Tokio Hotel TV [Episode 51]: Summer Feeling at the Pool!

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Who is watching it in 2017? :)
Tom Kaulitz et Brenda Germanotta Kaulitz
I love tom's voice he so cute ❤❤💋❤💋
Melina Kaulitz
Que nostalgia me da mirar esto ahora C': Crecieron tanto bebitos♥ :'D
Gluko Peponi
Bill reminds me of Michael Jackson at times
Phuong Chu
I'm laughing to death because of Tom's head =)))
Poly Croft
😂😂 Hello from 2018
Rayne Jovovich
Billy is so hungry))))
Where did Bill get his shirt???? I need to know I love it so much oh my god
Emma Smith
Tom is so conceitedly arrogant but I love that about him. He carries himself well. Still can’t believe this was 10-11 years ago, and I still obsess over Tom and Tom only 😝🐵🙊🙈
Chantal respondek
lovel tokio hotel
awww my boys were so young ♡♡♡
Emily sanchez ochoa
me encantaría encontrar todos los capítulos de tv tokio pero muchas veces no encuentro las continuaciones otra cosa no todos vienen traducidos al español y es agotador traducirlos se les pierde la gracia si uno no entiende ingles, seria bueno que alguien pudiera hacernos el favor a muchas latinas nos veneficiaria.
Moonchild Joon
I love you guys so much I find it funny though ......Hahahahahaha XD
Angel Andrea
Bill i adore much
A1k4 1111
especialy TOM xD Bool shitting al the time! XD
A1k4 1111
JaimeeLynn Henry
tom talks to much lol but u just got to love him anyway (:
Manda Panda1989
Some girls talked about being with Bill and Tom. Maybe the girls that haven't said anything want to respect the guys. If I was one of the girls I wouldn't brag about being with them.
Kirstine Otte
That's Natalie
Nina Parmenter
As in he would have a quick make out session in the pool and then it'd be over,...
Holly Haines
its vegans that don't eat eggs btw, vegetarians just don't eat meat or fish...
Manda Panda1989
The twins don't have a sister.
Manda Panda1989
He was a virgin that time. He wasn't talking about sex cause he wanted to find the right girl to do that with. I'm sure he was talking about holding a girl in the water and kissing her. My sister lives in Germany and people there don't know what peanut butter and jelly is.
Kirstine Otte
A quick f*ck I guess
what's a quickie
Tom is so hot *_*
Manda Panda1989
@MsTinkerbelle87 If you learn how to read people STILL call him gay. Stop being a bitch!
Manda Panda1989
See everyone that says Bill is gay he is not gay! He is talking about girls in this video. But if he was gay I would still love him though <3
...there's so much out-of-the-ass talking in this video that I can't believe it :))
ty ty
he doesn't eat meat. But he can drink milk and eat eggs. most eggs are not fertilized, they are asexual products and won't become chicken. so some vegetarians are allowed to eat eggs.
What "quickie" means ?
ahil s
" i just wanted to make out with a girl in the water " " just for the night" for sure this cant be heard in a korean band...
Teri K. Monte
Oh my god a "Quickie" and they where like 12 X3 Thats Bill...
haha i have dreads and this drives my friends insane
Lauryn Greer
4 years ago, waow :(
Fanny Ståhl
do you know if they're going to sweden?? :)
i know arent you so excited for the new album coming out sometime soon and the expected USA and international tour in 2013?!
I love dreadlocks of Tom!!!
Hristina L. Stoyanova
I believe Bill and Tom were 18, Gustav was 19 and Georg was 20.
Hristina L. Stoyanova
I thought I was the only one to notice!
Karla Mogue
I think 17 or 18...
Karla Mogue
Bill´s face at 3:50 ......Lovely <3 <3
"You look like a blooming flower"
haha you can tell Bill just woke up when he joined them at the pool :P
Nicola A
Bill and Tom were about 18 or 19. I'm not sure about Georg or Gustav. It was quite a while ago though.
no.. strawberry jam is very common in germany :) but not peanut butter.. It doesn't taste good :) in my opinion ;)
cassandra baez
sexxxy womanizers!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it <3
wow Bill and Tom are pimps!! ;D
Zero .-.
haha bill... he is soo cute when he is eating! thats kind of weird for me to say that but its true!!! i love them all <3
I like how Natalie is like what?? you little player, and Bill's like don't judge me, i was just a kid back then... hehehehe that's so totally me. :D
Desera Palmer
@imablue1 Hay try it once, lol, it's really good! :D
Tom is beautiful. lol.
Iliana Ortiz
@imablue1 you should try it its not as bad as it sound. usually i just go with banana and peanut butter lecken!
all unnies call me Pippi
'..just a "quickie" for the water' niiiiiiice xDD
@TheDesolies No problem. :)
Happy Budgeter
Are they translating "girlfriend" correctly? Because it sounds more like"fuck buddy." Damn I wish I knew German!
@vampirezrule10 oh ok thank you :D
@mspottermouth oh ok thanks :)
@TheDesolies It's Natalie.
@rob1pattinson yeah thats what i thought, thank you:) you guys have great eye.
Meister Futzi
Bin ich die einzigste deutsche hier?
