Michael Jordan's Best Play of Every NBA Playoff!

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For 13 post seasons Michael Jordan put on an amazing show for the NBA and its' fans. Watch the best play of every single post season Michael Jordan has played in.

GOAT and it's not even close 🐐
Notorious HZ
Lebron and Kobe are FANTASTIC players. But this... this is untouchable
I'm sitting here watching this and just feeling disgusted by the fact people are saying LeBron James is possibly greater than this guy. It's not simply about stats.
Get Handles Basketball
Still remember seeing him do that midair hand switch layup against the Lakers as a kid. Seemed like he could hang in the air forever...
ashvanee prabhudial
IMO Jordan is to basketball what Ali was to boxing, what Michael Jackson was to music, what Gretzky was to hocky, hell what Hogan, Stone Cold & Rock was to wrestling, what Pac and BIG was to rap, what the Beatles were to Rock and Roll. Jordan simply put transcend the sport of basketball and they'll never be another Icon like him.
badreddine ramdani
How quickly they forget .THis man was unreal
Theng Yang
They said lebron is bigger stronger taller...yes..that's all the advantages lebron has...But the GOAT was a better defender..winner..scorer..killer..pound for pound the greatest basketball player.
julius dogta
Elated Elitist
I wish Jordan was 25 again so he could run up on LeBrick I mean stop comparing a God to a mere mortal.
Arian Hamidi
How the hell have I never seen the dunk on barkley, that was nasty!
فيصل العنزي
Lebron better at losing finals 😂
To this day Bryon Russell is still having nightmares about MJ
that 93.....i dont think yall understand how hard it is to catch and palm a ball mid air
Eren Nazir
NBA had to remind everybody who the GOAT still is
Yoel Pachuco
Just dont argue just watch jordan play and judge for yourself💯
Erick Washington
If Jordan couldn't be checked while hand checking was legal what makes you think he couldn't have been the greatest in today's era?
I believe today's game has more talents as basketball evolved and learned it from the past but the problem is players today are not fully tested due to many game rules has changed. Watching basketball today is not as physical like it used to be and it's easier to score today. Today's game refs are too sensitive to call a foul. A flagrant foul today seems a normal foul before and you have to earned it the hard way to score. I appreciate LeBron's talent and he's one of all the time greats but for me Jordan will always be the GOAT he's done incredible things especially his offensive prowess in the court that no player until today reached his level. NBA fan since 1990's.
keenan ward
bronsexuals disliked the video😂
MJ has a smoothness to his game. Full control over anything he's doing on the court. Lebron's physical advantages help him a ton.
some says he's the greatest other says he's not a human
Kira Sao
There will never be another like MJ.
Renegade Musik
In Jordan’s earlier years, he was so quick...ball handling was top tier, and he could fly. I saw some people saying Lebron, and Kobe’s ball handling was better. Please! Spare me. Lol! Jordan is the 🐐. I thank God I got to watch him play with my Chicago Bulls. 😊
not a lot of people wanted to admit it but in their head they imagine themselves to be Michael Jordan.
It's not just what Jordan did, but also how he looked doing it.
Jay Yan Gunner
No more Debate JORDAN=GOAT
Frank Castle
anyone who says LeBron is the greatest of all time never seen Jordan play
Fuck Bron Bron
MVPs  Jordan - 5 Lebron - 4 Championships  Jordan - 6 Lebron - 3 Finals MVPs  Jordan - 6 Lebron - 3 Scoring Titles  Jordan - 10 Leborn - 1 Defensive Player of the Year  Jordan - 1 Lebron - 0
White Sock
MJ > KOBE > Lebron
Stephen Curry
I love Lebron & Kobe but c'mon neither of them belong in the same sentence with MJ its really annoying. Everytime i watch clips of Jordan im left scratching my head like this dude really played in the league lol shit was unfair
Burt Gummer
I'm old enough to remember Jordan in his prime. I'm a big Lebron fan, but he's not Jordan. Is competition in the NBA tougher today? Probably... Is Lebron as physically skilled as MJ was? probably... What separates MJ from every other great player in history is his drive to win and ability to pull shit off when the team needed it most... Kobe and Lebron both were as good or better than Jordan on a random night playing against some random team on the road... But when it came Finals time or a must-win situation, Jordan took that shit to another level
فيصل العنزي
the real goat
Simply the best. Better than all the rest.
