Eric Bolling Joins Glenn Beck To Discuss BlazeTV And Immigration

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Did you hear the big news? Blaze TV and CRTV are joining forces and Eric Bolling joined Glenn on radio Monday to discuss the merger as well as the news of the day. ► Click HERE to subscribe to TheBlaze! /> ► Click HERE to watch our Glenn Beck videos! />► Click HERE to watch our Glenn Beck Chalkboards! />► Click HERE to watch our Pat Gray Unleashed videos! />► Click HERE to watch our The News and Why It Matters videos! />► Click HERE to watch our Pat & Stu videos! /> ►Click HERE to join TheBlaze TV! /> ► JOIN our NEWSLETTER - /> Connect with us on Social Media: /> /> /> Business or Media, please contact us at: [email protected]

Tisha Morgan
Uggggg…...Glenn you have ruined CRTV. I just came over to troll your channel and see if you actually had support. Hopefully Gavin, Steven and Phil find good homes for their shows now that you are about to ruin what was once a great CONSERVATIVE media outlet.
Libby Hitchcock
I hate that CRTV has joined ranks with Glenn Beck! He is toxic!!
Liberty & Faith
Beck... you ruined a great thing. CRTV was building so much steam.... then you came along. Losing Michelle Malkin and dumping Gavin... My subscription is officially cancelled.
What a disaster for CRTV. Cancelled my CRTV subscription. Glenn has lost his mind.
Big Teddy Bear
CRTV was ad free. Now that you have joined, I am being presented with "A word from our sponsor on and during every show. Sorry, but I have canceled my subscription until you remove the advertising. If I am going to pay for content, it must be free of advertising.
Ericka Williams
live in Austin Texas and Folks here do not want that excess drama. many hispanic people here are not cool with that caravan. There are IMMIGRATION law offices ALL over the place, they stay booked.
the great douchebag
Build a wall Deport all progressives & Democrat politicians who have an IQ level of asking the post office if they deliver
I spend a LOT of time in Honduras. These are NOT normal citizens of Honduras. The few women in the caravan women are obese, and they seem to be pigs in Tijuana. No wonder their neighbors in Honduras don't want them. They are the worst Honduras has to offer.
John Q. Public
ALL of the supporters of this "caravan" FIASCO need to be EXPOSED!!!!!!! I am surprised that Mexico is not requiring the "transporters" to transport these poor people back to their home countries. If the trucks and busses refuse to transport them, JAIL THEM and their SUPPORTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Trump‼️ THE MAN‼️‼️
Glenn you low life. You ruined your own show and now you want to ruin something great Steven Crowder and others. Is it because these people are getting more viewership, of course they are.
Riflemutt Prime
Guess what Glenn, I’m canceling my subscription to CRTV because you’re poisonous to conservatism.
Alfred Jackson
Not convinced that it's over yet...
Suh Cars
BUILD A WALL.... between Glenn Beck and the real conservative movement.
Just like the mass murderer Castro and his Mariel boatlift with the feckless Carter. Honduras is sending us their worst of the worst.
imawesome 1260
You can only manage 10k views on a video cause noone likes you or the gay blaze. Go away
Jamie Black
I see they pulled the promo with all the negative comments about Beck!....He is a fake and controlled opposition for the left! This will get pulled too lol...
jim Horrace
We are going to bomb on everything Glenn touches from now on.. You have absolutely no idea how loyal our people are.
Karl Perra
Thanks for ruining CRTV, you quisling.
Schwifty Joker
RIP CRTV you have officially been killed by the parasite known as Glenn beck.
Joseph Noble
Just joined CRTV right before it got bought by Blaze.... That was a big mistake. I'm definitely canceling.
This fiasco may seem like its over but the track record of the left says either it’s not over or theres something even worse coming to America courtesy of the deep state Trump hating cabal!
GA. Luigi
bill eidaho
Yeah...they are merely dispersing along the shantytowns/enclaves all along the border and are either going to continue their criminal acts, try to break across somewhere, find a coyote, be a mule, get work from a cartel, or settle down, or that was their job, to join or to infiltrate and take over the border cartel, which I think this could be a South American civil war we could see. I just don't see 90% of it leaving. It doesn't stop at wave one. The game continues, wave two, ready, go.
