Linkin Park - Heavy (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

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Frog Leap Studios
Hi folks! I was really back & forth on doing a Linkin Park song this week, but I got so INSANE amounts of messages, comments, mails on making a tribute so this is all for you! I had actually started on this song a while back, but never had a chance to finish it so I felt this was the right time. Thanks everyone and R.I.P Chester.
Raphael Angelo Bumatay
i love your shirt man. RIP Chester.
Agostinho Carrara
Now "Heavy" makes sense
Justin Poole
Only thing people are talking about in these comments is what cover they want next :/ so I'll say what NEEDS to be said. Leo this was an awesome cover man, I really felt it. I honestly like this cover better than the original and all other covers. It's not Linkin Park's Nu Metal style it's just a metal cover, just like the title says and I'm glad that is what I got. Thanks Leo I doubt you'll see this comment but if you do, Thank you and keep rocking you do it well.
Pepe Picado
pumped up kicks metal cover please!
Animal I Heve Become of Three Days Grace pls
Sanne G
<3 Rest in peace Chester <3 The world has lost one of the best voices ever!
NOOOO, MAKE Linkin Park Numb or In The End! Hit thumbs up if you agree!!
Never clicked video this fast.
Monsieur Moi
At first with the out of focus camera i though that you cut your hair and beard, so scary!
As much as I love Linkin Park for their contribution to music, thanks for bringing back some of the roughness and power that I feel has been missing since Minutes to Midnight. Great tribute!
It's like chester is screaming all of his pain through the years. RIP Chester
Shane McCrea
chester would shake ur hand did good on this brother keep rocking it out man!!!
Jesus Christ... At first I thought you went bald.
Ap3x Gaming
Leo buddy, why do you have a condom on your head? You good man?
I have all of your covers in a private playlist. I listen to them and update them daily. You're voice and instrumental talent gives me goosebumps. You literally are the best metal artist I've seen. Keep up the fantastic work Leo. We all appreciate you
angel vazquez
make the song of in the end of linkin park
Rock me Amadeus - Falco.
Foo Fighters - Everlong (metal cover)
Why would anybody want a heavy metal cover when they can get a light cloth cover?
Anuwin Mandarin
So far away for A7X cover metal please.
Avenging Angel 88
RIP Bro Chester
Please do more Linkin Park songs! <3
Aurélie Decamps
More of Linkin Park please ! This one sounds sounds so great ! Much Love from France ! 🙏🤘🤘🙏
Josep Tortosa Peris
Where is my mind!!! The Pixies! Pls!!!
Aaron Ceccoli
sleepwalking- bring me the horizon please
Andrew Samosir
Oh my god Thanks leo 😎😎😎😎
this is how heavy shouldve been
Harold Junior
The tragic & sudden loss of Chester Bennington is Heavy. Rest in peace, we will see you again on the other side.
Twee Die Fie
Make cover of Bon Jovi It's my life
Chester would be proud :)
Dean Winchester
Amazing!!!!! Grande Leo rispetto totale per il tuo arrangiamento di heavy, ancora siamo increduli per la scomparsa di Chester, che ha lasciato un vuoto nei cuori di tutti coloro che lo seguivano. R. I. P Chester
Joseph Reinhardt
This shit is really good man R.I.P Chester
ardian syah assafari obay
[Chester Bennington:] I don't like my mind right now Stacking up problems that are so unnecessary Wish that I could slow things down I wanna let go but there's comfort in the panic And I drive myself crazy Thinking everything's about me Yeah I drive myself crazy 'Cause I can't escape the gravity I'm holding on Why is everything so heavy? Holding on To so much more than I can carry I keep dragging around what's bringing me down If I just let go, I'd be set free Holding on [Kiiara:] Why is everything so heavy? You say that I'm paranoid But I'm pretty sure the world is out to get me It's not like I make the choice To let my mind stay so fucking messy I know I'm not the center of the universe But you keep spinning round me just the same I know I'm not the center of the universe But you keep spinning round me just the same I'm holding on Why is everything so heavy? Holding on To so much more than I can carry I keep dragging around what's bringing me down If I just let go, I'd be set free Holding on Why is everything so heavy? [Chester Bennington:] I know I'm not the center of the universe But you keep spinning round me just the same [Kiiara:] I know I'm not the center of the universe But you keep spinning round me just the same And I drive myself crazy Thinking everything's about me [Chester Bennington:] I'm holding on Why is everything so heavy? Holding on [Chester Bennington and Kiiara]: To so much more than I can carry I keep dragging around what's bringing me down If I just let go, I'd be set free Holding on Why is everything so heavy? Why is everything so heavy? [Chester Bennington:] Why is everything so heavy?
SomeWhat Decent
R.I.P Chester you will be missed
fALw X
See you Chester.😭😢
Adam Joseph
Excellent. Yet again... Challenges the original! Now here comes my relentless plea... Led Zeppelin's 'Kashmir' Yes - It already rules. Yes - It is already "metal plated." Yes - Everyone's done a version. But that's why you MUST do it! It's a benchmark, a standard that could only benefit from your brilliance. Do it. Ya' gotta do it! No really... Do it!! Please??? :P
Rafael Aguiar
*You make a metal cover of BON-JOVI*
Rip Chester France please numb
Outlaw Psycho
I'm holding on.. why is everything so heavy metal
iMT Slim
I wonder wut he was wearing then i figured out that he's wearing a hair net
Joel David Ortega Rodríguez
RIP Chester Bennington Thx from Spain
Bryan Oldaker
Once again Leo shows class. Beautiful tribute man....very deserving
Максим ВИПМакс
Trevor Harris
I'd like to hear this song in the style of Nu Metal Linkin Park.
