Real Madrid vs Liverpool Tactical Preview | Champions League Final

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A tactical preview of this season's Champions League final in Kiev between Real Madrid and Liverpool. BetBright New Customer Offer: Deposit £10, Play with £60 (£20 Sports & £30 Casino Bonus). Sign Up Here: /> This year’s Champions League final is a hotly anticpated contest. Real Madrid are in pursuit of their third title in a row, and their 13th overall, a hat-trick feat not managed so far in the Champions League era and only three times previously. Once of these was, of course, by Real themselves, who won the first five European Cups, a hegemony unchallenged since in European football history. In their way stand Liverpool. Subscribe to Tifo Football at and follow Tifo Football elsewhere: Website: />Twitter: />Facebook: />Instagram: /> Podcasts | iTunes Tifo Football Podcast: />This Football Life: /> Podcasts | SoundCloud Tifo Football Podcast: />This Football Life: /> Produced by Tifo Studios: Taking an illustrated look into the beautiful game. Official Media Partner of the Bundesliga. Music sourced from

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Comment below, who is going to lift the trophy in Kiev?
Utkarsh Pokhriyal
Its not just Real Madrid vs Liverpool. Its going to be Real Madrid vs the rest of the world. Almost everyone wants Liverpool to win.
Don't make me think of Gerrard leading comebacks, please. Signed, a West Ham fan :(
daniel seddon
Whoever wins, Harry Kane will claim it
David Kerr
The final the neutrals wanted. Liverpool 🏆 Good luck from Glasgow Rangers😘
Eamon Stocker
It would be refreshing to see Liverpool win, even though I don't support them.
You guys should make a video after the match and dissect the game with the tactical analysis. great videos by you guys, keep up the great work.
Football Hub
Awesome video guys. Going for a Liverpool win
You forgot to mention bale who is in red hot form
Oh no U getting mad
I don't understand why you guys don't have more views! Easily up there with the best football channels on youtube!
Kiarash Tohidi
Hala Madrid 👑
Real Madrid 4 - 0 Liverpool Ronaldo 12' 24' 78' Bale 56'
Abdul Qadir Tareen
You make every match look so good, i cant wait. Hopefully Liverpool will win
wise sage
Liverpool are so unpredictable and Real Madrid is so experienced this match will go doing as one of the most memorable finals in recent memory
Gerrit Kooistra
Real Madrid will win 4-2
I’m torn between this final. I love Real and would love for them to win it again so they can get a trophy this season. But I also believe this is a trophy Klopp deserves for the way he has brought life to Liverpool. Could be a way of redemption after losing it with Dortmund too I guess. Idk man.
Mladen Karic
but you forgot real has 12 players on the pitch.
viraj sawant
Liverpool You'll never walk alone 🤘
Gary Mathe
Everybody talks about liverpool's attacking trio, but their crappy defense will be their downfall. That said, I like both teams, and I'm glad it's not PSG or Man City in the final. Those are fake clubs.
Nice visuals in this video. When it comes to the game, I think and hope that Liverpool will do well.
Jamal Hope-Williams
Real Madrid we are winning the Champions League
Sizwe. A Mabaso
all the videos Tifo Football has done about this game pump me up, I also enjoy how your videos sound neutral unlike other football channels Real Madrid for the win
Suhel Sayyed
I don't think Liverpool have got what it needs to stop Real Madrid. CR7 will be inspired by the fact that he can score one over Messi by winning CL 3 times in a row. That should be the deciding factor. I think Real Madrid will win 2-1.
Nero Das
Mark Bolly
Just found this channel and SUBBED! Great content.
Darshan c
I'll advise zizou to surprise everyone by playing Ronaldo as a left winger(for real.....I mean), admit it or not that guy can cause havoc down the left . And let Marcelo do his job at the back, seldom coming front for some variation. And I want him to play the 4-3-3 with bale playing . This will throw all of Liverpool's tactics straight out the window , as they will be expecting a 4-4-2 , marcelo attacking frequently and ronaldo playing as a centre forward , and if they want stability during the match they can shift to a 4-4-2. This is wat I think.....wat say☺☺☺
Velveteen Dream
The Day Cristiano Ronaldo met James Milner.
Hugh Paton
Urius Tosh
Will Ramadan stop Liverpool from winning the CL?
Princess Solace
My wish is for the match officials to be firm but fair not strict and bias.
ARC football
Great video guys.Gonna be an exciting game to watch.
Akshay Panwar
Liverpool should invite reals full backs and avoid crosses and then exploit the space that'll be created beyond half line . 1 ball over the top and reds should get there first and attack in pack .
Utkarsh Pokhriyal
Its going to toughest final of last 5 years for Real. I hope they will win. Hala Madrid.
great video, but surely at 3:40 you meant Real Madrid's fullbacks*, right ? Had me confused for a minute.
