Don - Theatrical Trailer

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mohammad shoaib
2K19 anyone..??
Desi Parindey
Farhan made this remake amazingly and of course SRK creates magic on screen. Cant compare it with old Don. Big B and SRK both r legends of Bollywood world
*Anyone after hearing the news of Don 3* 🔥
Kedar Saud
my full respect to the orginal but this one was better
his VOICE !!!
Alekhya Das
Agar yeh aaj release hota toh :D Kick Dhoom 3 Bang Bang :D RIP :D
Kuldeep Chaudhary Nadar
Jinesh Jain
Some Indian people spreading negativity against shahrukh Khan and some Indian people spreading bad rumours against shahrukh Khan...... Shahrukh Khan is always no 1actor
Aravind V
It's 2014... We are still watching Great Trailer + Great Direction + Great Editing + Great music = DON
Judging by all the comments on here, this is a movie I probably should see, isn't it?
Anonymous Anonymous
Still 2018 May
farhan akhtar hattss offf man and what about srk sir just god gifted person we have no one can reach at the level of SRK YE KARNA MUSKIL HI NHI NAA MUMKIN HAI....
abhay rajput
the king of bollywood
Tamal Anwar
This trailer and the height of the remake is just fantastic. I remember Salman Khan + Akshay Kumar's Janeman was released the same day with Don. The theater owners of India took huge deposit money from Janeman in order to run it. I hated the final twist of this Don but after watching Don 2, it was all clear to me.
Amit yadav
watching in 2016 amazing trailer. ..
shafaque khan
one of my most most most fav.... so coool so stylish... plz plz plz seriously waitng for the 3rd part Farhan akhtar direct it boss.... Shahrukh as DON tooo awesome
iamsrk 866
Still watching in 2017
Mohit Varma
yes who is it..DON DON...DON ...
A Rahul
2018 and still watching... SRK rocks.
The climax still gives me goosebumps n that grin at the Of The most unexpected climaxes in bollywood
Rahul Pandit
2017 and still watching..
Gagan Deep
This movie shows how srk can perform Amitabh role may be that's why he is king
Abbas Ali
SRK always the best and unique Farhan u r such a devil for such a cunning pen u have
N Joy
*2018* Any one here?
Mohd Sufiyan
letsvlogwith bigjohn
any word on a 3rd installment of don? i loved the 1st 2 
Sandra Meesala
This is the ONLY Indian I like! I loved DON!! 
Anurag Raaj
Original is original. Ab is the real don of bolyvd
Nauman Hassan
Any one in 2018 September
King Khan Srk
Don 1 superb movie
Shash Lashkare
Is 2018 then also watching it
Nirajan Pradhan
I used to carry that motorola phone
Saima Aziz
Srk is the best at acting especially the Don series
Rahul Sahaya
awesome background score..adapted from the original movie score!!
I want DON3 AS FAST AS POSSIBLE script should be gta san andreas gameplay Srk playing CJ BOMAN PLAYING BIG SMOKE Nawazuddin playing Ryder Zeeshan ayyub playing sweet
Zaib Hasan
Still watching in 2017 November ❤
sanju daniel
Thumbs up if u r in 2015...!!!
Jay Gupta
unfortunately when it released I was only 3 years old
Sudhangshu Das
The brilliance of Farhan Akhtar, Shahrukh Khan, and Shankar Ehsan Loy made this film so memorable. It's the only remake in the history of Bollywood which does not make fun of the original film. They gave due respect to the original and just made their own version.
tritorpi adhikary
mr.bacchan was best don,,,AND srk is also best don ,,,,..both r legend by their unique style....i m eagarly waiting for DON3....are u??
preetham nair
sunny sharma
the greatest twist in the history of indian cinema
Shibin Babu
mega trailer
psssh bullshit u cant be gangster if your Indian
manoj chhabra
u r wrong
Mahesh Patel
I'm waiting for DON 3.
eheh we all know he is not the good one in this movie, but i guess no one seems to be good in it too! :)
Almas Ova
ok. he kicked a girl....but what for? maybe he is right:)
Sayal Raza
pls upload this trailer in hd..
he is gay. kicked a girl. asshole what can I say
omg god he kicked a woman in the face.. that's fucked up.
ankit pande
the most electrifying hindi movie ever
lol, haven't u ever seen hrithik infact he can dance better , has got better body and face, and has variety in acting like critical acting in koi mil gaya, HISTORIC in jodha akbar, superhero KRRISH>>RA1,and love story KAHO NA PYAR HAI,heroic in DHOOM-2
Syed Zainkirmani
BBC:Shah Rukh Khan is the most popular movie star in the world. That statement ends the argument & competition. Get a life. Iam middle eastern but still i watch bollywood coz of SRK!
