War Thunder - Ki-43 Hayabusa

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War Thunder gameplay footage. Flying the Ki-43 Hayabusa. Music: 1. War Thunder ingame ST 2. />Beyond The Stars

You should make an RB remake of this
Please GrmlZGaming I need your opinion! I've seen some videos of you and you're truly good and you even play in AB. Many people tell me not to buy a joystick for AB because I won't be able to get a kill but you are fine with js in AB. What should I do. Should I buy a joystick for AB? I'm not sure if I'll ever play RB. I want to buy the trustmaster t16000m
ki43 is still one of my favorite fighters, only downside is its made of balsa wood and aluminum cans. and it doesnt have access to bombs/torpedos (even though tis mentioned in fighters description)
Only if mine worked.. Am I doing it wrong when I BnZ with the Hayabusa? I mean it climbs like a rocket! :)
Jonah williams
With the hayabusa.
Jonah williams
I'm not good at war thunder, but today I got a 6 kill streak, no deaths.
I use A logitech extrem 3d pro. A pretty standard mid level joystick, i think its currently the most common one among war thunder players.
The joystick you're using, would you think it would be good for me as I'm thinking about using one for War Thunder? I'm not liking mouse aim in historical battles
Yes, i use a joystick :)
Are you using a joystick in the game because you're pulling off moves i can't really do using mouse aim
Hot dang that was some nice gameplay. :) You really know how to make this fighter shine!
Constantine Joseph
This is an awesome plane. Just had a match 8 kill 0 deaths in Hayabusa. It is a sleek and deadly fighter at its level. If you can dogfight well, you will dominate a match.
i prefer this nippy lttle fighter to my high level zeros
Attempt to do it again latter, I shot down 1 Biplane with the Ki-43, by using energie fighting, then 6 or 7 enemy fighters persue me, I hold them for over a minute and a half alone by dodging their shots and trying to outrun them, I flew were most my teanmates were, they didn't help to much, when you loose so many energy even a freaking I-15 can keep on you if you try to escape in straight line at such low attitude, and you can't outdogfight them either...
Yeah, my best match so far was with the Ki-43 as well. With the plane being lvl 2 you get into a lot of matches where not so many people use energy fighting and b&z, almost everyone tries to fight you in a straight up turnfight, so you can get the most out of this plane.
The first match I had with the Ki-43II has also been my best match ever, It was a Ground Strike on Alps, I shot down 12 enemy planes (8 with the Ki-43II) and 5 grounds target, for the loose of 1 reserve aircraft and 2 fighters that I had free repairs on, sadly I was kicked out of the Lobby, and it accounted as a lost match, worse still, I couldn't save a video of pwning. I'm so happy and so pissed at the same time :(