2AM: The Smiling Man - short film

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Based on The Smiling Man by Blue_Tidal Animated version: Follow me here! /> /> /> & check out our website: /> 2AM Inspired by a true story as told on reddit by /u/blue_tidal and re-told by danrennt98. Here's the original thread: /> Directed and Edited by Michael Evans Starring: Sean Simon as Roamer Paul Foltz as Smiling Man Director of Photography: Tom Hinueber Original Score by Matt Hanks Screenwriter & Assistant Director: Shun Otsubo Assistant Camera: Rachael Tajima Key Grip: Samantha Cook Production Assistant: Cristiane Evans

Jibooty's wifeu
Am I the only one who laughed when the smiling man started running? .....Yes? Okay.
BlastoiseBoy 1
This film still haunts me
*Patrick Star*
Smiling man: :) *Me* What the hell do you want? Smiling man: are you interested in taking salsa classes?
No, this is not creepy at all, a guy doing a creepy smile, chasing you. ( it was Sarcasm for anyone who dosent know what sarcasm is....)
Fritzi Lang
1:41 when you're trying to sneak around the kitchen to get a midnight snack without waking your mom up
Can't decide if this was incredibly creepy or incredibly hilarious. Enjoyed it either way XD
Superedzis TV
deleted channel
Imagine the guy running at you, and out of panic you run full speed back at him, then both of you just face plant into eachothers faces.
just that les mis kid
*Before video* Imma goin' FULL SCREEN!!!!!!!!!! *10 seconds in* Oh hell no!!!! COMMENT SECTION TIME!!!!
Lady Diana
He's just advertising his salsa classes
Savannah Christopher
Who else is scrolling through the comments just to feel safe because I AM
At the actual story the guy just loses the smiling man and goes home but still its cool seeing a new ending.
When the villian is just an eccentric man with cerebral palsy.
gaming with josh josh
When he ran it scared me
hopetown 27
This is why I always have a gun
Fiery Warrior
I would bring a taser, pistol, and pepper spray
Parker H
At 1:40 he looks like a T-Rex. Just saying
FcBayernMunichFan 23
1:07 When your crush walks by and you tryna look good
Hate when that happens.
Orlean Lyngdoh
Oh it's Jim Carrey dancing in the middle of night!! 😂
Mackenzie Maiden
that's me and my crush. i'm the smiling man who just won't leave him alone but still too scared to talk to him.
This is why you should never socialize with nor make interactions with the outside world people!!:\/
Alexander Goodwin
When your playing games during class and then the teacher sees you LOL 3:24
Bharathi Bharathi
After 5 min videos hit likee. And comment
Sandra Selin
dylan powl
This was the demonic equivalent of saying 'yes I am human man, look at me dance!'
W. D. Gaster
Melody Seaton
if I see a man just smiling at me I rather just punch him in the nose lol
Scaryeaglesmithwolf jdf
0:53 he didn't even look both ways
Shantia Arumugam
Yaarla 5 min videos paartuttu vanthiinge?
Sharun Editz
Who all came here after watching 5min videos
Anyone humans there please respond me
Jesus christ the ending got me.
Neske Nizlan
5 minutes videos பாத்துட்டு வந்தவங்க Like போடு
why am i watching this at night why why why
a random army
As soon as I saw him I would've taken off down the street.
Paul Smith
guys its just Michael Jackson dancing
Cyndie-Anjell Vernet
😎1:40 he's just a time traveler from the set of Michael Jackson's music video beat it
Najib Sulthan
Who came From 5 mins video channel
things jim carey does at 2 am
alan jake
Who came here after 5mins video hit like 😂😂😂
Rob Pchow
He runs at my and I knock his ass out! This was not scary at all!!
who else came from Loey Lane?
Trent Lymper
Why why WHY do I do this to myself at 11:30 pm
Classic Stupid Tom
"What the hell do you want?!" "Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior Jesus Christ?"
