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Hi, wow, thank you for everyone who viewed this video. I had this video up and during the first couple months it got virtually no views. Then I come back and see over 16,000! I have been here actually but I will not reply to any comments. This Google+ situation is completely pathetic. Anyways, I just want everyone to know I made this video quickly and not expecting anyone to actually enjoy it. It was simply for my pleasure. But thank you so much. P.S. I read every single comment made on this video. Thank you again. and thank you for listening to the best music in the universe, Tool.

Don't be friends with people who don't like Tool. Life is too short for that kind of negativity.
reno 12347
Parabola should only ever be listened to with parabol in front of it.
Yes, so...I made a Google+ account just so I could reply to some of you guys' comments. I always come here and read the comments. I am so happy you guy enjoyed the video I made. Honestly, I made it really quickly and didn't put, well, much effort into it as I could have. It was just a first test at working with Sony Vegas Pro, and I'm actually really surprised everyone here seems to really like it. I just never expected this video to get this many views. I just did it, as I stated before, as a test to work with Sony Vegas Pro. If you guys really truly want me to make some more Tool videos comparative to this video, but much better. Just let me know. I was strongly considering Reflection as my next video. Please let me know. If I don't get any replies I won't make the video as I work and go to college full-time. But if you guys want it, I'll be very happy to make another one, but much better than this.
Banana born from an egg
Best lyric video i've ever seen, great effort
Tool are a bunch of wise guys. A lot of deep meaning in their lyrics. Love it!
aymen benzin
whenever i feel down this song heals me :')
melektaus nicodemus
Probably the best lyrics in music's history
one of the best lyric videos i have ever seen, good job
Javier Beltran
Tool on shrooms is one of the greatest experiences one could have.
Jami Boothe
Seriously, this vid is better than the official, published one.
Whenever I feel an ounce of depression or just am feeling empty or sad, I come to my favorite band and my favorite song in the world and it relaxes me again like its some natural drug or something. Your lyric video compliments it really well, well done! :)
Patrick Fuller
celebrate this chance to be alive and breathing.      All there is to say. ty for putting this up
Brittany Clark
This song just saved my life tonight...
Matt Sheerin
Does a song get much better than this?
New Cheese
This song reminds me to not take it so seriously and be thankful, and to remember how special it is to be a conscious being. this song is a gift
Subhadeep Bhattacharya
That ending....
Trey Beatty
Gina Hayes
The way you transformed this AMAZING song into this video is seriously BADASS!!
Kieth J
The lyrics= Mind Blown!! Truth!! Love and Light to you all!!
Damián Mateo Rodríguez Llamas
Is just amazing. The video, the music. The holy experience. Marvellous work, just marvellous.
julian lobato
Thanks for this work. When people talk about the meaning of life, or the purpose of life, this song is front center of my response. Our reality, our experience is holy, everything that distracts us from this basic truth is profane. See ya down in Arizona Bay.
Klause Steinworth
Pain is an illusion.....head explodes!
Jeff Gagen
OK mind BLOW. you took song this to a new level my friend.
Christopher Mireles
Could never be pissed at tool taking forever to come out with album. Sure sucks and stings but in the end life goes on and on the contrary, some things do last forever
Francisco Azevedo
"... celebrate this chance to be alive and breathing". i'm an old tool fan but i must confess that your video bring me tears to my eyes. Thanks!
This song is enlightening
Hotrodjman Official
I fell asleep listening to Parabol on loop once... I had a dream that consisted of a man in a black trenchcoat following me around, saying "This form I hold now..." similar to how Maynard said it in the song. Eventually, I wandered into a room where the man didn't follow me - the room consisted of slowly spinning wheels and gears. I stared at the gears for the rest of the dream and woke up like "What the hell..."
First Last
In infinity, there is no random, just repitition. The series of random chance aren't so random because with infinity it must happen an infinite amount of times. To put it into perspective, this is not the first or last time this very conversation, at this place we call now, will happen. This way will happen again, and you will experience it in many different ways, because this thing you are using right now called your self-awareness is as we know it a particular arrangement of matter giving rise to you, will happen an infinite amount of times, in an infinite many ways. Your current conciousness will reoccur in some other physical "self" because that must be a quality of infinity. You can only experience it one at a time because of its constraints. Time is the only thing that gives meaning to all of this stuff we call reality. So don't be sad, this will happen again, just one step at a time. You just have to endure this really really strange place for "now".
Anonymity Ix
damn some serious work went into making this lyric video. it looks amazing. and tool is amazing so it's appropriate. well done
If you are looking for a spiritual trip the album lateralus is a great place to start.
now, 9 minutes later, after seeing how u made this video, enjoying it and singing with it, all I can say is - I want to hug you
Viktor Lobos
How could anyone dislike this?
