Apple Music Event 2008 - 2G iPod Touch Introduction

Announced in September 2008, the primary improvement of the iPod touch (2nd Generation) over the original iPod touch was reduced pricing. The iPod touch (2nd Generation) took some design cues from the recently released iPhone 3G, incorporating its curved backplate. It also included the new iPhone 2.0 OS, which allowed customers to purchase and download device-resident applications directly from the iTunes Application Store. It was available in three models: an 8 GB model for $229, a 16 GB model for $299, and a 32 GB model for $399. In September 2009, all models were discontinued in favor of the iPod touch (3rd Generation) except for the 8 GB model, which was price-reduced to $199.

Miss the good old days!
Still using my 2G and I'm glad it still works perfectly fine!
I got mine for Christmas of 08, This thing helped me pass highschool having the internet in my hand in all. At the time it was a big deal lol
adam is sad
I like the 1st 2nd and 3rd better than the 4th
this is the best ipod ever even to this very day its still amazing 
Dude Sah
“Genius” *suffers from a nostalgia-induced heart attack*
Raphael Moreno
Who’s watching this in 2018!😂
Mr Babangoh's Service Charge Collector
Phil has always been good on stage.
Funny how the built-in speaker, faster processor and physical volume controls weren't mentioned in the description!
Now the iPod touch 2G is 10 years old!!!
Who has the iPod 4 EDIT soon to be the iPod 6
Nour Imam
I wish apple didn't have to kill ipod
i have had an ipod touch 2g 3.5 years ago
New one please stay with that
genesis gonzalez
Haha they didnt know they were gunna create the ipo 5
R.I.P. Steve Jobs. From 1955–2010
Mario A
I still have my second gen ipod touch I use it for music xD
Can you use the apple remote to control this iPod touch from a distance?
Anthony Dirosario
We're is the Battery persentage
Bas Boudewijn
since when did italy win in 2007?
QC Kelly
Your title is wrong. No iPod has 2g connections, or even 1g.
It‘s my very first apple product and I just love it so much, it was so amazing back to 10 years ago, and it still looks amazing nowadays.
11:40 Italy won the world cup in 2006 lol
Samuel Khachatrian
I have the IPod 2 in 2017
Francisco Santos
I miss Steve :-(
Mario A
mine still works lol still love it
1:22 at least he was not lying. The speaker was really bad. But Steve said the truth. 😃
William Parry
watching on iPod touch 5th Generation 32GB Space Grey :)
Ket Monnyreak
I miss my ipod.
WyomingMan 332
Lol I have 3g
Mine better arrive tommorrow.
Владислав Хлус
Kids, please try this at home )
ReKLess Matrix
Who else is watching on their iPod Touch 2G? I have an iPhone SE but I prefer the iPod Touch 2G!