All Songs from MLP: FiM Seasons 1, 2, 3 and Equestria Girls [1080p]

TO ALL HATERS: That's what you are, Haters. You're joining the masses of bullies who insult bronies because the internet protects you. The fact is, You're lower than most people will ever be, because you judge THOUSANDS of people based on a SINGLE interest of theirs and don't even give an f' about their actual full personality which there's NO way you know. And if you're one of those people don't actually believe what you say and are just trying to get a reaction, that's even worse because you're not just being a jerk, but you're lying all for the sole sake of harming the feelings of someone you will never meet. I'm an 18 year old brony and it'll take a hell of a lot more than insults and ridicule to make me change. Bronies in general are some of the kindest people I've met* and I'm proud to call myself a part of the herd. So do yourselves a favor and start acting like a mature person. You'll bring yourself less annoyance and pain if you do. *Assuming you don't try to piss them off like you haters do. They put up with enough of that crap as is and bronies encourage each other to stand up for themselves.
I am anime trash
The last time I listened to ALL THESE were 4 years ago and can still remember the lyrics. Anyone can relate?
FoxyFanGirl _Fnaf
You know the drill 1-derpy hooves 2- princess twilight sparkle 3- Pinki pie 4- apple jack 5- fluttershy 6- rainbow dash 7- rarity 8- princess celestia 9- princess Luna 10- princess cadence .................... I got derpy hooves Lol
I think rarity has really good songs
Ance Simonova
22:39 (I like that moment)
Knight Wolf
11:39 The 20% cooler mem was made
Sophia Dewhurst
The grand galping gala is my favorite song
Alfi's unicorns!
all the people who disliked this don't know true taste of music. like if you agree!😀😀👍👍
Apples and Cream
Me in the past: *turns this on with ipod and put under pillow* I'm sleeping with this playing under my pillow for maybe a long time Me today: this was a tradition I did for a year. I could almost know all lyrics
Gabriela Varela
I really prefer season one twilight than any thing
I miss the days when I memorized all the songs but after season 4 it got way to difficult! To many songs ;P
Ance Simonova
Who else love Rarity?☺
Mariposa Ledesma
im 11 years old and i like my little pony i don't care what people say and for all those girls that like my little pony don't let people tell you can't watch this show be your self.
Ance Simonova
I love Rarity😍
Duncan Burkitt
I love my little pony friendship is magic it's all about love,kindness,loyalty,honesty, generosity,laughter,magic,and most of all Friendship!
The sentence "Oh Spike, what have I done?" for some reason hits me right in the feels each time.
Red Drago
I love it when the one of the mane 6 sings a song they get a different voice!
Nor Izzu
Twilight gets wings
KawaiiSerena Gaming
yshie alcaria
Who among you here loves Fluttershy?!😃😃
Who the hell dislikes this?
Cesar Acosta
Plus I sing this in the shower / I'm a girl.
PixeL Kids TV
nice :)
I love pinkie part
Ryan Green
I like to see all the season of my little pony songs
Jackie Storm
Anypony else notice that in the song, "May the Best Pet Win." At 27:37, Derpy is in the chicken coop?
Allyza Mae Castilla
I love love my little pony many song I agree
Arriane Joy Martinez
I loooooooooooooooooove My Little Pony!!! and if Hasbro stop making mlp videos I will never forgive them, i will not sleep and i will cry all night!
ChelseaDraws Q
Who else used to watch this 24/7 and still knows all the song lyrics
ku y&h
I like this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY FAVORITE is Rarity songs.
Aiden Leach
This Day Aria is a masterpiece!
*Lps Rainbow Rose *
I love pony.Sweet
Lili Milki
Angie Naddour
I watched the holl vidéo I love all of the songs
So cool and crazy
Wave Slicer
Am I the only one here who actually likes This Is Our Big Night?
Oh, memories....(
celestia putri
love my little pony
Ekachai Choknirun
Did apple jack said FUGE?!!!!
pony's are my favourite
winter wrap up is my fav
թгเภςєรร tฬเlเɠђt รթคгкlє
i like 1:07:59 and 1:08:00
katya _DIY
Go to Coach mechanic Astoria😅
Allyza Mae Castilla
I like the way when I' hear the song a true true friend we feel our hearts cry like that
Cheirry Darkie
l love it ok
rima nazwa
Cookiemonster The minecraft lover
What's the name of the episode where twilight gets turned into a alicorn
Allyza Mae Castilla
Many awesome songs
Poiklip TM
4:19 omg Rainbow Dash is singing amzingly!!! WOW
Drea Oneal
each girl have got fair skin tan skin pale skin medium skin dark skin and light skin with dark blue hair orange hair to red hair light brown hair honey blonde hair and blue hair even they have dark blue eyes green eyes blue eyes grey eyes brown eyes and red eyes too Alyssa Jensen has dark blue eyes and dark blue hair and fair Betty woods has red hair instead of orange hair and jade eyes and pale skin dixie baxter has light brown hair and blue eyes and tan skin Ursula Lang has honey blonde hair and grey eyes and medium skin Lilly drew has dark purple hair and brown eyes and dark skin kelly cook has blue hair and red eyes and light skin they are actually the six choose girls to become the new mane six
Zhel Idanan
This song is my favourite.
