Linkin Park - Rolling In The Deep (iTunes Festival 2011) HD

London, England Roundhouse iTunes Festival 4th July 2011 European Tour Setlist: 01. The Requiem 02. Papercut 03. Lying From You 04. Given Up 05. What I've Done 06. Empty Spaces / When They Come For Me 07. No More Sorrow 08. Jornada Del Muerto 09. Waiting For The End 10. Burning In The Skies 11. Numb 12. The Radiance (Live version) 13. Breaking The Habit 14. Fallout 15. The Catalyst 16. Crawling 17. Faint 18. One Step Closer ---------------------------------------------------- 19. Rolling In The Deep (Adele cover, Piano Version) 20. Wisdom, Justice, And Love 21. Iridescent 22. New Divide 23. In The End 24. Bleed It Out For more info check out the official Live Guide on

Zaki Kurniawan
2019? still miss chester :(
gaurav javiya
chester can sing other artists songs but nobody can sing his songs..
Tammy Dotson
I love 💙 and miss your music Chester🦋
Elevators, Food & Fun By ElevatorGuy15
Beautiful. Best cover ever. Almost two years later, I still miss him... NO ONE will ever sing like him.
Politically Incorrect
Only Chester can sing like an angel and scream like a Demon.
Chester still rolling in 2019... Rest in peace legend
Bryan Borrayo
i heard adele covered this song...
Rei Hino
How i miss him... still... 2019 and im watching his vids over and over😢
still the best cover of all times Rip Chester gone but will never be forgotten
Lauren G.
Both Mike and Chester are musical geniuses in their own right. I don't think no two better people went better together like them. In fact, the brilliance of Linkin Park was their unity and how they knew how to compliment one another. Right at the beginning, Mike caught the fact that Chester was starting at the wrong note, he was too sharp, so he called him over to play the right one so that he could sing it at the proper key. No one does that shit. That's something magical right there. The fact that we won't have that anymore tears me up inside. #LongLiveLP #RestEasyChester
Heidi Thomas
I guess 208,000 people would agree Chester absolutely nailed this. I'm tired of people bashing this. If you don't like lp and you're triggered that easily stay off of the internet. Chester was the full embodiment of emotion. He was Linkin Park...2000-2017, also performing with stone temple pilots 2013-2015, then back full time with lp 2015-2017. He was around a lot longer than most artists today and he will forever remain in my heart. Love to all who support Linkin Park. 😊
Katherine Griffith
I wish Chester had known how much he was loved.
I love how Mike told him he is singing too high... RIP Chester... We will never forget you. Mike, keep going.. Your passion for music is undeniable... I wish you the best :)
Anthony Coming
March 2019 who's with me?
James Gilbert
Goodbye Chester, no words will describe how many lives you changed with your music. Thank you chester and thank you linkin park for all the amazing songs.
Roy Aldridge
It warms my heart to see people still coming to watch this video, and commenting as well.. love you Chester, thanks for everything, and thank you Linkin Park
Vitor Bueno
Am I gonna cry every time I see Chester?
Diyanah Jean
How tf am I only finding this now? Amazing
There will never be anyone like him ever!!😔 Miss you LEGEND!!
Daniel Lungu
one of the most powerful voice in the music industry is gone :( RIP Chester
Justine Roanne Garcia
2019? missing him? 😢
Felicity James
We're still waiting for your cover, Adele ;) #ChesterBennington
no c
Lyrics: There's a fire starting in my heart Reaching a fever pitch, and it's bringing me out the dark Finally I see you crystal clear Go ahead and sell me out and I'll lay your shit bare See how I'll leave with every piece of you Don't underestimate the things that I will do There's a fire starting in my heart Reaching a fever pitch And it's bringing me out the dark The scars of your love remind me of us They keep me thinking that we almost had it all The scars of your love, they leave me breathless I can't help feeling We could have had it all Rolling in the deep You had my heart inside of your hand But you played it to the beat Baby, I have no story to be told But I've heard one of you And I'm gonna make your head burn see me in the depths of your despair Making a home down there 'Cause mine sure won't be shared The scars of your love remind me of us They keep me thinking that we almost had it all The scars of your love, they leave me breathless I can't help feeling We could have had it all Rolling in the deep You had my heart inside of your hand But you played it to the beat We could have had it all Rolling in the deep You had my heart inside of your hand But you played it with a beating Throw your soul through every open door Count your blessings to find what you lookin' for Turn my sorrow into treasured gold Pay me back in time and reap just what you sow You're gonna wish you never had met me Tears are gonna fall, rolling in the deep You're gonna wish you You could have had it all You could have had it all Rolling in the deep You had my heart inside of your hand But you played it You played it You played it You played it to the beat
Kitty Jay
I'm still not over the grief. I'm still not able to process that he's gone. This band defined me and my passion for music. The brightest stars burn out the quickest. 😔
Angelina Cucchi
I can't believe some people think Chester can't sing...
