IL-2:Battle of Stalingrad. Ju 87-G Kanonenvogel (modified D3)

Ju 87-D3 with 37 mm canons coop flight in IL-2:BoS. Just enjoying ingame graphics, sound and physics, not teaching anything. Game page - />Forum - />Tutorials - />Online interactive war - /> Music track - "Locked Out" />Music copyright ® by YouTube Audio Library.

Wil Manric
Looks like a lovely summer day. Too bad there's a war on....
uᴉʇɹɐW llɐɥsɹɐW
Makes me realize how difficult and therefore skillful for those real G2 pilots to manage shots on target. Imagine the recoil on those things.
The transitions with the Ju-52 were a nice touch. Great job! You have a gift for cinematic storytelling.
Very well done;)
Amazing graphics !!!
Willie Opie
I love the Stuka. What I DON'T like is the political correctness taking the swastica out. That's just stupid. History is what it is.
Brian Thompson
Great video dude, you need to make more & have them go on for an hour. Just way cool & love the sound affect too.
Blatant Abuse
I often think that watching your videos is more fun than actually playing the game. Keep them coming, please.
Bighorn44 None
Bet it was a hoot tank busting in that plane. I would have enjoy flying one. Untill fighters got on my 6 Oclock.
Fahrzeuge am Anfang im Schwebezustand.
Greg Little
The Stuka, Ju87, an elegant and beautiful looking aircraft. Outdated by 1940 by advanced faster Allied fighters. Still, it's graceful, although rather bizarre, design is still something to behold. The physics in this clip are very robust. The graphics are great. Splendid clip sir.
well done my friend ! very realistic !jy ;-))
Lars Jönlid
Just amazed at the technical side, people moving is another thing !
GAZ Tigr
Amazing Games & Graphics from 1C Company!! Keep up the great work !!
Peter Nilsson
This video gets A+ for editing, drama and piloting. Awesome!
Walter La Rue
oh wow, check out that Stuka, screem... thank you beautiful..
this was one of the best IL2 video I've ever seen
Like ... great storytelling .
Adam Dda
What are your graphic settings? I have a 980 and equivalent power cpu but can't get a decent frame rate
Mio Sandberg
Heya people ! novel This one really sounds like heavily brjllicntexception 8)
Very nice video, thanks for sharing!
Miles Beler
My favorite divebomber. Jericho horns are probably the main reason, but a great plane none the less!
Paul O'Neil
They are 37mm cannon pods with 12 rounds each. Speed, weight and manoeuvrability penalties are high!Zetexy, Very very well edited.  I really enjoyed watching that!
SPECTACULAR VIDEO/presentation/demonstration sir - just beautiful --~o
Luis Quezada
exelente proyecto .podrian hacer una pelicula completa
Tag 44
For exemplary aerial marksmanship Oberkommando Der Wehrmacht Zetexy is hereby awarder the Iron Cross, First Class. Gut gemacht!
i like ur vids.. they look like a movie ;) great work. -a new subscriber from germany
Erotic Bunny
Co-op? Friend playing for gunner? :D Or T-34-76?
Timothy Hudson
Incredible graphics!
Kalle Blomkvist
You can control tanks and vehicles in IL2 BoS!?!? Omg, awesome!
Xena and Zena from San Bernadina
I've been out of flightsims for a few years now but damn this thing looks gorgeous enough to get back into flying. This game has playable tanks too?
Frigerio Rodolfo
Hans Rudel il pilota di ferro
If tanks have open hatches, then crewmen should be visible.
Excellent! I wish I could fly my ME109 over Dover so brilliant like you. Honestly, I wish I could start and land properly as well :)
Probably one of the best IL2 movies for BoX ever created. Great camera angles and cinematography, well done mate :)
Terry Teed
I proper enjoyed that whilst in the bath, soap suds everywhere. lol. bloody good effort.👍👍👍👍
Painterr Painterr
Spectacular graphics and realism.......thanks for posting!
The Ju 87-D3 was one of my favorite model kits as a kid, still think it is one of the finer looking aircraft of WWII. Graphics where great in this! Thanks
John Tempest
He didn't finish 2nd Tank. No bogeys. Loved it.
Rick Jones
Good flying, you’ve done a few hours in this plane ja? Zaire gute!
sorin georgescu
In Sturmovik 1946 I wanted to change history but was not possibile. :)
Raul Hoffman
hola amigos que buen trabajo felicitaciones
Jim Strict-9
Not the most realistic geographically. Areas away from the Volga, as this video implies, would have no big rivers or areas of trees.
Roy Sharpe
Amazing graphics.... well done!
Reza Pratama
this is splendid vid! the suspension, the smoke, grass blown by wind, all beautifully captured... you sir deserve a cookie
Martin Planes
Excellent video. Right up there with Barfly standard. One of the best I have seen.
