2017 NBA Playoffs Royal Rumble

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Only two men—er, action figures—were left standing after a wild melee in B/R's summary of the NBA playoffs. LeBron James and Kevin Durant. The all-time great forwards withstood attacks from contenders like Isaiah Thomas, while MVP candidates Russell Westbrook and James Harden wailed on one another. On Thursday night, the battle continues as the Cleveland Cavaliers visit the Golden State Warriors in Game 1 of the 2017 NBA Finals. Find more exclusive sports coverage: />Subscribe: />Follow us on Twitter: />Like us on Facebook:

Video was more entertaining than the actual playoffs
Trey K
I fr thought this was robot chicken.
No wonder there were so many injuries.
Maurice Shipman
Who else was waiting for Draymond Green to come out of nowhere and kick someone in the Nuts? 😂
So nobody here is gonna talk about those Dragon Ball Z sound effects?
George Germanakos
this was cool and all but everyone here is just waiting for game of zones
spoiler Durant won
Shawn Tongson
Stuff like this is the reason why Bleacher Report > ESPN
Joshua Loveless
Feeling those Robot Chicken vibes.
anyone who's exited about kyrie irving being the nba2k18 cover athlete
Carson Trimble
We all know Russ wouldn't lose to James Harden in a fight.
M. Huang
NBZ? National Basketball Z?
Alfonzo Romero
0 views, 3 comments. YouTube logic
Moist That Meat
this is cool and all but game of zones fans are waiting ._.
Jacob_ Goaterson
Ha Westbrook and harden fought lol
Tyler G
This is really dope and everything........But weres game of zones at, And are they finally making a 30 minute episode?
Brandon Johnson
bleacher report is amazing
Silver Fish
who ever made this needs a Grammy...NOWW
NJB_ 007
Lmao, a KD action figure is stronger than him
Zachary Chestnutt
LeBron is Goku KD is Vegeta Step is Gohan Kawhi is Piccalo PG13 is Krillin
Jesus! Kawhi is a goddamn psychopath
Cleo Dog
Badass. Where can I buy the Kawhi action figure?
D Ravines
Don't know why this video remembered me of celebrity death match, who remember that shit?
Phil Makak
This is how NBA should be
Kian Estrella
this better be on adult swim.
Armando R
KD wishes he had them gains 😂
Should have put Draymond kicking everyone to the the finals
notification squad were u at 💯 🔥🔥🔥
Brendan Burke
looks better than NBA live
Ryan Playz Gamez
Bleacher Report >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ESPN #Fax
Mateo Silva
sounds affects from those DragonBall z video games
casually waiting for game of zones
Kyrie Irving
How is Thomas as tall as butler
if only smash brothers was this great
Sweet Tweet
Dragon Ball Z you got to love it
WTF did I just watch? LMFAO
lewis kabuga
Haha yees bleacher report! Yees we still want game of zones tho
so lebron vegeta with that final flash?
this reminded me of the kobe and lebron shoe commericals
I am laughing that they were all wearing pro keds.
Grady NBA
this is violent
Spursian Kingdom
Can't spell Lebron James without the *L*
Michele Griffin
LeBerus James, Paul Gohan, Master Kevin Duroshi, Isiash Krillin, Russell Gokubrook,James Vegta and Khawi Lenoard is android 2.
Junior Prieto
I like the part when the MVP beats up Westbrook...
kfc donkeys
Bleacher report =GOAT
Ohh look, another WWE reference with the NBA... Hahahaha no sport has more WWE references than the RiggedBA becuz we all know, NBA = WWE
꧁cute and dying꧂
will durant win his first ring? will lebron win back to back championships? find out next episode on dragon ball z
Terisace Boi
R these real figures you can actually buy? If so send me a link
Mc Nasty
were can 8 get those figures
CAVs in 7... Finals coverage in my channel ^^
oren mendoza
still waiting for the continuation
The goat
This was so fukin cool
Majesti Burroughs
School fights be like
yusuf 368
They are the same because they are both staged
A Skittles Wrapper
Is like Robot Chicken
YaBoi Rob
Why is Durant built like he's strong 😂🤣🤣
Brasil Pra Sempre!
Hell, i really need this action figures.
Ink 29
Mark Allen
wish that was 5 min and i wish this game of zones was 20 min
Jorge Gutierrez de Uriarte
incredible. #WOWWWW
And don't forget that today we have Game Of Zone!!! We are definitely blessed. Warriors in 4
The Vanity
Robot Chicken has seriously improved its show I see
Dreeez 415
Bro this like the new power rangers for me💯
J.K.F 106
poor paul always getting beat by LeBron James
So they going to disrespect Curry like that. This ain't even his anymore 😂😂😂
plus ultra
Needs the to be continued from jojos
Ayano Chikuza
plot twist: lavar ball gonna have the thophy
DC Rising
no game of zones?😢
I noticed bleacher report likes to push the narrative that golden state is KDs team FOH
Jermall Keels
Who else saw this and thought Game of Zones dropped
DR. Vince
Why didnt the Gsw Figures battle too at the start?...lol Lebron had to do all the work
Bigmouth Strikes Again
I always wonder how much does Nike pay BR 🤔
Mr Hill
Yall need a oscar, Grammy, a MTV and a BET award for everything yall do!
The Vince Show
Oh come on the East isn't competitive
100 subs with a video ?
Funny af
Who else felt like they're playing dynasty warriors????
Eric Augusto
fake, cleveland kills celtic easly
J Slick
saw notification thought it was game of zones disappoint
King Raptor
Warriors in 6 if not Cavs in 7
Dikembe Falden
Why KD look like R. Kelly? lmao
Curry For Three BANG!
Yo that was nice bruh lol
Who thinks KD gone WIN
Nick Sigalas
Can't spell Kevin Durant without a D Because otherwise it would be Kevin Urant
DJR 3000
This was awesome👍
Versace x 2k jay gaming
So tru
that was dope.
sosa cookin
Why does KD look like R.Kelly 😂
Reminds me of that old show Celebrity Deathmatch lol
Neek Freak
Should’ve had Joel Embiid sitting in the corner on Twitter😂
Jordy Le 《Duc》
Nba highlights
Jeremiah Tobar
Why does this looks like some robot chicken 😂😂
Tomas Karpenko
Emanuele Arca
Go thunder
team jordan
Get him kawhi
The Giraffe King
Brandon Shields
Well.. We all know how this ended!
Esther Ndiaye
Noooo why to be continued?!?!?! It is soooo interesting