SRK is just amazing DON !
john thomas
this is the real drug dealer
Usman Munir
This movie was soooo much better than Don 2.....
Simon Thomas
that statement would mean that hollywood actors are inherently better than bollywood actors. and two, it would mean that hollywood and bollywood actors somehow compete with eachother on who's better. and three, srk is not a particularly good actor. haha. idiot.
nikal idhar se chutiye...SRK ne uss do paise ke security guard ko uski aukaad dikha di...kutte ki aulaad, apni aukaad mein reh samjha? nahi toh................
Barbara G
LOL long wayyy to goooo
Adi Adrian
Dafaq ?
sajid iqbal
i want to become next ark
bilal shah
jitna meri zidd nahi aadat hain... waqas from spain barcelona
Gaurav Sharma
The trailer did not tell the childs name and nor did the trailer tell that DCP Desilva turned out to be Vardhan!!!
vazeed dhaliwal
@jalalmufid64 the girl is the one with the gun in her hands ready to shoot only makes sense to take her out first lol...yur comment sounds like sarcasm
Captain SomeoneSomwhere
@MrJamaloriginal Are you high? just because there are car chases and foreign locations in this movie its copied? Stop watching bollywood movies then Mr. Jamal.
dude im not even indian and i love his movies i think bollywood is leaving hollywood in shame
@Clap4TheMoment Bollywood <3
Can we just stop with the Hollywood Vs Bollywood. Both are good and we don't have to prove that either one is better. I love hollywood movies and I'm an Indian that's proud of Bollywood. I don't have to prove to myself or anyone that Bollywood is just as good as hollywood.
uhh wats don's real name? Lol. don just means villian or a terrorist or w.e... wats his REAL name in the movie
Kris Meyers
Shah Rukh Khan the indian Tom Cruise.. wooo
Summaah N.
he is AMAZING as Don! But I LOVEE Don 2!
Usman Munir
Music is way better than Don 2...
Jalal Mufid
@786kedia you're very right, but I say, intentional or unintentional, he still kicked a girl in the face :)
Jawwad Durrani
thumbs up if u came here after watching Don 2 trailer!
Shaun Milfler
hahah that voice DON DON DON in background is so lame :) haha
queen gollum
hes bad ass! sexy!
@jalalmufid64 haha that was's so funny
Jalal Mufid
did he just kick a girl in the face at 0:49 , wow that's very bad ass
luv u shahrukh ,,,,,
He is the single hero who can leave hollywood actors behind.. he will so it 1 day! SRK THE BEST
Sarcastically Sarcastic
Amitabh Bachchan was both, Ferocious and Innocent in the movie, but SRK has that vicious look to give an original feel
Soham Bhattacharya
Awe-inspiring Trailer and The Film is Wonderful and Amazing.
Ishq Ke Rang
19 October 2018... Watching trailer... Kya wqt ta wo b.... Wah...
Abbas Ali
SRK always the best and unique Farhan u r such a devil for such a cunning pen u have
Prince Anirban
2k19? Excited for don 3?
Mayur Agrawal
India ka tom cruise
new love whatsApp status movie 2019
Gjbbb Badshah Raees and Don king khan is best
Ever Green
June 2018 👌🏻✋🏻
Milan Luwangcha
Srk is the most fantastic 🤘😝🤘 star in bollywood love ❤😘
Mr Perfect
Best thing ever happened to Don series is Dr.Srk. No one can match that charisma and energy that Srk displays as Don
ankit Singh
In 2019?
Mala Gupta
Watching the trailer in 2018 😁😁
Kamalesh kumar
Love u world biggest megastar #King
Abdullah Anik
Best Trailer
Fact ing
22 may 2019 Anyone???
offer gang
2019 still this trailer gives me Goosebumps
Nafees khan
Who will here in 2019, and waiting for DON 3