Plane crash compilation part 3 In HD

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Visual Perfection Detailing
I was expecting REAL plane crashes! This was way better.
That was the freaking saddest video ending music i've ever heared!
0:10 typical Arcade battle in Warthunder.
Achieve Unlocker
(Gta San andreas Player's Only Know) Zero Is So Mad
Mosquito Army
That 2nd clip was awesome
andy parry
Crashing? It's part of the hobby :-)
Eure RC Videos waren immer so schön, fliegt Ihr nicht mehr?
Van Must
this was an awsome guys out them purpose to rebuilt the planes for a 2nd round.....some of them weren,t even damaged!
Bob Gil
Are these guys drunk? Time to load the volkswagon and go home.
David H
After the first 10 seconds of the video and the guys were laughing about the planes crashing and not freaking out... I knew it was going to be a good watch.
A lot of Fun on your RC field, thumb up that's the life of a RC Pilot.
bob williams
more and more incapable so-called pilots in R/C today, and there is sooo much more to come
Martijn Hoelbeek
damn... you guys crash a lot. is there someone in your club who doesn't crash all the time ???
Jeremy Chong
Aircraft collision. Hold J to leave your aircraft.
sile demonslaser
1:01 TheMaydayFlyers Thats Not A Plane Crash
Philip 167
I used to do all that and it's not cheap so I tuck up kite flying it's a hell of a lot cheaper
Christian Kotsis
i like the jungle music.. yyeeaahh
Ignar Husky
War Thunder Pilots should use this to learn how to be honorablur properly!!
@1:35- HOAX!!! HoaxHoaxHoax! No WAY an airplane can go straight in like that at 100mph and the battery is fine! LOL :D
Uncle Fester
Oooohhhh….. haw, haw, haw. Are these people from a mental institution, or what??? Probably European WWII pilots who somehow survived. Oooh... haw, haw, haw...
Richard Loubon
Ah yes and that phenomenon called gravity that we all love so dearly has indeed been very cruel to you all
The second crash made me laugh so hard I almost pissed myself. Thanks for posting these hilarious videos and sharing with the world.
Kay Hudasch
Your vids are so flippin awesome ... And what exactly is he saying again...?LMAO
The dude freaking out at 2:15 was priceless!! LOL!
Jared Felix
The F4U in the first clip took the hit like a boss.
Eric Waterfall
Gold star for whomever is filming, nice to see a crash compilation and actually be able to see the crash.
Looks like fun,Are he planes from kits or do you make them? Greetings from New Zealand
Amateurs at work and no good at anything!
Never crashed my plane, but i have destroyed my heli a few times.
Even RC 109s groundloop!
Ross Enzo
The Controllers are obviously addicted to war yhunder
Otto Allen
Rene Jonkman
renejokman ajax vis roy boot volvo 5D roy vis 💔 💝 💔
Good stuff, but PLEASE put "RC" or "Model" or "Radio-control" somewhere in your metatags to avoid fooling REAL Pilots. Yet... it's ALL Aerodynamics, GREAT example of how 2 aircraft can survive a BAD Midair & both glide-to-landing. Have YET MORE Fun!
This is why I like foamies. You can crash the hell out of one and just laugh since it takes 5 minutes to repair with some hot glue and tape
Geoffrey Hill
why do they think landing in 3' high grass is an acceptable landing?
Balto the Wolf
When launching an RC plane you can't just throw it, you lightly "toss" it and let it go. Amazing video lol. Loved it though!
De Te
a magic with a 52 2stroke is a great attack plane control wire or carbon strips on the leading edge make it a killer
How's the outro song called?
Love the tree climbing music!!!
mongoose flyer
nice padded field to fly over..we dont have that much here in Vegas.. happy flyin!!!
You have a hole in your wing Press “j” to leave your aircraft
jim halcom
Before you launch the plane ..maybe you should ask if the pilot is ready and has the transmitter on?
We had a dude in our club that crashed everything he flew.....we just called him "Splinters" :) Thanks for posting the screaming "yard darts" very cool!
Wade Hutchinson
the 1st :16 seconds reminds me what I have done in "War Thunder"
Alve Fahlman
when you just buyed a new rc airplane and this happens! 00:48
AAAAAAAAAXAXAXAXAXAXAXAXAXAXA the first crash is about 1/1.000.000 except if you were trying this all day!
