✈️#911Truth Part 6: Controlled Opposition: 'Mini Nukes', 'Building 7', AE911Truth Hoax

In #911Truth Part 6 I go over an extensive review of some of the blatant disinformation in the so-called 9/11 “Truth” Movement to illustrate the multi-layered onion-like coverup of what actually happened on 9/11, which is the towers turned to dust in mid-air. The most recognizable “truth” organization is Architects & Engineers for 9/11 “Truth” but also serves as the best example of how controlled opposition works. Instead of urging people to do their own investigations they urge professionals to sign a petition asking the government to do an “independent investigation” into the “explosives” evidence allegedly used on 9/11, in hopes of incriminating the government….. if this isn’t controlled opposition then I don’t know what is. And to make it more blatantly clear what AE911Truth’s purpose is, their logo literally contains the infamous freemason Compass & Square! But regardless of AE911Truth’s mission statement, they not only cherry pick “evidence” to support a mystical “thermite” demolition of “building 7”, they purposely ignore all evidence that couldn’t possibly have been controlled demolition. From ignoring the lack of seismic data, and the literal HOURS of thick dust pouring out of all 7 World Trade Center Towers including the famous “building 7”, to outright banning people that do mention this evidence. In fact one of the founders, Richard Gage, LITERALLY says they ban and censor people that share information they don’t like or can’t explain, such as the brilliant work of Dr. Judy Wood and her book “Where Did The Towers Go?”. And as I explained in my #FreeEnergy Part 2 video, the infamous Steven Jones whom was involved in covering up Cold Fusion in the 1980s and 1990s, was also a cofounder of AE911Truth, because as will be abundantly clear 9/11 is directly tied to the advanced free energy technology issue. Also in this video I cover another blatant disinformation campaign and this time is from the “Alternative” media outlet SGTreport and their pathetic “Mini Nukes” lies. Early last month, Sean from SGTreport interviewed James Perloff to discuss the miniature nuclear device “theory” that James “believes” 2 Israeli “agents” carried nuclear bombs inside 2 briefcases and placed in an elevator below the two World Trade Center Towers. James claims that two nuclear blasts caused so much “heat” that and “explosions” that debris flew across far distances, the bedrock “melted”, ground zero was super “hot”, and the most stupid of all statements ever uttered: “nuclear steam” traveled through mystical sewers to set around 1400 cars in weird fires. Every single pathetic “statement”, i.e. blatant lies, can easily be disproved by just seeing videos of survivors LITERALLY walking on ground zero, moments after the buildings “collapsed”, i.e. it wasn’t “hot” and the ground was barely damaged. In fact an ambulance was right next to WTC 1 and was BARELY damaged! In my extensive video I illustrate in a step by step method so many of the blatant lies by Sean and James. Also included in this nearly 6 hour video is an extensive analysis of other so-called “alternative” media outlets such as David Icke, Alex Jones, AlienScientist, and even Truthstream Media and the Colbert Report, to show that Dr. Judy Wood name is literally off limits by these so-called “Truth” outlets. Hopefully these outlets build up the courage and live up to their name… Stay Tuned for #911Truth Part 7… CORRECTION: @ 2:00:00 The filing cabinet is not found in the "meteorite". Download the notes in my video: /> Video Notes : Part 1: />Part 2: /> Related Videos: ✈️ #911Truth Part 5: 9/11 Ushered in the Global World Government #NWO #Charlottesville #NorthKorea : . ------------------------------------------------------ SUBSCRIBE via EMAIL: /> DONATE! ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ /> Like, Subscribe, Favorite, and Comment Below! Follow us on: Official Website: />Steemit: />Gab: />Minds: />Twitter: />Facebook: />LinkedIn: />Pinterest: />Instagram: />Email me: [email protected] Try our Free Calculators: /> BMI Calculator: />Grade Calculator: />Mortgage Calculator: />Percentage Calculator: /> Try our Free Online Tools: /> iPhone and Android Apps:

Dianne Biddle
AAAAAAgggggghhhhhhh . I really love your work but listening to you reading thru text at twice speed you can work your mouth at with constant changes of thought mixed in is absolutely exasperating . stop laughing at your own asides and pace your narration and you"d do you own excellent work here a great service. Sorry to sound negative but I had to put as much mental effort into unscrambling your speech as into comprehending that which you"re trying to convey. BUT this info is bang on, tho, so thanks GREAT STUFF
Marcelo Tezza
Math EASY solutions with almost 6 hrs of video, JESUS!
