085 Carla & Stella part 2 with subtitles

part 85 from Folge 3422 Someone's getting a surpirse.... THANKS TO THE TEAM I own nothing. No copyright infringement intended.

violet erin
Why arent they translating anymore? Now that the story just gotten better.. Awwww feeling depressed bere
Alicia W
Is this the last episode that has english subtitles? I would really like to continue watching their storyline, Carla and Stella I mean. Are there any other ways I can watch them in english?
I remember already having a crush on Carla when I was a kid (:
Arlene Bownds
anymore after this episode. I love Carla, such Sophistication, I'm truly intrigue!!!
Minie Pucca
Heu les gens je suis totale amoureuse d Carla <3<3<3
Minie Pucca
me to, she is very beatifull (l)(l)(l)(l)
B-Flors-patito F
im in love with Carla!!!<3
Thank you for all your work!!!!!!!! Hope the TEAM keeps posting!
@CarlaFreak4ever just wondering if this is the last video u made for c&s.. i can't seem to find other series of video with english subtitles.. thank you..
Thank you CarlaFreak4ever so very much for the english subtitles!! I wanna ask...the latest episode (w/ subtiles) is 085? I'm looking forward to see how they end up together....! Thanks for sharing :D
Mandy Edwards
where's 086
Christine Sleeper
Thank you guys sooo much for the translations! I love Carla and Stella! Can't wait for the next episode! On a side note I wouldn't trust Tanja one bit!
joanne khor
When is the next episode coming up, please? check that everyday to see your upload! Looking forward for them to be together!
Wish I could vote all your wonderful works for a thousand times <3<3<3
joanne khor
Thanks for all the translatetion! I have been looking for this for long time....Carla is so gorgeous...Please keep uploading until it end.....Thanks!!!!!
OMG, you mean she's not really their mother raised from the dead. Oh heaven to betsey. Okay, I'm done with the sarcasm. Woo hoo Team!!! And gooo Carla...
Thanks team!
Leigh Smith
Hi, I love your videos so much and I want to thank you very much for uploading them with English subtitles. I was wondering if there was any chance you would upload the episodes continuing on from this? Again thank you x
I haven't watched any of the videos yet. Is this the final video because in the playlist, there are some deleted videos. Thanks.
Erialc Crasher
How dumb Carla is so excited with enjoyment,lovelife and happiness...then DNA fall into bad hands.
violet erin
Omg , now that their back together again! I cant seem to find part 86, now im sad :( cos i cant find any other uploader with english subs!
why are the other vids not longer available?
Holly Cardona
Where is Carla and Stella 086 and up in English title please?