History of the iPod Classic

The beginning of the iPod Classic line actually dates back to the original iPod released in 2001. Now at this time, Apple was still enjoying the success of their iMac and was looking to follow it up with another hit product, and they put their money on the iPod. A device that was miles ahead of any other music player on the market. And that's part of the reason why Apple decided to release a portable music player, they saw a huge gap in the industry and recognized it was ripe for disruption. Now I should mention that the first generation iPod wasn’t actually called the iPod classic. It wasn’t until the last generation when Apple finally gave the iPod line the Classic suffix. Now there are a total of six generations of iPod Classic, including several special edition models. And despite the design and functionality differences of every generation, they all had one thing in common - a 1.8 inch hard drive that was incredibly thin and compact. And it was this component that allowed for the first iPod model to be created, because up to that point, there hadn’t been a high-capacity hard drive small enough to fit inside a pocketable device. So the original iPod’s hard drive had a capacity of 5GB, or about 1,000 songs. And we’re going to find out how the iPod went from 1,000 songs in your pocket in 2001, to 32,000 songs in your pocket by 2007.

I love how something made In 2002 has more storage than my phone which came out in 2017.
Juan Manzano
I'm still using my 160 gb iPod. I hate streaming music
Jake J
My Runescape account’s name is “iPod” I created it in 2001 and still play the game, I think thats a good milestone to share 😂
Dana W
Streaming isn’t any good if you have a taste in music that isn’t available from the streaming service. I have several favorite albums that aren’t even on iTunes.
Bee Cee
"They all had one thing in common..." Yeah they all have the clickwh-- "A 1.8 inch hard drive..." Oh.
Douglas Ceretta Hamerski
I think the iPod Classic has the best design ever made by Apple. That device is gorgeous.
My last gen classic saved my life in a way. In 2012 I had a house fire, loosing everything but the cloths on my back. My PC, electronics,cloths EVERYTHING! However...in my glove box was my entire music collection. My music got me though the toughest time in my life and it was a shame to have to put it in my current display case as the battery is now dead. Apple really fucked up discontinuing it as it was the ONLY apple device to not have to use a fucking app or something that wants your $ for everything. My music, my terms. The perfect music player that will be missed.
Jerome Shelton
Always wanted one of these but I ended up getting an iPod Touch
Steven Manning
I had the iPod 5th Gen, the first one that could play video. It seems rather quaint now, but having actual video playback on an iPod back in 2005 really was a revelation. It was obviously a revelation that would result in the iPhone about two years later.
Robert Etzenhouser
My dad has a 160 gb 6th gen model, and now he's out of storage. They should make a new iPod classic that works the same but has ssd storage and with even more
Daniel Juric
It's a shame that you didn't mention the "7th Gen" iPod Classic 160 GB (2009) Basically it was just thinner than it's predecessor 160 GB model (being .12 in thicker than the 80 and 120 GB models)
You forgot the 2nd and final revision of the Classic (6G) released in September 2009 - the thin 160GB version. The ultimate iPod, in my opinion. Still using mine nearly ten years later.
Aaron eckhart
Any link for buying iPod classic 7th gen 160gb grey version? Please, I will be very much grateful.
There is no better way to navigate through your music while driving than the use of the click wheel.
the metapod
I still use my 2007 80GB iPod classic every day
BloodRider 14
All the people who be triggered by the way he said GIF.
nowadays Apple should made a non-touchscreen iPod like the classic, with flash storage, high quality DAC and wifi/Bluetooth. We need an ONLY MUSIC-purpose device!!!
Ryan Harman
I have every single iPod classic. They all still work. I still use my 2nd gen or my 5th gen daily. I believe this is one of the greatest devices ever to be made. Every new one that came out was impressive for its time. And not to mention everyone drooled over their gorgeous clean design.
Hal J Smokes
You forgot about the 20GB and 40GB models of the 3rd gen iPod.
Jade YouTuber
For some reason i want the 5th gen. And then i saw gorillaz and i was like *its calling for me*
Torch Atlas
Yay! A new video!
still using 6th gen ipod brought just before discontiued will use until breaks
Luke Briggs
For all my disappointment with apple over recent years, the iPod classic will stand as probably my favourite apple device. Simple and direct music listening, with plenty of space. Was a real shame it was discontinued. I was lucky enough to find one someone had thrown out in great condition recently and it was so refreshing to go back to a much more basic device where I could really just be with my music and my entire music catalogue at that. On that note, iTunes will stand for me as the greatest music organiser ever. Other programs don't come close and trying to get your muddled up library on to an Android device is so difficult. I'm glad I still have my iPod to rely on.