Jason Todd
There’s really not words to express how amazing this man and his vocals really were and how strong and united the LP community are. For anyone that has ever doubted this band, I dare you to do better. Kudos to Adele for an awesome song ✌️
Brenda Brown
Chester was absolutely amazing ♥️🌹♥️ R.I.P. Chester 🙏🏽🕊
D.P plaster master
2019 hell in 2029 we'll still be missing Chester (rip) he will forever be with us in his music
RIP Chester. I love this song.
Carlos Lam
Mike at the beggining is like O.o: "Chester, Hey buddy! stop! come here bro, dude you are singing it in the wrong key, listen to the piano ok, now go get them tiger! XD jajajajaja
I really can't think of the amount of times that I've been back to watch this video. At least 3-4 times a week. It's absolutely amazing. What a live performance.
Aubrey Sustento
I miss u chester 😔 we're still playing ur music bro. Rest in peace. 🤟
Revan Ordo
Unforgettable Legend, Chester we will forever love you !!
Agnish Roy
I love the way the crowd cries out when Chester says, "She is a local". That's the moment they knew what's about to come. ❤️❤️❤️
Ok, Adele has to cover a Linkin Park song now.
Beautiful voice, beautiful soul, damaged soul.
Celeste Black
Now that's talent! He covered a females song and sang it better than her! I have heard men do this kind of thing before. Only those with real talent pull it off and It's gotta be live.
Lily El Bo.
Forever in my heart Chester.. miss you 😢😘
Валерия Бойко
Честер,солнышко,мой лучик света,почему тебя я так люблю,почему так по тебе я страдаю,почему без тебя я скучаю,грущу,без тебя на душе,на сердце так одиноко,так больно,зачем тобой я более,я сама не пойму, почему,почему,почему, я незнаю.
Somp Gantur
At first, Chester sing in B minor. Mike corrects him to A minor :)
Andy Pacheco
The best cover in the world!
Manuel Lago Fernández
!Feliz cumpleaños 43 Chester Bennington, Desde España! ¡Happy Birthday 43 Chester Bennington, From Spain!
Ayex Taghoy
2019? Still missin you chezy😢
Oli Ushant
love you always Chester <3 Thank you for the memories and your legacy to keep me goin
the man can scream, belt, do falsetto, and just damn SING great. a truly distinct voice. going to miss him.
Funny how he started singing completely out of key and his friend had to tell him. RIP Chester. A legend.
Jared Mccarty
Between Chester and Chris they were the voices of our generation...we lost gods when the curtain dropped on them... R.I.P. BOYS
Maxx Mustermann
there aren‘t as many tears as i could cry- i miss you Mr. Bennington
Legends never die❤️ RIP Chester❤️
Julia Anishchanka
Pure talent... Miss him. Happy Bday, my sweet angel.
eden hazard
7 February 2019...:(
Michael White
Chester kills this! The emotion in her voice is amazing, then I remember it's Chester and I'm more Amazed!!! He hits them notes Perfectly!!! RIP Chester we love you. Hope you found Peace brother!! :(
Ashley Bender
I love you Chester. You were my child hood. Thank you
Neo Luddite
1 minute silence for the people who're calling Mike the "Piano player"
Chris Favati
This is so powerful and emotional, the world has seriously lost an unreplaceable soul. That voice, those notes, the journey he fought through with all his family and friends. I commend you Chester, you've had such a huge impression on so many people, myself included. Until we meet again bud. Nothing but love to this group and their families. 🤘🏻😎🤘🏻
Justin Connell
Wow. I went down a deep rabbit hole tonight and found this amazing piece of YouTube gold. Chester is absolutely fantastic!
