Arcus 8m - First flight at the seaside in Brittany

Misty and stormy weather (40-60 km/h) at coast in Brittany. Newertheless, the first flight of ARCUS 8m should have been done in this marvelous county of Finistère/Brittany. Thanks to my brother Peter I, nephew Felix and Laurent for the launch, and special thanks to Gilles Gohier (pilote in the rear) to whom I dedicate this flight. Greetings from France. Music by U137

3:30 birds are like "Yo, Marvin.... did you see this big white fella before??"
Very beautiful glider and his flight. Amazing ...
André Julia
Fabuleux! Bravo Très belle video
P. G.
Superbe engin qui vole merveilleusement bien...👍👍👍 Mais j'ai eu peur pour les 3 gars qui le font décoller!😵
Ednaldo Evangelista De Torres Naldo Torres
Lindo mesmo parabéns
Toxic Reign
Absolutely amazing👌
mick clitheroe
Wonderful aircraft, excellent !
Alfredas Jasaitis
wow!..that's amazing
Didier Plouhinec
STOL , wonderful, in the bottom of Douarnenez Bay.
Graham Jones
If it had blunted turned down wingtips it would look exactly like a Viking Glider of the RAF Air Cadets
Real Stonekicker
Thanks for showing the Video. What a marvelous job all the way around. Good Team work.
Красивый планер, красивый полет! Крылья как у птицы! Замечательное место, вот бы там полетать на параплане....
Shahin Furmie
That somehow felt very calming to watch...
Piet Zooi
it's a beautyfull glider ,this moment must be very satisfying for you
Roger Hudson
Why not make one a bit bigger and get inside?
Michael Scott
It WAS very calming to watch.........right up until the final landing/stopping spot, at which point I suspect the pilot may have been thinking, "Holy CRAP! I didn't meant to get QUITE that close to the edge when coming back down!"
Gone Zapatero
Excellant flying too
Super video and glider! Your glider is a beast, retractable gear, flap, air break! Greeting from Quebec,Canada.
2:25 is where the action finally starts.
Gerard voughn faust
Nice project, nice scenery, nice music! I love it! Hope someone could tell the title of those music. Tnx!
M. B.
Tolles Video. Toller Flug! Und sehr schöne Aussicht.
Andy G
Great ! The face of the pilot after the flight says all i need to know. Congratulations i envy you sir :)
Absolutely stunning!
Trk Ktr
Woolworth Jones
Looks like Matt and Zack flying the Glider from little People Big World. :)
lol that dude at the front almost fell off the cliff.
jeffrey baxley
To add I like its personality in a cross wind!
Altino Freire
UAU .Q lindo
Chris Hull
Daniel Bayugar
Excelent!!! Amazing!!!
Clive Adams
Wow. Amazing, especially the guys who ran towards a cliff edge to launch it!!
Steve Thomas
this thing WANTED to fly ! didnt take much to get it in the air. freaking awesome video.
Andy's East Coast Adventures
That thing just wanted to fly! I've never tried slope soaring before but I've always fancied it. The trouble is living in East Anglia, UK it's mostly as flat as a pancake!
Murtaza Ali
Sir congrats to entire team , but more spacial thanks to RC controller/flier . Karachi-Pakistan
Wow she's a beauty. The tension was amazing. Lovely to watch.
Mike Hammer
Really nice footage!!!
Alessandro Pasotti
Definitely WONDERFUL!!!
petey wheaty
I thought someone might die falling off a cliff launching that bird.
thanks for the video My brother I was delighted Congratulations
Alan Foster
Absolutely Fantastic
Amazing!!!!! 🤟🏽😜
Alexander Hector
Beautiful to watch, captivating, can't believe how stable it was in that wind great video well done
awesome,thx so much!!! greetings from US
petey wheaty
Amazingly stiff wings.
Cemen Savelev
👍👍👍👍 very impressive
Dede Kenda
Nice work guys amazing👍
amazing, very beautiful, congrats
Magnus Perea
Watching this was amazing! The way you flew, the music and the scenery makes it all so perfect! What a great job!!
chavo Cuero
Muy hermoso bueno genial
Amazing ! 👍👍👍👍👍good flight from italy
Amazing flight ! Bravo ! 👍🏻
Christian Schneider
Top ;-) ..!!
Dustin Travis
Some say it's still soaring...
absolutely graceful glider and flight.
Dave Ng W. S.
amazing landing!
Geoff Allen
DC smith
Beautiful! Good music choice too.
The guy in the back seat looked terrified.
Paul Barton
The guys in the green jacket nearly took one for the team launching that bad boy
john vititoe
Beautiful! Well done!
Hot Parts Customs
Só aumentar a escala e montar dentro. Muito lindo...
Fantastic footage on a gorgeous glider!
What an incredibly beautiful bird.
Eric Sorensen
I fly model gliders too and that model is absolutely stunning to see in the air. Also the hands in the air and the smile on landing says it all, I hope you have many flights with this model.
Alexandr Petrov
jebtube jan
Beautiful indeed!
Action RC Pacific NW
Beautiful video and glider!
Dan Cer
que Belleza !!!!!
Tuatha DeDanaan
This video was a real pleasure to watch.
Elias Howe
Great flight! Also looks like that would be a good surf beach
Rod Z
That is the most beautiful expression of flight that I’ve ever seen.
Fantastique Planeur / Excellent Pilote :-)
Max Vargas
The best I have seen so far. What about some camera on board?
Ris Ronwood
intresting video
Turi D.
phantastic 👌🏻
In Brittany 🤪
Flying Fynn
this reminds me of when i dropped in on France in one of those things...oh wait that was my dad :0
The Outdoors
Wonderful ! Thank you for sharing.
Good piloting!
Younes فالغربة Vloge
Très belle Bravo bravo 👏👏
W. H
Just beautiful to watch
orivonaldo sabino
Que beleza de planador, maravilhoso, lindo demais
Beautiful flight in a beautiful area. Is this close? 48° 9'22.68"N, 4°16'39.91"W
Flip-Flop Pilot
What an amazing video, thanks for sharing and great job. The grin on your face after it landed was priceless. Congrats from Florida !!
Marcel Cador
Top !!
Looks like one of the hand launchers came close to logging a BASE jump. ;-)
Joseph Jolly
Awesome flying. 👍
Ian Ashton
Beautiful glider, looks amazing in flight !!
Eugene S Smith
So beautiful!
Olivier Damiron
Beautiful video. Captures the emotions too and I bet they were intense. Gorgeous ship, great flying skills, just grand. Bollocks of steel to launch that one bedroom apartment with wings in such conditions.... Wow!
Simplesmente fantástico. Belo voo e belas imagens.
Jonathan Laub
Maha Lingam
quite impressing!
Oh, this is so cool.
I was nervous as hell those guys were gonna fall off that cliff.
wim van der poel
Very impressive!