Disco Club Lighting show 梁发勇 夜殿酒吧 BY with Lightsky

Disco Club lighting with 80pcs 230W beam and 16pcs 330W spot produced by Lightsky. www.lightsky.com.cn

Hey there quite the investment you have there, Wonderful! Can you make a new video with better dramatic music? the long pulses in this track made me fast forward every time. Can you add movement to your fixtures too. THe pulsing light changes are great but challenge yourself to use the power of the fixtures, zooms, movement, prisms, etc. Looking forward to your next video!
Einfach den Song von der IQON genommen :D Mit gerede vom DJ
Cody Barkdull
OMG !!!! That was the most incredible and awesome light show , I played it so load it shook the world. I want more !
Miguel Hernandez
this is real?
This is a really great light-show - but the fact that it appears to be installed directly above the tables of a cheap restaurant, doesn't seem to make any sense. Very good lighting design, though.
isa sengül
hammer geil
guangdong is the first place who asambled and produde the light-effekt and equickment a lot of factorys are one the city "the city of lighteffekts industry"
Disco Mobile Le Beat
wow awesome
Was this done on a MA2 console? Well done to the LD.
Louis Marcheux
Superbe prestation Bravo a vous Et un superbe enchainement avec des lyres stroboscop etc... Encore bravo franchement jadore
Clément Rodrigue
If this text had not been present all along the video I would have liked this video.
Amazing lights, bad music.
Cléber Ozias
I'm traveling to Guandong next week. where is this place?????? I need sse it with my own eyes!!!!!
RAUL Quispe
precio de la luzce stas cuanto p
Rainaldo Botter
whats the song?
Noah Murakami
who design this? they deserve some mad props.
Martinski Egtgeheim
I miss laserlights with this kind of music!
ambi wallace
Amazing Light Show!!!! WOW :D
szlakta nie pracuje
tak lepsze
Firas alhunishi
WTF Never see like this
Jasmin Dörfler
übelst geile und auch hammergeile musik
Amazing !!! I have been to many clubs in America, and have never seen anything like this. Excellent work - Thanks for the upload.
light show梁发勇
Dušan Dóža
hoanhao pham
give me full beat disco. please
Ian Hobson
I'm so lost on the word Disco
which controller is used for the show?
Abe Coulter
should have used time code
Isaac Fox
This is art, nothing else or inbetween <3 !
Official DJ Edgarlen
song name? min. 1:34 Please
Luis Esquivel
Yuli. Martinez Curi
estan muy chido
Mathew Shenton
So many try and so few succeed, this is outstanding. I bow down to your vision and skill!
ณรงค์ พิณสุวรรณ์
Holy hell very well done man !
Berny White
AMAZING, I wish we could have one of this club in Slovenia....
nick smymee
light show梁发勇
Po pracy
micki m
What is The name of thar club
nick smymee
carlos alberto guadanhin
Lights are intense lekka!
Koylis Tsol
tha to pa sta grecce exw pai se pano apo 700 club alla ayto einai to pio gamato telos
ณรงค์ พิณสุวรรณ์
ilkay pirgaip
have a great mınd ı use musıc ?
maryam ahmadii
Wow nice 🙌❤️🙌
Christophe S
Nice work!!
LightshowFreak 66
Für das Potenzial was der Typ hat, wenig herrausgeholt
Juan Pablo Vela Herrera
TD? very good
Patryk Dudek
WOW! Amazing LightJockey, good programmed. Cool to see it with Hardstyle music :)
Retro Disco
Lots and lots of identical moving heads and very little else, Not that great in my opinion
sankalp uppu
by far the best ive seen
me aparecio un comercial de lol y ya no me acuerdo que asia aqui
Gily Mendez
zhow de luzez ez perfecto la muzika maz o menos
Antonio Pintor
wooooao is kraizy
Pedro Toxqui
de pocamadre
Libertadores Timão
The Best !
Martijn Vv
Fantastic lightshow !! But...... not much room for dancing with all those tables.....
Celso Lopes Silva
Francis Avellano
I did that happen am dj Francis
Gassie Tim
Brian Chapman
Wow that's awesome
123 34 12
Karsten Wartenberg
light show梁发勇
Oh good
MC Kotwurst
Luis Casildo
les digo que tam pendejos
That is very, very awesome
pablo larumbe casildo
si tienen algun problema preguntele al de los lentes
Cristobal Alvarez beltran
Samuel G
Burning P
great construction looks really badass :)
ice N
miguel hernandez
save as someone called the cansiones containing this video ???
Tomas Mazur
waaau :O please  one song name ?
Robbert Loos
great music and awesome timecode show
George Lee
The lighting show is great, but the songs sucks big time. The lighting would look great with the real ¨RAVE¨ music, than this garbage crappy songs
Javier Peña
Hola alguien me puede decir como se llama la ultima rola grasias
bryan quevedo
Esta de la ptm
Marcel H
Wich Heads used 4 this Show?
Lucos Zalayeta
Where i can find the same Music? With all the sound effects, OR just the effects ?