Such a beautiful voice. RIP. :(
Marvene Nolan
I never knew that I was such fan until you left us. My loss forever. But you will always be imortal in my and millions of hearts Keeping you alive forever!
RIP Legend😢 90's kids we were blessed
Tyrion Lannister
Chester bennington is and was the best talent of the 20th century. Not for another 100 years will we have a voice that everyone can relate too and enjoy. !GO LEAFS GO! RIP Chester I can say for all of us we love you.
Laura Bey
RIP Chester sorry Adele love your version but Chester’s is a wee bit better
Leeann Witt
R.I.P Chester.miss that live [email protected] i can watch videos.thanx to the post👍✌💿💯😇🎸
Just think , he's nailing it after all those heavy screams ,
Sara Cheff
Every time I listen to Chester sing this song I always have goosebumps from head to toe. Absolutely beautifully sang!!
kris hyatt
U fog this Chester! U have the best voice in rock music 💚💚💚💚💚RIP Chester
cherisse neverson
Best male cover of Adele. Hands down. Such a powerful voice.
Vicky Brading
Beautiful song sung by a beautiful voice xxx
Joe Frohlichkeit
This is a sad day for me as well as people my age who grew up listening to bands such as Linkin Park. A part of me feels like my childhood has died😢 Rest in Peace my childhood legend, You will be truly missed Chester <3
Limon Vai
Chester, you were amazing and you are still amazing. I will always love you, till the end. #LIMON from #BANGLADESH
Валерия Бойко
Честер,ты чудо,ты самое лучшее,что было в моей жизни,ты мой самый,самый лучший друг.RIP Chester, we love you.
Kandy Singson
there is such a sadness to his voice that it brings tears to my eyes
Tarek Kan
I have been listening you Linkin Park song from first album until this moment .. you are my favourite singer and always will be . From all my heart R.I.P brother .. we miss you so much ❤❤
Sam Smith
Goodbye Chester. You will be missed.
The Hybrid Theory
Love you Chester! Thanks for everything! Your energy will never die! Your amazing voice and deep musics made alot of importance in my life and still do! RIP
Karen Richmond
Love this cover, love anything he sings, R.I.P Chester x
Melvin Estepa
Who's wid me april72019
Tamishra Biswas
I got goosebumps. Chester ;-;
Arjun Loveable
Amazing performance!!
Nick Gur
I cry more over his passing than some of my family 😢💔
Ludmilla Eugênia
Incrível!! Faz muita falta 👏 💔😢
Mike Mactavish
Talk to your "Happy" Friends, don't lose another over lack of communication
King Spud
Normally i would never like anyone covering Adele... but he fucking NAILED IT! She should be flattered. Just amazing...
kris hyatt
God I honestly love the purity of Chester’s voice
Jeremy Kosko
i love how chester's wildabeast self needs taming by mike lol. but my god i love that man and his voice. rip <3
Opel Robertson
I miss him so!!💔💔😢😢😢 Such a great voice!!
Rivardo Silva
Até cantando as músicas de outros ele ainda fazia melhor que os próprios. R.I.P friend
R.I.P Chester you were a great artist, vocalist and a good man. We will not forget you ever!
michela almen
to my dear friend, Silvio! We love you, Chester, CHARLES Benninngton!
Top Shelf
I will always wish I could've told you and Robin Williams how amazing a person each of you were. How incredible your own journey's helped your fans along the way. 8 Days before 4/20 and All I want to do is make sure I don't lose anymore idols like you Sir <3
Damien Stewart
RIP to a legend. His death affecting me was a slow burn, until I listened to Hyrid Theory over again....then my heart hurt.
Van Chien Ha
Feb 2019 still listen.
Sing Like an Angel Scream Like an Demon And Die Like an Legend...
Everyone please recommend spotify to add this!!!!
Maria Zavala
How a beautiful voice! Miss you.
Michael McElheny
RIP Chester, you will be FOREVER Missed!!!
Kamil ZIMA
One of the most beautiful rendition of this song ! Rest in peace ✌️ Chester ! Thanks you for giving us your soul while singing 🎤
Atul Kumar
* starts singing "there's a fire" Mike : "wait what!!??"
Jude Groomes
when the covers better than the original
Brazil Manuelito
2:57 😭 Still listening feb. 14 2019 😭