FULL DAY OF EATING | Bikini Competition Peak Week Ep. 01

Currently 7 days out from the WBFF UK (London O2 Arena: 4 November 2017)... Follow the final stages of my competition prep including my meals, cardio, training, posing practice and general life struggles on prep. BIG LOVE! Online Training? /> Follow me on... :) Snapchat: sophiebrewster /> /> /> What camera do I use? Sony RX100 Mark 3

David Simpson
I’m really impressed! You’ve earned this and I subscribed because I want to watch you succeed! Keep at it! Amazing inspiring shred and terrific videos! 🙌👍🥂🎬
Demi Williams
Cheat meals make it easier 😂😂😂😂 you look incredible, I’m rooting for you so much!! We’ve never met but I feel like I bloody know you from watching all your videos and following you on insta for so long 😂 you’re gonna kill it gal 💪🏻 x
In 2019, Finally, I discovered great work-out and life balanced video. Among too many workout videos on Youtube, I guess YOURS, Sophie Brewster's, is the Best. I love it!
Jennifer Leigh
New to your channel but you're currently my fav to follow. Much more down to earth and relatable! So happy to be able to follow you through peek week. Thank you! ❤️👌💪🏽
Quinn Peffer
Can’t believe I just found you’re account now. Binge watching all of your videos!
Anthony Pietrobono
Wow just came across your channel Sophie! Absolutely crushed prep. I'm sooo excited for you !
Mel Pye
yussss literally wait for your videos <3 Love Love Love
sheri koepsel
just discovered your channel! just subbed you! you go, girl :)!!
Rashaan Moore
Idk why but i find your energy so beautiful
katie stones
Looking INSANE Sophie!! Can't wait for the Show Day vid!! xxx
The spongebob cut caught me completely off guard😂
William Freeze
You're a beast on those pull ups!
Aimie Housley
omg I thought your hood was your hair for a seconds hahaha it had just gone wild after cardio xx
Jessica Boice
I thought your fur lined jacket was your HAIR 😭😭😭
o burun ne la pinokyoya kafamı attın aq
Luisa Hans
Please... that hait at the beginning 😅
Torri_ Fitness
Where do u get your music for your videos and are they uncopywrited? Like the Justin Bieber song! Amazing lol
Pure gym!
trollie pollieollie
you lost a lot of weight in 3 months
Damn you look hot in those 3 photos at 0:18 of the video. I would eat the first, second and third one for breakfast, lunch and dinner in successive order.