The Rolling Stones - Best Blues Collection (33 songs)

Eberhard Lulay
Tears in my eyes, back to the roots and my youth.
I first saw the Stones Nov. 23, 1965 at the Assembly Center in Tulsa Oklahoma. I was a 15 year old guy rebelling against my ol' man who insisted I keep a "flat top" haircut. By the middle of 1966, I was a wooly boy on top. Here is the Set List from that Concert: "She Said Yeah" "Hitch Hike" "Heart of Stone" "Paint it Black" "Mercy, Mercy" "That's How Strong My Love Is" "Play With Fire" "The Last Time" "Good Times" "Oh Baby" "Get Off Of My Cloud" "I'm Moving On" "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" Satisfaction had been on the charts about 6 months. People really kicked it when Keith unloaded the fuzz intro on the audience as the show ender. Great fun, great excitement. Lightning in a Bottle!
Imelda Castro
Track list?
Thank you for sharing:)These are great!!!
Silvio Silva Trevisan
Beleza pura. Legallllllllllllllllllllllllll
Leendert Kerst
Geweldig deze Stones uit de jaren zestig, muziek die nooit verloren mag gaan.
fabio tabaton
i meant simply refreshing ciao!
Killer version of Midnight Rambler from Get Yer Ya-Yas Out. Glad they included it. Champagne & Reefer with Buddy Guy was pretty hot, as well. Thanks.
Arturo Vega
este es el mejor grupo de rock att vega
Hubertus van leeuwen
hot stuff
Dieter L.
Great compilation. Thanks a lot!
Woodman 13
Love it. Great compilation, thanks for this!!
Juan Fortuna
Awesome selection!!! Stones For Ever!!!
John Anderson
I was born 1947 here in Wis.. First time I saw them on the old b&w TV in 64 I believe I was hooked. Thanx
Colonel Hogan
Yawn...the Rolling Stones were relevant back in the day...way way way back in the day. After their great album "Some Girls", the Stones have put out mainly crap with a few nuggets here and there. Did you know that Fitz and the Tantrums are being hailed as the NEW Rolling Stones by major music news sources?
I find back my 60s ! thank you very much......
Egon Maryška
Excellent idea, excellent fun!!!!
Richard Johnson
Great selection but why do they include "West coast promo man "? Thanks for Midnight Rambler. Saw them in Seattle cerca 1969 . Talkin' bout the Boston.. WHAMP !! Unreal !! I love the Stones. Who did the Best "Mona" ? of all time ? I like Quicksilver Messenger Service. You?
Rolling Ormond
Good choices, but where's 'Down In The Hole' off Emotional Rescue? One of their finest latter-days blues.
BJÖRN Olofsson
From the deep deep jungle. Concrete, night trains, bars that don´t close, women, love that hurts, cigarettes & alcohol, strange days...
Gonzalo Grela
Link to download all the mp3? Song by song Thanks
Greg LaPointe
Thanks for sharing, very tasty stuff here!
christian domenack
Ian Stewart who served as the piano player and road manager of the Rolling Stones.
David Holiday
Thanks, Samuel!! This is an excellent compilation - I am enjoying it greatly. "Spider and the Fly" is beautiful.
Harry Bal
Stoned....yeah....Umm hu yeah..
Pierre VPE
Grote keuze van songs en prachtig.
dupont Alex
s'ils n'avaient pas existé, on aurait écouté quoi ?
fabio tabaton
siciaomply refreshing!
Anne Gwinner
Deborah Warren
Love it♡♡
leo man
muuuy bueno.. mucho bluesss!!
Pascal Olschewski
Candy Mungo Daddy:*
Jurresp Dougsp
Slaven Trlin
Good one, cheers to the author
thanks. right up my alley
thank you all who like this vídeo.... I love it all!!!! Thanks for the 400000 likes!!!! Vol. 2 is on the way...
Ralph Harrisson
good old rolling stones!
Ans Pieters
Dit zijn de stones zoals de fans van het eerste uur ze nog steeds graag horen, zeker de beste muziekband aller tijden.
mi liedich
Non di Diou, ben j'viens d'gagner plus de 50 berges... Pu mal nulle part ! Allez Mémé, viens donc par là... Yeath.
Dirk Pearson
This is a really solid collection of the Stones at their black and blue best. I love their straight ahead rock and roll, but their blues is just as good. They are "The greatest rock and roll band in the world" but they are a damned fine blues band too. Thanks for your efforts.
Jorge Nicolini
Emma Cohen
One of my fave bands of all times love the blues era 60's Rolling Stones born in 1982 in uk
A lot of these songs are the "B" sides of singles. The rest are album tracks. If the Rolling Stones were still making music like this, I'd still be buying it.
Woah this is Great! thanks for this!!