Pure Distance Golf
He would literally break the internet if he were playing in his prime today (87-93). His nightly SportsCenter highlights would create a buzz that no one has ever seen before in sports. Take what he already did and multiply it by ten. As much as he's still adored, I actually think everyone has forgotten how special this guy was, including analysts. When most people discuss or compare Jordan today, they think of 97 or 98 Jordan, not 87-93 Jordan, when he was an absolute freak of nature. They should re air some of his most impressive games, athletically speaking and have analysts discuss what they just saw. I think that would silence any of the non believers in a hurry.
Hassan Abdallah
mj was the greatest athlete i ever seen play any sport. we had all kinds a names for him money, doberman, king, jump man, he was a true superstar his presence demanded triple teams. He perplexed the greatest coaches. When a coach comes out in the finals and says we cant stop him no one can on the opposing side. There was no way that mj would be denied the title greatest of all time. no one was that good and i dont think anyone can ever be. His game was to complete and put that with awesome athletic ability and determination to win every game you have the goat number 23
All it took was me watching the first 33 seconds of this video to remind me that Jordan is in fact better than James.
Chris L.B.
Michael Jordan just fly like an eagle!! Nobody can touch MJ.
John Bills
Jordan doesn't go to the rim by pushing people. He used his talent, basketball skills....I like people trying to put numbers, comparing Lebron to Jordan. Let me laugh....Lebron will never ever ever be like Mike. He'd be a wanna be GOAT, that's all.
Jonathan Sandoval
Lebron James Is The Best Of The NBA, But Michael Jordan Is The Best In History
Lebron is way better at ..... losing
Jake Plate
Then they wonder why people call him the basketball God ... U would have to be totally stupid to believe otherwise
Isaac Meyer
on some of the plays you need a crazy strong core and upper body to pull these off
Justin Venosa
LeBron sucks mj is the god of basket ball every time I play basket ball I honor for how much he has changed the nba
Rush Rush
That one handed grab and bank off the glass against Atlanta was impressive, but very ordinary for Jordan. He could do that in his sleep.
AJ Heat
Hundreds of dislike for the greatest player of all time.? Come on now!
3:23 catch it with one hand. Wow
Grum Pee
MJ is the goat.
Ak Ak
Well LeBron James and Steph Curry as well as Kobe and Durant cannot reach his basketball majesty's plays
john jahred
Remember... lebron will still have no championships if he did not team up with wade & bosh and kyrie & love... so enough with the comparissons already, its not even close...
G6 in UTAH, the greatest shot ever taken and made in the history of basketball by the MASTER!!!
Aleksandras L
i laugh everytime someone mentions lebron in one sentence with mj. there is really some people who thinks that lebron is somehow as great as mj - i laugh at their face
Kai Traina
Lebron doesnt even touch this guy
lazy Fingers
This is why we call your queen Lebrick .... now you understand
Carolyn Brown
Michael is the Best of NBA
0:27 & They said Jordan Wasnt Physical & Jumping Like Lebron 😑😑😑 Gtfoh
GanG GanG
The one and Only true GOAT.. It boggles my mind to see People Compare Lebron to this man.
Johnny Bensonitis
I miss the NBA OF that era... I've always been a Chicago fan, and until the Cubbies came through recently, the Bulls were about the only team we had that we could be publicly proud of lol. MJ was a great champion as much off the court as on and always carried himself so well. Puts a lot of these new guys to shame in terms of off-the-court behavior.
Bobby D
So good, so very very good!!!