Bullion Forever
Glenn is cancer to the conservative movement, run Crowder run!
YouTwitFace McGee
Ah little Brian Stelter...
Brian Gbur
Build the wall
Dallas Reynolds
Okay to all of the naysayers. Glenn said that he is not in fact in charge of any of their programs at all. All that has happened is that they have decided to join together into a single platform so that they will be harder to silence altogether. Glen said that nobodies program is changing and he isn't in charge anywhere but the blaze studios.
RB Insurance
The same people party who encourages illegal immigration aiding and abetting the criminal act also make the laws the make citizens criminals for housing and giving these people work. They are supposed to be on welfare being paid for working Americans so that Democrats can reap their praise with handouts and their fraudulent votes.
Betty K
The one who paid for the buses is a Jino. Jew in name only. He doesn’t even identify with the Jewish community and they certainly don’t want him. So go ahead, say his name! SOROS! His goals are not American goals. He must be called out at every opportunity!
Like how Glenn Beck tell crtv hosts what they're going to be talking about. the only reason Glenn Beck's took over crtv was to filter what was being said
Joshua Shank
Blue wave incoming.
Cold War Jesus
Bad move Eric !! Run !!
s smswaff
You notice when Beck, gave him the facts on BO's use of same tactics, on the same border, all he could do was hum! Did he truly not know that or was he agreeing??????
Andreas Falk
It's simply the law of karma. Superkarma
some dude
We should use machine guns instead of teargas
Socialism Sucks
Glenn you're a cancer to the conservative voice and opinion just like John McCain was. If you keep it up I won't doubt you get the same Karma fate also.
Richard Webber
I'm wondering if America can expect a second mass migration of (soon to be former) European nationals who believe that the Europe they once knew has already been (or is shortly to be) lost due to the mass immigration imposed upon them by the EU.
Charles Roberts
Here's what happened after the 2012 election: After Mitt lost the election, Glenn Beck, who had previously said that "God" had promised Mormons a win, was heard on his radio show declaring that Mitt Romney’s loss to President Barack Obama proved that “sometimes God really sucks.” The LDS did NOT excommunicate him, how is THAT possible?
Thomas Roberts
Glenn was good when he was on FOX at 5pm est. I liked Glenn Beck until he turned against Trump and Beck even fought with Sean Hannity about Trump. I am still shock that Glenn is still doing the Blaze.
John Trump
Russ Gallagher
Just a few years ago, this Mormon idiot [sorry for the redundany] was an Open Borders Lunatic. Apparently he saw that wasn't playing too well with his target audience, so now he's a hard-liner? Sorry, but I'm not fooled.
Marshall Bishop
Glen Beck was a bad choice Levin. The good book says never yolk your self with non believers and his hatred of Trump should have made him a non starter. Not to mention the name change "BlazeTV" is the worst.
Get Published Now
Welcome back Eric. You have been missed!
Donqlf Zahnke
I want to be on your show Glenn I have A good bit of information to share with you on what is like to have a mental illness
11th Monkey
I have a marketing idea for the Beck Levin merger... Offer free 60 day memberships to democrats with the caveat of not trolling but actually listening with open minds.
Sue Sally
Love the Santa ❤️
Jupiter Five
Glen Beck should join the past leaders of france who were overthrown and into the garbage can.
max power
Congratulations sound fun
Scriptures Only
Trump has used divide and conquer and it has worked MARVELOUSLY on you! Why build a wall? Fine corporations and imprison them that undocumented workers on the books....what's wrong with that? Because Trump HIMSELF will be in prison! Why spend $ when you can MAKE $?
s smswaff
The Bush's can't even pay for their own fathers funeral? The PEOPLE... footing, yet another bill for another, lying two faced Politician!
Free Press
Frightened white Christian conservatives. Oh boy! Let’s listen attentively!
Conservatives unite to get stronger. I love it.
Dario Impini
No offense man but are you seriously using Colonel Sanders as your targeted look? You might as well see if you can get KFC ads running on your channel.
fight for freedom
i like eric bolling. i like crowder. i just cancelled/canceled crtv... screw you beck.... done.
Terry Moore
No one is talking about a dead little girl 6 years old found on the border by the military, after medical DNA she was found to have been raped by 30 men.