Pole Dancing Fails 😂💃 Epic Pole Dancing Fails (Full) [Epic Life]

Check out and try not laugh at this video! Subscribe for weekly videos! Pole dancing requires skills and physical strength. You must have a strong stamina and it will take more time in order to perfect it. You will experience a lot of bruises and pain before you can do it right. Are you ready for everything just to perfect it? Check this out! We have compiled several clips of pole dancing fails that was caught o cam. What are you waiting for? Click the play button now and enjoy! --------------------- subscribe /> Pole Dancing Fails: /> Subscribe to Epic Life Channel to make sure you catch the absolute best in funny videos! More Epic Life videos: Thanks for watching Epic Life!

Rachael Klein
Geez, have they not invented poles that bolt into the ceiling yet? Most of these look like the same pressure poles you would use in the closet.
Stephanie Jacobs
Due to the pressure and momentum exerted on the pole they need to have a sturdy anchored attachment to prevent even small movements that the pole shouldn’t make. Many of these poles slip slightly and then fully fail on a second turn around to the same area that it’s slid towards. It’s commonly called safety and common sense
And this is why it is not a bad idea to spend a little extra and get a proper pole that can be secured properly.
2:23 is how i lost my flat screen tv
That girl at 3:30 was so blown 😂😂 I feel her!
zzωq {LZZZ}
Pendejas :v
1:46 You are beautiful.
On those poles used in the house . Along with the "twist to tighten" function of the pole they should include an option of an anchor ( Lag bolt, large screw) right in the top center of the pole which can be screwed into the truss (stud) in the ceiling.Don't think a anchor through just drywall would cut it. Hard to watch you athletic ladies hurt yourself.
2:42 to 2:51 was so bad. I would have called 911 right there immediately. She's probably still feeling that one. I think the lady at 2:46 is fine. Was just a "ah shit" moment.
SilverStreamcaat 0000
Some don’t got no ass lmao
Chrissy McCarthy
At least they are trying. While you are watching YouTube videos on the couch.
Tyler Palmieri
shelley hines
Dabin Gaming
amaya butler
Is anybody going to ask if that girl at 1:26 still alive
Jason Hendrix1
1:55 who's that
Rock 'n' Loom 247
0:20-0:37 😁😂
Sing Queen Rose
Sami Rose
Lame. I was hoping to see broken bones and blood. Thumbs down.