Jellie TV
oh mlp will always make me happy
salma game
Drea Oneal
i want the my little pony friendship is magic movie logo just like then cute the my little pony friendship is magic 2010 logo with the Pokémon girls dawn as Alyssa Jensen misty as Betty woods May as Dixie Baxter Serena as Ursula Lang iris as Lilly drew and Lillie as kelly cook smiling about right now when the girls as butterfly fairies with beautiful butterfly fairy dresses with colored shaded with dark with purple blue pink green red and orange their butterfly fairy wings shaded with pale their high heeled boots shaded with light their leg warmers shaded with dark with gloves shaded with dark chuffs shaded with pale bands shaded with light tiaras shaded with dark and jewelry shaded with pale crowns shaded with light shaded with pale and shaded with light and shaded with dark even belts shaded with light crowns shaded with dark headbands shaded with pale with the elements of harmony as their belts shaded with light right now with their cutie new friends and foes coming to theaters this fall in 2018 and coming to blue ray combo dvd digital download and digital hd in spring of 2019 rated tv y my little pony friendship is magic genre anime movie fantasy comedy adventure drama action magical girl fashion comic romance music family musical friendship teen fairytale my little pony friendship is magic genre anime tv series fantasy comedy adventure drama action magical girl fashion comic romance music family musical fairytale teen friendship music family musical fairytale
Drea Oneal
Universal pictures Walt Disney pictures mar vista pictures lion gate pictures presents a dream works pictures studios Sony pictures Columbia pictures a Mattel Hasbro Blum house all spark 4kids tv paramount pictures production
Lolipop land sweet Chrischelle
I love the songs
Sunder Forge
I'm pretty sure I'm a brony now....
Drea Oneal
The my little pony friend ship is magic littlest pet shop strawberry shortcake and even strawberry shortcake berry bitty adventures and atomic Betty on Disney channel
Drea Oneal
With the magical fairy one strip sequin tips with hummingbirds on it shimmering bubble skirts with butterflies on it big bold and shining big beautiful fairy wings sparkly high heel shoe boots with flowers on it shimmering leg warmers pretty they wear beautiful hairstyles glittering bands glimmering chuffs sparkling gloves pretty sparking broaches magical tiaras with flowers and gems on top their heads crowns with jewels and hearts on top their foreheads they wear belts with gemstones and stars on it they wear masks with lightning bolts on it they wear masks with thunder bolts on it they wear dresses with ribbons bows laces ruffles with their elements of harmony on them they change their hairy colors from human girl into magical girl they have makeup on themselves when they just transformed into magical girls after saying my little pony friendship is magic magical girly girl pony power up pony spin makeup
Seneca Zohner
During the song Art of The Dress, when Pinkie Pie is telling Rarity to add more/get rid of items and when Pinkie asks for streamers and Rarity asks why streamers and Pinkie's reply, "Who's dress is this?" That part is my favorite. If Rarity was a dress maker in real life, I want a dress with all my favorite YouTubers logos on them. Though I have to choose so much to put on the dress though.. but that'll be a cool dress to have.
Tatiana Brittian
Never too old for My Little Pony. Its so innocent and has great lessons. Something we need to relearn as we get older XD
Mei Jiang
margaretha natalis grace
😘i love you pony's
Drea Oneal
Meghan wears a yellow green bathing suit Sofia wears a green blue bathing suit Hannah wears a blue green bathing suit Alyssa wears a pink bikini Betty wears a purple bikini dixie wears a blue bikini Ursula wears a green bikini Lilly wears a red bikini and kelly wears a orange bikini swim suit in my little pony friendship is magic secret mermaid magic rated p g in theaters Friday August 10 2018 the little sisters wear bathing suits and flip flops the mane six pony friends wear bikinis and sandals
How did this get so popular.
I have two cats three dogs That I love
equstrialgirls are bad it taks my little pony and makes it my little girlies
Drea Oneal
Alyssa is the leader and the brave and the bold one betty is the fun and bubbly and the laughing one dixie is the fashionista and the kind and the sweet and the styling one Ursula is shy quiet scared a cry baby a scary cat clumsy and doesn’t talk too much Lilly is the novel heart and the honest and the outgoing one kelly is the tough and the loyal and the sporty one together the girls are the chosen ones to transform into magical girl fairies with magical girl power and pony power magic and most of all girl power and they are gonna to change kelly’s pretty orange hair into new beautiful red hair hair and beautiful Kelly’s jade eyes are gonna to change from beautiful jade eyes into pretty green eyes
5:08 Winter Wrap Up (just the holiday) seems kinda racist. They don’t even let unicorns levetate things but they let the Pegasi fly around all they want. The Ponyvillians are weird cause Earth Ponies have plant magic and Pegasi have weather/flying magic. So if all magic were to be banned, they’d be acting like humans without opposable thumbs.
