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/>Subcribe: />Luís Carlos Almeida da Cunha (born 17 November 1986), commonly known as Nani (Portuguese pronunciation: [naˈni]) or Luís Nani, is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays as a winger for Turkish club Fenerbahçe[8] and the Portugal national team. Although predominantly right-footed, he has been utilised on the left wing on many occasions. Nani was born in Cape Verde and emigrated to Europe with his family at an early age. He was raised in Portugal and began his football career playing for local side Real Massamá. At the age of nine, he began training with Sporting Clube de Portugal and S.L. Benfica on alternate days, eventually joining Sporting's youth squad after they offered him pre-season training. In 2005, he made his professional debut with the club and won the Portuguese Cup during his second season with them. Nani was named the SJPF Young Player of the Month for May 2007 and his performances with Sporting culminated into a move to English club Manchester United in July 2007 for a fee of €25 million. Nani won the Community Shield on his competitive debut at Manchester United and since added a number of trophies, which included the Premier League and Champions League during his debut season at the club. He has established himself as first-choice winger at United and has won a further three Premier League titles, the Football League Cup, one FIFA Club World Cup, and three Community Shield titles. Individually, Nani has been included in the Professional Footballers' Association (PFA) Premier League Team of the Year on one occasion and was a nominee for the PFA Young Player of the Year in 2011. Following a loan back to Sporting, in which he won the Taça de Portugal, he was signed for £4.25 million by Fenerbahçe in July 2015. Nani is also a Portugal international. Prior to playing at senior level, he played at under-21 level. He made his senior international debut in September 2006 in a friendly match against Denmark and scored his first international goal during the 4–2 defeat in Copenhagen. Nani has represented his country at two major tournaments, the 2008 and 2012 European Championships. Since his debut, he has made 90 appearances and scored 16 goals for Portugal, making him their fifth most capped player of all time.

Always a delightful player to watch at united. He was so skillful and ruthless, in some respects better than Ronaldo (arsenal fan)
Charles Jaide
This boy's were real footballers... Man... I love you Nani. This idiots called moyes and van gal came to sabotage our club... #🔙
Apeet 69
Luis nani is a pure footballer . I miss him with his cross, shooting . Its so satisfied . Now man utd doesnt got replacement player that can deliver some really good cross, dribbling & shooting at the same time
Nani is one of player that should be called "best player" in the world but Man United should call him Legendary
GR7 Scott
All of his goals are world class
Adolf Hitler
OmAeWa moo Sindeiru NANI?!
Olatunji Alaba
I love this guy more than any man United ex players, very entertainer.
uthman Ali
Most underrated player with alot of skills n bangers Man u Legend
newzy waweru
the ever best squad for man united, chicharito, nani and valencia. no coach ever be better than fergusion
Sam Hajudge
Only one goal from his head. Miss him so much like chicharito and RVP.
Most of the goal came from outside of the box
Major Gnuisance
Nani: お前はもう死んでいる Defense: 何!!!
Ishmael Amara Kamara
Super Star always a star
Paulo Kuhan
better then martial and martial is a star nani alwyes sup that show where man u is now
Nuno Tavares
The way he celebrates, is like Ronaldo s new move
Danton Irelan
These were the good days of Manchester United. Quality.
Mearg Brihanu
underrated player
Sam Hajudge
World class player not respected enough by AF because is actitud.
Anyanwu Stanley c
Honestly his is truly our legend
DiabliQ Black
really i dont watch many football matches but i love back to matches where in arsenal was Thierry Henry. in his "age*" of football he was magician for me to this day i remember his corner score. (* by age i didnt mean his age but status of football) same as ronaldinho (impresive footwork + creative passing ideas), or roberto carlos (the best freekick taker i know) even Adriano (monster with insane power of shot what some of players scared to even block the ball) had crative ideas. right now is more like "1)hold the ball 2)move forward 3)loose it under enemy pressing 4)retreat" once again "1)hold the ball 2)work in to penalty box 3)shoot (miss).... etc" i miss matches where two good known teams fight for every inch of the field. when teams fought score for score evemn in this video was shown match where weaker team had 2 goals when Mu had 4. that was football for me in old videos of matches most of actions with good known strikers in penalty box or even before it was ending with ball in "goal light"** in 85 % actions (notice i count here also when keepers saved and ball didnt left the field.) (** when ball flies in goal direction and with intervention could be scored) i miss football like was in old times when players had fun from playing. when football for them wasnt job but an game, competition were all was asigned.
N'Faly Traore
Nani was better than Ronaldo
manas cs
We miss you Nani..once a red always a red never forgotten.Thank you for everything.
Akraam Ahmed
ilove the backfielp nani
peace and love
"How about that?"
woo chong
Nani Rooney falcao kagawa
John Maina
his long range goals had me out like a light
Fortunate Kamanga
Ronaldo and Nani were resemblance
sgt. king
I am from portugal and for me nani and quaresma are magical its real football players and magic in between!
Ken Wizki
ken wizki
Eugene Antwi
Fantastic by all standard
Wellinton Ferreira
Nessa época ele jogava bola
I was so happy when nani was finally a European champion with Portugal finally got the respect he deserved, if Ferguson had shown the same love he did Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney he would have been bigger than the two combined he stayed on the bench most of his untied career and put a major dent in his morale and self confidence which if it had happened to Ronaldo he would not be where he is today managers play a big part in a players career.
Servant Of Jesus Christ
Those were the days when we were ruthless as a team, we had teeth then, but now I think we only have gum.
Jean Triumph
Y did man u sell him??? If giggs can stay for so long, y can't nani??
Luiz Luiz
Fdj Cnje
امؤت عليك ناني
woo chong
Japanese word?
Muhammad Farhan Bin Shaik Rashid
Head over heels.
Moschszesz Ouma
Mis u
Djalel Le Boss
Martial Mwaura
Mis you nani
Yee wai Htet san
I missyou much nani😰😰😰
Aaaa Bbbb
How is this a top 40?
Mohd Nazri
crappy video