Hristina L. Stoyanova
@TheDesolies That's Natalie
who is that girl @ 2:05? somebody said thats the twins sister -_-
Tiffany C
LMFAO so they've always wanted a "quickie" in the water eh?
Bill is the only guy in the world that can make "school" sound sexy xD
Laurence Martinez
Who is the girl with them ?
@THfanatiker Bill might have been a virgin when Tom said he was. I would be surprised at all. Because when Tom said that, he and Bill weren't even 19 and a half yet. While a 19 year old male virgin as famous and as hot as Bill is uncommon, LOTS OF GUYS VALUE SEX TOO. Why wouldn't Bill? He once said "groupie sex disgusts me," and "sex without love is nothing to me." So there you have it. Believe it or not, some people actually ARE virgins over the age of 16.
Елена Стаценко
Билл хомячит!))
@pgndpbfoalyf I know.. I'm still wondering.. why does Bill hasn't fell in love with natalie or dunja.. because I think he must know them really good.. and they are pretty.. at least Natalie. Maybe they are secret dating.. cus Bill is loking for true love, but Natalie is really close to him.. oh well.. I hope he find the right person. [=
@96KRoberts I think they are joking about the dating thing.not sure. but probably they dated in secret ( not telling their parents) and well.. I guess bill is virgin not sure about that either.. but I hope he was joking about the making out part, if not I'd feel really bad. And eggs are not meat.. and Peanut butter and jelly .. I think its just an american thing.. in my country or any other countries I know we don't eat it..;) there's always age limit.. but nobody signs papers for dating lol.
chubby baby
fans are always eager to know who are the girls around them
tom talking at the end ;) lol x
@laylasamantha Its Natalie, Bills make-up artist (:
bill is so small and so breakable. I JUST WANNA HUG the shit outa him.
Anyone else bothered by the ONE dread lock just hanging down at the back of Tom's head? o.O
@IsraKaulitz why??
Sarah Huff
only Bill can make talking with your mouth full of food sexy..only him <3
Isra Kvlt
This video kinda makes me sad ;'/
@96KRoberts you can stil eat eggs if you are a vegetarian but if you are a vegan you cant
hahah i hear snoop in the background!
i thought bill was a virgin? o.0 lol guess not... and eggs? thought he was a vegetarian? lol theyre sooo lieing to us and yeah whats with the peanut butter and jelly thing? i guess they dont eat pb and j in germany often lol and dont they have an age limit to dating in germany like the u.s.? 18 and older cant date 17 and down without parents permission and i think they have to sign a paper if they date a 18 yrold at 12 just saying lol if there isnt an age limit in germany someone let me know XD
i thought bill was a virgin? o.0 lol guess not... and eggs? thought he was a vegetarian?? lol theyre sooo lieing to us
kadie keller
you see they were always attractive! i've got to tell my friends who find them weird about that! *calls friend* IN YO FACE!
kadie keller
@milkshakesforever oh my gosh! that would be SO sexy!
Nicola A
Obviously a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is not common in Germany...
@x0xTHLover4Lifex0x And I just said that I think he was joking for that part...for rest I dunno if they are serious or not. And I just said I wish Tom would speak a bit differently about girls. I don't care if they dated or date lots of girls, etc...they can do what they want as long as they are happy...I just said I wish he would speak about girls differently.
@x0xTHLover4Lifex0x I just said I think they are just joking...coz Tom said he looks for a girl when he goes to the pool, and bill says he already has a girl with him when he gets there and then Tom says ya...I was on my 2nd or 3rd girl by the time we reach the pool. It seems they were just joking. And the fact that they said that when they were 12, they dated 18 yr old girls...come on..they looked like kids at 12, which 18 yr old gilr wuld date them? 14 or 15 yr olds ok...but 18 yr olds:SS
@noangel1088 So you know them well enough to know they're joking, then? C'mon, they're boys...they probably fucked their whole school before Bill decided he wanted a 'true love'
Kirei Tenshi
is dat in vegas. near mandalay bay
WOW! Only 12, some gf's up to 18! haha...those players!
I think they were just joking when they said about picking up girls for the pool...If you read/listen to what they are really saying, it is obvious that they are joking. For the rest I dunno.Besides I dn't think bill is the type to brag about thgs like that. Btw smtimes Tom talks about girls as if they are just toys for him...guys who boast abt thgs like that, I think its pathetic.
no wonder he had that viagra incident....smh
@xPunkxPrincess7x ah ok. but you said "Well, this clears up the rumors that Bill WAS gay." :s
@xPunkxPrincess7x I didn't get your comment. :s
Señor Gato
Bill <33
Wah WHAT. I've never seen Bill like this... me likey!
i find it sooo sexy how they talk when they have food in their mouths. *-* *clicks replay button*
yes this is in the US, Vegas to be percise at the Mandalaybay :D about the bill and quickies thing.. bIll said one night stands disgust him and feels guilty about them... meaning he could have had them before;; he never lied he just was never lear about his sex life. Bill doesn't seem like a Virgin to me anyway.. just my thoughts :D
Toni du plessis
@Angelzide if we all stuck to what we said then the world would be a much more simple place to live. The fact that their guys, hot and rockstars has a lot to do with it. They could be caught in a hotel room doing hookerz and cocaine and that would be the norm.besides what else are you going to do in a hotel room with hookerz talk about world poltics and have some plain yoghurt :)