Eminem Big Weenie-Lyrics

I saw that nobody in youtube put the lyrics so i made my own video

Just a car fanatic
This song: *exists* Tik Tok: Hippity Hoppity you are now my property
Dezzy Renee
I really hate that I just found this song.. on TikTok of all things. 🤦🏽‍♀️
When you're so talented you find a way to rhyme something with "orange."
I remember when I was like 9 listening to this song, and the beginning always, always made me laugh so hard. That one accent that Eminem uses in some of his songs is hilarious :D
Kiomar Navarro
hahaha this song kills me. i swear eminem has like 10 songs for each and every emotion ive ever had
Mackenzie Heppelle
I bet his bully is watching his music rn and crying
"What you munch a bunch of crunch-a-munch?'
now take my weenie out of ur mouth
Justin Tellor
"Yes I do sir, what am I on? You sir are on truth serum"
This song was made for me.
MGK is a big weenie
Ryan C
how many Valium before he wrote this track ?
mike jack
I swear this is the funniest song I've ever heard!
mine is like sticking a a banana between two oranges
but i thought it was the size of a peanut only true em fans will know
Kyle Welles
"Yes I do sir, what am I on?" "You sir, are on truth serum."
IEat ChildrenForDinner
There's CoCK in the URL (almost)
"You sir are on truth serum"
at 2:12 he says "truth serum"
Homicidle Butterfinger
"What you munch a bunch of crunch-a-munch?" 😂 I love that line so much
Dior Rapz
you sir are on truth serum 
Fullmetal Keyblade
This is absolutely the funniest Eminem song.
johnny Lord Pain
Eminem is the rap god
"You sir are on truth serum." Is the missing lyric btw
Burak Kılıç
is he not breathing between 1:56 - 2:25 ??
Every Pebble
Go to sleep, nail in the coffin, big weenie. Anybody realize he dissed Benzino in three different styles and destroyed him? Em's technique is superior to at least 99 mc's. I'm not saying that as a fanboy. I'm a fan Hip-hop. It's not because it was Benzino he dissed. It's because he used three different styles which the songs sound different even though he completely destroyed another rapper. This is why no MC has tried to get at Em since Benzino and Ja Rule tried and failed horribly.
Em could've made another one like this as a response to mgk and he would still have won this beef
Harrison Sweeney
Eminem Vs Slim Shady Eminem: Good lines, fast Slim Shady: Snorts lines fast
Jay Youshadyashell
Now I forgot what the chorus is... you're just a...
Mia Polanco
Me:This song is good Tic tok: well roses are red violets are blue this song is mine now boo hoo or up down all around I see a song I take it now
This is pure gold!
panama MCWB
This is good!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mr Encrypted
0:11 is most likely what you can for
Chicken Nugget
The song is REALLY random but I love it🥰
The truth Bitch
Who is here after listening to Eminem’s new album
Snow Blind
The lyrics after "your sir are on" should be truth serum... Your sir are on truth serum.. I believe.
Faze 6ix
This song is lit 🔥
This is my workout music
the you sir are on??? line, its truth serum
Ciels okhowru
This song:exists TikTok:lemon Lime this is now mine
If you put this on .5 speed, he sounds very drunk.
Emzy Draws
I didnt evem know this was on tik tok, great, they stole another GREAT song -_-
Tori Menne
TikTok: Hm this is mine now
Spill the tea sis
am I the only one that just found out about this song from tik tok its cool doe😂
Darth Troller
LMAO this is so funny 😂😂😂
ohad yeger
at 2:12 the word is "truth serum"
Record Fusionist
I mean tbh, he could of just used this song against Machine Gun Kelly. Oh wait MGK no longer exist.
Danny Frost Gaming Soundtracks UK
funny to listen to stoned lol
Grant Fraser
you sir are on "truth serum" :)
by the way you missed the lyric "you sir are on TRUTH STYRUM"
2017 and still livin! 😊😍
queen chiøma
I sent this to my bully.
Dont like the song? Play it at 1.25 speed xD
0:08 *tik tok has entered the chat*
Ken Adams
Man is just razor sharp and on point. Crazy talented and I dont even like rap but holy shit is he good. Talent is talent no matter what genre of music!!
Alex Tecalero
2:13 you sir are on "Truth serum"
You sir are on truth serum.
Em so good he could just use this track n label it killshot 2 n still win the em vs mgk beef lol (bored)
"What you munch a bunch of crunch-of-munch?" favorite line
bro I was this song was so good and Tik Tok ruined it
Anyone not come from tiktok?
James Daly
Yes I do sir what am I on? You sir are on truth serum. Just filling in the question mark
Dawn H
This song makes me wanna up and slap my bf
I first remember this from an episode of CSI.
Just me or does anyone laugh when Eminem say “Meanie” I said this when I was young..😂👌🏻
ZX rainbow
**tiktok comments incoming**
Killing stacking
I have listened to this for about 20x
DoomGuys Rage
Who Eminem trying to diss?
Lean2x _
Tik Tok ruined this song 💀💀😭
Thank you TikTok!
Adrien de Nicolas
Gonna send this to everyone who hates me
chris lamar
one of best diss songs.. so simple its genius
Emiel van der Velden
On 2:12-ish the lyrics are "You sir are on truth serum"
"you just had some truth serum" a.k.a. molly or extasy
*• Yeet •*
2:13 “you sir are on truth serum”
Adriana B
This song makes me crack up whenever I hear it xD
So badass...
Tiffany Mauer
The ?? Is truth serum. In the event someone genuinely doesn't know.
Nicolas Webster
You sir are on truth serum. Filling in the blank 4 you
"you sir are on truth serum"
Ruby Amaya
You look what i sound like .. damn Hes aware . Lol eminem was really something else
Brenda Dale
I was watching CSI, and heard this song as the dude was working in the lab. It just kinda caught me, and I liked it.
Jon Glenn
You sir are on truth serum😉
I love this song, came on to see the comments about the song and now I see it's on tik tok... smh
19 June 2019
Madi Zearley
Half you losers are only here because of tik tok and truly don’t know the song by heart, and it shows.
once and for all
7rue Op1n1on
Truth Serum
It's Gadfly
Shrinkage, i.e., the loss of inventory that can be attributed to factors such as employee theft, shoplifting, administrative, administrative error, vendor fraud, damage in transit or in store, and cashier errors that benefit the customer. The water was cold!
Josh Procacina-Mohr
You look like I sound like, SINGING ABOUT WEENIES!!!
1:55 whoa things sounded like The Eminem Show there for a second
Jessica Apostolou
This song describes me!!😂
tare productions
And meanwhile mgk:his beard is weird RIP
skull mod
My ex talks mad shit about me and I just sent this song to her 😂😂😂
"Mine is like sticking a banana in between two oranges" That's normal size with horribly cancerous and inflamed testicles 😔
Marcus Brown
Your breath stinks you have tooth decay!!! Omg the greatest who thinks of bars like that♠♠🔥🔥
ryan gray
Worst? not by a long shot. I'm not the type to defend him because of who he is. In fact I don't care much for anything after this album. Its all taste though. His rhyme scheme is so unique and fun though.