Drea Oneal
kelly is fun and bubbly happy and excited Betty is sporty tomboyish and loyal Lilly is honest and outgoing and calm dixie Dixie is stylish and fashionable and Ursula is shy and quiet and kind and sweet scared and a scaredy-cat and a cry baby and girly girlish Alyssa is brainy and brave and smart the leadership and the leader
I commented on this years ago. Sorry
kelly laurensia
Drea Oneal
Serena gender female hair color reddish brown with red highlights eye color blue species butterfly fairy Serena has pale skin blue eyes and reddish brown hair with red highlights she wears a dark pink top a light pink shirt pale pink leg warmers hot pink gloves rosy pink high heels bright pink belt rose pink tiara and dark pink eyeshadow she wears her hair in a bun with a pale pink hair tie females butterfly fairies ant logistics
Salvatore Cuccia
Che bello
Drea Oneal
The girls are butterfly fairies with magical girl power and pony power and pony power magic and girl power and girl magic and pony magic the girls are dawn as Alyssa Jensen misty as Betty woods may as Dixie Baxter Serena as Ursula Lang iris as Lilly drew and Lillie as kelly cook their theme colors are purple blue pink red green and orange they wear short colorful princess gowns colorful high heels leg warmers tiaras big colorful butterfly fairy wings colored hair beautiful hairstyles
River Spirit
34:42 there are two Doctor Whooves in the crowd!
Drea Oneal
heather gender female hair color red with green highlights eye color green species human heather has fair skin green eyes and red hair with green highlights she wears a dark purple shirt with light pink flowers pale purple pants light purple shoes dark purple socks a pale purple headband and wears her hair in a ponytail with a light purple hair tie females ant logistics
الأيوبي ALAYOUBI
I love my little pony it is my favorite cartoon
Drea Oneal
My little pony friendship is magic genre anime tv series fantasy comedy adventure drama action magical girl fashion teen friendship romance music family musical fairytale comic science fiction education
Uma Trouble is here
Me too love it
Stephanie Prutzman
i love my little pony
Drea Oneal
they wear original clothings and even every fashions and clothes and shoes and leg warmers and everything for going to bed slumber parties going to the beach going on vacation birthdays parties magical girl fashion clothes raining days snow days going to the swimming pool having a race at the swimming pool having a race at school field days Halloween parties Halloween trick or treating Christmas parties valentine day parties sport days gymnastics cheerleading the star night surfing actresses movie stars coronations weddings school dances school dance nights magical girl mermaid dresses prom nights Alyssa’s sixteenth birthday party Alyssa’s coronation day Miranda’s nineteenth birthday Miranda’s coronation day Miranda’s wedding day athletes having a school race glitter force skate boarding roller skating biking talent shows talent show days going to high school butterfly fairy Girl Scouts ballet class ballerina dancing fashion shows fashion runways rock and roll pop band the diamond sky into concert Alyssa on microphone Betty on electric guitar Dixie on two headed guitar Ursula on drums Lilly on clarinet and kelly on tambourine and Miranda the singer the heart diamonds vs the nightmare tiaras roller skating competition finals the flower girls magical girl mermaid dresses just with no fins and tails high school class picture days too even fun raisers to win first place on from the now cute hit Pokémon anime tv series and even my little pony friendship is magic the new anime tv series
Dio Brando, Your lord
Raise this barn is a perfect song, it brings a lot of southern instruments, and style of dancing. It's perfect for showing about South culture.
Drea Oneal
Hahahaha No prank
Drea Oneal
the brand new opening theme song my Little Pony friendship is magic is gonna have got the my little pony friendship is magic is gonna the Atomic Betty theme song for the my little pony friendship is magic opening theme song with the Atomic Betty opening theme song
Drea Oneal
My little pony friendship is magic genre anime movie fantasy comedy adventure drama action magical girl teen friendship romance fashion music family musical fairytale comic
mounia rhezzali
Songs you forgot: You’ll play your part strong as horses Battle welcome to the show the music in our hearts the music in me
Samuel Macasaet
I think spike is the element of laughter
Wait.... Meghan McCarthy wrote equestria girls, as in the viner Meghan McCarthy
Drea Oneal
Felicia gender female hair color brown with yellow highlights eye color hazel Felicia has dark skin hazel eyes and brown hair she wears a yellow dress and wears pink shoes ant logistics
Drea Oneal
My little pony friendship is magic genre anime tv series fantasy comedy adventure drama action magical girl fashion comic romance music family musical fairytale teen friendship
Drea Oneal
with the same voice from the cutest girl actors from the my little pony friendship is magic the cute animated tv series from fall of 2010
Andrea Pimentel
1:11:01 *dabs*
Sonic Rocks
 most people i had the patince to watch it all cuz i wuv it <3
Helen McDowell
I know like every song and the lyrics I sing in the shower even tho I can’t sing 😂
Drea Oneal
my little pony friendship is magic opening theme song with atomic Betty theme song version
Onehappiness Happy
Thx for the songs!!! Ur awesome
a friend for life made me cry when i first watched the movie XD
Amy J
I remembered every single one , and sang along.....wut?
Drea Oneal
the six teenage Pokémon girls right now suddenly are mermaids with magical girl power girl and pony power magic girl cute with no fins and tails