Tara Call
Whhhhhaaaaawwwwoow! Theeee best video I've ever seen. I just cried. I want to know you
Patrick Riley
Thank you for this video. Creation is devinely inspired, your simple exercise in video making is far more useful than you might perhaps know. Namaste Brother. You have done me a great service and many blessings will flow your way in heartfelt gratitude.
sweet video.   Danny Carey is a special drummer.  
Jaime Lyerly
That was one of the best lyric videos I've ever seen. These songs are so epic, and I've been making art to them for over a decade. I love what you've done here. Great job!
The lyrics are very deep and dark the same goes for many of their other songs you can tell the singer knows certain things about the what really goes on in this world, I do as well but I'd rather not but it out there he talks about eternal life as in the after life and that this pain we feel in this life is only an illusion that blinds us from the truth, in stink fist he talks about not wanting "it" he just needs "it", to breath to feel to know he's alive. Many will quickly assume he's talking about drugs but I think he's talking about something else, something darker, I have my theory's but once again I don't really want to say... All in all it's just pure speculation....
David Russnak
Well done. Most lyrics videos are a bit flat and boring. You nailed the change over too.
Alexander Hall
Pain is the body telling you what it needs. If we had no pain we would die at once. A baby feels the pain of hunger and cries for food. If it did not feel pain it would not cry and would starve in the first few hours of life. Pain is a blessing in disguise. No matter what kind of pain it is, physical, emotional, psychological, or social, it is there to tell you that something is wrong, it gives us the clues to fix it. A great zen master once said listen to your pain as a mother listens to a crying infant. An infant can not express the reasons it cries in words and neither can the body. But a skillful parent can discern the needs of the child even though the child cannot speak. It is normal to want to push away pain, to run from it, especially pain that we do not understand how to fix. But, we must be our own physicians and healers. We must take the time to listen to our pain and discern what its causes are, and what will make it stop. Use your reasoning and intuition. They have served me well. P.S. Nirvana is the state of being where pain becomes as enjoyable to feel as pleasure. When we learn to love our pain we learn to live in bliss, regardless of what assails us. Gasho
Ulquiorra Schiffer
in both parts maynard is talking about a body. and lyric is This body holding me. so, as you can see parabol is slow, deep, and quiet than parabola. in my opinion parabol is about the womb of mum. and parabola is about own body-fast, loud,'' if you check it in parabola - 4:31- he is saying ''ALIVE'' so it's about being born. and before this lyric in 2:12 - he is saying we barely remember, ''what came before this precious moment, choosing to be here''. i can barely remember that our superego is choosing being born in womb -but it may be false i read it 3 4 years ago and if you google it you will see that babies have a memory in womb. and in - 7:24 - lyrics is about growing up.'' I saw a youtube comment from Justifyed Mattitude(if you reading thank you for this again) and combined with my analyzes.first one is Justifyed Mattitude's others is mine Sorry for my english, hope i redounded your awareness. stay in good vibes
This song is a musical and poetical masterpiece. It will caress my soul until the day I die. Pain is an illusion. Respect :)
Trick 2Yi
6:53 - 9:07 = Ear Pornography =D
Mark Richmond
i just wanted to say thanks for this video m8. i was so sick and tired of homemade shitty videos that went with tool music that made no sense. Especially people who thought they understood the meaning to what was going on with the music. This is exactly what i wanted. Lyrics with cool visuals that i could engage with while listening to the awesome music created by tool. Thanks again dude.x
Callum Day
I think this song is about a 4 dimensional being’s experience descending into a 3 dimensional creature. “This body makes me feel eternal” in comparison to what it is now. “All this pain is an illusion” because he’s not actually a 3 dimensional creature. “Choosing to be here” in the 3 dimensional world “Be my reminder that i am not alone” maybe 4 dimensional beings dont interact with other things and descending into 3 dimensions is the only way to do so. Just my thoughts.
We are eternal, all this pain is an illusion.
Kevin Carver
This video is fucking awesome!!! Excellent job!!!
These lyrics really correspond with Eckhart Tolle's teachings! He is a famous spiritual teacher and his stuff works very well for me! I really recommend reading his book The Power Of Now.
Omar Bustillos
Your video came to me at the exact time on the clock. You'll soon start to see the truth in it. You did say you read every comment;) See you on the other side, Anonymous Angel.
this form i hold now approves. one of the best lyric video i've seen
Simon Lingua
Audiovisual drugs, extremely pleasant, just perfect, just Tool. Great job, dude.
Just Awesome.Please do Lateralus,third eye,the pot,right in two.. Thank you period.You're work is sensational.
Bernadette Lioi
parts of the lyric video had me feeling like i was on the enterprise in star trek. and the others felt like some kind of acid trip. but holy shit did it all fit in with the song so well.
Jace Dunn
This song still sends me on an emotional rollercoaster everytime I hear it. At 4:30 every hair on my body stands up. This song is a masterpiece.