So long as Firmino and Mane are not selfish, Liverpool can win. Players must not do 30-foot shots. They must play carefully. The defence should park the bus. 4 at the back. They must guard their wings. Midfield should be consistent and play as normal. Salah must be supported. They're going to man-mark him. Forwards must rush and crowd the goal box. They must come forward early. They must do crosses to each other. Oh, and don't play Alexander Trent Arnold. He's inexperienced and a show-off.
E Galeazzi
I dont think Madrid is going to play benzema nor asensio. I think they will play like the last laliga game v villareal. 4-3-1-2 with casemiro, kroos and modric in the midfield. Isco as 10 und baleand ronaldo as strikers. I think liverpool will win. 3-2
A one legged man
don't even like real. but i hate liverpool. can't wait for real to rape liverpool
Cosmicsword 203
Real test for Alexander Arnold facing Marcelo and Ronaldo in CL finals... If he does well then I will be pretty convinced the boy is going to be the best RB in the future...
CS Desire
Zizou will use my tactics
Quackers 95
It's Reals title to lose. Liverpool will do their thing
Good luck Liverpool, many Barcelona fans such as I am are with you. If you have to press, do it with the 3 guys in the top since most goals from Madrid come from counterattacks. Their static goals come mainly from Marcelo on the left corner, so try watching out for that, and there a lot of risk you have cancelled.
Shandy Gunawan
Watched this after the watched the final. Zidane showed again his excellent In-game Management. Started Isco first to absorb Liverpool's pressure then brought Bale on to finish Liverpool off. Shame that Salah injured though.
Real Madrid have looked a bit unconvincing this season in the Champions League yet they still seem to find a way to win. As good as Liverpool have been I still think Real Madrid have individual players who can decide the match with a moment of brilliance.
Conrad Boerner
I just want y’all to know that my club, Leverkusen, made Carvajal. I bet you heard his name when talking about the Bundesliga and your hearing his name again now.
Liverpools defence has been out of sorts this season, and that's where Real Madrid can exploit them!
Ruud Hop
I do a prediction: The game between these Titans starts with 0-0. And sorry to say: After 120 minutes it will still be 0-0. But Liverpool will score more times in the penalty-series AND will take the cup with the big ears home. Probably you can make BIG money with this unexpected result. So bet and donate me 10% of your profit to receive more tips.
liverpool's defense and goalkeeper are straight aids... if real madrid doesnt wein tomorrow, they should really retire.
The Legendary assassin Hit
Who says that madrid won't play 433 with bbc like against barca??
the dark meme
Being a Real fan, I obviously think we'll win. It's going to be blood, sweat and tears, though. Very, very, very tough game.
Azlann Asman
Analysis of the final please!!! Thank you!!
Youman 2201
The whole world will be supporting Liverpool!
Johnny Favourites
Salah is too fast for Marcelo.
5 x 2 Liverpool Champion
simon mathews
Isco and Benzema are two players who are unnoticed by majority but they will be very vital tactically. I think Bale,Isco,Asensio and Luca has equal chances to get selected for the 1 spot.
David JR
Real Madrid will win because of their key player Referee
Paulo Neto
The two coaches must have spent nights studying BVB vs Real that Lewandowski scored four goals.
Little Biits
Real Madrid can no lose bcuz they won ucl 12 times. only best teem win 12 ucl liverpool only 5 so that prove liverpool cant win real madrid win 5-0
marcelo defensively was weak this season, varane is inconsistent and keylor navas flops in the big games.liverpool has the same weaknesses so whoever outscores the opponent will win. 3-2 for liverpool
UnknownMagician -
Lets go Madrid
real madrid should really shoot from distance. karius is cancer. real has good long distance shooters, just use them. Bale, Isco, Cristiano, Kroos, Modric... even Marcelo and Casemiro shoot well from far away. and again, karius is easily the worst goalie in the whole UCL.
Olamide Oladapo
Liverpool don’t be like Bayern Munich that outclassed Real Madrid and the not take their chances. Liverpool be clinical
mohyi M
4-2 real 12" Ronaldo 20" Firmino 45"P Ronaldo 51" Salah 63" Marcelo 88" Ramos or Asensio
Narrator sounds like a Liverpool fan 🤔 Anyway, hope Real do the job. Cannot stomach the scousers winning anything let alone this
Liverpool Fan TV
Keyboard Warrior
Thing is when ronaldo can shoot it’s destined to be a goal, Liverpool got off the hook with their defensive errors in the city game as they were not as clinical as Ronaldo and co. But I think if Liverpool start making chances they won’t stop. It can go either way, either a 1-0 win or a high scoring 5-4 for any of the 2.
Kostadin Delizhanski
Liverpool will score first ... but Real M will win ... that is my bet
Ruben Pereira
The promo for the final on UEFA's website showed Liverpool's UCL tally change from 5 to 6. I have a strong feeling that Liverpool are gonna win this one. I dont like this feeling... 😶
team 89er
Chelsea are going to win
buD ujS
Drop your predictions down here⬇️⬇️
Shankhadeep Gogoi
You're in for a surprise in my opinion. Real will start with a 4-3-3 with Bale. They'll transition to a 4-4-2 with Bale on the right while defending at times.