Looking at the 3 compilations, it seems you all spend the year building a few planes each or one each and then come out to see who can end up avoiding flying theirs the longest in the best way possible.  Looking forward to this years entry.
Imazino 7
nice video and thanks for those red circles  
What is so funny about someone crashing their model?
Matt Hayes
1:40 and that was the end of the jet plane RIP
This is why I fly by myself instead of at a club. 
Gunnar Hovmark
When I fly I try to AVOID crashing.
a tribute to Yeah, Sure
TOY Plane crash compilation part 3 In HD
I don't know why they're all laughing, these were actual tiny pilots who lost their lives in these horrific, regrettable aircraft accidents! RIP brave tiny pilots!
Myles Spear
In this video it is proven that a twinstar can survive 2 out of 3 mid-air accidents
mike o
Nice compilation, but some of those launch throws has got to be worst I've ever seen. No wonder the planes never got airborne :p
Adrian Jackson
How did these people land on Luna in 1969?
akhil chavan
Collect blackbox now 🤣🤣
That's why I like rc cars
Corsairs seem to be the RC plane with the most rotten luck. The just keep crashing!
If it weren't for those red circles, I would never have been able to see any of these. Thanks! 
Joe N.
1:02 Dangerous for the plane and pilot, but great skill! That is difficult to control AND time at the same moment!
David Womacks
Are yal crashing these on purpose?
I love the dude running in fear of that plane
Mid airs are not fun. I Had it happen, I was flying the proper pattern, the other guy was not, yet he got mad at me because his plane cost more than mine.
Richard Byrne
I think I'm going to start up an RC aircraft production line.  They doesn't seem to be any shortage of customers, not from these guys anyway!  
Jagger Lehnertz
R.I.P. all corsair's in this video.
Armed force 1944
My first rc plane hit a wall and broke
Hit his is actually funny haha subbed
LOL what started to happen at 3:37 made me laugh and you just got a sub
El Khamlichi
Typical rammers in War Thunder
Daniel Petřina
proc musite deformovat ti letadla
I wanna fly with those guys lol
Nicola Bonazzi
in this video erverybody smile when rc plane crash... wonderfull happiness :)
excellent stuff guys, nothing better than having a lot of fun with your mates and laugh your head off.
Miguel Lapizco
I really like how they laugh and have fun even if they lose their planes. I'm glad they enjoy their time :D
Zach Polanco
The first clip is just me on short final
That last one shows how important it is not to be negative. "Drop dead", says the dude at 3:37 and the model crashes immediately )))
Every RC crash compilation can be titled: In the hands of idiots (who have money to burn). The end.
Bernie Koussoulos
Pilot error is to blame 75%. Of the time radio or servoes malfunction is the rest .and idiots laughing when it happens would contribute to frayed tempers.
I'm glad most of these guys can laugh at their expensive and insanely labor intensive toys getting destroyed!
R.I.P all the rc planes used on this video
James Darr
Best part was the Kneegrow shakin that tree out! 2:47
Direito Fg
I wanting a plane goes down and you are breaking
H Law
one easy lesson of how to put it back into  kit form
Here to help
back in the early 70's when i was a young teen we'd crash our models...go home and repair them with "Quick-fix" epoxy and be back at it in a couple video hobby ever cuz ya learned what flies and what struggles to fly by experience.
Milan Karakas
Nice collection of crashes. It is my reminder that when I crash the plane - it is not end of the world, just end of this flight. :)
Rolan Schneider
WoW! For me, this is new interesting hobby :)
Planes crash?? Yeah in a fantasy world.........$h!t, nothing to see here people keep moving
cody phipps
warbirds torque to the left so maybe throw harder and add right rudder on takeoff ;)
Florence Delom
Je pleint les avions
The Smetherling
serious nederlands hahaha , eidnelijk
Billy C. LeWorth
Awesome video quality
Big Lou
@ .23 reminded me of the movie called La Bamba.
Lots of bad hand launching technique.
Christian Bouvet
Les kamikazes sont prêts à tout pour se débarrasser des Corsair !!
2:13 best moment hahaha Good compilation.
Bo McGillacutty
Love that baritone laugh at the beginning.