Al Jolson and Bing Crosby - The Spaniard That Blighted My Life

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Hear Al Jolson and Bing Crosby sing "The Spaniard That Blighted My Life" on this unreleased and rare studio recording outtake.

Sister Veronica
Thanks so much for posting this. They were two of the greatest!! I have the CD set that was featured showing Bing and Al on the radio.  Delightful and unforgettable!! Again, many thanks and blessings for your work on helping to keep the memory of these fabulous artists alive.
Bob Smith
Absolutely love this. The other version is even better.
SUPERB...Two wonderful artists, it can't get any better than this....Thank you for posting this brilliant share.
Victor Cowen
In his era Al Jolson was the highest paid and greatest entertainer in the world- people don't realise but he makes the so called pop singers look like small beer.
robert szvetics
two of the greatest singers ever
Allan Osborne
Terrific, bloody good.
Nicholas Reid
Jolson's version is the one most people know, but this song was indeed written by the English music hall artist Billy Merson, who himslf recorded an excellent version of it, and who was also able to prevent Jolson using it in the movie "The Singing Fool" because Jolson was breaching copyright. Great singer though he was, Jolson was notorious for stealing other people's material. Anyway, enjoy this version, but look up the Merson one, which has some purely English references.
Thomas Mckenna
Than you for posting this I loved them both
Alan Pat
5 shillings, takes me back a few years. But the pawnbroker will take it again. brilliant.
Every time I hear Emmanuel Chabrier's Espana, I think of this song. I wonder if the composer of The Spaniard That Blighted My Life used Espana as inspiration for this song? BTW This version was often played on Sunday morning requests on the BBC light program in the 1950s (yes I am that old!) I was brought up on Al Jolson music as my eldest brother was a huge fan.
not heard this version before, only Al's and only then in The Jolson Story, incidently was that bit real?
Nope.   Other version far superior. 
Will Derby
I remember my Grandfather singing this one when I was about 6 years of age
Thomas Mckenna
Thank you for posting this .I first heard when I was child and it was great then as it is now
Richard TheThird
Where are those statues?
Mavis Dracula
I ship them so much!!
Saint Bede
That was marvellous.  Yes, I think it has the edge of their other version of the song, recorded the same day. This one is less "twee".
Eoin F
James wasn't wrong, however. I had a Decca Specialty Series recording of this song (40038A) along with Alexander's Ragtime Band. So you're both right. This does not sound like the Decca recording, though (something different in the line "We could get arrested for this"), unless this is just a clearer copy.
My father used to sing this when I was a child, but he didn't go out for 'nuts and a programme', he went out for 'some cheese and an onion'. There were a lot of 'tiddley om poms' as well. Does anyone else remember this version?
summer storm
what happen to fun songs like this in my life time
aymane aboudou
9gag bought me here
Eu tenho e discos que eram do meu Pai que tem essa versão do "twee tee tee twee...." que você fala
Meu pai amava essa musica e outras, ainda tenho os discos de vinil da dupla. Saudades
Michael Phelan
Sorry wrong record label, it was recorded on the Brunswick Label IP(4387) 03783 I still have the record after more than 60 years along with Al Jolson singing No Sad Songs for Me and Are you Lonesome to Night on IP (5584) 04559
this was one of my favourite songs as a child lol, although it was well before my time, my dad used to play it, such a rare sense of humour :)
ripped off from english comedian billy merson......typical the original for the perfect version..
@daiwilley David, I can confirm with certainty that both sides of the 78 are included on a CD available from the International Al Jolson Society (IAJS) and, I would guess, on Jolson CD compilations, via other sources/outlets.
David Willey
@2havago My father had the 78 rpm that you mention. Now, of course, the question is, is that version still available in any format? cheers, David
@PlayIt4MeAgainSam Mon pleasure! ... :)
Shhh! I'm Watching Silent Films.
Wonderful duet. I've never heard this; very rare. Thanks for uploading.
@goremau My pleasure! ... :))
Mark Hyde
Aussie 40 yr old fan of both...thanks for posting this :)
James Cisco
@2havago yep
Julio David Auster
@jhoskin5376 I'm from Buenos Aires. When I was a child, some 50 years ago, I used to listen to Al's records because my uncle was a great fan of him. I really don't rebember how many times I saw both Larry Parks's films. For me he was my chilhood idol. It was hard to me to understand that such a guy, with all that streght of comunication, could be dead.
cunty bawbag
To many people forget what "real" music Is all about. Im 35 and was brought up on Jolson and various others from the old days when music had feeling and meaning. Love this song and many others.. Thanks for sharing ;-)
@jimmiecisco Thanks for your feed back! It is appreciated. You may like to know there is a slight difference between this recording and the one you had. This is a rare out-take. It was rejected for release from the same recording session. The released track had them singing "Twee tee twee tee twee twee tweetie" (or something like that) at the end. As opposed to the "Ah ah ah" etc. they do here.
James Cisco
I had this record on victor records I believe it was personality series I just can't remember what was on the other side... ok now I remember Alexander's Ragtime band Al and Bing had a duet on that song as well maybe it was Decca it was so long ago.
Tony lawrence Walsh
Good stuff. Where is the statue of Bing located?, anyone know.
I actually found this 78 RPM record (40038 A) in a cache I bought today. This was the B side. The A side was Alexander's Ragtime Band. Its an incredible record.
...and I, you! ... :))
I'm glad! ... :))