Muse - Supremacy - Lyrics

The song Supremacy by Muse from their album 2nd Law Comment and Subscribe

Fishy Fillet
This one should have been used for Skyfall. It sounds much cooler.
David Parsons
its a good song, but why can it not have more damn guitar??
Rodney V
Muse' lyrics are very thought provoking and their music ability is superb
I love Muse.  Beautiful
NormalCat Sometimes
Can't wait for the next Muse concert to be AMUSED. Heh heh
I constantly have this stuck in my head thanks to Dan and Phil
Bella Katt
Some James Bond shit is goin down. But instead of James Bond it's Dan and Phil
David Fabio Rivero Romero
I Don't haver words thsi song it's great!!!
Muse is one fifth of my life.
Danika Turgeon
Love the start of the song!!
Rachel Barry
Should be a bond song
Vic Niet Voor Jou
love the high voice of that dude... goosebumbs
Is it just me or does it not sound a little like James Bond at the end
ElGran Fitness
Buena Cancion The best of muse
Can Özpirinçci
World domination.... dear sister, one day.... xD
Sarah Fisher
Ivan Arroyo
@LittleWiseOwl te apoyo .... i love muse
Laura Papineau
this band fn ROCKS
Rolf Auner
Spanish villager alert! ^_^
Nobody †
I love it!
Alex Borr
lyrics should anticipate the music a little bit...
ermenegildo bravi
veramente bella
ermenegildo bravi
 very good
Carlos Cano
I @mon to youuuu!
Elizabeth-Jayne Collins
I was five (9 years ago) when i listened to this song. First muse song I ever listened to
Lucie Jacques
More !!!!! Please :D
gianluca muscedere
S P L E N D I D A A A !!! ♥
Georgian C
Nice guitar solo, but too short :)
B Rivera
Love this song!
john tan
best song ever
Mélanie Azevedo
Riley Ridgway
This song is great!
Özgün Tunç
Why are all of Muse's songs about the Trump White House? Is Matt Bellamy a time traveler?