Beauty Geek
I saw this on another channel the animated version. Glad to see the real life version. Exactly how I imagined.
Arterial Fish
This should be a movie! Like if agree.
4:03 Wait what?!
skipper klorad
What the background sound dude please.
darren singaling
I would have smiled back at him and danced with him. he seems like a nice guy
Holy shit 4 am I have, how can I sleep now 😨😨😨
Dutch Van Der Linde
That run part got me goooood good
mr.savage truth FILM STUDIO
That guy dancing is psycho addicted to drugs.
Iggy Dickson
That was creepy as all get out!!! Great short!
Cathy Kramer
"what the hell do you want??" ... "oh hey man sorry i was just a little lost could you give me directions to mcdonalds thanks"
ananya shukla
Please make more movies please please
Errr Reee
thats not what i meant when I said turn that frown upside down
Bradley Bindle
This film apparently costed 80 million dollars
LaToya Dent
2:43 When something is chasing you!!!
Mark Wallis
I feel like this is what Jim Carey does at night
sp00ky soup
MY SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHER SHOWED US THIS IN 6TH GRADE he also showed us that follow the red dot thing lmao he was a fun teacher
m ai
this is called 'horror'
Kary916 P.
Mr.Nightmare ??
Butter Creme
this made my underarms itch
Siskonpeti Klipit
Onko muita, jotka tuli FinTop5:lta?
Remor Playz
Crypt tv needs to make this
xXMaddie .MSPXx
The smiling man is just like why are you running why are you running I'm just trying to make friends
kizzy salahuddin
The animated version of the smiling man had the scariest face tho , this version is really good it was creepy and funny at the same time. Thumbs up to Mark Evans and the two actors, I gotta say the guy you picked to play the smiling man in this short film played his part very well, you picked the right men for this film, both men are excellent actors great! job! Mark Evans
Gregory Sheperd
this is me trying to ask a girl out
Princekds S
Well this is how drunk people are,dont use crack kids.
zs mal
Muhamed Hisham
superb man superb I got afraid
Michael jackson's rebirth as a crazy man
Great casting with the smiling man. Guy's got a super creepy smile! Thanks again for making this.
Я здесь один русский
Will Will
muta rabbit
I thought guy never feel this kind of scare... u know like random man tried to follow you around .
Flame Spitter
I swear to god I would have run away with lightening speed....so scary though.lesson learned no walking at night.
"what the hell do you want??" *takes step closer and whispers* "would you like to talk about our lord and savior?"
Thala Teejay
5 min video
Salsa anyone?
Karen Fredericks
I read this as a short "true" story on Creepy Pasta. It is so unnerving.
Poppy Popson
Who’s here because of southern cannibal ??
Steve Mano
If I found a goodlooking guy at 2:00AM, I'd be smiling ,too.
raja sj
#5minvideos subscribers hit like
Will Will
savage unicorn
I just want to say *dashi run run*
Tiger Queen
I watched the animation of this by Llama Arts and it gave me goosebumps. But this? This sent fuckin' chills up my spine!!! Bravo 👏👏👏❤❤❤
emil lorenzo
Selva Raj
Came after watching 5 min videos urban legend video
Aadhavan Santhaseelan
He(marvel fan) be like : Dance off bro .... U and meeee......😂😂😂
Its Me Cupcake U should subscribe lol
Time for a dance battle
N s.y.d
Really scary video 😨
Starlight Sparkles
i actually read the story. like a person actually experienced this crap
A Person
the weirdest based on a true story ever
Rhona M
I read this as a story someone told and I love that it's been made into a film
Adorable grumpygrandpa
0:38 Me: lol wtf 1:31 Me: ..... um 1:41 Me: AAAAAAAAAHHH
Kristian Panis
Whos wathyng thys in2018
Damn you Jim Carey, leave me alone! I don't want to be in your movies!
Varun kumar
Shrooov 😡 yarra nee 🙄