U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday (Live)

U2 performs "Sunday Bloody Sunday"

Daniel 1992
RIP to the fallen of Bloody Sunday 🙏 Ireland will be united one day 🇮🇪🍀
jorge esteban vera mora
Love U2 best band of the world
Penison Burton
Iam a 67 year old black man .... I like EWF , The Gap Band , james Brown , Stevie Wonder , Prince , TheTime , SOS Band ect. But i love U2 !!!
U2 forever !!!
Roxana Rojas Colmenares
Grandioso Bono 😊 ♥ genio
Rachel Hawkins
After another senseless shooting today in Maryland, what a perfect video/song. “I’m so sick of it!” “How long must we song this song!?!?
Diego L
What a surprise!
Mich Howard
That song is beautiful
HolaSoyRickThanos XD
Finally a complete song... But not from Experience+Innocence :'(
Brick-a-Vision & Disney
Absolutely love this song and this album
Tito Jam
🇱‌🇦‌ 🇲‌🇪‌🇯‌🇴‌🇷‌ 🇧‌🇦‌🇳‌🇩‌🇦‌ 🇩‌🇪‌🇱‌ 🇵‌🇱‌🇦‌🇳‌🇪‌🇹‌🇦‌
dublagem dri vitti
U2 the best Love this song👍👍
Rian Lynch
Best band ever
Maria Rendon
U2 love ❤👏🎶😘💕
Adriana Cosmo
Amo U2 minha vida mudou depois q conheci essa banda maravilhosa meu filho se chama Adam Clayton ❤
Wanda Fischetti
best band of the world!
Mary Luz Alonso
Viva irlanda vives u2 vives bono ... gracias...sublime ... too much.... thank you...
Carla Quinteros
Powerful versión AGUANTE U2 i miss you guys come Back soon to Argentina 🇦🇷
Elizabeth Cantrell
This is so good could you maybe release the love version of staring at the sun from June 26th
Hoder Harris
He looks tired. One of the few times I have seen him this way.
Patricia González
Extraordinario, único y Genial. Brande Bono U2 el mejor 😘💟💞
Paweł Uciński
Thank you! I want to enter with password;)
i will recognize this band no matter what, even if i close my eyes, i'd know U2's sound
Giuseppe Farina
When the songs were written for real and important motivations
matheusNeri :v
amazing, U2 is one of the best bands sz
Lord Rassilon
You've lost your way U2 with your newest 2 albums just saying. I bought them I never listen to them.
Adila Sena
CosTanSin _
My favourite U2 song, don't know why but the drum pattern just won't go out of my head.
Freak 4517
Gilberto Diaz
Marisa Vilella Surur
Maria Neves Dias Dos Santos Lima
Lindo beijo abrasão
Adri López
❤Talentoso❤Guapo❤LO AMO ❤#U2❤
jezer donaire
I love you u2❤
Bigdream *
Love you 🤘❤️ best band
Elaisa Grace
:01:40: Who has won? Freedom has Won. Truth has Won. Peace has Won. People being told the Truth about Who they are and how they have been imprisoned for a very long time with no way out and a bunch of monsters holding the keys, whIle torturing, terrifying, raping, and abusing them non-stop. Well ... I HOLD THE KEYS NOW ! Resistance is Futile. ONE
Its a hard message that need to be said... young Bono was good at heart, too good for his own time... but i turn to him! Cause’ he’s right! «No more»! I join his plead. Is Bono right? Yes! Please like 😉
Luke Giese
I love you guys!!!
Alejandro Rodríguez
Grande, U2.
Gerson Torres
That voice!!
Marcelo higueras
Wowww excelent, we want more videos like this ...
Elaisa Grace
No More ! Tears are of Joy from Now On ... 🌹
José Augusto dos Santos
Jackeline Prieto
❤❤ beautiful ❤❤
Baltazar Hernández
Oh, just brilliant.
Peter Green
Trenches dug within our heart. Mother's brothers sisters torn apart. Sunday bloody Sunday.
U2 excelente banda.
gab elevation
Tienen el máster original y no pueden digitalizar los archivos , un fan hace mejor trabajo
U2 Covers
❤️ u2
David Rico
U2 in his musical best moment
Supertramp 93
what concert is this from ?
Emmanuel Pereira
Bono monstro.
Егор Самец
One of my favourite songs of U2.
Albenizio Cavalcante
Viva U2!!!!!
Wanda Fischetti
U2 endless love!
anni m.
Einfach nur Hammer...👍👍👍😍
great great great keep posting videos like this
Penison Burton
You got rap that in some cases samples old school music , then you have lots of other types of music that use maybe 6 to 9 cats on stage with tons of digital instruments . U2 has a 4 people in the band , and sing and play their Hearts out ... Gotta love it !
Banda Revolução
Thomas Chaumery
How long must we love this song
Carlos Lopes - ANS
Uma banda ... Imensas emoções ... A melhor
Leonardo Morales montes de oca
En nombre del amor!!!! Que canción, fenomenal, grandes recuerdos.👍
Maria Neves Dias Dos Santos Lima
O Brasil bono
Lara Lara
Você é ótimo Bono
Madalena Jesus
Tania Garcia
Luiz Henrique
Rene Chuisaca
Bien amigo arriba u2
moon blue
moon blue
Clasica por siempre👍👍
Angie Couoh
Storm Shadow
Olga Patricia Guevara Ballesteros
Aruka Capulet Marsella
brayan silva
Música. Linda. Demais. Sonia
José Vieira Sepúlveda
Uma preferida!
Luuk_Fakker 2K17
Matias Colligo
Hosoi Archives
Tuned way down
Kaike Moura
Bono pleno. ⚘⚘⚘⚘
Fabio Tito Montefinale
Wooooow!!! :))
Rafael Varela
21 comment
Jussara Szabo
Laeti Tia
Andre Jara
Cristina P.
Jader Fontana
U2 grupo mejor
Diego Leme
Brasil ❤️ U2
Jake's Outtakes
My playlist
Óscar Iván Blanco hernanadez
Son unos chingones por siempre
Billy McBeath
Gerald Inácio
Romina Amparo
boo hoo!
Why do they play it with one snare nowadays. I hate that
Luc Irmer