Thank you so much for doing this....when I'm having shitty day at work I can easily go to this with my headphones and suddenly things are good again.
This body holding me reminding me that I'm not alone in this body. Makes me feel eternal all this pain.. A chance to be alive and breathing. Tool what would I do without your music🌸🌸🌸
David Cobb
@iamowe1992 awesome job man. beautiful tribute to a beautiful song.
SaFe Sapien
If you made this video it's very well made and I love it. A great song a great background video and great lyric following of the song.
Go Healthy and Live Better
I just want to really really thank the author of this video. Well-done. Regards.
Awesome job!!! Thanks for sharing.
Quick poll: Who is for the removal of the gap or break b/t the two songs (i.e., @3:04)? How many against?
Josh Mac
This is just amazing, thank you!
Good job on the trippin' video, awesome work!
Chris Kovach
FULL SCREEN VIEWING HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!  That and headphones and play at max definition if your computer can handle it.  Oh, and loud... LOUD!!!
Joshua Williams
The best lyric vid I've seen, great job man/woman
Róbert Pántya
This is awesome! There are no words I can use to describe my thankfullness for this video! :)
Dob Williams
people forget to give credit to the instrumentals not just the lyrics and vocals
Jaidee Sky
Seriously, I cannot listen to it without crying. Perhaps the most beautiful song ever written
A very beautiful video, my friend...No need to say something else. Don't Thank us. We, Thank You!
Mireu de Oliveira Simões
holy shiet! this video is better than the original! :P jk but its really nice. congrats to whoever made it.
Alberto Rodriguez
I watch this video everyday! It's just an Amazing production and of course this would never happened if it's wasn't for Tool! 5*****
Durzo Flint
Hands down the best lyric video I have seen, thanks for your time and effort
H3ll Raven
Life is a lot more than church or the bible. There is a higher power, but not in the image we created. Through certain means  we can discover this other reality. We can discover the true meaning behind our conscious, and sub conscious. we can discover what we truly are.  
Alan Mora
Best Lyric video ever!! Keep the good work man :)
Siddhesh Owalekar
The best lyrics video i have seen till date! And this had to be for a Tool Song.. Brilliant work
What other people hear is darkness, what I hear is a song that rose me from the bottom so many times now... Great video, thank you.
SICK! You did an excellent job! Thank you so much for this!
Elijah Romer
Tool's best song
I And I Will Survive
Heyyyyyyy youuuu guuuuuuuyys
Pankaj Singh
thank you so much..this is just amazing.just the best audio video exerience .great choice
Rachael Hilton
Yes. Beautiful video. It illustrates what this song speaks, in my opinion, perfectly. Thank you.
It's breathing
Michele Perrone
Here's my split screen cover of 46 & 2 with Johnkew (drums) and Remi Zik (bass), enjoy! Tool - Forty Six & 2 [Split Screen Cover] HD & HQ
Diego Valdez
You capture how it feels to listen to Tool....thank you for the experience
Andrea Diaz Pulido
yeah really great video man thanks a lot
C.J. Davis
This is the best fanmade Tool w/lyrics video on YouTube
Raúl Campos
Maynard James Keenan, creaste una ODA de la evolución humana, te lo dice un psicólogo de país tercer mundista, como superar esta obra maestra será un trabajo arduo, porque con parabola y parabol mostraste un antes, ahora y un después para los pocos que racionan en un mundo perdido fantástico, no tengo mas que admirar este vídeo que es mejor que el vendiste, porque tiene la letra y el tunel que todos buscamos, que es una respuesta al inframundo que nadie conoce hasta el momento de cruzarlo, gracias TOOL, por ser un referente de pensar y no estancarse en creencias espirituales retrogradas que hacen cegar al ser humano....saludos desde EL SALVADOR, CENTRO AMERICA....
michael patakas
I play Pandora at work all day and they jam loads of Tool...great job on the fan video btw~
Luis P
hey dude, just to say what a great and wonderful video you did!!! thanks for that!
Onute Airapetian
Ačiū gražu..iamowe199
Holi Billii
This is by far the best lyric video for TOOL that I've ever seen! Well done dude! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Jason Mims
Thank you my brothers for sharing. The more I listen the more I share. Thank you ❤️💪👊🤘
Andrew D
The feeling Tool gives me is similar to the feeling I get in nature. It's not happy or sad, it's just there, and it's awe-inspiring.
Incredible! That was awesome
Darren Humphrey
Holy shit. This is probably the only fan made lyric video in existence that also helps with the message in the song. I'm positive tool would approve this video. 10/10
Mikaela Lee
This video was amazing. You did a great job. I would love to see more videos like this!
Tãtjãnã Bögićević
Belgrade 2007. and I was privileged to listen them in live concert.. :D
This is seriously the best video I have ever seen.  
Toma Maria
This song is life changing I swear
Nice! Especially the ending. Nice job on great songs.