My heart says Liverpool but Penaldo and Uefadrid will win due to paying the ref and this game sadly now being about the money D:
Avinash Tantati
You forgot the most important player of Real Madrid - Referee !!! He is going to be the game-changing man.
She moves in her own dab
Who is the new guy?
deni sherlock
Madrid will probably happy to sit back and let Liverpool have most of the ball in the first half. Liverpool need to be aggresive and attack Madrid's left wing as much as they can
Street Cred
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Hosea Jackson
zizou likes his teams to retain possession liverpool thrive off opponents who like to push up and attack and can get caught in there defense to offense transition the game will be won in midfield casemiro covers his back line well he covers allot of space and allows the other cms ti advance and make late runs liverpool's press will make it difficult for real to build up using casemiro but he can also stop there quick transitions if to much time is taken building up through midfield and outside players shifting in Marcelo will be caught on occasions by Salah on the counter I see liverpool edging it taking advantage of mistakes real will make in the buildup it's how liverpool have got to this stage of the champions league hard to really see a definite winner though
Ok guys, the winner is Spurs. Spurs have beaten both teams this year XD Hoping Liverpool will win this one. Ameen
Himal Ghale
Everyone in the world(except Real Madrid fan) Have been annoyed of Real Madrid dominance in Europe. Liverpool has many rivals in EPL but all those rivals also want Liverpool to win this game to bring back ucl in the England. But Madrid’s rivals(FCB,ATM) don’t want so. Teams from Serie A, bundesliga also want to break Real Madrid dominance so, Madrid and the whole world are separate in this game.
Daniel Victor
Who knew ot would be such an weird game. Salah's injury, Karius incredible mistakes, Bale scoring one of the most amazing goals in a CL finals...
Bro, why is the majority writing out liverpool or should I say Mo Salah! Because its all him, he's the one who carried them to the final and will probably deliver it. I mean he will score today and if LFC score first it will be VERY difficult for RM to come back because pool will play counter attack. But then again football tactics is MUCH EASIER said than done. So anything can happen, but it all depends on how RM set up and what their plan is for Mo Salah.
Your youtube channel is sponsored and revenue is pretty high. Why don't you at least learn how to pronounce foreign names properly ???
Haroun Ben
2:51 Casemiro looks more like James Rodriguez
Sarwar Ahmed
you my man are a natural! Naration, white board animation skills and simplicity is fking brilliant! It all works wonderfully together and captures the viewers. Of course Liverpool will win, just makes sense dont it? RM wont know what hit them
I think Liverpool and Madrid are both counter attacking teams so this will be an exciting game. Good luck to both team, may we watch a historic game. Liverpool always plays false 9 with Mane and Salah pressing the opposing defense. This can destroy Madrid because their Fullbacks are always needed to get crosses in for Ronaldo. Real Madrid should play through their midfield and not with their wings because they can be exposed.
Ultimate Perspective
Great channel bro. 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
Real survived PSG, Juventus, and Bayern. They should manage fine against a side that's been massively overhyped. If they shut down Salah, that's the game for them, and with the best left back in the world that is certainly possible
Mankovich Woe
Everyone is talking about Marcelo defensive era what you should know is he is be the left back he can defend and also he can attack that man is a game changer I remember last year against Bayern he did well to make sure roben don't get enough pace I don't salah will be seen this game with casemiro or ramos Liverpool will be humiliated believe me
Ali_ Gaming.
Lovren and Arnold will be destroyed by Marcelo and cr7, karius can't save headers and really long range shots, so 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 will destroy Liverpool.
Itz Huzy
Bro. Man coulnd wait for did viv. 😂❤👌
Jeon Jungookie
Salah Is Injured He Got Subbed Off For Lallana Edit: Liverpools Plans Or Going Bad
Mey Haqim
Win or not madrid always fight
Prashish Gurung
Lads will make us proud #YNWA
Frank Maka
content aside, i just love the way these videos are presented. A masterful display that is both informative and entertaining. The images themselves, of the players and whatnot, are extremely satisfying. The pose of the players is awesome and the style in which they are drawn is great. Reminds me of the how its made show where a single line unending is used, Im sure that style has a name I dont know it. The colors and textures are also on point, they work so well together. Anyways fantastic work, truly awesome.
Jsquare Garcia
Liverpool new nickname should be deadpool
Avery Thompson
great video guys, truly the best football content on Youtube
Kumarjit Banerjee
Is there something wrong with the audio ? Or is it just me ?
Revolutionary 10
I think Zidane will actually play 4-3-3 instead with BBC resulting in Isco being dropped to the bench because Bale and Benzema have hit form in the recent games and are playing well as Isco hasn't been consistent this season and has only performed in one big game against Juve away.
Don Balon
This is not a close game. People believe both teams are at a similar level just because Real Madrid hasnt been performing quite well. But if they show up and play as their potential, they can trash Liverpool. I go with Real Madrid winning big.
Shashank Shekhar
Hey there if you guys wanna catch a sneak peek of what John Wick 3 is going to be all about then don't forget to catch tonight's final.