Fredric Tengström
sturmovik! A copy of Junker JU 87. Stalinproxy. Technique financeusf Aipac. IE rotchild inc. Remember IKE´s last words? Dr T
Rolf Schulz
zetexy you are brilliant ,is there any future for the me 323 gigant that really would be awsome thanks for the video, stunning !!!!
Incredibly well done video! Really liked the pace in it, and very good mood-setting scenes! :)
Enjoyed that very much thanks for making it.
Tastefully done example of using the right tool for the right job. Saw this when new and it's still fresh and impressive. A belated Bravo Zulu, Zetexy. This also made me think... So that's what they mean when they say the Luftwaffe was designed primarily to support the army.
Phil C
Damn impressive graphics. Awesome work and detail put into it by the developers.
This JU 87 gets me hard!!! I freaking love it!!
Matt S
Congratulations - this video caused me to finally order a new computer :)
I don't game, but very nice graphics and accurate equipment.
Hey man that was a beautiful film well put together and you showed pure skill when flying the stuka, this is going in my favorites and its getting a thumbs up !
Martina Vaslovik
Have to say, very good CGI. Perhaps the best I've yet seen. Good work!
37 mm cannon on Ju 87 had only 6 ( six ) rounds each, sometimes 7.
I love Stuka's and always have. I've built models of this plane from the time I was a young boy till now at age 65. This is a fine representation of them.
wait a sec. You can control ground units inthis game?! amd they have an interior model? or was that from Video editing?
What I was looking for !
Iutaro Hitokoto
CG嫌い!しょうもない!I don't like CG!
Pasha Defragzor
My brother is a master or IL-2 and ZX Spectrum Elite
the grafik is awsome nice job pilot
Paul James
We are getting shot at by tanks in the open! Wood line nearby - we will move there out of sight! Negative. Stop moving and crowd up. Smh!
Colonel Klink
Easy to identify a Stuka... friend or foe. Very nice.
Eddy Damaskus
2x37mm Kanone !!! Super Video! Danke!
Ron Wylie
The best war flight sim ever, made by people who love the subject
Cristian Matache
JU88 stuka in picaj
Nice video but I hate the politically correct tail fine swastika
Blitz Wotan
Rudel destroyed in total 3 complete tank brigades !
The amount of detail in this game is astonishing - how do you move around the sim to make such a complete and expert 'film'. Brilliantly done.  :0)
You can add historical skins that include swastikas and pilot specific paint jobs/emblems. Easy-peasy.
Jonne Smit
Prescription female neck rush recognize relax current.
I didn't know aircrafts were escorted and protected on the ground by moving light FlaK vehicles.
jisim 67
the graphics are nice the sound is a bit dodge
Andreas Cris
Hannu Kitinoja
Stalingrad,was a misery,for both,so no games,no nothing,just death.t.hannu
I play warthunder more these days but got my start in the first IL-2... good to see the series still looks great and upto date despite being 10yrs+ (?) old?
Crabby Old Warrior
Now I must get one of those new video game things......wonderfully fun to see
Mio Sandberg
Program pocket hundred zhucxy depression offensive substantial spread dress.
the best IL 2 video ever damn nice ..i love the movie style you are going for in this
Patrice Lechevallier
Thanks !... Wonderful video ! <3
Ingo Hiller
Put the SWAT sticker on it that's the way they flow under that
Bruce Richards
What great computer graphics . It is a shame they do not make this as a computer solo program.
Jan Gelbrich
Incredible degree of realism for a 3D game. I also liked to hear just the sounds and NO "soundtrack music" it it, a big plus. War is a pervert mixture of long phases of boredom, short action and aftermath horror. This video game of course focusses on the action of the machines, and hides most of the human losses and bloodshed. If that could be shown as well, how dreadful it was for the people, soldiers and civilians, to loose friends and family in war, it would be ultimately realistic.
Jesus Izquierdo
wow the graphics are amazing, I don't get why the swastika is not shown though
louis saliou
good pilot and good cinematic
Pixel Dust
If you don't already have employment in videography, you should certainly consider it; you have an absolute command of story-telling using this medium. I think your videos are, by far, the best on the Internet. And I do not say that lightly.
Brenda Proffitt
Incredible video and the game too greatly appreciate it too..Awesome job....Thank you so much for your videos and channel too...
I love you can hear the inertial starter engage
Brett Lloyd
Ju87g had twin 37mm cannons for tank busting on eastern front during ww2
They've gotten so good with color restoration, I can't tell if I'm watching the real thing or video game footage.
Frans Cobben
very realistic, fine for teaching of History
Sam Smith
Beautiful I'll watch till over and over. :)
Nice plane (Hans Rudel say it)
The swastika is banned in several countries. The video with swastika image would be banned by YouTube team after first complaint. So if you want to see such videos about german warbirds, please be satisfied with that kind of sign on the tail.
Horst Oertel
very yong Peoples in war very strong Boys not so easy then today !!!
Barry Jackson
Excellent graphics ...great storyline...very good work indeed....the backgound shots look very much like the Australian Western I right mate?...cheers