ModelTank Films
My dad bought my mom a 6th gen ipod and i can remember playing solitaire or parachute I hated that wall breaker game
Andres Bravo
I remember the iPod Classic as A Kid. Since I Really Enjoy Listening Music and Playing 3 Games built-in.
The Classic came in black, too. I bought a black 160GB unit in Feb ‘08
Mack V
I appreciate the efforts, you put into these videos!
Back when Apple made quality products, I still use my 5th gen iPod. I changed the battery a few years back because it couldn't hold a charge for very long about a couple of hours or less then it would die. It's great for working out or going out for a run. Don't have to worry about my phone dropping.
Go Clunker
Still using my 5th gen 60gb. The audio quality is UNTOUCHABLE.
3rd generation : most beautiful
What is the music you always have playing in the Background I really want to download it but don't know if it's on iTunes lol!
TF Been
I hate Apple, but god damn I loved the iPod Classic. I'm going to mod it with an M Sata SSD soon. With Rockbox, it's simply the best MP3 player ever made.
Favorite Apple Products iPhone:6 MacBook Pro:Unibody 2011 iMac:2010 cause it got dat Optical disc drive
daniel chen
The iPod classic is my favorite iPod.
Apple golden age 2000-2010. Now, its expensive junk.
Still enjoying my whole playlist on my iPod 4 touch 8 year of age! Battery lasts about a week on airplane mode
PR124 Wannabe
To be honest the 1st (and 2nd i guess) gen ipod was designed the best as i have an ipod nano and whenever i click a button my scroll wheel activates
asmit pandharbale
he sounds a bit like tech altar
John Jurmu
the +HP was the first iPod I owned, after the click wheel stopped working. I ended up getting the last 120GB model.
i. love. your. videos [btw i discovered you recently, and im subbed to you since then]
Mr squidy guy gaming
Great job keep it going you are comimg up to 100k!
One fishy boi
You should do a video on the zune line Yeah I know it isn't apple but still..
Melle Nooijen
I always liked all iPods. I hope (but dont think) they will renew at least 1 product of the iPod line.
Abdul willams
The same ones over and over*🤦🏾‍♂️
Nik Thomas
I wouldn't be without my 6th gen 160gb Classic. Sheer class 👌
I was absolutely obsessed with getting an 5th gen iPod when I was in middle school when they came out. Like to the point where I was depressed about it. Looking back at it today still kind of gives me that feeling of lust and envy I had back them. Even though I have a 6th gen iPod that's been sitting in my drawer unused for years.
C. Tauber
I had the 6 and was a rip-off And it broke in under 2 years
3:00 you can see off of the iPod’s reflective back that this photo was taken with an iPhone 4/4s
Chad Charming
Gosh I miss my iPod classic It was the best ever
Toshiba stopped making the drives.
The God Of Pepsi
1:15 look at the bottom left corner. YES MY COUNTRY IS NOW RECOGNIZED1!1!1!1
Mike Ruiz Esparza
I love this history explanation. It makes me remember those iPod amazing and wonderful days. I still keep my iPod Classic 6th generation model and a iPod touch 1st gen in 2019!, love em
Orange Blossom
The movie “Wall-E” made me realize I *needed* this device in my life. We’re still going strong 10+ yrs later. I want us always to be together❤️❤️❤️
Daniel DeGeorges
Just bought a Classic (technically video 5th gen) last week. Upgraded it to use sd cards. Great little machine.
Floyd Bromley
I have a third gen iPod that has a 20gb capacity that you didn’t mention
History of Apple programs History of Apple packaging History of the Retina Display
Shibe Memes
People in early 2000s: * buy a device that only plays music, videos, etc with over 50GB * Me in 2017: buys a whole freaking smartphone capable of so much more (obviously) that only has 32 GB
Declan Opp
History of the Apple remote/IR receiver on some macs please!
Vichev Jr Tech
Emil Dahl
I wish we could have MP3 player with a monochrome LCD screen (or e-ink), a usb-C and flash memory. Imagine that battery time!
I would love to have my iPod classic for my next road trip. :(. I don't need a streaming service. I never would use Pandora one or Spotify anyway
You can stream music for free on a app called Musi.