The Great Red Spot
Take in to account the incredibly thick gauges of steel that were used throughout the twin towers; a short amount of time analyzing old construction films and/or photographs shows that they were no conventional box columns by today's standards, and were fully capable of withstanding yield strengths of up to 100,000 psi. Every structural aspect of the towers including the exterior load-bearing walls, the core, and floor sections were tied together in a bundled tube matrix. All steelwork in the towers was bolted together by very large bolts, the bolts were then torqued by a pneumatic torque wrench, and finally the joints between the prefabricated sections of steel were arc-welded for a permanent installation. The architect, Minoru Yamasaki, envisioned his design for the twin towers as massive steel trees: 1,360 feet tall with 200-foot² diameter trunks that were quite literally rooted in to the earth and built in the Hudson River itself. Their perimeter columns are similar to the bark of a tree, and their inner core similar to the core of a tree. Now consider the lightweight material (mainly aircraft aluminum) and hollow tube structure of a typical Boeing 737. With an average takeoff weight of about 174,000 pounds (or 65 tons), a maximum-loaded 737 has roughly 0.00013% the mass of each of the 500,000 ton towers. It doesn't make sense for the negligible mass of an airplane to breach the impenetrable outer wall of either WTC 1 or WTC 2, nor does it make sense that a perfect silhouette of passage in the shape of a plane was left in the facade of the towers; a little too reminiscent of a Roadrunner cartoon in my opinion. The official story, along with all other controlled opposition theories, simply push bogus fairytale in an effort to brainwash as many people as possible; an effective strategy even to this day. While Dr. Wood's book may not necessarily have all the answers, she at least has the honesty to admit that fact and still presents some very interesting evidence that points to the use of highly advanced technology in weaponized form. That same technology could be used to solve the world's energy problems and bring about the monumental paradigm shift society desperately needs, a scenario that the global elite perhaps fear the most. As always, excellent video. Keep up the great and informative work. Also, thank you reader for taking the time to read this gigantic YouTube essay of mine lol! PS: I was laughing profusely when I heard some of the utter nonsensical claims that were made in those clips from the SGTreport. It almost seems like they were just making up garbage as they went.
Domingo Mac-Clure
hey there. I received a totally irracional trolling in a different video from an unknown youtuber.... it was an amazing revelation, really! now i'm for sure by first hand that all this info is true. i love my troll! hehehe
I always wondered why the bs mini nukes didn’t make Manhattan uninhabitable😂
Alan Ferris
Has anyone looked into 'SPACE WEAPONS'???? as the images taken from above the WTC site after the destruction shows what looks like circular cut outs, many of them, all looking like some technology was focused from above....
Domingo Mac-Clure
Hey there!, Love you man! I'm starting to watch this videos but your videos had been a before and after on my own personal research! Keep connected, all right? hugs!
This vid was even better than expected. Thank you MES
I was interviewed by SGT report 2 or 3 years ago - but then he just carried on promoting disinformation unchallenged (like most of these talkshow hosts that need to fill talk time.)
Scot Wells
The back of the Pope John Paul coin looks like a depiction of the story in Genesis where Cain killed Abel.
Math Easy Solutions
In #911Truth Part 6 I show that when it comes to 9/11 the “alternative” media such as SGTreport, David Icke, Alex Jones, and freemason Architects & Engineers for 9/11 “Truth”, are part of the cover-up… CORRECTION: @2:00:00 The filing cabinet is not found in the "meteorite", but found in the basement of an ice-cream shop. ALSO: the Kingdome height includes the roof, so a comparison of the rubble should only include the much shorter side-walls since the stadium is hollow. View Video Notes on Steemit: Part 1: https://steemit.com/conspiracy/@mes/911truth-part-6-controlled-opposition-mini-nukes-building-7-ae911truth-hoax Part 2: https://steemit.com/conspiracy/@mes/911truth-part-6-controlled-opposition-mini-nukes-building-7-ae911truth-hoax-part-2 View the full series: https://mes.fm/911truth-playlist View my #FreeEnergy series: https://mes.fm/freeenergy-playlist Help support my research! :) https://mes.fm/donate
Mark Hall
yeah building no 7 decided just shared all 12 insted at once have had bumper sticker on 65 chevy stepside for at least 10 years and what about building no 7
kristy ann
I cant even listen too this. Unreal.
Chiodo Libero
Great work and summary of Dr. Wood's EVIDENCE and of the incredibly engineered ongoing cover-up, which is very difficult to uncover unless people are willing to spend a lot of time and effort to do the research and come to their own conclusions! Kudos to you!
You should look into the snake head which is presented in the popes conventional hall that will really blow your mind. Ohh you talk about it. Nice. Lol I like Ed to but he doesn’t talk about dr judy woods work unless i missed somthing.
Greg and Claire Hall
On David, Ickes site does have mention Judy wood in this article titled "Yes, DEW and Laser Weapons are Being Used Against the American People" A quote taken from the article. "Dr. Judy Wood was one of the first people to gain notoriety in talking about DEW, when she put forth her excellent and well-founded theory of the dustification of the twin towers in the 9/11 false flag operation. Wood pointed out the inexplicable lack of solid matter (concrete, steel, other metal, etc.) that should have been found in abundance on the streets on New York below the WTC but which was nowhere to be found. Where did it go? It was turned to dust. " from his website. https://www.davidicke.com/article/522850/yes-dew-laser-weapons-used-american-people
kristy ann
I hate hashtags.
Bob K
41:10 7 towers?
Deanna Spingola
Dr. Wood has never said what kind of material was pouring out that window or if it was even hot. Steven Jones promoted the disinformation that you are repeating here, claiming Dr. Wood said it was aluminum. Be careful not to believe rumors. What Dr. Wood said was that if Jones wants to claim "it was iron because aluminum doesn't glow," that his argument was bogus -- because aluminum glows at the same temperature that iron glows. BUT, Dr. Wood never claimed what material it was or if it was hot. It is Dr. Wood who pointed out that the orange stuff pours from one window, stops, then pours from another window... and leaves no melted aluminum cladding.
How I made
so youre saying the 1 and 2 was brought down by dew?
Finaly Free
Love ur stuff, , become addicted, ordering the book know fram Dr Judy. What amase me is how so many People from Usa fear God, Bible,.For me religion is this pyskopaths babay, its their making and they have used it for tousands of years to Perfect and take lesson to their NWO. As u can cleary see they use so many of those Tools used in religion today, With fear as their weapon. Keep up the good work.Sorry for bad English, not my native Language.