Tedje v Es
Yes the most with Bian Jones also On slideguitar the best NOJonesNo Stones Merry Christmas All
peadar macdiarmada
The Greatest Rock and Roll band with the greatest front man ,drummer ,guitarists and sound that's why they are still ROLLING
raymond antitene
Wonderful stuff that I recall of course from my early days. I had a bootleg LP, pressed in bloo with Confessin' the blues, Cry to me and some others... What a sound this was, I am 100% with those who says its all so much better in low-fidelity, all one big rythym section really and so different to anything we had heard before. All in homage to the black people of the US who created this stuff... and they were the resistas of the Civil rights movement and a massive inspiration to the rest of us when the Stones recorded theirs... the naughty side of the Stones is there too with the Spider and the Fly. The Stones remain the only ones ever to take top quality slow blues straight to No 1 with Little Red Rooster.
JB Lazzarini Silveira
Da pesada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love these old songs ..saw them late 60's
Who ARE this band? They sound like they could go places!
Mikey Darkstar
Love the harp. Stones forever!
Umby Linares
blues stones
Andrew Cowin
Wow! Thanks for posting. The Stones really were an unbelievable blues band.
Alfonso Muñoz Güemes
Great collection of wonderful music and grat artists
Alladin Rooijakkers
deze is voor jou Mark the little red rooster ;}
paco puig
and... love in vain?
Jill Lewis
Wow What a perfect collection of old Stones blues. Thank U.
Well done mate ,this is  mega !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jorge Alberto Barón
Ger Brunetta
James Hill
A load of Stones blues, most of which I hadn't heard before. Great stuff!!
josemarcos guimaraes
OOOOOHHHHHHYEEEAAAHHHHHHH!!!! Cheers´n beers from south Brazil!!!
robyn Campbell
They started off with the blues, and will leave us with the blues!
Abdullah Şevki
Thanks... I love you and blues so much guys...
Thierry Deweer
Perfect Little red rooster Brian Jones and the slideguitar
Big Hits
As a 16 year old teenager back in 1964, I remember a bunch of these songs on their first two albums "The Rolling Stones: England's New Hitmakers" and "Twelve by Five", when these were just newly released. Gritty R&B classics. Great covers. Introduced me into that stuff way back then. Saw them at Toronto concert just as "Aftermath" was released.
Todor Todorov
I have no words, simply the best! Thank You!
Miguel Sábat D.
Simplemente genial , uno de los Dioses ingleses Mick y su banda
Daniel Ratner
"I can't be satisfied"........
Dee dee Weit
könte die beste Stones LP seit Stones im Exil sein
ulf kjellström
EXCELLENT MOVE!!!!Happy X-mas(war is over)!
josye gale
Gerardo Trefil
No está disponible
Miguel Sábat D.
Increíble recopilación de los Stone, auténticos, originales y poco conocidos, bravo!
Ronald Parry
Keep the stones rolling lads !!!
Charlie Michelsen
Beautiful collection. Absolutely captures the soul of the Stones! Thanks so much. :)
Jill Lewis
I would buy this collection in vinyl.
Mike Coates
awesome love the stones cookies go well whilst listening
Greg Compton
MAN ❗❗. What a great collection ❗ I've been listening to all their stuff since the Summer of 1⃣9⃣7⃣2⃣ when I was 15 yrs. old "Exile On Mainstreet" and their '7⃣2⃣ Tour caught my attention. But I can't hear a thing. What's wrong⁉ You need to get this fixxed so I can enjoy this! Wait a second, my earphones are unplugged.... NEVERMIND, yea that's better❗
Chuck Jenkins
yeah, this is a nice compilation. ha, short and curlies. had nearly forgotten about that song!  Only obvious omission would be Love In Vain. (which I will go find after this delightful playlist!)
KristianRoberto Grodem
Great mix samuelwitt2 (y)
Rudolf Weiler
Thank you this is great, much better than the official "Blue and Lonesome", the true old originals!
María Alejandra Manson
Sheryl Mcnaught
if you need to charge at MC Donald's on neewbeery Rd take your biz somwere elese they don't want you having some comfory
Dieter Hopf
That's why I love The Rolling Stones !!!
Just for the moment, the Best of! And then there are the Old Stones songs from '63 and '64 and, and ..............................!
Lou Nissart
ISSA The Rolling Stones
Paquette Daniel
The Best!!!!!
Alain Peralma
enregistrement inoubliable
Vassilis Magoulas
the deeper heart of the Stones!
Andrew Brennan
Playing this back to back with Blue & Lonesome. Merry Christmas
Larry Quemere
great set thanks
Yves Leca
Great selection
You just have to get into the studio and the guys are still the best of all bands. And with 73 years. The blues sound the same as in 1964! And do not forget the guitar playing of Keith and Rony!
Bill Hertz
just what I needed
zvona jan