My first iPod was the pink 4th generation. My battery lasted six hours if I was lucky. 🙄
Lt. Surok
I miss my iPod.. I had the 5th gen 80gb.m, I think the hard drive failed.
Himanshu Dutt
I still love to use my iPod video as a dedicated music player..
Chris Ashby
Goddam listening to every price for every model is exhausting. Really trying to bresk that 10 minute barrier, huh bud?
antony miller
I miss my iPod 160GB classic
What happened to the 2009 160GB before the discontinue?
Veetz Rose
I had the 6th gen. Went through two of them. Still have one of them. Just need to charge it 😂😂
Where can I buy one of these new in 2018?
Bubba John
Brilliant presentation. Bring back the Classic.
Eric Jones
Pronounced GIF wrong, else wise great video!
Jason Will
You keep showing the iPod Color Photo for the iPod 4th Gen
You need to change your subscribe animation with the new logo!
Luis Arciniega
"...It's Greg..."
Armand D
iPod 5.5th gen has the warmest audio quality out of them
the Hatefulcritic34
I have an iPod classic but every time I turn it on a circle with a red x pops up and nothing else loads but that
bleach clorox
Imagine having 30,000 songs. And then think about how much a song cost in the iTunes Store. Lol
benez k
the best iPod lineup ever
Rudie Obias
My first iPod was the 5th generation video. I bought it the week it was released and it was stolen six months later. :(
David Donnelly
Yesss this is the one I was waiting for.
Alvaro Garcia Moreno Caballero (Student)
I have the last version of the iPod classic!
shyam shah
Please apple, we need the ipod classic back with some tweaks please please please 😫😫😫😫😫
Luke Robinson
I'd love to see a new classic released. A touch screen device with physical volume and playback buttons that packs a premium headphone amp, 500gb memory, wireless and streaming capabilities as well as digital radio. It would only be a niche device though since an iPhone is a pretty great music player for the majority of people.
I still have the final generation iPod classic it’s awesome. I wish Apple would make one last final classic with Bluetooth 4.1 and usb-C
Hey Craig or Greg. I just want to make a correction. There was a 7th generation ipod classic that has 160gb of storage. It was my first and last ipod and and the hard drive in it failed and so i gave it away to someone who knew how to repair it. I miss it sometimes. I put all my 3000 songs in it including music videos.
Andrew Gaston
Check out piratept on Etsy. His service upgrades all models of iPod classic.
Alets Kun
This, alongside the GameBoy Advance, are still my most beloved gadgets <3
Not_pewdipie No_rlly
So I might have 5th or 5.5th
Jerone Hall
I still use my 6th gen classic
Jebediah Kerman
History of Siri!
Nuclear Potato
I had the black and white 5th, i still do, but dont use it Edit: I used to watch movies on it sometimes
Amelia C.
I had the U2 Edition
a҉n҉t҉ TM
Interest might wain. However, I still use mine. Bought it new and only in the last year or two is its battery life falling. That's ok. I use my old iphone 4 in much the same way until the classic recharges.
Vladimír Petija
I sold my 160GB Classic for 100 € and spent the money on buying a HTC 10 for a contract + 128 gb SD card.Allthough the phone is GREAT as a music playback device and has a much longer battery life, I still miss the iPod and iTunes and its features. Mainly the ability to remember the playback position which is useful when listenning to long DJ sets , concerts and /or podcast. There is something about the iPod.
Chase Lovelace
I think the iPod is the same as Vinyl or Cassettes. They're coming back because they hold a specific magic. I will never not love my iPod!
Last year I did an SD card conversion on my 20 gig 4th gen click-wheel iPod. It now has 128 gigs and works great! I read a how-to on MacRumors. Ordered the parts + new higher capacity battery online...and was pleasantly surprised it worked perfectly! When reading about other people's success or failures, advice etc. A few people got a faulty converter board from whoever they bought it from on eBay. It was a pain to diagnose a brand new part being bad from the start. Another thing I read, is that the iPods are Very picky about the power cord being used. After-market cords can work just fine when recharging your iPod. But when formatting+installing iTunes on the blank SD card, they kept getting failure to install properly. Someone finally figured out that using the cord that originally shipped with that particular model iPod, was the key to successfully completing the conversion. Luckily, I had my original cord and had no problems. Worked like a charm!
Ronald Guzman
i loved the ipod classic, i had the 6.5 gen 120 gb and wow i missed it so much when it died