marcelo Mendoza
Jason is so right about the generation thing.
angelica ayala
I like how Jason’s like “everyone is too emotional” and at the very end of the podcast states “you have no idea what kind of day I had” and tries to explain/complain 😂😂😂 I love you guys, I don’t even care if jayson was a little hot n bothered, I still listen 😁😘
Sarah ThatsMe
You guys really need to do this podcast more than once a week cuz once a week is not enough LOL
Luci Andrei
I agree with Jason even tough i am 17
Dottie In Wonderland
Jason is ranting, I think he’s annoyed with his girlfriend.
Darlene 54
Hell ya Jason!!! Your rant about that generation is SPOT ON!! I'm a 54 year old female and remember many times being told by my father to stop crying or I'll give you something to cry about! lol Thats the kind of parenting that makes a kid strong!! Not a marshmellow like todays entitled little disrespectful lazy brats!!!!!
Joanne K
I like how David’s just “your girlfriend was super drunk last night” ... not referring to her by her name. Jason,when are you going to ditch her? Like for real?
Jason is an idiot. Surely he would know that calling the very generation that he profits off of, “The worst generation to come along” was not going to end well. He also just come off as being a hypocrite. He rants about how this generation is too emotional, but less then a month a ago he posted a video on YouTube about having a breakdown and put out a 6 part series documenting his emotions after a breakup. And when he was told to shut up about it from his friends who are apart of the very generation he hates he got mad as if he was expecting everyone to validate his emotions. 🙄 Side note I find Jason calling this generation the worst generation to be simply hyperbolic and inaccurate.
Al Forest
Jason taking his frustrations on millennials ..... this only started when you dated Tirsha. I'm just saying.
this podcast has really made me hate jason.
Jason’s son is gonna rebel. Like all good kids.
Jonathan Belmares
That image of David on his stomach on a pillow on the floor kicking his legs looking up to you with that cocky little smile on that adorable little face. He's the kind of kid that just makes you want to smack them.
Today is my birthday! Perfect timing for a Views podcast! 💜
Brandon Ellis
Jason's right whether we like it or not, everyone around my age or younger gets to triggered easily & although I deal with anxiety it's really all just 1st world bullshit, but David is right when he said it has a lot to do with social media.
Jason has a point
Oscar Nunez
I agree with Jason lol
Michelle Varas
I think what Jason means of his generation being less sensitive is that they didn’t say there feeling as much.Bc o social media people talk about there feeling and say what they think and what’s wrong with things and how they feel which is fine but it’s to sensitive.It like they can’t say anything bc then someone will understand it the wrong way or someone will get “hurt” in a way.And I feel in Jason’s generation bc there ways no social media no one put there feelings out there and opinions or they didn’t have to put “kid gloves” on.
Michelle Varas
The reason I think this generation is more sensitive is because there’s the Internet, because of the Internet people have to be not harsh or not say anything to harsh bc if they do people will say something. if they say something that The other person doesn’t agree with or harsh People will give hate or respond.So in a way this generation has to put there “kid gloves” on and act like that ofcouse not every one does but the I internet is sensitive in a way so bc if that they kinda are too.
Melanie Knight
squoodly toodly
He mentions that he was verbally abused by his dad a lot so it's easy to see why he has this hard mentality, his dad must've beat it into head that that men act a certain way so seeing the guys grow up so sensitive and feminine and have it be encouraged instead of shamed it's understandable to see why he's so angry and confused with it
Taylor S
all these comments are fkn sensitive millenials that are overly triggered because their way of life has been exposed
Mariesha Murphy
Every generation says the generation after them is 'the worse generation'.
Valeria Santiago
David you are my inspiration and even tho I have Depression you get me though my hard times 💞 ly🌸🌼
the comment section is literally what Jason is talking about LMFAO. I'm 25 and I don't agree with him 100% but he's got a really good point
Your gonna get boring if you don't step outside,
Well, I know what my new musically username is
girl rose
jason's old man argument would be valid if he wasn't dating trisha paytas lmao
I officially hate Jason
Lmao Jason hates Millennials everyone else under that is called Generation Z, allegedly
Lana banana
Other than the anxiety part I mostly agree with Jason about our generation
Adaia Perez
I was getting upset that Jason was hating on our generation ... then i remembered he has bipolar disorder . And he’s had a bad day 😂 Plus he’s my favorite from vlog squad so I got over it quickly
Jazmin Smiley
Jazmin Smiley
Happy Rivera
Damn, I feel what Jason is talking about
our generation is able to see other parts of the world and relate to other humans and truly want the best for others and we have more compassion for others....at least that's what I see
Rafael V
I 100% agree with Jason
Adaia Perez
Triggered Is used as a meme
Whitney O'Connor
Yes Jason! Preach! I'm almost 31 and the way younger people think blows my mind!!!
Lmaoo I guess it's not good to feel things according to Jason😂😂
Drew Fraser
There is a 20 minute period that jason is ranting
Mary Cook Moore
Seems like try podcast are getting shorter in time.
Elizabeth Drysdale
You didn't make the pedophilia Ted Talk. It's real, and valid if you take time to learn more about it.
Gerald Leonard
For those getting mad for what jason is saying. I wouldnt take what he says too seriously. 1. He's dating one of the most controversial cry-baby self-centered girls on planet earth lol. 2. He's also bi-polar So his opinion shouldn't mean shit to any of you. Just saying lol 😆
Julie Heffernan
Jason preeeeeeeaching🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Yoeliza Reyes
Damn Jason was TRIGGERED😂😂
Philine Reck
From generation to generation the thought process developes further and the scores on iq tests increase. I think that also applies to emotions and self reflection and is part of the reason why newer generations are labeled whiny compared to the previous ones.
Faith Finley
jason is righttt
Jessica Morris
Olivia didn’t want people knowing where she went!!
Isabel Fraga Sousa
Jason is 100% right about millenialls, and the reason why Gen Z (or Wyatt's generation) is such a nice, quiet and respectful generation (for the most part) is bc they're used to everyone being offended (millenialls) or pissed at young people (gen x/baby boomers) and do their best to avoid that
Fred Reed
Jason is raising his son to be the generation he hates. I think he's fine with that because he loves this generation he complains about. My dood loves to complain.
idk i think our generation is just more sensitive and empathetic towards eachother. Nothing wrong with being upfront and open with people about your feelings rather than keeping it to yourself and letting it eat you up inside then being all miserable when youre like 40 with no real emotional connections with other people cos you couldnt be authentic with people
Sean D
I’m 20 and I do agree with some of what Jason says haha, a lot of people are pretty entitled and everything has to be politically correct