Leo C. S.
Hey I mean it Not stupid but I find the songs always bad until I find them on your canal:p The music from you sounds a lot better than the original ones ^^ Well, I have saved the last few weeks some money and I wanted to buy your albums on iTunes (in the hope that I can support you with it), but I miss there Vol 1-9 And the Last point sorry for the bad English I'm from Germany and I'm a noob in language ^^
Lucas Tozo
make a cover of "september" of earth wind and fire or "big in japan" of alphaville
Leonardo Heleno
Gavin Bee
I clicked on the original thinking that it would be like this I regret it
SLtD TvTh ่
In the end plz
Deno’s 6 string
Phil from Pantera?
Егор Цыба
cover better then original ...
paula .lndmnn
Gänsehaut pur... WOW! 😍🤘🏻
Sagyndyk Mukhambetov
and one more light
hasan maden
Smashmouth All star please
NOOOO, MAKE Linkin Park Numb or In The End! Hit thumbs up if you agree!!
Pete Steve
legends dont die, they stay alive in our hearts..
Robstar 27 L227 27
Can you make a van halen jump metal cover?!
Do cant stop of rhcp !
Jarvan Le Méchant
Your voice is literraly the perfect one for my ears, for my way to listen to metal and heavy metal and etc. This is the voice I would like to hear in every bands. Please never stop to do covers ! I enojoy it too much !
Lucas Basilio
AcceleRacers Germany
Sick cover! ;)
Rz Flame
wow nice
Much better Much better than Linkin Park
Emanuel Sotelo
Lleva un condón en la cabeza o que Xdd
superawesome gamerkid
tiej due kwuf
study deep
Your song touch my heart. All the best my brother
marcos pestana
D+ = The very best show I LOVE LEO SONGS - Made in Brazil
ARTALASKY CG - Как создать игру
I love this voice
Jonas Alves
Será que sou o único brasileiro que gosta desse cover?
Rasta Konoha
Que buenas estan tus versiones! Podes hacer santeria?
Thiago Vinicius
O Brasil agradece pelo ótimo som, parabéns! 👏👏👏
Bela Aruani
Sos un maldito genio!! Esto me llegó al corazón!! QEPD CHESTER B.
Ricardo Santos
Please do Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen!!!
André Luis
Esse solo ficou muito Avenged Sevenfold kkkkmm
R4iden YT
Le faltan 6 veranos a este hombre
Carlos 46
Moriría por escuchar la versión del chu chu wa, chu chu wa, wa,wa de piñón fijo convertida en el maldito chuchuwa heavy de leo! Sería mortal! Todos los nenes cabezeando como unos dementes metaleros!!!!!
Erlend Marthinsen
Endelig kom den.. den første og eneste heavye covervesjonen av heavy... Tusen takk. 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
petu rojo
Please, please next do whatever cover you want.
Adam McGill
A few things. For metal. This is good. The riffs are sick the breakdown was brutal and the screams were a great pitch. The only thing about this song being redone is when Chester sang it there was feeling and passion behind it. And that's not saying that you don't have passion for music I know you do or you wouldn't be doing these covers and videos. But there's so much behind this song. So much of Chester that comes out when he sang it. I saw when other musicians did covers of crawling and other songs they felt what they were singing. This is a great tribute despite my opinions though. Great job on the song. Please forgive me for my criticism though. Linkin park has really hit home for me on a lot of their songs. They did for a lot of people and Chester was the voice that did that. Keep up the music man you do a great job I'm a huge fan. When I saw the title I had to see it.
Lucy Santos Tomlinson
massa mas prefiro a original acho q combina mais
Online Plus
Спасибо огромное !!! Ты показал нашу Атмосферу,мало кто понимает Нас!!!Я ПОЛУЧИЛ ОРГАЗМ!!!
Danse Macabre
Chester may be gone, but never forgotten - I come back and watch this tribute every now and then, to remind me of what a musical genius he was. RIP Chester.
Great Work and a nice Tribute to Chester Bennington :) Love their Songs since i was a small Child <3
flavio buratovich
gracias es un lindo homenaje
Jose Perez
si Linkin Park ubiera esta canción en esta versión metal hubiera sido genial pero no fue asi
Eloisa Lovato
wowwwwwwwwww arrepiada dos pés a cabeça! Muito massa!
Jordany Monegro
Linkin park nunca debió alejarse de ese sonido que los llevo al estrellato.. Ahora que escucho esta canción en metal, me doy cuenta que no había voluntad. Rip Chester
radspeed team 113
I was tearing up the whole song. Nice job Leo Oh and rest in peace Chester. You will be missed
AlmaGuitars André Moura
Hey Leo!! I love your videos!! Make more linkin park and slipknot cover!!
Wesley Marinho
Assim tá bem melhor.
Kevin Rivadeneira
Excelente video, gran cover :)
En este modo se parecen a las antiguas canciones que hacia linkin park
Next try "All Star" by Smashmouth.
jeison rodriguez
deberías crear un cover da la cancion "in the end" de linkin park
bha ker
numb please
Felipe Silva
Por qué tiene una media en la cabeza?
Growing up, I was a HUGE fan of Linkin Park, I did my best to buy every album they released with whatever money I could squirrel away. Minutes to Midnight was when I fell away, feeling that the direction they took wasn't the same one that I needed to follow at the time. My respect for the band has never faltered, even if I did stop buying their albums. I don't know what they can do, as a band, a family, but should Linkin Park announce a new album, new songs, dedicated to the memory of Chester Bennington, they'll definitely have my money. Leo, I only just today found your channel, but hearing this cover has made me into a fan, in addition to reigniting my love of a band I grew up with. Thank you.