Can people stfu about LeBron... Don't even mention him. MJ is GOAT and nobody will ever surpass him. Kobe was the only one that came close... But MJ is eternal GOAT
De Todo Un Poco
the real king
Shame on anybody who says lebron is better than this man. They don't even belong in the same sentence.
Lebron who?
Cliff M
Fact: "MICHAEL JORDAN is synonymous to BASKETBALL" That's known all over the world, until now...
Gucci Papi
Hey Lebron "King" James, I hope you're reading all these comments! Lolllll look who's the real GOAT, Michael Jordan! 😂
Lmaoo and people compare LeBron to this guy 😂😂💀💀
Cedric Luyeye
And Yall telling me Lebron is better than Jordan? please have a seat!!
Who started the bullshit saying ...Lebron James is the greatest player in the world anyway? He isn't and never will be. He's a crybaby.
Victor Ramirez
Hey LeBron, WHO IS YOUR DADDY??? 💪💪💪
Mauricio G.
Hands down. MJ is the Best ever. Labron J. will never be like Mike.
JN Productions
now In what way is LeBron anything near this ... gettin tired of the comparisons, let the goat rest
Max _
he was an absolute magician on offense
Miguel Ángel Meléndez Laboy
Michael Jordan Is Best All Tiempos
Bob Gil
I remember games when MJ appeared to amaze himself with his talent. There will never be another Michael Jordan.
amazing amazing michael amazing michael michael michael michael amazing wow
Stan Lyman
No one can match his skill level. I am not sure he is human. He is the best period.Young blood may try but no one comes close.
YK 15
Pure vintage Jordan.
LeChoke Wishes He Was Michael Jordan
This man treated the regular season like it was the Finals. He wasn't just a great basketball player, but an entertainer as well. There will never be another
President Elam
At 3:15, wth, that hand tho. Palming the ball like that in mid air from a catch. The heck with those spidet hands.
Kamaji San
He is just an hero. I watched him as kid and I am from Germany. This man bring the world together in his Era. This is what he makes him so great.
Forget about Jordan being the best player in NBA history he is the greatest player in all of sports history!
Wayne Grant
It’s laughable that people would even mention Lebrons name in the same sentence with Jordan!!!
Damn I've never seen the 85 and 86 plays, those were incredible
Carolinas Finest
It was thanks to Michael Jordan that basketball became popular around the world. No doubt a legend and in my opinion the best American sport.
Ivaylo Iontchev
No one should ever be compared to MJ. No one. Ever! The GOAT!
Movies: Jordan: space Jam Lebron: 0
Kyrie Irving stole all these moves
THE GOAT - no ifs, ands, or buts about it. P.S. I can't believe they didn't use the radio livecall for Jordan's iconic shot over Ehlo in '89. That audio goes hand-in-hand with the play.
Daniel Lahai
Don't Ever Give Up!
I never seen the one where he caught the out of bounds pass from Pip and caught it with one hand, I just shook my head and realized how good we had it while the Bulls were the top in the league. This NBA and today's NBA is like comparing the 80's and 90's to a junior varsity league.
Lil Poop
I Never seen THAT angle on his last shot b4.. GOAT
System Administrator
Nobody is close
Greg Hicks
These young kids will never get it boiiiiiiiiiiii
The word " confidence " in the dictionary should have a reference stock photo pic of Jordan.
henry graciosa
MJ can Survive in a different ERA of basketball..even nowadays he will dominate..he played of an ERA..were too much skilled CENTERS and PF..H.Olajuwon..D.Robinson.D.Motumbo.P.Ewing..A.Mourning.S.O'Neal.S.Kemp..C.Barkley..etc...the defense were suffocating..back then real Bad Boys were very physical..you can see the differents..even at the age of 38..39..40..of MJ..he can put up a scores of 30+..40+ pts..so l prefer MJ..the REAL G.O.A.T of basketball..
iLove Youtube
No doubt, he's a legend!