F1 Spain 2011 & 2013 - Fernando Alonso Qualifying Lap Comparison

F1 Spain (Barcelona) 2011 & 2013 - Fernando Alonso Qualifying Lap Comparison 2011 lap time: 1:21 .964 2013 lap time: 1:21 .218

Nathaniel Gilliland
2010 beat them both without KERS or DRS: 1:20.937 in Q3.
Ron Sinson
2013 car seemed more under steer who agrees?
That's somehow the same car...^^
it's really obvious where alonso lost time in his 2011 lap....going into that tight left hander into the slow right at 1:04. don't know if it was just a mistake or the 2013 car has more downforce/rear traction
Jesus Firzen
En dos años mejoraron 0'7 segundos? olé Ferrari
raul gomez
mejor salida de curva en 2013
Σωκρατης Δεδες
why the 2011 car slower back then they had blown diffuser so why its slower unless in 2013 they had better front wing and more downforce
Piotr Jakubowski
In 2011 cars of Scuderia Ferrari were weak. In 2013 Alonso could achieve some better time, but unfortunately, he made a mistake near 5th curve.
Nicolás Soto
In 2013 the lap was even faster than the 2011 lap witch he could have unlimited DRS
ToTheMax: Vlogging
0.7 seconds faster on the harder compound tyre